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Chapter 3

"Oh wow Todoroki! That looks good! I never knew you were such a good cook!" Uraraka said as she looked at Todoroki in wonderment.

"I didn't make this," Todoroki simply said as he stared down at the rapidly cooling omelette.

That only mystified the high schoolers in the area a bit more. Todoroki took a bite of his dinner as his fellow classmates tried to solve the mystery of who had cooked for their classmate. Especially after Uraraka mentioned that it was a sign of affection while timidly looking to where Midoriya was. That sparked a bit of excitement that Todoroki felt was misplaced. It was just an omelette; one that you had cooked after taking pity on him when you saw his poor attempt. Of course not everyone participated in the spectacle; Bakugo for example was too focused on beating Eijiro in a video game that was currently all the rage. Tokoyami was also preoccupied with Shoji somewhere else. But the main bulk of the female class had gotten into the conversation that Uraraka started by the time that Todoroki had finished the omelette.

When he got up to walk back to the kitchen so he could clean his plate, Tenya stepped in. The class representative was expressive as always as he waved his arms in front of the bi-colored teenager. Todoroki stopped walking as he held the plate between them, staring up at Tenya with a mildly threatening and yet still somehow nuetral expression.

"It is my duty as class president to remind you that secret liaisons with other student, while not against the rules, is just a distraction!" Tenya said with his normal exuberance. "And distractions at such a fine institution such as U.A are inexcusable!"

"It was just a damned omelette," Todoroki finally released some of the annoyed pressure that had been building since people had pestered him the whole time he had been eating. "The new student made it for me when mine burned."

As Tenya and the rest of the class that was paying attention wrapped their heads around that, Todoroki moved around the current road block so that he could get into the enclosed kitchen. He washed his plate as the others clambered over the fact that there was a new student in class 1A. Considering that it had already been months since the school year had started, as it was already September, the fact that there was a new student was a bit deal. Especially as it had been Todoroki whim had given them that information and not their teacher - Aizawa. The fact that Todoroki had misunderstood the situation was lost on both him and the rest of the gossiping horde.

What finally got Bakugo and Eijiro involved in all the fuss was when Midoriya started to speculate that they (you) must have gotten in because their quirk exceeded even Todoroki's, Bakugo, or his own current limits. Which only enflamed the short tempered blonde.


You stood up from the couch which you had blissfully been exploring the internet on your phone when loud knocking startled you. The knocks sounded angry and impatient as you stretched. Your door even sounded like it rattled a bit. When you finally moved over to the gateway and opened it, there was a group of teenagers standing there. The only closest to the door stood eye to eye with you and had on a livid expression.

"Who the hell are you?" Bakugo demanded.

You stared at him blankly. He was the one that had practically shook down your door and yet he was demanding to know who you were? Wasn't that what you were supposed to be doing? Instead of giving him a verbal answer, you moved your hand to trace the edge of the sign by your door; that was where Principal Nezu had put your name tag not too long ago.

Beady red eyes turned their attention to the sign like it pained him to do so. Meanwhile there was a very youthful looking teen in the back with green hair that instantly started going off in a mumbly sort of way about your great aunt Recovery Girl. You shared her last name after all so that had no doubt been his clue. The fact that he knew her last name was actually amazing though - she had been at U.A so long that she'd fallen off the radar for most people.

"So you're related to that old bat. What the hell does that have to do with you showing up to U.A so late?"

Late? What was he on about? Though your mind was a little more preoccupied by the fact that he had just called your aunt an "old bat". This boy in particular had no respect. And although there was already a tall, very serious looking boy reprimanding him, you decided to take measures into your own hands.

After all, being a public figure was part of a hero's job. He couldn't be allowed to go around calling people disrespectful names if he wanted to do his prospective future job reasonably well. 

Without saying a word you reached out to grab at his exposed upper arms, as close to the joints as you could manage. His arms were well built for his age, especially at the connective point. You didn't focus on that however as you used your quirk to disable the nerve endings in his arms. The little connective hair like spikes from your skin threaded themselves into his nerve endings to do such a thing. You quickly retracted your nearly invisible tendrils from him before stepping back to watch his reaction.

Bakugo looked at you in a sort of shock considering that you had the audacity to touch him. As did the rest of the collective group that had formed. Well all except one boy who was so much shorter than the rest. He was drooling and staring up at you as a fantasy played over and over in his head. Not that you knew that of course. You were more focused on the boy in front of you when he realized that he couldn't feel nor move his arms.

"You little shit!" Bakugo exclaimed as his palms sparked.

He tried in vain to bring his hand away from his body. You watched as the boy tried to step forward in what you assumed might have been in a menacing way if not for the fact that his arms hung limply at his side. There were more sparks similar to firecrackers from his open palms. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't wearing flame retardant clothes and his palms had been too close to his loose fitting pants. You tried not to smile when he realized that he had set his pants on fire. Thankfully it fizzled out on his own but his pants would never be the same after that.

Which only made the situation worse apparently seeing as he went into attack mode despite his friends (you assumed they were his friends based on proximity) calling out for him to behave himself in so many different words. He lunged forward, using his shoulder like a battering ram to knock you down. You and he were roughly around the same size so it was easy to understand how you'd fallen to the ground. Bakugo landed on you with his arms still useless at his side. The force of his weight falling on you made you loose your breath for a moment as you were compressed to the ground. Though there was only so much about you which could be compressed he seemed to be a natural at it. Considering that you hit your head when you fell you didn't respond right away, that had smarted.

