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"Do you wanna die?" Kira asked; his hands are clamped firmly around the throat of the little mock notebook carrier; his thumbs are pressing gently against his Adam's apple. "I've killed people for lesser reasons."

"I'm well aware of all the faults you have, murdering fraud!"

A knife swung out from the robe, touching Kira's face before he could react and dodge the attack. Blood pooled at the microscopically parted area of flesh before it dribbled down his cheek like a macabre waterfall. Seizing the the wrist of the hand that's holding the knife, Kira slammed it against the concrete until the weapon fell free then he slugged the wielder against the cheek.

"How can you accuse me of being a fraud?" He snarled. "Have you ever written anything on a message board? Gone to the police?"

"Oh, what? So you can use your precious killer notebook!" He struggled to break free from beneath the murderer. "How can I give a God a cheat when I didn't even know the person's name? How without the internet could I give you a face?"

Kira was momentarily thrown off from his steady rage, the shift in balance of this little fight caused confusion to cross his face. "What are you talking about?"

"Even if you had his face you couldn't kill him. Your precious followers should really be worshipping the Second Kira."

"You little...!" He grabs the teen by the collar of his shirt and twice punched him across the face. "How do you know about any of that?"

"You're not the only one with tricks." He placed his fingers to his lips and whistled.

Another cloaked figure appeared, with another killer note book. Fake? Real? How can he tell? He has to get it! Leaving the other member of 50 to his own devices of mock and ridicule for deaf ears, he gave chase for half a block until the member stopped on his or her own.

The seconded, or possibly fourth or even fifth hooded person came to a sudden stop. "Isn't it sad how people worship and fear you as a God, only because of this? How much of a God would you be if everyone in Tokyo, no, the whole planet knew what a lying crook you are, Kiiira?" Turning around the young woman spanked herself on the butt, then called out "Nyah-nyah!" Before taking off running again.

'So, that's their endgame.. exposing the notebook to color me a fraud. Hn. Good luck, my ideals are already so instilled in this pathetic population that even with the death note outed the world will understand that I am still their God; the only one who'd cared enough to help them have a good quality of life, living crime and violence free.' Kira mused. '50 is going to have to try harder than this pathetic little stunt.'

However, his words could not reach the height of bravado as he continued after the smug 50 member. He has to know how she, and the others know about the death notes. There are obviously more Shinigami in the world, more notebooks. But the hitch is, anyone who owns a notebook would simply do as they please with it, why come after him? Why be all of this, when they could simply use the notebook to eliminate their enemy? Someone put them up to it. Living or not of this world. What does he know about the Shinigami realm, of what happens to them in death. This could be a planned assault on him by Rem; Misa's oh too loving of her Shinigami. Or even a Shinigami in love with Rem, seeking revenge after finding out the means of its death.

Light looks about for a way through the wall that stood before him and the member, who'd just scaled it to get away from him; he's not about to leap over a concrete wall in dress shoes and the good attire he'd worn to the studio. There! A door. Hurrying after the cloaked girl, he was glad to see she hadn't fled too quickly. Although, that was likely intentional. Probably trying to lead him somewhere.

Whatever is going on, he's gonna track down the ringleader of these misguided misfits and bring them and their Shinigami to an end.

Notebook user against notebook user; and where this member of 50 has the advantage of knowing Light's name and face, he Light can be very cunning. There isn't one person on the planet who doesn't yield to his charms.


B listened, with a smile on beneath his gruesomely placid face, to the delightful sound of muscle tissue tearing beneath the sound of the young man's cries of pain, as he twists and turns his arm inside the socket as if it's one on a ball-jointed doll. From "Please don't" to "Why are you doing this" it never ends with the chill of pleasure he contracted from watching the counter over someone's head fluctuate. Today. Tomorrow. Any minute now. Oohh hooo! Fantastic!

"Why help him?" Asked the young man, blood seeping from his mouth through gritted teeth, a spatter of it hit Beyond's face as he spoke to the monster that is positioned much too close to him.

