Another Note: Kira's Ghost

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Beyond looked past the camera at Light Yagami, and he smiles. Small. Thoughtful. Rolling onto his back after his collapse in front of the stool, he raises his back into an arch before straightening up from the bridge.

Light felt the static in the air. It crackled and created little sounds of buzzing current to pass by his ears. It was all so real now. The reality of the situation. The true fall of his one true adversary. L is dead. The others will soon be dead. He's won. The world is his. And he owes it all to Beyond Birthday. A rogue from the very institution that raised L.

He locked eyes with the stranger standing just seven feet away from him. Smiling. Light doesn't care for the smile. Too secretive. 'What are you gaining from this?' He wondered.

"I don't have a penny, what say you just tell me?" Beyond asks, speaking in his own voice.

Light was quiet for a moment, then, sporting a secretive smile of his own, he replied. "Beyond… Where's your notebook?"

Beyond's smile stretched into a grotesque grin; removing the white shirt draped around his body, he then yanked at his stomach pulling away artificial flesh to reveal a death note. Holding it out towards his ally, who took it without hesitation, the semi-Shinigami turned away and walked towards a wall stepping through.

Light's fingers brushed across the words written across the black cover. Death. To those who oppose. To those who've done wrong. To all who don't do right.

It begins…

"Nurse, have you checked up on his vitals yet?"

The nurse gave a nod, and points to the paperwork in the folder the doctor is skimming through. He then adds with a tone of worry. "I think there's more to it than that, I.."

"What's the matter?" The doctor grabbed a hold of the nurse's shoulder when the man lurched forward towards him. "Jeffrey! Jeffrey!? Give me a hand, he's having a heart attack!"

A few nurses around the horrible scene scrambled to help, others just stared. There is no help for him.

"Come on, son, don't leave me!" The doctor gave a grunt before clutching his chest and he fell forward over the collapsed nurse.

"I knew it!" One of the female nurses declared.

A whisper flew around the hospital about what's going on. Is it Kira? Of course it's Kira! Why would two people just have a heart attack in succession?

In another wing in the hospital a nurse suddenly grabbed a scalpel from a tray of tools placed by the operating table and stuck it into her neck.

"Gillian, what are you doing?" Try as she might to pull the surgical tool away from the fading nurse, she could not. It was as if something otherworldly was holding it there.

It was happening all over the place. The reporters at the news station couldn't keep up with all the incoming reports of sudden deaths.

Throughout London they dropped like flies. Parisians crumbled, helpless. Vegas made it rain bodies as they hit the floor, fell from the sky or met with a terrible accident.

Shoot outs from gangs who otherwise would leave one another alone, all ended their turf wars in a decided draw through double knockouts. A woman in Amsterdam who'd been stealing money from her company found herself walking home, and out of the blue she dashed into the way of a delivery truck ending her life with a splatter across the street. A boy of twelve years old beat his head mercilessly into a tree until it was lights out, for his bullying a younger child to commit suicide one year earlier. Could he change? Maybe. Would he? Doubtful. It was best he go.

No one was safe. A man accused and charged with the criminal act of hosting dog fights was mauled later that evening when he came home and found the pen he keeps his prized fighters was left open. The feral sounds coming from the home, one would think the man were being mauled by mountain lions.

Even crimes people considered small in comparison to most. A young man who worked in the local Starbucks was fired for urinating in a customer's drink. How Kira knows this? It was on circulating through the Twitter feed, posted by a fellow employee who posted, quote: "Just one of those days" with a laugh emoji. Abusers in daycare and nursing homes.

Beyond was as good as any eye deal. Because any face Kira could not see, Beyond took care of the persons himself. He would write said names into the Shinigami's notebook and with his left hand and print out the names of those whose faces he can see into his true notebook with his right hand. If Ryuk could see him now. He'd be well entertained. What happened to him, he's still unsure of. Perhaps he'll ask later if Beyond knows anything. Or maybe he shouldn't bother to care. Ryuk never was much help when he really needed it. Although, that wasn't to say he was unhelpful either. It was a give and take relationship.

Which left Kira to wonder just how much take Beyond was playing for once his judgements come to a pause.

At the hospital.

Roger slammed the door shut to keep out the madness. Perhaps he even needs to keep out the medical staff, all that surgical equipment, the madness going on, who knows what capabilities can come from the fearful and faithful!

"We should find you a more secure hospital. If they should find out who your are.."

"I'm well aware that I could be killed by one of them, or even Kira himself." States Near cutting calmly through the man's panic. If he's afraid at all, it's hard to tell. "Still think other cases take top priority?"

"Now is not the time for chastising, we need to find a way to get you out of here."

"Maybe we can send for a rescue chopper?" he curls a lock of hair around his finger.

Roger blustered, and crossed his arms. "Be serious."

