Another Note: Kira's Ghost

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The lights were raising the temperature in the room as they beamed heavily down on the pair sitting beneath them, in the spacious studio. It was unreal, this moment. Who would ever think that the person, who only a week ago, of being accused of being Kira would actually come right up to the TV station to address the people; make a statement; become… human. No. Too mundane. A demi-God amongst the people!

So many people, church goers, non religious who have been down on their luck until a great miracle has happened, have all claimed to have found God in some way or in someone. A beggar, a guy at the watch shop who suddenly looked at them with a deep understanding, despite having said nothing, a lifeguard... All these people randomly chosen as someone's waking point, but today... he will actually be speaking to God.

It's a closed off set. It has to be. It was Kira's, well, until proven of the truth it's best to address him as Light Yagami, but he specified that he wouldn't talk to anyone unless the room was devoid of human life beyond himself and the reporter. The reporter insisted upon it before it was ever asked. Why share the spotlight of speaking to their possible saviour with a bunch of worshippers and anti-worshippers? They'd be fighting for dialogue.

Mori Koibuchi will not share.

His little girl was stabbed by some kid on drugs. He pleaded guilty under substance abuse to receive a shorter sentencing, but thanks to lawyers the little prick walked free! He wasn't himself. It was the drugs, a misunderstanding, and a pocket knife. All so damming, but he walked anyway. But Kira took care of him. No questions asked. No moral code. No scoff that he, the father of a lost child, should turn the other cheek. Kira did away with the worthless teen, just as his daughter was done away with. If that's not a reason to get on one's knees and hold up hands in praise, he'll give up his life just to prove he's that devoted. All in. Kira is good. Kira is justice.

'Guy looks kinda young, for thirty,' he thought, watching God getting hair and make-up done. This was minutes before air-time.

The call came in yesterday. Something like this was worthy of spreading the word; people will have questions, want to state their loyalty and commitment to Kira. However, the recording date was left as a secret. If what happened to the Yagami home was any indication of what anti-fans are capable of, it was better to be secretive. He may not want to have to talk over people, but Mori is a fair man, and would gladly read questions, words of encouragement that their savior keep up the good work. So he spread the word of merely wanting an interview; that those with anything to say could email or Tweet the station with questions or any messages, words of encouragement they may have. He can't get them all out there, but he's looked for the top results by likes and retweets to figure out who would have their thoughts and feelings put out there.

Beyond, in a complete confusion as to why Light Yagami would put himself out there when he could have swayed the public to disbelieve that he is Kira, watched from the sidelines awaiting the show to begin. He isn't planning on making a scene, just to watch. He always thought that news segments happened live, who knew some were pre-recorded? Interesting.

A little woman in glasses, with a clipboard pressed to her chest came up beside B. Looking him over, she asked politely. "Who are you?" Assuming of him what she is to the news anchor. An assistant.

"I'm now the world's top detectives."

Confused by that statement as it came out plural, she smiled. "I see." Believing it was a joke, she then says. "I thought you were Kira's assistant."

Beyond leaned over, twisting his upper posture so that he's facing her in the angle. He looked like pulled taffy, the held end remaining intact while the pulled out end was twisted and distorted in shape. "I'll let you live if you never presume that again." He said in a flat tone.

"You'll let me li..." The assistant was momentarily spooked, then she chuckled. "I get it, it's because of Kira. That's pretty funny."

"No. It's because it's true." Replied the serial killer. "And no, it, in fact, is not funny."

Swallowing her sudden nerves; she adjusted her headset then walked away with an abrupt. "Excuse me."

He sniffed the air behind her, not smelling anything. Ooh, it's about to begin! He shuffled over to the bleachers that could seat a small audience of ten in the studio. It's a fine number when you want to hear comments and applause while keeping the noise level low.