Before his senses tripped out registering nothing but pain, the teen could smell the breath of Hell. Deep flames, ash, charred skin and burnt hair permeating from the man. What manner of demon was he? He made another guttural cry as his arm was dislocated from the socket, then brought around behind him in an impossible angle for anyone who's not double jointed, and even they would see it and cringe.

"You've got me all wrong," B muttered. "I'm not helping Kira, I'm helping myself." He took the boy's uninjured hand into his own; a frown spread across his face. "Really? Fingernail polish? Gross." He proceeded to snap the gang member's fingers out of track. "And you wanna know the sad part? Nobody will help you," he chose to say this as a pedestrian strolled by, eyes glued to the delicately violent scene until there was nothing left to see because he continued on his merry way, not even a blip of a pause. "they see me doing this and think "Kira will get him" and "there goes another one of Kira's victims at work, the poor dumb bastard"," Beyond snickered. "Guess nobody told them that Kira is dead, his ideals are a child's dream. He will never accomplish the peace he wants. And people like me, we will rule the world."

"Then join 50!" He sobbed.

He wanted so much for the pain to stop that he didn't know what he was saying. 50 doesn't take murderers. That isn't why they're opposed to Kira; no they despise him because he ignored their cries for help. He didn't hear their calls to be saved, to have the bad men and women go away. They died of starvation in bunkers, when their abductor swiped someone else and forgot about them while the situated and indulged in their new toy. They were beaten to death. They were sexually assaulted more times than they cared to remember to erase. All of the above. And this "God" just sat around killing people for anyone but them. As if they were being punished for being bad.

Who would have known it was all a hoax? There was no God, just a strange item that can kill people. He still can't believe it. None of them could. When their leader told them about the notebooks yesterday to put together today's assault on Kira's senses, he never knew things would end up like this. He never thought, after all he's been through, all he's survived, that he would be killed by this strange man. A man who claims he doesn't want a world with Kira in it, but more people like himself. What was the difference? A killer is a killer, right?

"The wheels on the bus go round and round," B sang, it called the boy back to the situation at his busted hand, which the teen is no longer able to feel because it swelled up so much. The hand was completely pulled from his wrist. "I know what you're thinking.. and you're wrong. I kill because I want to, Kira kills because he feels he must save the world." The killer placed a noble hand over his cold heart. "See the difference?"

"But, you can stop Kira. You can make him.."

"So boring." He wiped the back of his hand across his blood stained face; the teen spat and coughed up clots.

B's fingertips pressed deeply into his flesh right at the separation of his ribs at the breastplate. B defibrillated the young man's heart until it began to beat erratically before it gave out to a bleed from the burst of the valves and vessels trying to go against the abuse. The Semi-gami stood straight up and cracked his back. He snickered to himself. Should he pose the body? Or leave it as is?

"What do you think?" He asked when turning his head in the direction of an opened door, where another 50 member viewed the whole seen, in what he'd hoped was in secret.

His breathing deepened; it was louder than sirens in his ears, as he prayed to the Heavens that his breaths of fear not be heard from the distance; he's inside a the bakery kitchen, he can close the cracked door, slip away through the building and make a run for it.

"Ignoring people is rude,"

He yelped when a too close voice spoke through the crack in the door.

"You'd of been spared if you were clever enough to drop your robe and pretend to be headed for the dumpster."

"Aah!" He shrieked when the door was yanked open.

The kitchen staff watched as the young man, who not an hour ago slipped into their domain with a finger to his lips before and apology, and asked if he could wait around for someone, is snatched from his perch by the door by a rather dull looking fellow covered in... is that blood? The glance was too quick to tell as the boy was pulled out the door was swung shut, creating a thunderous BOOM through the room.

They must have called the police, or perhaps the boys-in-blue were simply in the area, because the 50 gang pair were found six minutes later, together, hugging or rather they have been posed in a hug.

There is an unspoken about contract between the notebook owners and their Shinigami; it's almost like the rules of a genie having to keep their lamp close by, in the case of a death God the lamp would be the notebook user, not the notebook itself. They could blow the things to smithereens it would make no difference, as long as you find a way to extract the lives of humans you're golden. But, one must keep an eye on their pot of gold at the end of the user's rainbow.

