Another Note: Kira's Ghost

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First his vision began to fine tune itself from the frosted over white back to the burnt-rust colored brown. He could see the mess where the woman's corpse had been; the spatter of red decorated the wall of a building in two short clusters; the missing blotches of blood were covering Light Yagami, who was standing before her at the time of her death. Then came his lungs filling with air. Full to bursting then he let the breath out, and repeated. In. Out. Next, movement of his murdered body. His fingers drummed the concrete, then as if watching some B-boy in reverse, Beyond Birthday's body twisted and contorted until he was standing straight up, the posture then sagged into a hunch.

"Such a pain, Light Yagami. Such a pain." He got onto his hands and knees, crawling over the small space with a snuff and a sniff, like a bloodhound. Keeping with the imagery, he straightens his back while with his left hand outstretched he points in the direction which he believes his dear sidekick has fled. 'He's gonna get such a haranguing when I find him.. or maybe just a hanging.' A grisly smile appeared on his face; he removed his L doll that hangs from a noose hidden from within his shirt. "What do ya say Lawli? Too good for him? I should just cut him down. Well, straight from the horse's mouth, knifing him it is." Whirling the doll around and around he then tugged it's tether in one quick jerk landing it in his grasp. "I won't be cheap. This much disappointment in someone warrants a rope and a poke." He threw back his head laughing merrily.

"Aaahhh!" A woman screamed from fright when a man walking in front of her suddenly flung sideways, as if pushed by some unseen force, where he smashed into the window of a car.

The impact shattered the glass as his head went through it, killing him slowly as he tried to dig a large piece of glass from his shredded neck. The onlooker dropped to her knees then fell forward onto her front. It's one thing to see Kira's judgments on TV and something else entirely to be there in person. Little did she know, it wasn't Kira's doing, but one pissed off Semi-gami pushing his way through the city. Invisible to the naked eye, his actions could be seen to a devastation. A woman exiting a nail salon, suddenly went sailing into an oncoming Coca-Cola truck.

In the warehouse district.

Matt is watching L as he moves amongst the ragtag nest of city underlings. He's seen the type at all ages, grown, teens, and now a few kids. 'So all these people were abducted or come from abusive homes?'

They're all so comfortable around L. As if acknowledging his capacity, but not to it's degree. He's a man of authority, creator of action, a man who can lead. The techie wasn't sure if he was jealous of this, mad that L was alive but said nothing, or if he simply doesn't care. Of course L would find a way to live. He's not the world's greatest detective for nothing. Self preservation is a mystery of constant solving; why else does suicide sometimes happens? People often forget that life isn't handed to them in easy mode. It's hard all day, even through good times. Once one loses himself to a lie that life is supposed to be all good times, one then loses to life.

'Shit.' Thought Matt as he picked a cigarette from the crinkled pack produced from his back pocket. 'And isn't that just what I've been doing? Sulking because of L's death? Taking drugs because it resets my mind. I need the pain relievers, but not to that degree. No wonder Mello freaked on me.' A stream of smoke blew downward like a nearly visible steam engine train was passing through.

L watched Matt as the techie went through mental dialogues with himself. He cocked his head as if to fine tune his sense of hearing to a psychic level. It was when Matt became uncomfortable with the steady gaze, that L took it up a notch by getting right up into his face. "You're using again."

Blustered, Matt's posture then slumped. He knew he was caught. "How'd you know?"

"Your pupils." If they were any larger Matt would be animated and voiced by Antonio Banderas for the next Puss in Boots film. "Even in someone used to the drug, the effects don't wear off through the bloodstream so quickly." Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he moved over to the desk.

"I'm sorry. I don't plan on doing it anymore, Mello already got on my case about it."

"It's your life, do with it what you want."

Matt was surprised. Not by the words, it's a common enough thing heard when you're a person of substance abuse dealing with person's who love you but have had enough. Except, the shock came from the fact that hearing out loud, from someone like L who most likely truly meant the words as they've been strung together, that sentence hurt far more than being knocked around by Mello. Mello who truly cared about him. Mello says those things as a last resort. It means nothing, because he knows he can always come back. With L...

Matt's hand balled up into a fist. A mentor, an admired, a cried for, mentor... just told him to fuck off. What does he care if he chooses to screw up his life as an addict? What does L care if Matt isn't around? It was his choice to not be so.

