Another Note: Kira's Ghost

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'I shouldn't be off my meds.' Thought B as he's staring up at the darkened sky. 'I completely forgot what I was doing.' Glancing at a pedestrian, he read off to himself. '10.29.2043. Weeelll, someone isn't going to enjoy being around at 100.' He figured wearing heels that high must do major posture damage.

B had been hunting Light Yagami, and at the pace he was going he would have caught up, but, his smartphone buzzed in his pocket, distracting him from the mission. It was a client for Bohdan Boiko. His P.I alias.

He, getting into character flawlessly, answered and took on a case of a missing persons. A husband. He'd been on the phone with his wife, when the call was cut short. He's made no contact after that. No phone calls were answered, nothing from text or email. He was just... Gone. A worthy case, a case that for a measly 750 bucks would go ignored by him. So of course Boiko took it. It's how he's operated under the radar of the police and Wammy's school for so long. But now and then he'd feel that urge to beat L to the punch, and he'd take on a high rolling case, as if to say he's touched it. He's touched him in some way.

So, for a half hour Bohdan Boiko packed for his investigation. He'll be taking a flight to Lunenburg, in Nova Scotia. He went to the supply shop for investigation materials: folders, pens, paper and notepads. A book to read between flight hours and a meal. Beyond was outside compiling these things into a messenger bag when he saw that news report running again, on a television through a shop's window. Kira's "Let's join together to make the world a better place; I'm not the monster, ill-will is" speech really was gaining traction. People were chatting and agreeing. Randomly apologizing. It was during this that the serial killer remembered.

'That's right. He broke our contract. I have to kill him.' It's one of few things about the Shinigami rules that he can really get behind.

Ohhh, you had fun with the notebook? Did you get each death out of your system? Yeah? Time to die. It's a beautiful arrangement.

A dark green car pulled to a stop at the curb; the driver planned to grab a light before-dinner-snack at the Jidouhanbaiki. The hot vending machine has soups in a can from miso clam, vegetable, chicken noodle etcetera, and he's been dying for corn soup all day. He'll wish he'd just stayed home. Or gone to a machine on another corner, because the last thing he heard was a strange accent saying "Kanojo ni wa kizu hitotsu nai. Yoku yatta." before his car was stolen. Oddly enough a few bills were tossed at him, as if he were some sort of valet parking employee, and had just brought back someone else's vehicle. That would explain the compliment for not "scratching the car". He's not sure whom that demented man was, he's just glad he left with harming him. Dear God! ...What's he gonna tell his wife?


It wasn't hard to figure out where his lost puppy went. He only had to recall their last conversation, which was Light yelling at him about killing that 50 member. He would righteously want help for her, at least Light Yagami would. Kira, on the other hand, only wants information. He'll wait around at the hospital for someone to claim the corpse, and follow them back to the hideout. These groupies seem to serve a purpose, and serving a purpose usually involves a head-of-the-class student. A leader. Someone whose bidding lesser beings must do.

Good thing too. Because once B is done with Kira for severing their contract, the self righteous God of the new world was going to need a hospital. God or not. Now that he knows the truth.. It's a definite not.

The stolen vehicle left tire tracks imprinted on the grey concrete in front of the hospital as it screeched to a halt from having gone at top speed; an ambulance honked for him to move it, as it tried pulling into the reserved area with a sincere emergency patient. The Semi-gami ignored the blaring horn as he strolled into the hospital lobby. He smiled sweetly at the desk nurse. The man smiled back.

"Is this a scheduled visit, or a walk in?" He asked in a practiced persona.

"Where is Kira?" Why be shy about asking? Everyone knows by now that Kira walks amongst men.

Playing dumb, the man asked. "Kira?"

"Light Yagami. Light brown hair, lighter brown eyes, roughly 5'9". Has a voice like he's always this close to smacking you upside the head. God complex, Kira."

"He was here a little while ago, he was waiting for a patient's family." A nurse, eavesdropping, chimed in.

"Did you see where he went?"

The nurse thought it over. She had sorta seen. "He was outside in the courtyard. Looked like he was talking with some other patient, a redhead."

Beyond's eyes widened in surprise. He moved carefully around the desk, as if in slow motion, the pace agonized the nurse which he's approaching. "Did you happen to get a good look at this redheaded patient?"

"Um... red hair." She yelped when the strange man, who looked oddly like the famous detective L, who committed suicide not long ago, growled at her as he already knew the part about the patient's hair. "He had large glasses on, looked more like goggles. And,"

Cutting her off, he sneered. "Thank you. You haven't been at all helpful." Looking over his shoulder and up, he sees a security camera. "Where does the security footage feed to?"

"We're not allowed to..." the desk nurse silenced when shot a nasty look. "In the security office, just down the hall and one floor down. They have a booth just outside."

"If you're lying, I'll come back you know." He waved and walked away to the mentioned location.

Waiting for the strange man to get out of earshot, he picked up the phone. "I'm contacting security. Hopefully they'll get him out of here without incident."

The female nurse nodded. She, too, hoped that Kira was long gone.