So, in the friendly sunny skies, Beyond Birthday honed in on Light Yagami from above, swooping down on him and his foe like a dark cloud.

They were like weeds. How many members of 50 were there? Are the ones in other countries acting out as well? How many countries know about the notebooks by now? Down to the last school yard, most likely. If that's true, then what will he do to get the world to listen to him? Will they revolt? The interview is still holding strong as he's seen it playing on the jumbo screen as he and the woman he's chased this far, blurred through the watching crowd. Light couldn't gauge their reaction to his plea, not at the speed he was running. But he did hear someone saying that it was worth a shot.

Now, if he could just disband these miscreants before his people act, he can continue on as the ruler of this planet's population.

"You know about the death note, its power.. so then why blame me for not helping you when I couldn't." Protests Light.

"To help others not to become deluded in the lie we all did; seduced by a lie that any one can truly save us from the bad in the world. They won't suffer in the harsh reality that you are a fraud!" She struggled to break free when Kira's lunged at her, grabbing and squeezing her throat. "Someday your arrogance will get someone you care for killed."

Light loosened his grip as an image of L flashed through his mind.

An unfortunate distraction, because in the next instant the young woman was convulsing in pain as her windpipe was overtaken by blood after B sliced open her throat.

"Rrr.." Light growled. "Dammit, Beyond! Why'd you kill her? I needed her!" He carefully laid the young woman down on the street. This is going to look bad in the eyes of the public; removing his cell phone, he called for an ambulance. He is no fan of the band of idiot troublemakers, but he doesn't need this on his hands. He asked the people to give him a chance, he said he won't kill. And now there's this. Not only that, but mostly the fact that he needed her to tell him where their hideout was? Who is the ringleader? He knows their why. He would like to know how the death note got involved.

"For what?" B asked without caring, he's more interested in removing the rivets of red from the knife he has.

"We could have gotten the location of their hideout from her, or the name of their leader, now she's dead and it's all because of you!" He balled up his hand and smashed B across the face with a powerful right hook. It actually had hurt the bones in his arm, he's been wanting to do that for quite some time; whether it hurt B or not. "I'm seriously beginning to wonder why do I bother with you?"

"You're getting too worked up," mumbled the part-time death God.

Light reached downwards before he even knew for sure what he was doing. And in a flash, one of the knives from the holder in Beyond's pant legs is plunged deep into the Semi-gami's chest, stabbing him right through the heart! Light's anger twisted the weapon back and forth, he could feel the black ticking against the bone as it swished through muscle.

"The only good thing about the 'Invincible Man' is that he can be killed over and over again."

When B hit the ground Light removed the knife to use it again for repeatedly stabbing Beyond in the gut. He can consider that their severance package. The ambulance can pick up two corpses, granted B hasn't recovered and leaves before they show up. An ambulance...

'Of course!' Thought Light; with his cell phone he dials another number, this time it's a ride for himself. 'I can follow the ambulance to the hospital and wait for someone to show up for the 50 member. If they're as close knit as she'd said, dead or alive, someone will come to claim her body. Then I can follow that person back to their hideout.'

It might have been farfetched, it might not. However, with the way things are going, there's likely two people following each other around, the young man he'd left back in the alley before might catch up to them and find the ambulance taking his friend away. Looking down at Beyond's 'stand-still' because he's not dead, Light didn't bother with wondering over consequences, Beyond himself was a consequence. Good-riddance. His taxi pulled in not too late after the ambulance EMTs finished placing the member into the back of the truck. There was no need for a siren, the state of the body was obvious.

The cabby didn't question why Light Yagami chose to ride with him instead of in the ambulance, he just did as instructed and followed the emergency vehicle.

0 0 0

"Mello," S knocked on the door that was left ajar, she can see the blond seated on the loveseat in the common area of the room. "Dinner. Are you busy?"

"Dinner?" He'd lost track of time.

He was watching the city cameras, mostly looking for the runaway Matt. He can't believe he stormed out. Idiot. And yet, as time ticked away he was beginning to worry if maybe he'd taken him seriously and left. Sure. He was dead serious about it all. The disappointment. The rage. The replacing his only- nevermind number one- companion on the planet. But.. didn't mean he wanted him to come to harm. He doesn't blame himself, Matt screwed up this time. Not him, like when he'd miscalculated how far Halle Lidner would go to play her role as Takada's bodyguard.

