Izetta: Edelweiss of Eylstadt

BY : Darkwolves
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“Are you sure this is a good idea?”
“It’ll be fine. What is there to worry about?”
Izetta leant herself forward, urging the broom to descend into a sweeping glide to come around the far wall to avoid being overseen from the palace windows. Finé wrapped her arms tighter around Izetta as the ground approached to meet her.
Izetta guided the broom to touch down on the roof of the palace, feeling the thick layer of snow give beneath her feet.
“I mean, isn’t she getting a little old for this sort of thing?” Finé asked over the howl of the night wind. 
“You’re never too old to believe in Santa” Izetta replied, hefting the heavy sack over her shoulder and began trekking towards the veranda on the far side of the roof. How Izetta could manage to carry such a thing whilst riding on her broom was beyond Finés imagination.
“It’s one thing to believe, it’s entirely another thing when we’re crawling around on a frozen rooftop trying to surprise her” Finé said.
Izetta looked absolutely stunning in her bright red Santa outfit complete with hat, dress, tights and curly shoes. Finé was dressed in a similar outfit in elven green complete with matching pointy ears. Adding to that a face pull over to protect against the biting cold and their scurrying about on the rooftops of the palace and anyone below would be forgiven for mistaking them for a pair of very festive burglars.
“Trust me, she’ll love it” Izetta replied. “Besides, I’m sure Santa will have remembered to bring you something special for being such a good girl this year”
Finé persisted in the trek across the roof despite the thickness of the snowfall. “I think I’d rather have Santa bring me a wife who doesn’t think up such crazy-”
Finés foot slipped out from underneath her, Finé falling to the roof with a dull thud only to feel the soft snow begin to shift underneath her. She had little time to think as she found herself sliding uncontrollably across the sloped surface beneath her until it disappeared out from underneath her, her flailing hands grasping nothing but air. A brief limbo was swiftly followed by gravity’s unyielding grasp pulling Finé into a freefall from the high rooftop towards the ground.
“Finé!” Izetta called out. Without a moment’s hesitation Izetta charged to the edge of precipice and leapt free, bringing her load with her. Finés outstretched hand met Izettas and their shared grip tightened, if they were to fall they would fall together. Izetta activated her Witches power deep inside of her, slowing their freefall as they continued to descend until they struck the thick snowfall covering the courtyard. 
Finé was the first to pull herself up, brushing off the errant snowflakes which continued to cling to her outfit. “Another save to the Witches power”
Finé reached down to help Izetta to her feet, hefting her broom and the heavy sack with her. “Come on, we need to get out of here before-”
Lotte tucked the edges of the loose sheets tightly underneath the bed to ensure that the princess would stay warm on such a wintry night.
“You know, Liesel” Lotte said. “When I was a little girl, I used to love spending Christmas with my family”
“Will you be seeing them this year?” Liesel asked as she snuggled deeper into the thick bedding surrounding her.
“Of course” Lotte replied, sitting at the edge of the princess’s bed. “But first I’ve got to see to all of you. I’ll see my family in a few days to celebrate” Lotte settled Liesel in with her favourite stuffed toy, Gracie. “Now go to sleep. Santa won’t show up unless you’re asleep-”
Lotte was interrupted by the sound of a loud thump emanating from just outside of the bedroom window overlooking the courtyard.
“What was that?” Liesel asked.
“Maybe he’s already here” Lotte leant in closer, whispering low beneath her breath. “You better get off to sleep if you don’t want-”
Without warning Liesel leapt from her freshly laid bed and was out the door before Lotte could think to stop her.
“Mummy” Liesel stood at the top of the steps leading down from the palace to the open courtyard, wrapped in a thick winter coat even as her legs and feet were left bare to the nights chill. “What are you doing here?”
“Liesel” Finé called out. “We can explain”
You’re here!
All those present turned to face the source of the new voice. Bianca emerged from behind Liesel at the top of the steps. “I’d heard noise outside and I just knew-” Bianca’s gaze narrowed as she drew eyes looked closer. “Wait, you’re not Santa”
“That’s right” Izetta said, making her best attempt to mask her voice. “Because Santa is so busy tonight he can’t always make it to everyone and so he sends us in his place. But he knows you’ve been very good this year, Bianca”
“How do you know my name?” Bianca asked.
“He knows everyone’s name” Izetta said. “He has a list, and he’s checked it twice” Izetta glanced over towards Finé. “In fact, I believe he has something for you as well”
Izetta hefted her sack down onto the ground between them and opened it to begin searching through the contents. “This one is for you” Izetta handing a daintily wrapped present and handed it to Bianca.
“And another for the princess” Izetta crouched down and held out a gift for Liesel. Liesel ran forwards and accepted the offered gift from her mother’s hand, thanking her with a forceful hug which nearly saw her knocked back into the snow.
“And don’t think we’d forgotten you” Izetta reached into the sack and handed the last of the presents to Lotte.
“Time for us to go” Finé said. “A lot of people to visit tonight”
Izetta enchanted their trusty steed with her Witches powers as they climbed astride it, beginning to levitate above the layer of flattened snow.
“Goodnight little princess” Izetta called down, her final words lost to the howling wind as they ascended into the night sky beneath the guidance of the silver light of the moon.
“Come on Liesel” Lotte took the Princesses hand. “Let’s head back inside before you catch a cold”
Liesel followed Lotte back through the growing layer of snow, sneaking a last glance back over her shoulder to watch the two strangely familiar figures disappear into the night.
Izetta decided that they’d do a slow pass over the forest, making sure everyone was back inside before they landed at the base of the gardens and made the rest of the trek back to the rear palace entrance on foot. That should give Lotte enough time to see Liesel tucked safely back in bed before they arrived.
“Well that went pretty well” Izetta called back over the rush of the air around them.
“Agreed” Finé wrapped her arms around Izettas waist. “Especially considering last year we had to answer reports for the Eylstadt Royal Airforce who feared it was a Germanian surprise attack”
“Yeah” Izetta said. “That took some explaining”

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