In an area remote enough to call abandoned; Mello finally tapped out of the fight by pulling open the door to the backseat where Misa Amane resides. He'd been driving around with her for two, nearly three hours, waiting for her to resurrect. So far it's a no go. She passed gas, and a little more, going by the smell wafting from the enclosed area. Someone's gonna get a nasty surprise when their, reported stolen, car is found and returned.

'Shit.' And not figuratively either. 'Beyond never took this long for reanimation. ...He never shit himself either.' Yanking Misa's frozen body from the car, even through his gloves he can feel how cool her skin is. He had the heat on in the car, so even in October there was no way she could be this cold. Pulling her over to a small patch of grass, he tilted her head back and checked her vitals. 'The fuck kind of joke is this? She's still dead?' He recounted his encounters with B. It never lasted long, and he's taken far worse than getting hit by a car. Could Misa Amane really be dead? But, if she was like Beyond, how is it possible? What was different?

"Mello?" Gemma got out of a rental car. Walking towards him in a hurry, she stands beside the ex-enforcer. Her eyes widened in surprise. "What happened?"

Near's team has been tracking Misa's movements, and they've finally caught up to her. Although Mello is an unexpected guest. The plan was to follow Misa Amane to Kira. But, here she is. Dead to the world, with Mello on her pulse... or lack of one.

"She was hit by a car." Standing, he expelled a sigh through his nose. "Is that the trick?" He wondered out loud.

Following his train of thought, she says. "So.. in order to kill this B fellow, we should try running him over with a car?" Gemma cocked her brow, awaiting a reply that didn't come.

'Misa didn't know she was going to be hit, even if she threatened it by standing around near the street. Does the cause of death have to come unexpectedly? Has the trick been knowing what the kill was?' In all of the encounters, B did seem aware of the appending death. Each bullet or stab of a blade. Is it really as simple as shoving him into something unknown?

Back in the safe house.

Near and his agents have gathered in the library; Gemma is on speakerphone. She just finished telling them her findings of their escapee.

"Mello says she died some time three hours ago." Her voice sounds mechanical over the phone. Just a recording that's stating facts.

"That's interesting information, thank you, Gemma." The young detective told her to come back to the house.

He wasn't surprised with the lacking information given to his agent from Mello. It's to be expected of his un-chosen rival. Just as well, he'd rather come to his own conclusions without influence. And this unexpected death has given him a lot to think about.

'Why is it that Misa died, but Beyond hasn't?' Wondered the detective.

The situation of facts and the unknown swirled around in his mind, each point sticking to an enclosed space, creating a spider's web. Successful in catching bugs, that are then wrapped up leaving knots all over the netting. Each knot filled with information. But, they're all gnats, he needs the fly.

'Beyond Birthday is a deathless entity of a human being, he's proven that he can be killed; however, he won't die.' Near's thoughts produced an image of B being struck down, then getting right back up. 'If what she'd said was the truth, Misa Amane had also become a demi-god. B was the one who'd rescued her from the morgue; however, it was more of an abduction, as he'd held her in captivity. He killed her over and over.' He envisioned B murdering Misa, and Misa getting right back up. 'Why kill her so many times, if he knows she's going to revive? Was he trying to see if she was like his self? Or was he sincerely trying to kill her, despite what he knows of himself?'

Near blocked out one of the Posson brothers asking him "what's our next move", as he continued to comb through the facts and the speculations.

'Could it be that users of the Death Note become gods themselves? Is the supernatural aspect of the otherworldly item so potent that it seeps into a person's humanity?' Near paled. 'If such is the case, killing Light Yagami will not just take a life, but create one. A deathless life. However, as of right now, if we're to believe that Misa Amane truly is dead... then perhaps the god-like status is only temporary?'

He imagines Misa being hit by the car, remaining on the ground in a state of sincere death. He has no way of knowing how long her revivals take, he hasn't experimented on her as Beyond has. He regrets having taken her word without conducting his own experimentation. This could be standard. Either way. Misa Amane was the second Kira, lost memory or not. And Light Yagami is Kira ground zero. If users of the notebooks become gods.

'Then that regrettably means..' Near balled his hands into fists. "Everyone, change of plans. When Kira is captured... bring him in alive."

And god help them all.. should Kira die.

0 0 0

Matt felt his knees give out before he dropped heavily to the plastic covered linoleum floor; body shaking, he rapidly breathed in and out as though trying to catch his breath. It's uneven and unsteady. A fine time for a crash really. Deed done, sure, why not start having an episode of withdrawal. One of the downsides from using for the first time and getting back on them after so long. He took one just this morning before Mello laid into him. Not his brightest move, all things considered.

Falling onto his back, he stared at the drywall ceiling, feeling the world spin. He wiped a hand down his sweaty face; he turned his head to look at the corpse in the room. All these months, the years before- well, somewhat, since he and Mello were working for the mafia, and not exactly going after Kira at the time; not as head-on but more in the shadows of the investigation to avenge L. All that pain, misery, and panic. It was over. All of it. Light Yagami, Kira. The needless God of the new world. Is dead. Never to harm anyone ever again. And all it took were two little bullets and a chair.