"Is Matt downstairs already?" There was a chance the fired up techie hadn't even left the house grounds. And he asked in such a way because he doesn't want to appear concerned or like he doesn't know where Matt is. He will likely spot the pissed off gamer returning home after a binge arcade session.

"No. I haven't seen either of you all day, up until now." Ever the mother, no matter how many years it's been, she asked. "Is something wrong?"


Sure that she's been lied to, she ignores it. It's really their business. But, whatever is going on, she hoped for a quick resolve.

"I'll get something while I'm out." He says to her. Standing he crossed the room and walked out the door. He'll find him; how far could he have gone?

0 0 0

'What hit me?' He groaned inwardly. 'Last thing I remember is a prick to my neck.' And didn't that bring back memories of shooting up? Well, in his case he was injected by force, either way.. 'What is this.. dog pile on Mail day?'

"Drink this. It's been hours, you must be thirsty."

Matt gulped up some water from the bottle tipped against his lips; when it was removed, he turned to the person who'd offered it and spat it in his face. "Do you think I'm stupid? I know who you are, I'm not gonna let you poison me."

The 50 member tipped the bottle to his lips then drank steadily from it. "See. No poison."

Matt glared, now a bit disappointed that his dry throat would remain. Captors don't show kindness twice. "Why'd you bring me here?"

"Our leader saw you, told us to bring you in." Despite his speaking Japanese, the black kid obviously was taught the language before his family moved here, he speaks much too formally and slowly to had grown up in the country.

"So where is this leaderleader?" He looks from left to right. "If he means me no harm than why am I tied up?"

The boy snickered. "Dummy, you are not. Check yourself before making assumptions."

Sure enough, when moving himself to better sit upright, Matt found the he was not tied up to the chair.

"Follow me."

Standing, he felt an odd urge to rub his wrist as though he had been bound. A movie watcher's trauma brain, he supposed. Following the member through the length of the warehouse space, he sees all sorts of men and women of all ages, not just children as some looked to be in their twenties like his self; they're shooting pool, cooking, arm wrestling, doing their nails with a selection of polish to choose from, watching TV, gaming- gaming! Oohh! Is that the new Tom Clansy shooter? Boy could he use a hit off of that. The better of his addictions. He's the type to like something to an addiction, that's simply a fact, it could be anything: gaming, technical computer work, golf.. anything. That's just his personality. He doesn't mean for it to cause trouble. Which it certainly has because he could be at home, with Mello, instead of having angrily walked the streets to an abduction of a pile of radicals for a possible recruitment into the "We Hate Kira" club.

'Hn. Guess nobody told them I'm not a joiner.' Obviously. He'd of smoked Near, and unfortunately for him, Mello back when they were kids in the running to be the next L. But, he wouldn't. What a drag being that deep into the lifestyle would be. He'll be productive, useful, an upstart, and tag along. But, be in charge? Hard pass.

"Through here," He pushed open a solid metal door.

Matt stared into the darkness beyond the opening. "Tch. If you honestly believe I'll go in ther.." he was shoved from behind. "Watch who you're shoving."

"He's awake." The boy proceeded forward, passing Matt to get closer to his leader.

Matt's gaze went from the back of the child then on up to where a man is seated behind a desk. "Shit! Get back!" Sprinting forwards, he grabbed the kid by the collar of his shirt, removed the gun he has hidden under his pant leg, in his boot, then after a quick aim locking, he fired. "I missed?"

He wouldn't have missed, however the child shoved Matt's hand causing him to sway his aim just short of the monster seated in the chair. Beyond Birthday.

"You don't understand, he's a monster!" Matt aimed again, only this time he wasn't thrown off balance, but assaulted in a wrangling, as if his arm were a bull or wild horse trying to be managed calm by a cowboy. The pair fought each other, all the while B moved from behind the desk and over to Matt. In three expertly dealt twists and turns of his hand, the gun was painfully extracted from his grip.