"I am." Using his cup as an example he hovers it over his lap where two little finger monkeys rest on his lap. "We send for a chopper, it hovers as close as it can get, we have them toss over a ladder and we're home free."

"And what if that doesn't work? Your legs are at risk of becoming more damaged, you could lose-."

"Bringing down Kira is more important than my ability to walk!" Spat the young detective. "We need to get out of here, and put together a team that Kira can't touch before he decides to take Mello's, Matt's, or my life."

Gevanni is already on the phone calling for assistance. He and Roger jumped when a patient smacked into the door. He doesn't want in, he just wants to cause a ruckus. There's bedlam out there and, being a supporter of Kira, he's loving the chaos. Unfortunately all he sees beyond the glass panel are three idiots staring back at him. No one's dead. No one judged. How boring.

"Should be within ten minutes." Gevanni says.

"I'll gather your things." Roger busies himself stuffing the detective's clothes into a small duffle bag, his slippers and his shoes.

"Will you all just calm down!" Voices begin to shout as loudly as they can over the rising sounds of panic as bodies either continued to fall, or were no longer falling but the mass hysteria that they could be next has got them all on physical, and audible, edge.

An alarm sounds stops and then sounds again, to garner attention and some of it died away.

"If you're good, you're fine! Please don't panic!" A male doctor or nurse says to the small focus he's got.

"That's right,"

"I haven't done anything,"

The murmurs of such realization went on like that as the flapping of a helicopter became the loudest thing in the area. The three inside the room shielded their eyes from the bright light trained on the window. Gevanni slid the window open then held out his arms for the rope ladder. He grunted from being whacked with the metal rungs as the spool of ladder landed in his grasp. He dropped it to the floor and held it taut.

"Near, you first." He says to his boss and secret lover.

Roger is assisting the teen across the room towards the open window.

'It'd be just my luck Kira is waiting around somewhere for me to climb out,' thinks the young detective. 'then I'll drop like a stone by the notebook's suggestion.'

Despite having to go very slowly due to the thrusting wind created manually not naturally from the chopper's long blades, he makes it onto safely. One of the men waiting for him helped him inside, then strapped him into seat. Waving for the next passenger, he assists then Roger Ruvie then Gevanni, who's wearing the duffle around his body on his back. It was a lot scarier for him because the rope was not going to hold him without someone holding onto it, and he prayed every prayer he knows, even the one you say for your food that he doesn't slip when the rope slides from inside the room and dangles beneath him after its death drop.

He's smart enough to sit still as it does this, and once the Tarzan rope stops swinging wildly down below, he makes his way up into the chopper and the three are carted to parts unknown.

"No! No! I don't want to diiiiieeeeaaaaahhhh!" She clutched her chest and curled in on herself before falling over onto the street. Judged.

Anyone looking at such an attractive young woman would probably wonder what she could have possibly done to warrant judgement from Kira. It has been proven and dismissed about her sexual relations with an underaged kid in her classroom. A good lot of students didn't know it, but the classes of many teachers were about to be canceled.

Kira was righting wrongs so fast it was a small wonder he wasn't leaving tears in the supernatural paper. It was glorious! Riding a bike has nothing on the ease of casting a judgement. You're wrong. Go away. Presto. And Beyond was just as officiant with speed as his notebook. He isn't sure what the Shinigami is doing but he's always raring to go for the next one. He was once clean in his returns to the mansion, but as the amount of names written picked up so became a mess upon him. Dark red stains of the wicked painted his colorful person practically as solid.

And the news reports about kept the God quite amused.

There was even a video of a man spontaneously combusting! He bent backwards at a weird angle and just screamed. At least to those who haven't touched a notebook will have seen it as spontaneous. Light watched Beyond grab a man by the throat and open his mouth as if he'd intended to bite him, then the shrieking man just lit up! The camera was too far away even at a zoom to see what exactly happened, but if left the human death God wondering if could Ryuk have done something like that? Who knew what otherworldly abilities that bored Shinigami of his possessed but never shared.

"And they call me a serial killer," Beyond said when he reappeared in the office.

Light's handiwork stilled and he looked at his roommate with satisfaction.

"They have to up the scale of toll to catalog you, Kira." Walking over to the desk he crawls across it, leaning over in Light's face. "How does serial amasser sound?"

'Insane.' Thinks Yagami. Flexing his hands in and out before rubbing them kindly, he closed the notebooks.

"Amassed Killer? Serial..." Seeing the pause of the pen, he paused his words, then asks. "No more?"

"Not for right now. My hands are starting to cramp. Who knew the world would become so tainted in my absence."

"I did. Have you seen humanity, they're a mess." Backing away from him, he remains on the desktop, arms and legs folded, back straight and stiff. "I took a few liberties along the way, it was their time to go."

"What do you mean by that?"

"A car, a mugger; alone in the dark somebody or thing was going to kill them." He smiled. "They drew the short straw and had me do it."

"Had they done anything wrong?"