'Hn. And you thought that I wouldn't do it.' Matt blinked at the lifeless body. 'Don't end up on the other side of my hatred.'

Matt chuckled. Yeah. He learned all his swag from Mello's unspoken words. Whenever he would monitor the Mafioso as a getaway for after territory raids, he'd watch his beloved give 'em 2 bullets. One for the head and number two for the heart. There was, however, no need to knock out Light's teeth or remove his fingertips, because the creep is already known.

"Oh man.." His voice shook a bit even without lengthy speech. Rolling over seemed to happen more than externally. Shit. Springing up, he bolted through the room towards the bathroom he'd seen on his way in.

The room lay silent. Cars outside passed few and far apart, as the day pulled into night. Even foot traffic, homeless, gangs, and loving stragglers looking for quiet make-out spots ceased passing by. Yes. It was the perfect place to commit a murder. The perfect place to hide the sound of a bullet leaving the chamber, the perfect place to house a scream. The kind of place that takes a sound and dulls it to question. A sneeze. A cough. A laugh. A breath...

Light Yagami's chest elevated his shirt. Up. Down. Up. Down. A bit of movement swam behind his eyelids. So quiet. Private. His movements both swift and lithe hide in the faint sounds of life hurrying past outside to end their day.

It was odd. Light felt nothing like when he'd awakened from his coma. He felt dizzy and queasy then. His limbs contained the weight of a Great Bristlecone pine tree. Aged and heavy, like they could fall off. Now he feels agile and graceful... like he could fly. A pair of feathery wings tore from Light's back! The strength of them ripped a hole clean through his sweatshirt and light jacket. Right from his skin. They gave a reflexive flap on their own, causing a fright and pain to the one they've sprouted from.

Panicked sounds are compressed by the covered walls and wrapped beams, as he tore desperately at the growth. Get it off! What is this?! These questions swam around in his soul, as his mind couldn't concentrate to formulate wonder, too busy screaming in stunned pain. Or rather a pain that was more from stun. His head hurt. His chest felt completely heavy, weighed down as if wearing a medieval mail. Light staggered about in a small cluster of movement as if the pain were so pronounced in each and every little space that it needed no grand arena, it was grand being self-contained. He grunted when his skin heated to a burn. Not like fire, this burn isn't searing or breaking down fat and tissue to push apart blistering skin. This is more like water boiling in a pot, that's been set down directly on the surface of the sun.

Light rubbed at himself, as if he could cast his skin off like a snake. Let the pain be removed and recovered. But he cannot. Is this what death feels like? Or maybe...

"Huaaa.. Aaahhh!" He cried out, as pain raked through him once more.

His teeth ached, his gums felt dry with fissures. His throat burned raw. And his eyes, he could barely see. What did Matt do to him?! Were those regular bullets? They can't have been. He didn't exactly get a good look at the piece which fired them, it could have been a tranquilizer gun, and he's been shot up with a chemical of some kind. He must have been. Having been shot several times, he knows what a bullet feels like going in and the unimaginable surrender from comfort during the recovery, and this is far beyond the reach of that.

The heels of his palms dug viciously against his closed eyelids, trying, but failing, to remove the deep inner throb there. The pinch was so pronounced, it could only be described as a disturbed ant colony behind his eyeballs. Light's weight dropped him to the floor where he twitched in writhe, his ache so intense it left him silent. His senses and mobility dulled up and down like the lines on the screen of a heart monitor. Clear. We're losing him. He's stable. Life support. You can go home now.

Except there is no home for him. His home was burned down by the rioting masses, after they found out who Kira is.

A failed attempt at reconstructing the citizens of the world. A failed attempt of dying the first time. A failed case of mistaken identity. A relationship ended too soon, becoming yet another failure. A lack of alliance… Another failed attempt to save humanity from itself.

What's left for him? What's left of him?

In the bathroom. Matt exited the stall; arm barred across his empty stomach as if he's still riding the twists and turns of the amusement park's The Stomach Knot. He'd have liked to flush, but there's no water in the building, as well as no electricity or, if needed, gas. It's a dead zone, except maybe he's got Wi-Fi. He hadn't checked. He was too checked out to check in. Mello must be fuming. He spat lingering remnants of his last meal into the sink, then brushed the sleeve of his shirt across his mouth. An unusual grin broke out on his face, and he laughed a little. Looking at the glowing screen on his phone; the only light source in the enclosed place, he felt a sense of pride washing over him at the captured digital photo of one dead God. It was a release of relief. Kira had caused so much trouble. He's earned this sort of delight in his departure.

Turning on the phone's flashlight, he moved to the exit; passing through the hall, he hurried back into the outside world.

3 buzzes had him opening the phone screen for an incoming call.

"Enough hide-n-seek!" Mello bellowed down the line. "Where the fuck are you, Matt?"