Bakugo reared back with a bit of a snarl. His core muscles mixed with spinal flexibility would have been something you marveled at if you weren't kind of afraid that he was going to but you. He even tried when you reached up for his head. You latched your hands around the side of his head and threaded your fingers into his hair. Bakugo caught you the whole way as he thrashed. Eventually you managed to roll him over so that you were on top. His legs pushed yours out from under you, entangling yours as you prepared to flip you over again. It would have been fairly easy considering g that your hands were attached to his head and without your legs supporting you there was nothing keeping you up. What stopped him was the fact that you'd threaded your trendles deep enough by that point that you were able to get to his brain stem. And while you could do a lot of cruel things to him now you chose to put him to sleep.

Bakugo went completely limp as he fell into the forced REM sleep you had just induced. Slowly you drew back your tendrils before you were able to disconnect your hands from his head. You sat rolled off of him and got up to the stunned on lookers. The green haired boy looked at you in awe even as you felt pain start to cripple you. You staggered to the couch as students came rushing in. The tension had been broken by your whimpers and groans.

You looked down to see what was hurting you so much only to find that your pants couldn't really be called that anymore. They'd been incinerated away by Bakugo's explosions. Your skin was understandably destroyed as well. It was a wonder that you'd been able to move them at all actually. Holding back a scream in the back of your throat you grabbed a coaster from your coffee table. Even as you did so the students were mobilizing under the orders of the green haired boy. You pretty much blocked out what they were doing as you bit on the coaster, focusing your quirk inwards. Those little tendrils that had been inside of Bakugo just moments ago swirled and twisted underneath the skin of your legs. That's when the real pain began and you lost the ability to see or hear what was happening around you.

In the sensory deprived state that you were, the pain seemed worse. Your quirk worked on stitching your new skin beneath the surface of the destroyed areas. The tendrils were also slowly ripping the connection points between skin and muscle, flaying you as it were. It was just that there would be new skin waiting beneath. It reconstructed the areas in the muscles that Bakugo's quirk had also damaged. You tried to remember to breathe but that was hard. You bit into the thick wooden coaster so that you didn't bite off your own tongue. It wasn't a perfect solution but it helped.

By the time the process was done you were spent. You barely turned to the side with your head so that the coaster could fall out of your mouth. Your sight slowly came back to you and then your hearing. You very tiredly looked around to see that the students were gone and that someone had made a makeshift tent with a sheet over the back of your sofa to cover you without touching you. No doubt it had been a horror to witness your body stitching itself back together again. You could feel the sheets of dead skin around your legs and your nose wrinkled in disgust.

As you attempted to stand up so that you could clean up after yourself and check to make sure you hadn't scarred the students for life, you realized that the improvised tent had been for your body as well. Your pants were pretty much gone and your underwear hadn't survived either. Even your shirt had suffered though you hadn't noticed. The only thing untouched had been your bra.

You sort of blinked as you took stock of the situation with a heavy sigh. Your clothes weren't really clothes and the things that your aunt had provided for you weren't really clothes either. Which meant that you couldn't check on the students and be decent while doing it. Thankfully the students weren't in the room when you'd 'woken up'. Weakly you got up and tried to gather as much of your skin that you had shedded as you were able to before going to the en-suite.

There wasn't a bath in there, and the toilet was of course separated from the washing area, but the wet room provided just enough space to wash up in. Luckily, there were even sample sized washing products like you might have found in hotels for you to use. And make use of them you did. Self-Healing was a nasty business. Once you were out of the shower you tried to find the most decent thing that your aunt had put in the drawers.

Afterwards you texted your aunt to see if she could bring you proper clothes for the morning. You couldn't exactly go out of your room to do anything in what you were wearing. Of course you had no idea that there was a student in class A that wore less for her hero costume but even she had something that swerved the same function as underwear. So with the text sent and an explanation that your other clothes had been destroyed, you prayed that she actually took your request seriously.

Which was why you were thankful when there was a respectable knock at the door. You hadn't even bothered to wait and see who it was before opening the door. You kept behind it for modesty as the person came in. By the time you realized that it was Aizawa it was too late to tell him to wait. You stood there with wide eyes like a deer caught in the headlights as you soft of let go of your door shield.

To his credit Aizawa kept a straight face. He was probably used to a lot more shocking displays than a girl in a short, satin camisole dress. You were mortified to be standing in front of your (now) coworker in lingerie.

"Recovery Girl said that you needed to talk to me."

You went from a deer to a fish as your mouth gaped open. "She said what?!"

Aizawa kept his mouth shut into a fine line as he kept his eyes respectfully at your face. His posture could have been considered relaxed with the way one of his hands were in his pocket. A small ding went off to remind you that you were still holding your cell phone. With a mumbled appology and a blush that spread all the way down to your chest, you checked your text message.

It was from the aforementioned family member. And it read: "I sent Eraserhead to help you recover. Enjoy."

Aghast at the old woman's blunt audacity, you turned your cell phone around so that Aizawa could read the conversation. It took his tired eyes a moment to adjust in order to see the screen but you knew he understood where the miscommunication happened and why when his eyes widened as well.

"...I am so sorry about her," you felt the need to apologize as the blush continued to stay.

Aizawa regained his composure faster than you would have ever been able to. If you weren't so embarrassed and shocked over what your own family member had done, you might have even seen the way he moved his eyes up and down your body. If you hadn't been glaring at your screen you might have even seen the hint of a blush which dared heat up his face. What you did witness was that he turned back to the door before speaking out to you.

"Enough Time has been wasted. I will get one of the students to help so that you and I can talk," Aizawa rumbled, almost in a slur, as he walked out of your room and closed the door behind him.


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