It was a very comfortable little set up on stage too: intimate, two sturdy leather armchairs, a round thick blue carpet between the two chairs and a small coffee table holding cups of coffee. Anyone in the studio knows this, but viewers might think water or tea, but one doesn't mistake the aroma of coffee. It was more like something you'd see in a talk show, this set, but then again, a lot of news teams do have specific areas for interviews.

"This is Koibuchi Mori with the channel 1206 news; good afternoon. I'd like to take this moment to tell you that we're interrupting your regularly scheduled program to bring news of a special interview,"

The camera, operating on automated movement though not via motion sensor, but a camera operator in another area of the studio, pans over to Light Yagami. It is truly a closed set, after all. He can be comfortable and speak freely. And allow those in the studio, who oppose Kira, to stay safe.

"Light Yagami. A young man who, last week, was identified over social media as the mysterious otherworldly God known as Kira."

Kira gave a single nod to the assessment.

"I honestly don't know what to say… How about we start with, why would someone accuse you of being Kira? You, a former member of the Kira task force. A top marks student since becoming the age for academics."

Mori Koibuchi has done his work. The station investigated his background, giving the reporter ample notes to follow along with. Kira knows what the note cards say, if they were able to dig up the files of his being accused as Kira then they know it's happened twice. How his own father was blind to his son's second life. His sister's kidnapping and stint in the psych ward, having currently been relocated to the Rehabilitation Center. There is nothing they can throw at him to shake him.

"It's true," Light spoke in his best tone. Clear, detached from emotions, but with a certain warmth to appeal to viewers. He's not a monster. "I can't say that since becoming Kira I've garnered nothing but fans. There are a lot of people who'd like to see me hurt or behind bars. Maybe even on death row… But, it won't stop me from my mission in making this world a safer place for everyone."

The reporter hid a smile. He can't show bias or he'll be seen as one of the idiots prancing around the airwaves in Kira's Kingdom. His credibility will go out the window; Kira, not to mention most importantly, the station will lose its merit. And all hope of relaying messages or swaying antis will be null and void.

"The people who have called me out, have done so out of spite. Look at what happened because of it! My home, where I grew up, was burned to the ground. My mother still lived there with my sister… now they have nowhere and nothing. Such toxic behavior breeds more toxic behavior."

The host nods, completely inlaid with the words. Had the screwed up, doped up, teen gotten away with it and continued living, he'd surely take another life, either accidentally or intentionally during a stupor.

"Doesn't it make sense that it should stop before it starts? I'm providing a doorway to better common sense, it's not just living with a smile on your face, as some assume. That's an improbable scenario… Isn't it better to make positive choices before the wrong one ever crosses your mind the ideal scenario? Just because there would be a price to pay for some wrong choices, doesn't make it a negative. My gift is only for the greater good."

"It is extraordinary that you should have such a gift. Impossible to think of for man." He dared to ask, but it was a dare untaken. It was risky, taboo. Don't poke a sleeping bear just because you want to compare height differences. Even a baby bear has teeth and claws that work.

"Yes, it is. And while most people would use it to exact revenge on an enemy, rub out competition for work or even love interest.. I use it to help people."

"You truly are Kira, then? You don't want to deny the accusation to save your life?" Koibuchi asked. "You've made many people happy, and an equal amount enraged. Doesn't it make sense for you to deny it?"

"It does. However, what good would it do? Someone might lose their life if people decide they want to play The Name Game with the role of Kira. I want to show the world that I am human, and that I do understand what I'm doing. This isn't a power play.. I want to be here for the people. Justice for those not rich enough to afford the system. Justice for the man of day to day."

'Hoo boy!' Thinks Beyond, eyes shining. 'So Light Yagami can be cool.'

"You understand that many see you simply as someone taking lives to live his own. A murderer with a conscience is still a murderer."

"We'd all sit in jury to sentence someone to death row; not all the world believes in the death penalty. I can understand that; however, it's often necessary." He lowers his voice to showcase humility. "I can take on the weight of being an accused murderer. But I can't just sit back and do nothing when knowing that I can do something."