"I'm in the shopping area, hold on." Same as usual, why be a baby about it? Mello needs him always. Michael Keehl loves him truly. He wouldn't sincerely give up, leave his partner in the lurch. He's not Light. He would never tell Mello to fuck-off so he can feed his needs. The vice isn't even his own choice, it was an accident. Using again was an unrecognized mistake. But he's through. He'll weather the withdrawals. And he'll be back to his old self again. Kira likely left the pain relievers on purpose. More of that think-ahead-plotting of his. Break them up, then eliminate them one at a time. As a whole, they would outnumber him, even with a god of any form on his side. But apart... They are a simple name on a piece of paper, if Light has an opening to write it.

Inside the building. Light is watching Matt as he's on the phone. It's strange, but... He can see some strange sort of anomaly glowing over Matt's head. Stepping closer, he finds out that they're numbers. What is that? He wondered. Nevermind what, why is that? Unless..

"No.." He whispered into the quiet.

Through the window, Matt is seen leaving the premises. The day-glow red went with him.

"I can't be..." He looked at his hands, so normal and human. However, it wasn't lost on him that the braces which held him down remain intact, yet he'd gotten up without disturbing them. "Did I..? If I died then.. How is this possible?"

"Found you, Kira," B crooned; emerging from the shadows, his hunched posture causing him to look up at Light as if he, B, never was taller than him. "Mind if I make your 'if' a definite?" He smiled like a maneater.

Light stared at his former companion in a bit of shocked awe; his gaze stole glances over B's head. "You can't kill me."

B's smile broadened into a grin. "I can."

"You won't."

Light stepped out of the shadows into the dim of the room, showing off a pair of large black wings. Pleased with the minute response of a twitch of the brow, he says. "Look familiar? It seems like I've been upgraded after my murder."

Beyond stepped around Light, assessing his appearance; one finger up at his bottom lip, the other reaching out to touch the quite authentic wings.

"Someone killed you?" Asked the serial killer, once he's made his trip around his partner and stood once again before him.

"For the better, because it seems I've been reborn. I see everything I did wrong so clearly now." A smirk occupied his lips. "Hmhm," he gave a soft chuckle. "If you thought I was a monster as a notebook user... wait until you see me as an owner."

Head tilted back he laughed with mirth. B cocked his head, then snickered as well. The pair upped the ante laughing harder and harder at the situation, until the laughter petered to a chuckle then to quiet.

"What will you do first, Kira?"

"I'd obviously like to kill Matt, he's the one who took my humanity, he should be made to appreciate the fallout first. However.."


"There's a loose end that's just come up."


Snatching up the demi-god's wrist, he gave it a squeeze; snarling in his face he asked. "Why do you have a death date, Beyond?"

Using the heel of his free hand, L slammed a blow into Kira's nostrils, drawing blood. The victory of first was short lived because the disguised detective received a nasty back-hand from his opponent, followed by his arm getting twisted and wrenched upwards behind his back. But the detective was not without tricks, his free arm wrapped around the back of the demi-god's head to anchor him as he leapt up, wrapping his drawn up legs around Kira's torso; his knees dug in and gripped like a vice. The shock of jolting pain released his opponent's grip on him. L snuck into a dark corner in a manner that the real Beyond would applaud, all strangely salamander and low.

Rubbing his side with one hand, the other held itself in place to reduce the ache of his ribcage. He's new to this, if Shinigami feel no pain, he'll have to perfect his new body's abilities. "I can't say it wasn't a good try, L. You and B could be family; you might have tricked me any other time with the look, the voice, and dim lighting… too bad for you, I've got a few new tricks." He scanned the room for his adversary. The red glow was blocked from his immediate view, but that narrows it down to one of five pillars. "L," he whispered seductively as if directly into his lover's ear, rather than their distance apart. "Wanna know when you die?"

Kira grunted from a sharp and sudden blow to the back of his neck, the lump of concrete cracked a bit, crumbling to lumps after hitting the floor. Spinning around to where the attack came, he sees L's lifespan hurrying out of view. A sly smile spread across his lips. After picking up a bit of the broken cement, he cloaked himself in darkness by wrapping his large wings around him, and through a small spread of his raven black feathers he stalked across the room. The swiped broken piece of building went flying right, while Kira smoothly slipped to the left.

He snickered when L brushed into him, having fallen for his trick. He wrapped his hand around the back of his throat, squeezing with both hands.

The detective coughed as his windpipe closed just for a second before the clamp eased up. This was going to get ugly, and become so much worse than he'd anticipated. He was going to abduct Light by fooling him while disguised as Beyond, and then bring him to the warehouse where he would safely put him down. That way, when he got back up, as he'd speculated him to, Kira would not be a threat to anyone. However.. fate dealt him a bad hand. Kira is already dead. A God.

Even if he'd prepared beforehand with a plan B, he can't truly understand Kira's nuances. He was going to have to wing it.


Mello found Matt walking along the street as he drove past the shopping district. Pulling over, he reached across the seat and shoved open the door for him. Matt, exhausted and reeking a bit of vomit, helped himself to a chocolate bar from the chocoholic's stash in order to remove the bad taste from his mouth. Mello watched in horror as Matt extracted for another, he then hurriedly snapped the glove compartment shut.

"Here." The techie tossed his phone onto his partner's lap; it slid to the floor and hid in the dark, having to be groped for.

