Lofty Adventure

BY : King_Dingaling
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Ah, the tropical islands of Alola. A common vacation site, as well as home to the legends of the Ultra Beasts, as well as new species of Pokémon. As with all regions, there lived a professor who studied these Pokémon. This regions' native professional was named Kukui, who specialized in Pokémon's moves. However, the way he gathered information wasn't through viewing battles, but rather by having the Pokémon test them on him. This resulted in various injuries, ranging from simple cuts to near-lethal poisonings. This led to him constantly having to go to the nearest center to buy medicine, as well as food for the resident Pokémon.
For a while, though, he's had to buy more human food, due to an increasing number of people living with him. First, it was Lillie, whom he found washed up, then a boy named Ash, who moved in shortly after. Things started out fine, with everyone acting like family, but as the years went by, they spent more and more time with each other. This didn't bother Kukui, though. Lillie could use a friend, anyways.
This "friendliness" went on for many years, even after they had both graduated the Trainer's School. They had stayed up long into the night multiple times a week, but they always said they were studying. That could no longer be the case, and Kukui noticed that once he reminded them that they no longer had to stay up late to study, they still did anyway. Kukui had always suspected something, but after remembering how much he got around in his teen years, he decided not to investigate.
Today had been an especially painful day for Kukui, having decided that he wanted to study the move called 'Beat Up'. Beat Up, a Dark type move, usually consisted of all the party Pokémon taking part in the attack. Outside of battle, however… that was what the professor wanted to see. After asking one of his Pokémon (a Scrafty) to use it on him, the Pokémon didn't hesitate to call upon all the Pokémon living with Kukui. All 27 of them. As soon as Scrafty gave the word, the poor professor was assaulted with a barrage of kicks, scratches, and punches, all at once. Now, Kukui had handled attacks before, but those were only one-on-one. This was, to put it simply, pain. Throbbing pain that was spread throughout his entire body. He called for a break after only eight seconds, but by the time all the 'Mons got off him, the damage was done. He was covered in blooming bruises and red scratches.
"Professor? What happened?" Ash inquired, watching the injured man limp towards the door.
"Oh! Ash! Me? I-I got in over my head, that's all! No need to worry!" the professor said, attempting to reassure the boy.
"Professor, you're not fine! I can see you bleeding", Lillie said, attracted from her bedroom/loft by the noise.
"Lillie! Like I said, there's no reason to worry. I was just about to go down to the Pokémon center, yeah! Patch myself up and pick up some things."
"Do…you need help getting there?" Ash asked, noticing swelling in one of the professor's legs.
"Nope! I'm alright. I will be gone for quite a while, though. I did also order a package that should be here by now. In the meantime, do whatever you want, so long as it's not down in the lab. The last time you went there, I had to recalibrate all the sensors."
With that, the professor hobbled outside, leaving the two teenagers alone with each other. A minute passed, the two waiting to see if he came back. When it looked all clear, Lillie walked up to Ash and pulled him into a kiss. Ash, of course, reciprocated, pulling Lillie off the ground. Her feet immediately locked around him, pulling his body closer to hers while they crushed their lips against each other. A few minutes later, they were on the floor, rolling around and moaning.
Suddenly, Lillie detached herself and walked to the ladder. Ash followed, waiting for her to start climbing so he could get a good look at her. As she neared the top, Ash looked up and saw a sight that made him hard instantly: her dripping pussy, shaved hairless and maintained with the most care to make sure it stayed tight for him. As Ash followed, he looked out onto the loft. While it was a small space, it was more than enough for them. Lillie was reclining on the bed, waiting patiently for her trainer. Ash quickly got to the bed, where Lillie clawed at his belt. After undoing the buckle and yanking down his jeans, Lillie got an eyeful of what she always loved seeing. Ash's pulsing, long cock, thick and waiting for someone to praise it.
Lillie, knowing what he wanted, placed the head at mouth and wrapped her plump lips around it, sucking at it with an air of experience about her. Ash, overcome with pleasure, put his hand on the side of her head, encouraging her to keep going. Getting the green light, Lillie proceeded to look up at her master and completely taking his prick all the way to the base, without breaking eye contact. Her throat bulged with the cock in it, and she started fucking him with her esophagus, slurping and gagging while Ash grabbed the back of her head and started forcing her head down onto him.
"I-ohh, never asked: where did you learn how to do that?" Ash asked, curious as to where she gained this skill.
"My mother may have been a bit of a bitch, but she did teach me a few things", Lillie said, popping her mouth off Ash's cock.
After a bit more of foreplay, Ash decided it was time for the main course. He yanked Lillie off his dick by her hair, earning a moan from her. She instinctively fell back onto the bed and exposed her tight slit to him. Ash stepped up to her, grabbing her hips for stability, and slammed his entire cock into her, without any form of protection. This was all on Lillie's request, as the prospect of possibly getting impregnated by this stud excited her to no end.
Ash started fucking her hard and fast, just how they both like it. A variety of sounds could be heard from the loft, like Lillie's moaning, Ash's grunting, and the wet sounds of their primal sexes being slapped against each other. Ash, having worked his way across six other regions (and counting), had the stamina of a Mudsdale and the speed of a Ninjask.
But alas, even a Musdale tires, and even a Ninjask slows down. As Lillie noticed him nearing his end, her pussy clamped down in a vice-like grip, nearly strangling Ash's dick. That did him in, and he unloaded both of his testicles inside her. As Lillie's belly slightly distended, Ash pulled out, letting a waterfall of cum rush from her cunt. Lillie looked down, saw the cum rushing out, and her mind conjured up the image of his seed inside her womb. That did her in, and she splattered the bed with her femcum. Ash then collapsed onto her, and they both drifted off to unconsciousness.
Professor Kukui, having been healed, came upon quite a scene. Ash and Lillie were sound asleep on her bed, stark naked. Kukui had to avert his eyes while he put a blanket over them, but he did catch quite an eyeful of Lillie's leaking pussy. Eyes opened and sporting a hard-on, Kukui went downstairs to sleep.

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