Mori flipped through his note cards. "I asked that viewers of the station send in questions or comments, would you like to address some of the topics?"

"Yes. If I can."

"What makes you, Kira, decide who should or should not be placed into the Rehabilitation Center?"

"I feel that the centers are necessary tools for therapy. If a person is seen as harmful, let's say a bully… Everyone looks to the parents to stop the behavior, but a lot of the time parents turn a blind eye."

"I see. So the centers aren't a sort of prison?" Asked the reporter. "Some believe it's a low grade prison system. They also believe that it's only creating the behavior it's trying to prevent."

"The system, as with all new things isn't perfect- I admit that. I'm sure law enforcement was heavily scrutinized back in its first creation. Which is another reason this interview had to happen. I would like to work with the police to see that the center is the best it can be."

"The police? Then does that mean that you do value the traditional justice system?"

"My father was the chief of police, I grew up with that sense embedded in me." It was true. Sad how lightly it's been of use to the world. "Police forces are not going to become obsolete. I can't be everywhere, even with my gift."

Koibuchi nodded. Despite believing otherwise. According to the news Kira can kill from anywhere. "So, you admit to a flaw in the system? Does that mean you'll remove your sister, Sayu Yagami? Do you know she's been admitted?"


He schooled down the tightening in his jaw. He doesn't need to react. He is presenting himself as a man of the people. If they see a show of anger they will form stronger resolve to try at stopping the progression of the new safer world, his goal. They will continue to try to kill him. And now that they know his name and face, he'll never fully feel safe anywhere.

"However, removing her isn't up to me. I think that they weren't wrong in placing my sister into the center. She's been under a lot of stress because of what happened to her. I can't pull favoritism." Taking a steadying breath, he says with true sincerity. "I am like anyone else, and that's where my initial mistake was made. Everyone saw me as a God. Kira, God of the new world; so they feel it's sensible to also make me out as a devil as well. Always good versus evil, and since there is no opposition against me, I'm pitted against myself as seen by those who do and don't believe in me. But, I'm just a guy who wants for the world what we've all lost hope of believing is possible."

Beyond, who began snacking on strawberry jam ten minutes into the interview, froze. That had to be the most honest thing he's ever heard the guy say. It made him.. irritated.

Outside of the studio walks a robbed figure. It's large hood hides the person's face so well, passersby would believe it a specter, that haunts in the light of day. Its pace froze before the double doors that lead into the building. Foot traffic watched out for it, rudely shouldered into it, tried to get a peek at it... It ignored it all. And there across the street it stood in wait.

"A lot of antis believe that Kira is needless, a reckless tyrant that behaves as if he's above the law."

"I can see their point; however, it's not the truth. It's easy for me to say because I'm defending Kira, but, all I can do is to appeal to everyone's sense of peace and security." He looked directly into the camera, his honey brown gaze holding desire to be heard. "I'm not perfect, this world isn't perfect, but who could do what I've done without malice or love, favoritism or egotism in their heart? I'm not changing the world to shape just my needs but everyone's. I only hope it can one day soon, wholly, be understood."

Outside. Another dark hooded figure appears, this one's smaller. It too ignores the whispers and stares, jeers and snide "watch where you're going", when in truth it hadn't even touched the person, they were just looking for something to say. Some means to humanize it, by appealing to a sense of argument. No one can resist a good retort. But the moving robe said nothing as it positioned itself four buildings down the street from the studio.

"Give me, give us.. half a year of living as Kira's ideals ask. I guarantee it will end with positive results."

"And if not?"

He doesn't want to say "Then mankind has failed for itself. They could have obtained the peace they're always protesting for, wishing about, mocking but wanting with sincerity, but they chose to flip it off because it was brought about individually rather than collectively. When in truth, everyone's getting onboard is a collective achievement." But, he instead replied.

"If it fails to bring about honest world peace rather than a semblance... I'll allow my arrest, and my death sentence."