"He'll kill you, kid; run!" He shouted as he readied himself for hand-to-hand combat.

"Matt, you have to calm down." B said.

"Calm down? I have to hand it to you, B," Matt snarls. "Playing both sides is a low move... What are you planning to get out of it? We're still gonna kill you, or find a way to put you down for good, dead or alive."

B cocked a very fine brow to that statement. Matt still doesn't seem to understand what's going on.

"And where the hell do you get off disguising yourself as L again?" He froze when the barrel of his gun is pointed at his forehead.

But, the day was just full of surprises it would seem; from Mello getting mad at him and saying he'd throw him out, to finding out that Beyond is the leader of 50; so the loosened grip of the handle of the gun, so that it hangs limp in offer to him, shouldn't have come as a surprise.

"Matt, this is not a disguise," L's voice spoke to him, L's eyes looked at him- dead serious about his words.

"Yeah right... I know how emersed you get in playing the part," He can still recall the chills that ran up and down his spine when he played video games with him back at the mansion in Winchester. He spent so much time talking to the murderous runaway, he didn't have a clue that he wasn't L until the real L called. And then shit hit the fan the moment the jig was up.

Pocketing the gun, since Matt didn't even seem to want to reach for it, L offered a suggestion. "You're welcome to try pulling off my skin." He spread out his arms, then placed them behind his back. No funny business.

Matt, with full intent to take off the imposter's head, moved cautiously forward, hand outstretched. He knows the best place to apply a false face would be to connect the pieces behind the ears. A mysterious little place which no one gives even half a thought. The imposter stood still through every second to minute of poke and pull.

"But, how?" Matt asked, breathless from being metaphorically knocked over. "I saw your corpse.." he corrected himself. "I held your dead body in my arms."

He's going to cry. Do guys his age cry? Are they allowed? Does it breech the "man-code"? He settled for a hug. A good, hearty, back patting, eye closing, God, L smells like freshly prepared whipped cream, hug. L stood still within the embrace; Matt thought he may have felt a sort of return of the gesture by L brushing his cheek to his before moving away, but it was too brief to say.

"But... how?" He's starting to repeat himself. But, he had yet to receive a reply to the original asking.

"It's simple, who you held was a dummy."

"A dummy?" Matt's eyes grow wide as the word sank properly in.

B played with all sorts of My Size Barbies and Kens. Matt was fooled not long ago by one of the women, thinking she was captured and hidden away.

"So, if that wasn't you, then what happened? I found your phone signal in that house," Matt felt a stir in his emotions. He felt a pang of anger that he'd been duped.

"You aren't wrong, Matt.. I was indeed going to die,"

Three months ago. London, England.

B dropped the phone, mocking L before he sprouted wings and flew off to acquire Light Yagami. L coughed into the throw rug; he was surprised he had enough blood left in him for it to come from his mouth, so much of it was leaking from his torso and chest.

"Hello? Hello?" The operator called through the line.

L crawled over to the phone, it wasn't too far away, B had carried him over, setting him down on the floor before picking up the receiver and dialing for an ambulance. He informed her of his condition, multiple stab wounds, his blood type; he stopped the bleeding by pressing his shirt into it, lying on his back as well.

The emergency medical technicians arrived at record breaking time for themselves, but it was almost times up for L. He told them, as calmly as he could, to be heard and understood that he was not to be taken to the hospital the crew had left from. There was another place for him to go. It wasn't easy getting a transfusion along the ride, he had to be stitched and sewn up as well. Twice he'd almost gone into shock. But he arrived and rushed to intensive care. His only hope was that B did not remember the medical facility that Quillish funded, because if he thought he'd survived, he surely wouldn't have lived through round two.

Matt blinked. Disbelief was poking him in the eyes where tears used to sting just three minutes ago. But, here L stands.

"You helped me remain hidden as I recovered." Said the detective. "I owe you."

"You don't owe me, L. I'm just glad you're alive. Shit, Mel' and Near are gonna have a heart attack!" He might even have one, his left arm is tingling.. no, wait, that is a desire to move it, and he wrapped his arms around L once again. "I can't believe I sent a dummy to the hospital. More so that the doctors were fooled."