Mello cocked a brow at the sight before his eyes. "What is this?"

"Kira's corpse, that's what."

More than stunned, Mello studied the photo as if it would change like some sort of holographic art. Death would have been questionable, as Light could easily have simply been knocked unconscious, but the proof was in the bleeding knot between Kira's closed eyes. He'd been shot in the head. This was incredible!

"When did you do this?" Fuck when. How? "How?" He asked.

"For starters B wasn't there." Done with his mini binge of sweets, he fished his pack of cigarettes from his pants pocket, tapping a stick free, lighting it up. He took a welcomed draw of nicotine from it. The combo of smoke and chocolate, it tasted like he'd kissed Mello. "He was at the hospital, I held him at gunpoint. After knocking him out, I took him to this place that's under construction and I shot him." He sighed out of exhaustion, resting the back of his head against the seat, eyes closed. "L's alive, by the way."

Mello, who had been transfixed with the macabre digital still, came to and looked at his partner with disbelief. "What?"

"I don't know how we missed it; the Roman numeral for 50 is L. He and these castaways have been huddling and thinking of a way to take down Kira."

"Who are they? Wammy's?" Because they could be underclassmen, god knows there were a lot of kids at the school, still are. They don't know all of them, and even if they do know them they left as teenagers; the lives and looks of these people are far gone now.

"I don't know, some could be. But, from what he said they're people who Kira told to fuck-off."

"Kira did? Mr. Fucking Wonderful, man-of-the-people?"

"He didn't know he was doing it, and they don't care heads or tails.. They just want revenge. The abducted, beaten, raped by a faceless and nameless person." He opened his eyes and looked at Mello, who's glowing in the light of the virtual sports bar that's beside the car. "Bet they'll be relieved they don't have to take Kira head-on anymore."

"Yeah, they've got retribution; we still have to take out Beyond."

The pair gave a shout from the sudden startle caused after a loud bang shook the car, like the hydraulics function came on by itself when the vehicle doesn't even have it. They look out the windshield and see the devil himself peering in at them; eyes all mad, and a hideous grin extending on his flaccid face.

"You gentlemen wouldn't happen to know where Light Yagami is?" He asked in a voice that didn't match the fury in his eyes.

They looked at Beyond, then at each other; on a silent signal they removed their guns and fired through the glass at him.

"I didn't wanna use force, but we can't be civil, can we?"

Every bit the horror villain at heart, Beyond punched through the remaining glass of the front window, reaching in at them, clawed fingers swiped and tore at anything they came into contact with. Mello grunted when the back of his leg caught a slash as he and Matt moved to the back of the car. B walked up onto the roof and punched at it leaving dents. He's having fun with this, he could easily get into the car, but he's toying with them by seeing that they remain in the confined machine, attacking the metal cover from whatever area they moved to to get out.

"Misa's dead." Mello called over the loud banging.

"No shit?"

"Got hit by a car a few hours ago."

"I thought she was.." He pointed up to the current deathless being assaulting them.

"Apparently not." He whispered his theory to Matt about the death being unexpected. How if the pain isn't pre-registered, then the body can't figure out how to survive it. It was a work in progress theory. But for now, it's all they have.

B leaned back and roared into the air.

"Was he ever human?" Matt wondered out loud as he took aim through one of the holes made in the roof. Shooting Beyond, he closed his eyes as blood dripped into the opening and down onto his face. It'd be his luck to turn into some ghoul, as example in that movie 28 Days Later; if any blood of the infected should get into you, you're cooked.

The Semi-gami definitely saw the shot coming, whether he, the mark, was hit by it or not. It only had him bend backwards at an impossible angle to peer through the back window. They grimaced watching his tongue slip from his mouth licking circles on the glass. Seeing as B is now distracted, they fled the damaged car and bolted down the street breaking off in opposite directions with a plan to meet up in the same place on opposite sides. Whomever B chose to chase didn't matter, because they'd have him by surprise either way. One firing from the front the other from the back. It was a good plan.

'Where's a grenade when you need one?' Mello hurried away from the sounds of chase behind him. He could throw the explosive over his shoulder and kapow! One broken demi-god. There's an idea at that. They haven't tried to blow him up yet; whether he sees it coming or not, smithereens are smithereens.

Mello fled the alley, and headed to the left. Matt appeared after Beyond went by after Mello and he took aim. His vision blurred a bit. Fucking hell, he's still coming down from the Oxycontin. Rubbing his eyes, he took aim and fired.

"Shit." He muttered when the bullet hit B, not in the back of the head, but directly at the tip of his tail bone.

Beyond staggered forward then his legs dropped him to the ground. He looked over his shoulder, anger couldn't come close to the look he gave Matt for crippling him, however temporary, because in an instant he was now rushing for the techie, charging like the Grim Reaper himself. Opening fire on him, he landed a few bullets, but he wasn't ready for the speed. Mello's hits were all bullseye, but it made no difference, B was not slowing down.

Matt's eyes widen as he sees death approaching.