The host looked surprised that Kira's resolve to change the world was so intense that he would just ask to be killed. He, who has killed so many, and could continue to if the common man decides to ignore him. Who are they to stop him? Or rather, how?

"L gave his life to me, deciding to cease his efforts to lock me up for execution.. or at least life in prison. If he was right about my ideals not being good for the world, then I deserve to die too."

L? The world's famous detective. Mori Koibuchi remembers the moment he watched that live steam. It was gruesome. Not because a man died on television right before everyone's eyes. But because the Kira case had just then been proven to still have been going on. That L knew, and had thwarted the young man until he found himself on the side of understanding the acclaimed criminal, giving up his life. So much privacy. So much secrecy the world hides from lesser beings such as himself. And Kira wants to work with them.

"It's all of you who can better this world, not death. Not me alone." He smiled so handsomely, Koibuchi had to adjust his note cards to break the spell. "Half a year is all that I'm asking for... Fight with me. Let's live better because we can, not because you're being told."

"Does this mean Kira's judgements will stop?"

"It won't be easy, I'm certain not everyone will be convinced. But, do we need someone in this world who would kill you, just because they want to be different and rebel?"

Mori Koibuchi shook his head.

"None of us wake up in the morning and go about our days in a permanent state of caution. We trust that we'll be safe, though it's never a guarantee.. if every, especially those who're anti-Kira, set aside this idea that you're being manipulated or controlled, you'll understand that, in a way, we're all Kira's ideals." His eyes show to the camera a vulnerable tenderness. A puppy would give in to whatever Light Yagami wanted. A deer wouldn't stand a chance either.

Naturally, host Koibuchi, was putty in the hands of a man a couple generations younger than himself. "Just half a year.. What do you all think? Contact the studio with your questions or replies. Thank you for the interview Mr. Yagami." He reached out shaking Light's hand. "This has been Koibuchi Mori, with channel 1206 News signing off."

Beyond walked over to Light's side. "Nice touch, Yagami Light. If this works, you could have a future putting children down for naps in a daycare."

Light would have thought that was some sort of insult, but he knows for a fact that it's a tough task. He's had the task of it himself countless times, when babysitting for Sayu when they were growing up. The comparison is spot-on.

"You've done a brilliant job. This will air later in the evening, if you're at home to watch... excuse me for staring but.. I really admire all you've done, Kira." He gave a deep bow.

"You don't have to do that,"

"In all fairness, I should do more; an addict.. killed my daughter. He somehow walked away from life in imprisonment, but you, Kira, you brought him to justice."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

B tapped his watch; the jam sticky index finger covered the appointed area of time.

"I have to get going. Thank you again."

"Anytime." He meant that. It was a strange sort of awe being in the presence of someone who, not only wanted to, but could truly change the world!

Kira is God amongst men.

"Are you hungry?" Light asked once they were outside.

It was kind of nice not to hide out. Everyone knows that he's alive; that he's Kira; they'll try something. He knows this. But at the moment, hiding was cowardly. He's no coward. L wouldn't hide himself, if he was outed. He revealed himself to Light the moment he thought the tactic would lead to an arrest of whom he'd deducted was Kira. He won't lose to L. Even if L isn't alive to note it.

"I've already eaten. I suppose I could eat again; food is so sparse in Japan." He stuffed his hands into his jeans pockets, falling into step with Light.

Yagami wondered what B was talking about? There was food everywhere! Then he recalled the Semi-gami has that unique habit of only wanting to eat strawberry jam. That is a hard find in Japan, as Japanese tend to find the spread much too sweet and prefer a mildly sweetened peanut butter. But, there are Western stores that sell it to an extent.

"I meant real food." He pulled open the car door after Beyond gave a thumbs up to him.

He'd searched the vehicle for a bomb, or a trap of any kind. Maybe even a bug. The mechanical kind, not Mother Nature's. Things have gone quiet on the detective team's side. They could even still be in Surrey; it's an amusing thought, but very unlikely since the burning of his home was all over the news, not to mention the fact that the mankind appointed "monster" was inside.