Although, the cause of death was obvious. There was no need to do an autopsy. They just bagged and toe-tagged the corpse. He was nothing to them but body number 78450.

"All this time... But, why are you working with these goofy kids? Why didn't you say anything or try to contact us?"

"Neither B nor Kira could find out that I am alive. I formed 50 gradually, meeting with young men, women, and children who've all suffered in life as ghost because of Kira. Victims of rape, abuse, even those who simply oppose Kira's beliefs, all gathered together to help me stop his reign."

"That's great and all, but they didn't factor in B. He's death-less."

"That may be so, but even the wildest animal can be made to "heel"."

Matt didn't know if L was crazy or if he truly was that strong to believe that B would stop killing and become someone you could control. "And Light? He's already got the city agreeing to give Kira's reign a chance."

"Kira will be put down."

Whoa. Matt hoped that wasn't bravado, because he's sure he's never seen L's game face until just now. It seems there is no love lost between the detective and Light. He's gone too far. Honestly, he's not surprised. But, he'd sure like to know how Light found the killer notebook again in the first place?

0 0 0

Misa Amane was glued to the TV. She's watched the broadcast with Light four times since the first airing. He's alive! Her Light is alive! And he's Kira, how freaky is that?! Her savior, the one person whom she secretly loved along side of Light Yagami, is Light Yagami himself. What an honor to know that with his greatness he chose to be with her, as husband and wife. She has to see him. Reunite! Her darling Light needs her. But, she's here with these people; held as a hostage. Why? She can't say. But it ends today.

"Umm, Mr. Rogelio, was it?"

Misa's guard for the half of the day came alert to his false name. "Yeah?" He isn't sure how to treat the young woman, on the one hand she was badly tortured and killed. On the other hand, she used to be the second Kira. Oh the coin toss of person to person behavior. He's had nothing done to him by this, very stunning, woman, and yet.. seeing his profession she has indirectly attacked him by association of the law enforcement.

"I was just wondering if you might escort me around the garden. I haven't been outside in a very long time, I'm getting my strength back.. I'd like to go outside for some fresh air."

"I don't think that's a decision I can make." He passes through the room to the window, which he unlocked then opened. "All the fresh air you could want. Huh?" He spun around when feeling a slight breeze behind him. "Jesus! What the hell were you trying to do?" He grabbed her from behind, completely missing the swing and miss aimed at his back when she'd tried to shove him out of the second story window. "You can't just run to an open window in your state, you could have fallen out."

"I'm sorry. Like I'd mentioned, it's been a while since I've gone outside."

Rogelio sighed. "It's not gonna happen, I'm sure of it, but, I'll ask Near if we can go for a walk."

Brightening up, she smiled all sweet and pretty. "Would you really?!" She clapped her hands together.

Rogelio was beside himself feeling better about his doubts. Maybe she is alright, and this trauma from Beyond Birthday, being married to Kira, and being the Second Kira.. Maybe none of it has screwed up the girl after all? Releasing his hold on her, reluctantly; her body is steadily filling back out, and it's nice to hold onto a female again. Way too much testosterone in the Death Note Prevention Force. Even with two members actually being women. Gemma is married, and this S woman is.. well.. she's a bit too out of his comfort zone. She tends to speak quietly to the cross around her neck, she acts like an elderly mother when she's no more than.. what? 20 something? Maybe 30? Either way, best to leave religious women alone. He's seen the way she looks at Mr. Gevanni, and they only suspect something is going on between him and the boss man.

Yeah. In comparison, Misa Amane is a breath of fresh air. He suddenly found himself getting an extreme close-up of the dark green carpet before everything went black.

"Thanks for opening the window. I could never figure out how people pick locks." She dropped the statuette to the floor. "You just rest, I don't expect to be back." She waved goodbye then hurried to the window. To freedom. To Light.

X x X

Commentary: I know it's been too long, health issues and other updates and edits. All good reasons, but it hinders the read. I'm sorry. But thank you for staying with me. I completely get why readers wait for finished stories. But, sometimes you gotta read while it's fresh off the update. And get it? 50. L. Roman's Revenge because 50 is the Roman numeral L?

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