"Tch." The cigarette erected between his clenched teeth before it fell from his mouth as he snapped. "I found your corpse! I'd cried over you! I cared so much about your absence, that it was eating away at me that I couldn't have made it in time to have saved you... and this is what I get?"

L rummaged through the desk for something. He seemed not to have heard Matt at all.

"I can't blame you... What do you care? You were raised detached. Any interest you have in anything has to come from nowadays, huh?" He bit back tears he prayed to God wouldn't fall. Let him have some pride left to stand with. "Kira. Beyond. Not in your youth but B today, the B you've come to know. That's all you care about.. Is that all you are, L, an 'interest hopper'?"

L approached him; something in his hand, the other is holding the stick of a long taffy that's going deep into his mouth. Matt almost took a step back when the object in L's hand was thrusted at him. "To track Kira."

"When did you..?" He watched the dot on the map blink in and out. Kira's on the move in the city.

"While Light was in a coma, I had the doctor place a tracking device in him."

Paled, Matt asked with suspicion. "You didn't have one placed in me, did ya?" He felt green when the detective gave no reply. What if that was a silent "yes", where the hell could it be?

"Help me. Don't. It's your choice." L was saying as he passed by him. "But, Kira will die sooner than later. We can't have any slip ups, Mail. Get yourself cleaned up, or get out of the way."

Matt watched as L disappeared beyond a corridor.

Before Matt could decide to go left or right in this thing, he felt himself moving towards the exit.

"Don't come see us again." Said the boy from earlier. His accent is even choppier than before.

The metal door swung shut before he could agree or disagree to the offer. With Mello wanting him gone, what choice did he have? It was either help L, or get back to his life as Mail Jeeves. Whoever he is.

Looking at the device, he knew what he had to do.

0 0 0

"I can't believe that wench hit me," Rogelio groaned.

His twin brother gave a snort. "I thought she was meet your mom material?"

"Up until she went psycho. Not a road I want to be on with a woman." He touched the back of his head, it's bandaged, the blood cleaned up. But it still stings like a finger would, if a splinter got absorbed by the flesh it pierced. "I'm too embarrassed to tell the boss." Locking eyes with his brother, he asked with all seriousness. "You've got a good thing going with him, Aiden. Pretend to be me and apologize."

"Don't be such a wazzock, Walker. The boss will understand; he's dealt with that tosh of a nutter before." His South American cover was completely gone in private, leaving the race he's more familiar with speaking in the forefront.

"Don't even mention her sanity. She hit me hard enough to really have killed me." He checked his fingers for blood, but came up dry.

"Mr. Posson, I see our tracking device has finally left the area." Near says calmly. He waved away the assist when Aiden hurried over to get behind his wheelchair.

Looking a little pissed, though he aimed the directness of the flame at his lap, Walker then looked at his boss and said. "You mean, you knew she was planning to escape?"

"Yes. And I knew she would choose you to manipulate to do so."

Surprised by his boss's level of intellect, he asked. "How?" Because Misa could have picked any one of them to trick into opening the window.

"It's not too hard to figure out, when you consider the fact that you've been noticeably giving her wolfish looks." He opened up a laptop. "With the news running that nonsense Kira's been spouting all day, it was just a matter of time before the dog returned to her master. There isn't anything a woman won't do to win Light Yagami's favor. Even if she doesn't remember being the Second Kira, miss Amane remembers being Mrs. Yagami."

The twins lean a little to look at the monitor. A little red arrow blinked its way around the map at a steady pace.

"She's still on foot." Moving away, he orders that they watch the screen and keep him posted. Unless Misa removes her bugged clothes, she should lead them straight to Kira.


Gevanni watched S clean up the kitchen from the table; he should help her. With a handsome grin upon his handsome face, he approached. "I'll wash, you dry?"

"Thank you. No." S replied before turning on the faucet.

"It's not charity, I wanna help?"

"Mr. Gevanni.. Mr. Loud.. I should make myself clear..." she turned to face him; nose in the air, expression hard enough to shape a diamond. "I don't want or need the help of a man of your climbing promiscuity."