Light hates it that he can only succeed in backing people off by appealing to those who oppose Kira. He'll continue to kill criminals, but he can't kill those who oppose him, now that will be tough. He vowed the elimination of anyone who got in his way. But, to kill them would only prove the antis right, that he's nothing more than a sadistic murderous saviour with an egotistical god complex. When he kills them, it will have to be a very discreet manner.

Near dropped a pile of pebbles into the bucket of the hydraulic excavator truck's scooper. He created the sound effects of the Boom and its cylinders as they dip up and down into the fake construction site created by mulch and pebbles found in a potted plant. It felt like some evil entity was playing construction with his mind; he's got so much clutter up there, it's hard for him to concentrate.

The head of the Death Note Prevention Team was certain that if his hair wasn't already white, it would be time to slap in some dye.

A small smirk appeared at the corner of his mouth. In truth, he was glad for the distraction of something else to think about other than playing ball with Kira and B, the aforementioned being the ball itself, rolling back and forth between the overly excited puppies that are playing far too hard to actually stop the thing from moving.

He's not happy with the progress there.

And what was the end game? Now that he has this new theory to contend with not killing Kira. How can he not execute the man who deserves the punishment? Near watched the mental activity of construction men milling about, pointing out what needs to be done and where. They all knew why things have to be the way they are, to go the way they need to go. But, he can't understand anything with his game.

Misa Amane is alive. Says that Beyond has killed her multiple times. She is like B and B seems to have been trying to stop that.

'No. It's more like he wants to know if it can be stopped.' He looked at the woman, no longer in the young category despite her youthful outward appearance, and childish gothic Lolita behavior. She's watching cartoons on one of the televisions.

"I guess slapstick is popular. Every one of these cartoons follows that same pattern." She said offhandedly.

Near's cool gaze narrowed. Misa sounds a million miles away. It's like she's real in physicality, but mentally, she was never really pulled out of the rushing waters depths. Her interest and conversations all half expressed, until fear took over from a violent memory of B having done something to her.

'But why is she making an effort at all. She could easily just check-out and become a catatonic vegetable. Perhaps she thinks she's got a chance of getting back with Light. She's seen the news from before, she knows he's alive… They could have planned this entire thing.'

Still. Her words stayed with him. Not to kill Light. That B had multiply killed her. What do they mean? What? What?!

"Near.. Could I have some water?" Misa asked.

'Only if you'll drown in it.' Thought the young man, who's life has suddenly become babysitting an adult. How did this happen?

How did this happen? Matt was yanked from the basin filled with water. Coughing and gasping for breath as he's finally allowed oxygen; he glowered at the person responsible for his near drowning. "What the hell are you trying to do.. Kill me?"

"That's what it's gonna come to," He slapped his hand into the whole of Matt's face then again because his other hand is keeping the red-head in place by a bunch of his hair. "Where'd you get 'em?! And if you say "what" I swear to God I'll make you regret it."

Matt groaned inwardly. He should have known he'd get caught. How? He's uncertain. He was very careful about hiding them. How was he to know Mello would snoop through his things? "Ow!" He yelped when the grip in his hair was strengthened and his head was yanked back.

"The mansion in the woods, back in Surrey." He smacked into the floor on hands and knees when Mello shoved him forward away from him. "Shit, Mel', calm down."

"Calm down? Calm down!" He hollered. "You shouldn't be taking those- is that why you've been so fucking out of it?!" He kicked him in the side.

"You don't get to police me," He held his side, the pain vibrated on impact then went away. "I'm not some damned kid missing curfew. And I wasn't abusing it, I just... It felt good, okay? It felt good to not feel that dull fucking ache from getting shot up!"

"Is that supposed to make me feel bad for you, and let you do it?!" He raised his boot to bring down on his partner again, but the fallen companion wasn't about to take another strike and rolled away.