L grunted as his stomach was stomped on by the weight of Kira's foot. He'd had him by the throat but threw him to floor like trash then proceeded to stomp on his gut, erupting bursts of coughs and breaths from the detective. L grabbed The offending appendage before his insides were beaten hard enough to have them squeezing from any exit they could find; twisting Kira's ankle was only a diversion so he could knock the puffed up god to the floor by sweeping his other leg from under him. The God's balance was easily teetered for the fall due to his elevated foot. L's limber legs wrapped around the long length of the one he's holding, and rolling them over so that Light is on his stomach, as well as himself, his grip on the limb holds steady as he stands up.

Kira felt a surge of pain in his groin as L yanked his leg straight up behind the owner's body; he was pinned from wriggling out of the very painful stronghold because of L standing on his free leg that's resting on the floor. He was surprised to be released; the detective slumped to the floor, exhausted. He doesn't blame him, he'd been strangling him not long before then stomped the wind out of him in the next. He needs to catch his breath or risk asphyxia. Light rolled over, resisting the incredible need to hold himself to ease the pain that moved into his nether region.

"Did you stop him?" L asked. A question so vague, if anyone had heard it they'd of swore the man had a mental lapse and was talking to himself.

However, Kira knew what he was asking. Or rather, Light knows. "I had. It did no good."

L tensed seeing Kira sit up, but he made no move to attack, he merely looked at him.

"I can see you're not dead, as Beyond told me."

"That's right."

"Does he know?"

"It's likely he's figured it out. Or maybe he hasn't; that sure he knows what he's done, there would be no need for doubt." He shifts when sensing a battle shift in his opponent.

They were like two wolves fighting for territory; on hands and knees crawling towards and away from each other, round and round. Who will pounce first?

"I'm glad he didn't kill you, L," Light admits, but the smile was all Kira as he says. "Your death was promised to me." He hauled himself from the floor to his feet. "Near, Matt, Mello, and you I get the whole set. The perfect ending."

L had no room to move as Kira launched forward in flight at top speed, slamming into him and shoving him through two pillars before landing a kick to his chest to thrust him into rather than through a third. Blood sputtered from the detective's mouth; he can hear his lack of oxygen throbbing in his ears, clouding the sound. A concussion.

"You were wrong, believing that I saw you as a monster, Kira." He wobbled to his feet, but he would not use the pillar as help to stand. "You're pathetically human. Scared. Has to have things your way to cope. And now look at you... dead, but you can't even mourn yourself, because you know you've been dead for some time."

"Shut up." He stalked towards him.

"Matt wasn't wrong; the world has every beginning of some disaster to choose to do better, and they choose violence, self mutilation, and petty vengeance every time. This is our world Kira, it has no desire to be improved upon." And he knew this information, as well as Kira's location, after bugging the unconscious techie at the warehouse. He wanted to keep an eye on him, or rather an ear.

The anger that scrunched the God's face nearly exposed bone. No more playing. L was dead!

It was a punching match from there. L. Kira. L. Kira. One would think they were watching a turn-based RPG battle. Blow by blow became more and more sluggish from the bruised detective, until he eventually slumped against Kira. But Kira couldn't finish him off, something was... wrong.


Mello pivoted and spun around firing at B to slow him down, to stop him. He saw his life flashing before his eyes, backwards and forwards, a life with and without Mail...

There was no space really to dodge, all Matt could do was close his eyes and pray it hurt less than a bullet before the end. His nerves pricked at the scrap of claws along the brick and concrete; which is why he missed it when Beyond's head suddenly exploded. There was just a surround sound, cranked to a hundred, of an orange peeling away from itself once the protective rind was removed. He opened his eyes, locking eyes with Mello's surprised expression.

Having seen B's head dip before it exploded, Mello looked up, and Matt followed his lead. On the rooftop they spot Near looking over the ledge, a rifle in his hand.

"What are you standing around for?" He called down. "He's going to get up."

Didn't look that way to them; but, why argue? Mello grabbed B under his arms, Matt lifted him from beneath the bag of his legs; watching out for the mess of the Semi-gami's head, he followed the leader, finding out that they're headed for a...

"Mel', where are we going?"

Receiving no response, he huffed along after him, feeling rather tugged like a gladiator run ammuck in his chariot. He was just as confused as the employees when Mello burst through the kitchen door of a KFC.

"F.B.I. Jūyōna jigyō!" Okay. So they're not F.B.I. which certainly doesn't make what's about to go down official business. But, they need the equipment.

The employees seemed unconvinced; one even recognised Mello and Matt from when he was tangled up in the American mob; he got out, it cost him his teeth, a few fingers, and he'll never know what it's like to taste sweet sake again due to liver damage, but he made it out. He was going to rat on them, not knowing that they have escaped the mafia life too, however a gun was drawn causing a bigger panick than their being startled by the door suddenly bursting open.

"What the hell is going on?" Some wondered like a bomb being dropped, and as other speculated and got answers for the question, the asker dashed off to get the manager.

"This is violating so many sanitation laws." Another employee grimaced when a body was hurled onto the large prep counter.