"My reputation?" He smiled. "Miss S, I was young, of course I've had a few girlfriends.. Will you only be with someone you're planning to marry? I know that I'm not yet husband material, but casual dating is fine." He mumbled then, "no wonder your nickname is Seraphim."

Hardly as offended as her clipped tone, she says. "My religion has nothing to do with my disdain. I know what you are, Mr. Loud. I see the way you look at Near." Her light brown eyes squint. "Caring about God doesn't instill the distaste of your visually raping a minor."

Appalled, Gevanni blustered for something to say, but he came up empty. What could he say? "I'm not." Lame.

"See that you don't." Point made. She began doing the dishes.

Gevanni backed out of the kitchen. He was surprised by the fact that he hadn't realized his stolen glances at Near were so obvious that the naked eye could tell. He was also surprised how much it stung, since he didn't receive a reprimand from L, who on camera saw them in the act. Instead, he gets chewed out by a woman not much older than himself, she's maybe a couple of years younger, a woman who likes to cross herself when looking at murdered victims. He knows the means of his relationship with Near, he certainly won't be clouded to believe that he'd started it. However, he supposed to anyone on the outside, it should never have begun whether Near wanted it or not. He should have gone for Gemma. She seemed like an easier sell for a quick drink or two, maybe a little something more on the couch. Oh well. Can't blame a guy for trying.

0 0 0

Mello is working on his second candy bar. He's been driving around the city looking for Matt for the past hour. Nothing to show for it but anger, exhaustion, and a little humiliation from having stubbed his booted-toes on an uplift of cement, he decided to take a quick break in the confines of a car with a candy bar. That is how pissed he is. He didn't trust himself on a bike. Riding with his emotions this high, he was liable to crash into something or someone. Plus, he couldn't really spot Matt paying more attention to steering rather than the scenery.

Calmed of his rage, one snap of the bitter chocolate after the other, Mello sighed through his nose. His teal gaze glanced about the area, hoping that the red haired runaway would spring up out of an arcade or somewhere. It's late in the evening but still light out. Matt shouldn't escape his radar. Lurching forward, he then craned his neck when spotting a familiar figure. Only problem is, it isn't Matt. It's Misa.

'What the hell is Amane doing out? Did she get the drop on Near?' She must have snuck out, because no one's tailing her, he noticed. 'This is the last thing I need is to lose Matt to follow Amane around.' There was no reason to wonder why he should follow her at all, because the reason was obvious. Follow Misa, find Yagami. She wouldn't go anywhere else. Seeing him alive on TV must have steeled her nerves, because she was little more than a mess of nerves for a while. And didn't seem anywhere near recovery yet. Once a killing puppet, always a killing puppet. "Fuck!" He barked; slamming his fist onto the wheel honked the horn.

Passersby glanced in the automobile's direction, nonplussed about the moment since the driver didn't fuss beyond a tap of the horn.

Mello climbed from the vehicle and set out after Misa.

Matt exited an alleyway glad to finally be back in the core of the city. It was weird, he could swear he smells chocolate. He must be imagining things. The indicator that is Light Yagami's existence came to a stand-still. Checking the location he notes that he stopped at the local hospital. That's a good few miles from where he's standing. He'd better get a cab.

'Small world. The manor garage has a car just like that.' He thinks when flagging down a taxi. "To, Tokyo general. Do you accept, Mastercard?" He asked in perfect Japanese, receiving a "yes". L and his new rat-pack might not get their swing at Kira. He could be the one to take him out. Then he can go back to.. Well, he still hasn't figured that out yet. But, he can at least know he's done good by his job description to fight crime by taking the life of a serial killer.

0 0 0

Light Yagami, hadn't realized what celebrity was truly like until now. Sure, in life, he's always been a hit with either gender. It stems from his being an all around nice guy, easy to talk to, easy to get along with, bright, helpful. He once came to an abrupt halt in his daily exercise of bike riding through the area, to help an elderly woman carry her groceries inside her home, he'd even put them away for her! Imagine that at age 14- It's unheard of!

However... Being seen as a 'Golden Child' was never anything like the new adoration of Kira, right now. People bowed, politely whispered in awe, stared, and approached him to say thank you. That they support his dream, even if at first they didn't understand, that the news interview made it all so perfectly clear. Why have they resisted? What bad could come from a little peace? Even Kira's sister is in the program. Surely a distinguished mind such as one that doesn't have favoritism, even to family, can't be bad. Kira wants to do right by the world, because so many people got it wrong. They live needlessly cruel. It's time that nice guys stop finishing last.