"..I don't know! It's not up to you what I do!"

"The fuck it isn't! Do you not understand how bad off you were back then? No, of course not," Mello scoffed. "you got to be in fucking lala land through it, and struggling through fits isn't shit. I'm the one who had to suffer, watching you try to get it together and fail at it, until it stopped. And I'm not going through that pain again. Because I could lose you, Mail."

Matt scrunched his eyes. Mello still has no right to treat him like this. He's not that far gone! He's blowing this up too much. "You're blowing this up too much. It was just a couple of weeks.."

"...And what would happen, if I was out in the field.. and you're sitting the fuck around here tweaked out of your damned mind thinking like is but a fucking dream while I'm getting gouged by Kira's sorry ass and Beyond!"

He.. actually had nothing to say. He hadn't thought about that. Shit. He was about to apologize, he Mello stormed across the room to the closet. He began tossing Matt's clothes from inside.

"You're throwing me out?"

"You wish." The clothes in a pile, he grabbed the trash can. "Every pill and bottle had better find its way in here," he dropped the basket beside the clothes. He found the jagged little pill in the pocket of Matt's coat. Hanging loose, like a pea waiting for the princess to feel it.



Not only was it humiliating, it was unfortunately necessary. Since swiping the pills from Light Yagami's prescription that was left on the nightstand at the mansion in Surrey, he's been filtering them to himself like a fish on land, that's dumbly trying to challenge itself to go without water when the ocean is a mere belly-flop away. He's no longer in pain because of them, whether it's a fictionalized pain or a real one, he can't feel anything. And it's good. However... anytime anyone talks to him, he kind of only half listens. And he's twice thrown up dinner, among other ways to dispell waste. But still...

Mello watched his partner gathering hidden pills from the pockets of his clothes, some were hidden inside the desk, taped to the top on the inside of a resealable baggie, the kind you get from jewelers when you buy pendants or cheap earrings. The former enforcer thought he was going to waste a bullet on his lover when the sneak walked over to the window and removed a loose pill from within the tubing where you pipe the curtain rod through. He had to admit, it was damned clever, and he never would have thought to look there. A nice reveal, unintentional most likely, Matt could be swinging on OxyContin right now. Fucking Yagami strikes again. They really should have killed him when they had the chance.

Mello schooled his anger a dial, when he heard his subconscious cursing L. It was L who'd kept Kira alive. But.. it isn't fair, because under the same circumstances, he would do the same for L- especially for Matt. As much as he threatens him even now, he'd never actually do him a great deal of harm.

"Satisfied? Asshole." He mumbled when returning to the trash with the last pill to toss in.


"What "no"? There's none left," He points at Mello like a stab as he grinds out. "And if you think I've got anything shoved in my ass, it's your ass, because I'm not letting you cavity search me."

"I'll trust you on that.. I'm not satisfied because you shouldn't have been doing it in the first place. I need you at the top of your game, and you're screwing around like you can.."

"Right. Like I have to indulge in anything but a fucking cigarette with this lifestyle.. Do you realize, I've got friends who send me messages and shit talking about this and that, and I don't have a fucking clue what they're saying? They sound like they're speaking alien- and you know, normally a person would say "a foreign language" but, I know too many of them!"

Mello rolled his eyes at the theatrics.

"Do you realize I've never seen a cartoon in my life?" He laughed, a little wisp of a sound. "A fucking cartoon, Mel'... The only television I get to see are excerpts from the commercials in between news broadcasts.."

"What are you saying? You want out?"

Matt throws up his hands. "I want out.. Do you hear yourself? I mean really hear it? We joined the mob when we were teenagers!" He shrugged his shoulder.

"And sometimes kids join gangs. It's called choices, nobody made us do anything. They asked, we chose... it's all choices. Yes or no. There is no maybe lifestyle."

"So then what? You're gonna unleash the enforcer side of yourself to get me to behave, Mello?"