Mello, addressing the largest in the room to be the leader, he asked. "Do you have a couple meat cleavers, we need them?" Seeing them all hesitate and look to each other forstrength of a leader who's going to throw the intruders out, the former enforcer snapped. "Now! Before he gets up!"

But he's headless! Their throughts were so loud they may as well have shouted it out loud, as they stare at a very dead, headless, body.

Aiming his gun at them, he growled. "Please."

The ex-mafioso nodded and grabbed a couple cleavers down from the rack for them.

He and Matt busied themselves removing Beyond's clothes; the cooks who approached, in disbelief that what they're seeing is a real corpse yelped when hearing the clatter caused by the corpse's removed jeans. Mello forgot all about the Ginzu collection hidden in the legs of the bogeyman's jeans like his own private knifeblock, they could have used those.

It was sickening. Some of the chefs turned away, too nauseous by the sight, throwing up in the trash bin, others were too horrified to look away. When would they ever see anything this disturbing outside of the bigscreen? The manager came in ready to shout, ready to go chest-butt to chest-butt and throw the intruders out, but upon seeing what was going on... He didn't want to end up like the man on the counter. Damned Yakuza, swearing they run this town and can do anything in it. Wait until Kira gets through with them.

"Don't live in these poor conditions, Matt," Matt is mumbling to himself, the back of his hand swiped across his cheek when blood squirted up poised to make a mess. "Come to my school of the gifted, a brilliant mind like your's will go places,"

Mello scoffed at his lover's recount of his first encounter with Quillish Wammy.

"Nowhere in the description of paradise from squaller did it say anything about breaking down a headless death god."

"Are these empty?" He asked the staff, pointing to a couple of the pressure cookers where the chicken is cooked.

"Now see here, you can't just.." But his words faltered to a stop when the barrel of a shiny silver piece was aimed at him.

"Four and one are." Replied the ex-mob lackey.

"Matt put him in there. Clear out the others, we need them." That he said to the cooks, who don't move. "Now!"

They hurried to do as requested, clearing the chicken; all perfectly over cooked and nearly on fire as the timer beeped ages ago when the assumed "Yakuza" first came in. They were all going to be sick now, the smell filled up the entire kitchen and undoubtedly the dining area as the chopped up dead man's chunks were thrown into the cookers. Safe to say the headless B did not see it coming.

0 0 0

Kira fell on hands and knees just a step or two from the detective. His body was trembling, as if he's holding onto his own personal earthquake; it's obstructing his lung function, his breaths have no in and out flow, they're almost rocking at a shake in and out of his lungs. L, with his one good eye that hasn't swelled shut, watched from a slumped position just short of reach; reaching out his hand, it's firmly smacked away, but he's not deterred, if anything he's become more determined. Reaching again he snagged Kira's shirt, and yanked his body to him. To an onlooker the two appeared to be clawing each other as if trying to remove their clothes for a tryst, when in reality L is holding Kira steady while the dying God fights for his life.

"This can't be... I'm a God!" His breath stuttered, it felt like he'd swallowed a clump of sand straight up with no liquid to guide the loose granules down. He coughed and gasped for breath.

"No God is without death, Kira. You should know that."

"But the world needs me!" His clawed fingers tore into L's flesh producing blood. "Why would you do this? You'd willingly condem everyone just to beat me?"

"Stopping you has nothing to do with winning.. There are terrible things we all must face, even if we don't want to." His lips fell upon Kira's cheek, just at his ear. "Man shapes a life for itself, existence doesn't shape man."

The tears streaming down the face of man's God's weren't his own, the moisture was placed there when the detective rubbed his cheek against his. Kira couldn't produce tears if he'd wanted to, he feels dried out and devoid of all liquids.

"You pushed your wants onto people, Kira. To be honest," he winced when Kira's fingernails dug into his knifed scarred torso, a few gashes pricked and bled. "if it were the other way around, and I had wanted to change the world, I'd fight for my ideals as well. But, your idea of justice is one dimentional. Your's." He caressed Kira's cheek when hearing the dry sobs muddled into his shoulder. "You'd end up alone, stopping the life of anyone that opposes you."

L felt his tears rushing out faster upon receiving an earnest hug, no clutching out of fright. No clawing for a double death. But a hug.

"This isn't fair." Light whispered. "Why can't we both be right?"

"Perhaps you are right. But, I don't live in right and wrong, you've been a case since day one. I was assigned to stop you."

"Don't do that, L!" He held the detective's cheeks. "Don't put me into some computer file as if I was nothing but work. ..You cared about me... You said I wouldn't care if died, because I'm already dead, but you're wrong. That day Rem should have killed you, I died. I just gave up and lost everything."

"I want to believe those words as you're trying to convey them, but all I hear is that you lost the means that made a game you grew bored of fun, when it became too easy."

"That's not true." He's sure he'd meant to shout those words, but he's so lightheaded. He can't even tell if he's forming proper sentences. "I had died, but I didn't want to be dead. It was either become Kira ultimately, or live back in the walking dead." Holding L tightly in his arms, he whispered. "Please, stop this."

"I can't. The dose of barbiturates is too strong."