Kira is good. Kira is God.

"Right this way, Kira." A blushing nurse steered him to a treatment room to clean up the wounds he's acquired from his scuffle with 50.

"Please, Mr. Yagami is fine."

She gave something akin to a nod or bow, accompanied by a small giggle. "I'm nurse Toshiki."

"It's a pretty deep slit." Says the nurse after asking Light to have a seat on the long table covered in a thin sheet of paper.

The nurse then pulled over the cart of needed items: a stethoscope, thermometer both ear/forehead as well as finger and a traditional under the tongue, a blood pressure wrap. The usual. Removing the thermometer from Light's finger, she packed away the equipment then set to work with dressing the injury.

"I'm sorry if this stings." She said as she stuck the needle into the patient's cheek.

"With your light touch, I don't feel anything but a light tickle."

Wait until the other nurses hear about this! They'll be green with envy. Red with rage. Yellow cowards who'll try to approach Kira, but back down. Oh, they'll be every color of the rainbow! Placing a bandage over the stitches, she then set the materials into a tray then washed her hands with sanitizer.

"Kira.. oh, um, Mr. Yagami.." she corrected herself. "My brother is in the correctional facility, and I was hoping to visit him."

"They won't let you?"

"No. I'm not sure why." She knows why.

She told them the facility was a joke. That her brother did not belong there just because he stole a car ten months ago. His wife was pregnant and he needed to get to the hospital. The door was left open while a patron stepped onto the street to get a newspaper from the kiosk. He gave it back! So she threatened to sue and maybe some names were called. But, permission from Kira will shut them up. He might even get her brother released.

"He stole a car to get to the hospital, it was an emergency. He returned the vehicle right to the police station."

Light listened and nodded to show that he was following along. "It was a simple misunderstanding."

Smiling, she tucked a lock of short brown hair behind her ear when it fanned forward in her nod. "He's not a latent criminal. He's never done anything wrong in his life outside of that one incident."

"That may be, but how he responded to the situation of arrest will determine his release. I'll see what I can do about changing the system." Getting off the table he adjusted his clothing, as if to remove the situation from his person. "Now, I've decided to help you. Maybe you can help me?"


"The woman, who was just brought in with the slit throat," There was really no delicate way to ask if he could watch a patient, without coming off as a weirdo. She's dead after all. What reason is there for him to show interest. But, cunning as he is, he knows how to get information and remain on site. "I used to be on the task force with the police. My father was chief Soichiro Yagami."

"Yes, of course." She watched the report. She knows. She also knows about what her daughter was chatting about on the message boards.

"I'd like to speak with the family, when they come in to identify and claim the body. Is it alright if I stay?" He added. "I assure you, I won't be in the way."

"Yes. You can wait right out in the waiting room. Or the front lobby, so you'll know when they've arrived."

"Thank you."

"The cafeteria is open to everyone, if you're hungry. Or I could call out to have something brought in, if the food isn't to your liking."

'What a suck up. It's repulsive. She's obviously only interested in getting her brother's early release from the treatment clinic.' However, there was no denying that he hasn't eaten anything for some time. "I'll be in the cafeteria. The family's name is Takeuchi."

"Right. And the cafeteria is on the second floor. Follow the signs."

Light gave a polite bow, then walked off towards the elevators. Fame and popularity will always have the downside of dealing with kiss-asses.


Seeing a young boy, maybe 10 or less seated by himself Light wandered over to his table with a tray of food. "Mind if I sit here?"

The kid nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders.

"Are you here alone?" Light pressed when noticing the child was shoving his food around the plate rather than eating it. The kid nodded. "Are you sick or visiting?"


Alright. Words. Now they're getting somewhere. "Is it curable?"

The boy was back to nonverbal because he responded with a nod.

"...Can I ask you, why do you seem upset? Is it because you're lonely?"

"No. It's my dad's birthday today,"

"And he didn't come to see you? Is he working?" To this he got a shaking of the head. He's not much of a father then. Light decided. His father never missed a birthday, if he could help it. And if he had to, he told his family why.