"No. I'm gonna be done with you." It was his turn to nonchalantly shrug his shoulder. "If you're done with this life, leave it.. I'll find someone else to be my tech guy, and you can go bum for a fix for the rest of your soon to be shortened life. I'll close every account we have, and find a technician who's better than you to keep it that way."

Their eyes locked onto each other in a brief stare down. Mello won. It was barely a competition, as he could make a statue fidget. Scooping up the bin, Matt walked it into the bathroom and dumped its content over into the toilet. Flushing the relief down into the undertow with his sanity, he tossed the can to the corner where not long ago he sat tossed aside and he left the bathroom and bedroom in a huff.

"Be back before dinner!" Mello spat at the elevated finger he was given.

"We interrupt this program to bring you a live news coverage from Channel 1206 News."

Mello's gaze left Matt and turned to the TV, mostly because he wondered how a news cast could interrupt the current new that was playing. Whatever it was must be big.

It was all over every monitor available to the Japanese public, overseas on the local's international news stations, even on the radio! The 1206 News was given a brief murmur from awe as they announced having a live interview with Kira.

Light Yagami and Beyond are stopped outside of a restaurant, watching the broadcast from across the street away from where a crowd has gathered at a CD store, to watch the interview playing on the many televisions that face the streets so pedestrians can watch music videos of their favorite artist, and become subliminally enticed to buy a CD.

The serial killing savior lowered his head to attempt disappearance via distorting a clear glance at his face, when hearing a few people whispering that the broadcast was live, and that they should get over to the station to see if they could meet Kira in person. This is not what he'd wanted. Celebrity. As much as he'd tried to discourage the usage to seem more common, and human. He preferred being known as a God. A ruler, not the ruled. Celebrities aren't feared or respected, they're teased, stalked, and called out on arrogance the moment they ignore the nut with the throat shattering scream.

He deserves, has earned, better.

"He's so handsome. I wonder if he's seeing anyone?" A girl giggled, and swayed with lustful glee of the idea that Kira, so handsome and otherworldly, would sweep her off her feet.

"You remember, he's married to that model Misa something.."

A boy, overhearing them, chimed in. "Amane? That hot model?"

"I heard she threw herself off the bridge when she found out that Kira died."

A girl gasped all needlessly dramatically over that statement. "I thought it was because she worshipped him, not because they were married. Wow."

"Yeah, "wow". Don't you remember? She was the second Kira."

"Wow!" Exclaimed the entirety of the gathered viewers.

"Shush up, it's back on."

"What defines a criminal or criminal behavior to you?" Asked the Light on the broadcast. "To me, it's someone who has no good intentions, someone who can't see reason and acts on impulse. Kills just to kill.. There are people out there who are murdering people and not from self defense, it's a choice. People who choose to do bad don't deserve a second chance. If someone steals that's reason enough to send them to jail, everyone agrees with that outcome. So if someone chooses to kill another human being.. Shouldn't they have to atone for that?"

The pair, Kira and B, were so enthralled in the broadcast and spectacle they don't notice the robbed figure approaching them. Not until, in its passing by, it mumbled.


Light glanced at the covered stranger, and doing a double take with his eyes, he became very pale. Not because he thought he was seeing a ghost of any kind, but because the hooded person was holding a notebook. Black. White gothic lettering on the front. A Death Note. And with a long black pen that has a silver number 50 dangling from the paperclip end, he or she, young voice, was writing his name...

0 0 0

Somewhere downtown; Mail Jeevas is on the move.

He's muttering curse words, curses, and wriggling his fingers as if air-written cursive is coming from them. He's angry. Probably angrier than he's ever been in his life! Well. No. That isn't true. Holding L's corpse was the angriest he's ever been. This is a close second.