Shocked, his dry breath drew in from gasp. Lethal injection. He wondered when it had happened? He never saw a needle; never felt it.

"I injected you in the gastrocnemius muscle, when I pulled your leg. I used one pain to distract you from another." He hugged Light so firmly, he was sure they'd fuse into one entity. Although, with himself as a whole human, and Light as half, he'd likely restore humanity to him. If only it was possible at this stage. There is too much Kira, no longer a Light.

The demi-god's arms fell slack, his weight dropped heavily onto L; heavily into his embrace. "I wasn't always dead, L.. I felt alive with you, as Kira.. and as myself. I lov.."

"I love you too, Light."

6 years later.

Reporter: Crime is down to it's lower 20 percent, the death toll up in it's lower 60 percentiles. What a beautiful world we've been given. Tonight is the twelfth annual fireworks picnic, so be sure to dress in cool attire as the humidity will be on the...

The television is muted. A heavy breath draws in, expelled in the same length it takes to shove out of his chair.

The world has changed drastically since Kira's existence in it. Man has taken his lack of killing as a withhold to his promise, and they were given a chance to see things in Kira's perspective. Unfortunately, it was a short-lived two years, because the peace became warped. Man soon began to do Kira's work for him, condemning and killing people they see as trouble in the new world. In other words, Kira bred like a female Boa constrictor. His teachings released smaller killers. It created more. And more.

Heavy foot steps walk a long path down, down into a large bomb shelter of a panic room. It was time again...

L stands before Light Yagami's body. It's still, standing like a statue. Strapped onto a thin metal slab. Bound in place. No room to move more than a twitch of fingers. The detective prepared the syringe, then waited. After 40 seconds, Kira's eyes opened. However...

"Good evening, Light," he greeted, then told him the date and time. A treat of knowledge as well as a punishment.

The last contact he had with the others was hearing of their theory of how to kill a demi-god. But, they got it half right. The cause of death could be seen, and as mundane as having one's neck snapped. The key was in the amount. He's been thinking about B's abduction of the believed dead Misa Amane. How he killed her countless times then stopped. How being hit by a car was the finality of her life. As the second Kira she has killed many lives. A life taken is a life gained to a notebook user. But, L didn't know it wasn't simply by the body, but the life expectancy. Not until he captured a God himself.

Light's notebook is filled with names, and he's been crossing them off with each death, however, Kira remained resurrecting. And so he put it together again, the eyes. The true Shinigami must get some sort of payout for them. Misa had acquired them twice, is what Light, year 3 of captivity, told to him when he'd asked about the death notes. The item would remain a mystery in so many areas otherwise. And what is a detective without questions? So, with her extra lives cut in half twice, Misa Amane was living a normal existence, she would have killed herself by the end of it, due to the lack of life expectancy. Coming back was the doings of the notebook. Just as Light Yagami.

"How are you?" Asked Light. Sometimes he woke up vengeful and angry. In other words, Kira. Other times, he'd resurrect as Light Yagami.

"I'm doing as well as expected. And yourself?"

He smiled faintly. "All things considered."

"Wonderful." He held up the needle. Their conversations, arguments, chess moves, were always brief- even if daily. "Your sister has married. She understands why you couldn't have gone, considering what happened to your home."

"Is she happy? Do you know?"

"I looked thoroughly into his background; well educated, Japanese though raised as a Swedish citizen until his college years spent in Tokyo." After injecting Light, he grabbed his tablet from a small table placed beside a chair. "She posted pictures on Instagram." He flipped through them for Light.

"I'm glad she's happy." He coughed on the dryness in his throat.

L held his hand. It never is easy when it's Light.

"And the others?"

"All fine. Working cases."

Light nodded. His eyes closed.

So much death to atone for. Isn't that how it always ends for the Gods?

L kissed Light's cold hand. "Until tomorrow, my friend." Releasing it, he walked away back into the main part of his home. Closing the door, though there is always that crack, in the existence of that case where the light gets in.

50 disbanded, after proof was presented to them of Kira's demise. What they're doing now, the detective neither knows nor does he care. It was never a thing of companion, just a means to an end, as he was to them. The others, after learning about Misa Amane he's lost contact with them. They are their own person. He's not their boss. If they still intend to take the L code they can challenge him on a case at anytime. And, as to what happened to the Semi-gami... It's anyone's guess. The great detective has a constant present to worry about. So many lives taken presented so many to take. He'll eventually see this at it's end. Hopefully, before his own...

In Kiev, Ukraine.

Bank account for Bohdan Boiko just added money. 14,870 has been placed into the account...

The end...

X x X

Commentary: well, I made it to the end, and it's just as I've had it written since the first chapter. Extended from a mere wishbone of course, but just as I wanted it. I don't know how you feel about it, but, I like it. You're welcome to hate it ahaha, to each his own. I'm cool with it, and understand. This was the last of this death note realm. I'll be doing other death note stories, a Near next... then maybe a B story. I hope you read them as well.

You're all the best for sticking with this during it's baby form of needing updates, thank you for reading, reviewing, and favorite and following. You're the best. I'm gonna sleep now, I've been up since 1 am.

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