"Maybe I can call him for you?" He removed his cellphone.

The boy shook his head. "He won't answer. He's dead."

Oh. Oh. Now he understands.

"Mommy said he was hit by a truck when he was out one night."

"Was the driver drunk?"

"I don't know. He just went out with some buddies, she said, and then she saw it on the news."

"I'm sorry to hear that." At least his father wasn't a deserter or jerk. He just really couldn't be there. "It'll get easier. The memories. My father died, too."


Light nodded. Taking a spoonful of his tofu soup, he furrowed his brows in surprise that it tasted good. The food in the UK hospital was standard. Maybe he just wasn't used to the cultural differences in food.

"I'm Light Yagami. What's your name?"

"Takuo Shibuimaru. I was named after my dad." Seeing his mother the boy smiled faintly. "That's my mom. I gotta go." Taking his tray, he left the table.

'Takuo Shibuimaru. It couldn't be?'

But there was no mistaking it. The boy said his mother told him that his father had been hit by a truck. He was out with friends. That rapist, loudmouth idiot, his first experiment with the death note, left behind a child and a woman who loved him enough to name the child after him. But.. Why should he care? One group of people deciding that you're a good person doesn't let you off the hook from being a truly bad person. The man was a drunk and a rapist. He deserved to die. His kid might have ended up the same way, under the man's influence. The mother seems happy. Maybe she wasn't so in love, but a rape victim that made the most of it. As far as the kid's namesake, people do all kinds of things under agitated stress, maybe it was always to remind herself of the reason she's got a kid? One just never knows.

'To love a monster. Yeah right.' He got up from the table in need of some air.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the Kanto region.

Mello ducked into the shadows when it looked as though Misa was about to turn around to see if she's being followed. She most likely assumes it'll be one of Near's agents. He might have the advantage. A man exiting his restaurant yelped in start, not expecting to see someone standing so close to the building when he's trying to throw out a wave of the evening's trash.

Mello pressed his finger to his lips, fortunately it was with the hand not holding the handgun. Moving from his peeking place, he resumed his tailing; the employee scratched his in confusion and relief that whatever that was wasn't going to hurt him. This kinder world thing seems to be working. Whistling, he returned into the restaurant.

"I know someone is back there!" Misa called out after suddenly stopping, yet again. "Just come out!"

Mello doesn't move.

"I'm not going back to that place with you!" Stepping to the edge of the curb, she adds. "I'll throw myself in front of the first speeding car I see! Then no one will have me!"

'You're not important.' However. Mello reveals himself from the alley.

A gasp came from Misa seeing who was there. "I know you. I saw you on the news."

Mello wasn't sure about that, maybe he was exposed after his near death experience, because he and Misa certainly hadn't formally met face to face. "You don't wanna do that, Misa. I just wanna talk."

"What about?" Her caution moved her closer into the street, right between two parked cars.

"Light. How to find him..."

Perking up, she said to herself in a gleeful whisper. "Light."

"Yeah... I can help you find him."

"At what cost?"

"No cost. We both want the same thing." Although he doubted the 'head' Misa wants from Yagami is a detached version that'll become unrecognizable in a roaring fire.

"How do I know this isn't a trick?" She cocked a brow. "You're after Kira, if Light's Kira then you wanna kill him. I won't let you! I'll kill you first!"

"No. I've come to my sense about that. What Light said, about giving peace a chance.. A crime free world.. A rebirth really puts a whole new perspective on life."

She could relate to that, having been killed and brought back so many times by that horrible man, beast, or whatever he was. She still shudders thinking about that night in the woods when he hunted her with a bow and arrow. Autocross. A spray of arrows shot out, pinned her to the ground and he stood over her howling at the moon. Misa had gotten so distracted that she hadn't seen Mello move towards her until he was just an arm's length away.


"No!" She staggered backwards from his grasp, right into the path of an oncoming jeep.

Her body bounced and backwards, the aim crooked which caused her to smack into the parked car a step in front of her. It was like watching someone get swept up in a personalized tornado slammed forwards then backwards, and forward again between the vehicles until she fell and hit the ground.