"Fucking shit... He's so... asshole." He kicks a stone that was nestled in the dirt up against a tree. "It's not as if I screwed up recently... And I never told him to trip the bomb that scarred him, he did that reckless shit on his own!" He glanced at a robbed figure that passed beside him in a hurry. "Excuse me." He said to the person as he'd felt them brush against his shoulder.

Now where was he, oh yes! And Mello should be kissing his ring for his having helped put out the flames that too early in the morning, on top of nursing him back to health, because Kira would search the hospitals for recent burn victims! And it was the Shinigami, Sidoh, who botched the lookout job. Call him irresponsible. Guy shoots one cop, just one time, and he's pegged for life over the reason why.

Mail sighed. His anger was passing. Now he just feels embarrassed. For Christ's sake, Mello said he'd replace him! Are they that far gone? Is his skill set so obtainable that a one-finned fish could be just as good at it, if not better? Detective work is all he's known growing up. He was brought in Mr. Wammy from his life in a boarding school for boys. His parents didn't like it that the police and F.B.I had knocked on their door occasionally, wondering why a young boy's computer was giving off red flags to their database. He was just curious. That's all. But, that's not how officials took it, and that was a severance package from his family. So they sent him away to learn to either become someone else's problem or to stop being theirs.

It was then that he was brought in from being an attention garner at the the school. He then met Mello and Near, the rest is a fucked up string of historical moments. It was a blast. Dammit it all. He can't give up this life. He's in too deep. And worst of all, he doesn't mind it. Tantrums and traumas aside. He was about to do an about-face, when something black caught his dark blue gaze. He felt a prick, and a strange sort of fluid warmth in his veins before everything went black.


No. No! It wasn't going to end like this! Light burst into a sudden sprint after the notebook carrier. He can't allow he or she to write his name! After all he's been through. All the progress he's made! A sudden flashback played through his mind, as if his harried existence wasn't suffering enough, now he has to deal with a mental assault at the worst time.

Ryuk. His own personal notebook in his hands, a gruesome pen writing out his name. A simple death. Uncared for. Unimaginative. His life meaningless. And he knows that it was Ryuk, the bullets had missed his heart. Light could have survived, if medics came in time, if blood were returned to his veins in time. But no. His heart gave out. A soft sort of lol, before he felt his energy.. his life... leaving him.

Light Yagami cannot bear that pain, that loneliness ever again. If someone else has a notebook... This could be bad for him. Really bad. He rounded a corner onto another street, but the hooded figure was nowhere in sight- there! Across the street- no.. No? This one is shorter. Another one? The person held up the notebook, and began to spell out his given name out loud again.


Light hurried across the street; two cars skid to a stop honking the horn to tell the reckless idiot to mind the rules of the road. Light doesn't care, not even when a taxi nearly clipped him by the thigh. His mind if set on safety, but not from death of traffic violation. It was then he chose to look for Beyond; because part of him thought that these robed figured could have been Shinigami. His gaze caught sight of his otherworldly friend, however, he was of no help because he's currently chasing someone as well! How many more of them are there?!

He had to ask.

Across the street there was another. And in a grocery store window another. More and more, he counted at least six as he gave chase. And when he finally managed to catch up to the one he was chasing, he yanked him or her down to the sidewalk; it was with expert haste that the notebook was taken from the figure. Proven instantly a fake. There were no rules. But what about the others? They were all holding notebooks. That alone was frightening because the secret was out. Someone knows. And someone is trying to get to him.


"What did you say?" He snarled at the effeminate little boy, or perhaps it's truly a little girl.

"You're going to suffer at the hands of 50." The child began to laugh.

Light shoved the child aside, tossing the fake notebook at it. He can deal with this. Whether it be 50 or a hundred. He can take them all down as the only true notebook user.

X x X

Commentary: Thank you for reading. And hey, if no one's told you this yet... you're loved, lovely, and appreciated- even if it's silently.

And have you all read that oneshot? Aside from certain douchebags necessarily being in it, that was great. I loved the choice of growing Near's hair, he's too busy to tend to such things ahaha

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