It was beginning to be a pattern having to call ambulances for bodies that suddenly drop dead or are brutally killed in "accidents". Kira said he wouldn't kill. That he'd put it off until otherwise. Did he got back on his word? No. Onlookers saw the young woman arguing with the blond guy before she tripped into the way of the oncoming car.

"She looks like Misa Amane,"

Mello heard someone whisper. This is getting out of hand. If they think the twin is a sight to see, wait until she recovers and gets back up. Walking out into the street, he scooped the woman up into his arms and carried her to the sidewalk. His car is far away, but he's resourceful. Setting Misa down he tugged open the door to the car closest to them; he happened to see it was unlocked as the owner must have gone into a shop for a quick snag. Hotwiring the vehicle, he tapped the lose wires together until the engine roared.

"I'll take her to the hospital. Don't worry about it." He said to the small crowd that wanted to see the look alike.

"Poor thing must have really liked Misa-Misa," A teen said with a voice filled with empathy.

Another girl, sounding intrigued with amusement to the degree of taking pictures commented. "Or she was a stalker."

"Let me help." A burly man insisted, grabbing the "look alike" into his arms, he gently placed her in the back of the car, careful not to close the door on her legs.

"Thank you." Mello mumbled. Putting the car in gear, he tore away from the crowd heading for the hospital in appearance. In truth, he wasn't sure where he was going to take her. But he kept his gaze to the backseat to avoid being ambushed whenever Amane woke up.


Matt seemed almost a mimic of Mello, spying on Light from behind a tree at the hospital's courtyard. Yagami's been there for most of the evening. He doesn't seem hurt, save aside the bandage on his cheek. What a sissy. Thinks Matt as he moved closer to him. Light's sitting on a bench, staring up at the sky, contemplating hard about something because he didn't see Matt walk up to him and sit down. He didn't notice him until hearing the gun click beside his temple.

"Why don't you just give it up, Matt." Kira said rather coolly. "You and I both know that you have no real drive in capturing me, killing me, or even saying eat dirt if we pass each other by." Despite his recall of their having a nice enough moment in the kitchen of L's mansion so many months ago when this all began on a lie that someone was out to get, an already dead, reporter named Ellis Quimby.

"You're right." Agreed the gun wielding techie. "I don't care if you're captured for prison or offed in some fucked up dispute about who's got the best teppanyaki restaurant, and you happen to land chest first on the grill from an accidental shove. But, a lot of other people care, and frankly, I've become a lot sick of people calling me usual, in short-bus tones."

Light snickered.

"It's not funny, asshole. This is your fault."

"My fault? What? That your friends are now treating you more like a colleague? Or that you're finally showing you have no care of what happens to this world, and they're ready to let you go?"

"Why'd you leave your pills on the bedside table?"

Confused at what he believes is a change in subject, Light asked. "What does that matter? I can get my prescription filled any.." It clicked into place then. "Oh. I see. You took my pain killers," he laughed outright. "And now you've got something to prove because you've been caught using again?" His snickers died off. "Could you be more pathetic?"

"Takes one to know one. Where's the death note, junkie? Huh? Is it under you clothes? Keeping the addiction close where you can easily use it?"

"It's hardly the same thing." Yagami smiled all pompous but somehow charmingly. "Is that how you found me? You came by to see if I stopped through to get my meds, you were just lucky in choosing right now."

"No." Matt replied very calmly. He is not going to allow this dick to rattle him. "I just followed the lovely trail of funeral flowers your bullshit fertilized, they've been popping up everywhere you've opened that rancid mouth to spout your for the greater good crap."

Light laughed in earnest. "That's pretty funny."

"I know, I'm a funny guy."

"No. I meant what Beyond just said, about tearing your head off." A ghoulish grin broke out over Kira's face. "He's been here the entire time. Didn't you know? Oh, that's right, you never touched B's notebook, so you can't see him when he fades out."

'He's lying.'

"Am I?" Asked the human God.

Matt could kick himself. He just had to know. Upon turning, Light grabbed the techie in a strangle hold. Of course he was lied to. Matt berated himself during the struggle to get free. Kira's got a pretty good grip.

'Too bad he's lost his grip on sanity.' Matt threw punches over his head, using the barrel of the gun like a pair of brassknuckles, too bad it's not bugnuks. Same thing, but better, as it has spikes on the end to give it mini talons.

This was just as effective, because Light did let him go. Guess even a god complex loses out to an inner pretty boy. He'd tap out from getting his face smashed in at the nose. Matt returned the gun's aim at Light's head. Kira glared at him, out of breath from the momentary alligator scuffle they just held. Patrons and patients watched the scene with interest, both outside and inside the hospital zone.

"Go ahead. Prove me right that this world is nothing but a needlessly violent cesspool." He smirked. "Shoot me!"

But Matt bashed him in the head with the gun, knocking him out.


Kira opened his eyes to bleary vision and a throbbing headache. He's bleeding, one of the many knocks to the face opened his stitches beneath the bandage. He can actually feel each swell upon his face. He must look like he's been in a fight for 60 minutes rather than 2. Typical Wammy brats fighting dirty. He didn't have a weapon. Matt could have at least punched him bare-handed. But, now that he knows the lengths of the game, he can fight dirty too.

"A bit of ink, sometimes a show of imagination, immense hubris... But, ultimately, all killer notebook. That's what it takes to make insanity like yours."

"Shut up."

"You don't wanna better the world, you just want validation for your pipedream." Matt tossed the notebook to the floor. "Don't bother looking for any scapegoats, why do you think you're naked. I might be little more than a technical analyst and a ride, but I learn from those around me." Leaning over to peer into Kira's honey gaze, he smugly informs him. "So, unless you're damned creative, there isn't gonna be some quick save by your writing my name on a torn scrap from the notebook. Got it?" He shoved his captives annoyingly toned chest. For a guy he's personally never seen working out, he's pretty well muscled.

Kira tsked. "I don't know whether this is funny or sad... after all this, I get taken out by the low man on the totem pole."

"It's funny. But only because you think you deserve the higher ups." Walking around him in a circle, like a bird of prey eyeing, toying with his kill.

Slowly, around and around. Having the field mouse think that gone it's unseen, it won't be swooped upon in this vast wasteland of a desert, that's actually an out of business barbershop that's being renovated. It's the perfect place to do a kill. Tarp everywhere for easy clean up. Padding for structure. Noise outside to block anyone knowing what it truly was that they heard. A gun, construction, a car backfiring? Anything. But, certainly not a death.

"Do you know what's really funny about all of this? The world, Kira, already had you as an option. Every war that comes to an end, every bully who takes it too far, abusive parents, violent junkies, even neglectful lovers... Everyone has the option before and fallout afterwards to do better... But, they don't."

Kira looked down when hearing something softly clattering to the floor. Bullets. Four. Most likely for a revolver that holds five. And as Matt continued to circle his chair-bonded body, he can hear the empty space. Click. Click. Click.

"The most the population would compromise for getting along with each other is to let the police handle it with death penalties or jailing for life. Because they're forced to suffer punishment when they kill out of self defense, they have to watch people get killed or hope to god someone saves them when they call for help. But, they still resist your threat that we all just get along. Because deep down humanity knows that they don't want to."

"You're messed up in the head, Matt. And you wanna talk about me, look at what you're doing! What you're about to do!"

Matt paused, aiming the barrel right at Kira's forehead. Another click. Then he begins to round again. The cartridge space popped free and got a spin, before it was again snapped shut. The red head has learned well from his enforcer boyfriend.

"Oh I know. You, all by yourself decided that we should ignore the system and do things your way. So, I'm doing what's been taught to me, Kira." Matt placed the gun to the back of the God's head. "When you see someone doing something bad.. you take them out."

"Hn. You wouldn't dare.."

Click. Click. Bang!

X x X

Commentary: Hi everyone, sorry things have slowed down but I'm doing my best to stay healthy and it's tough. But, I'm back with this chapter, and oh my god the next one is the end. Whaat?! Ahaha.

Thank you all for reading this, from the top to the bottom of my heart, I love readers. I am one too. And it's fun seeing all the ways and days we all death note. So thank you for reading mine. That one shot manga has still got my mind working. So many fun ideas. Sorry for any mistakes hopefully they're not confusing major ones but a misspell or forgotten work, that happens on friggin gboards. I'll fix it in edit when it comes before the next chapter.

Stay classy everyone. And if no one has told you this today or ever, you rock and you're very much loved.

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