"What difference does it make?"

Light pinched the bridge of his nose. Why can't he ever be associated with people who aren't encompetent or need their hand held over every decision, or they overshoot their invitation and screw up royally. Times like this he missed Misa. She was a handful to say the least, but she knew how to take orders well- well, after Rem died anyway.

"If we kill people just because someone else was going to, it defeats my purpose as Kira." Light explains. "What, are you trying to do to my reputation and standing. Degrade me as you did L."


Light glared at Beyond wondering just what was that supposed to mean, because it didn't quite sound as though he we answering him when he replied. It came off more like he was refusing to do something, something likely being listening to his order- not request- of not just killing people because...

"I mean it, Beyond, you can't do things like that anymore." He stands and stretched his back. "If we're going to do this, we're going to do it right."

He ignored the unsettling stillness of the semi-Shinigami as he walked to the exit. He could use some rest; let the madman get his head straight before the next round.


Light Yagami opened his eyes to a jolting sight that, if he were much older, could have given him cardiac arrest rather than just a hastened rate in his pulse. Beyond Birthday is standing in his room, directly before the armchair which he's seated himself to take a brief rest. He's staring at him. Well, staring is too benign a description, he's more fixated; the fascinated gaze is giving him a thorough sweep before locking eyes with him. His ruby rich brown gaze staring into the golden honey moons of his own.

'I will not show him fear.' Decrees the fearless. "What are you doing in my room?"

"This is my room. Every room in this house is mine."

Semantics. "Alright. But what are you doing in the room that I occupy for my use?"

Beyond's shoulder rose and he cocked his head, it seemed like a shrug but he was really using the move to scratch his ear. "I was watching you sleep. You smile in your sleep." He smiled. "It's not devilish, it's sweet." He made an unusual sound like a laugh but it came from mostly his nose. "Who are you smiling at in there?"

"Will you please leave? I'm done with judgements for tonight."

Beyond shrugged both shoulders as an actually gesture and not a multipurpose move, and keeping the posture of it, he stuffed his hands into the pockets of his dirty blue jeans then walked out of the room whistling the Woody Guthrie folk song 'This Land Is Your Land'. And rather than remove a hand from his pocket, he turned back around once through the exit, stuck out his foot until his toes slid beneath the wooden obstruction then he gave it a yank, jerking it shut.

Light stared after him. He can hear no retreating footsteps just as he never hear an approach. But his comfort level assured him he's alone. Getting up from the chair, he crosses the room; and he knows it will do no good, he's seen the semi-god walk through walls; but he despite that knowledge, he locks the door. It's human conditioning to want to feel safe, even if the pause from harm is as brief, and as small as a locked door.

It's like something out of a horror movie, when the world's on fire. The panic. The needless death caused by hysterics.

Matt, lighting up a cigarette, felt his eyes go dry from the length of time spent at a wide eyed stare at the feed from the city's cameras playing on the TV screen where he sent the stream from his laptop to give him and Mello a better, and multiplied view. "Man, it's like Black Friday on crack." Blowing out a visible breath. He adds. "On sale special death before Judgement."

Mello glared at his partner, and just as he was about to tell him to shut up with the dry humor, Matt spoke again.

"Near must be shitting himself, hell, I'm shitting myself." Another worried intake filled his lungs then released. "Kira doesn't know my real name, but Beyond does. And even if he doesn't... Fuck. He only has to look at us, right?"

That reality lay heavily on them. If it was just Light, at least Matt could go on fighting the good fight. Maybe Near, if Kira can't recall his birth name. But, as for him, his life is over. It's become a matter of when and how. But, Mello is no punk. Just because his life is forfeit doesn't mean he's going to turn into a useless mope. He'll help Matt, hell even Near, as much as he can. Who knows, they may get lucky and beat the asshole in his own blinding bravado. Kira may think he's doing just fine; that all the best cards are in his hand; however, Light has never met their former schoolmate. From what he recalls from childhood, Beyond was normal. At first glance. He'd talk to you politely. Make you laugh consistently. Give you desserts so that you can hav two that night instead of the one after dinner. But then you'd catch him doing something new, something not quite right. The staring. The following. Oh how that got under Gordon's skin with the following. Gordon used to play dodgeball with him, Matt, and some other kids.

And once in a while, the B you thought you knew would just change personalities on a dime. There was a girl back at Wammy's, used to cross herself all the time. Beyond followed her for a week then he started doing it too, right down to the prayer hands afterwards. He'd asked him, "Are you religious"? The reply was "No". And then he followed Mello! Very annoying, but it wasn't like with the others. Beyond told him things, he ignored it at first. Stuff about the deceased A. It wasn't until he spoke about L that Mello began to listen.

Even without Shinigami eyes, Beyond is capable of getting information. He is a genius in many ways.

"I haven't been a brunet in years,"

Matt caused Mello to derail. Looking at him, he wondered why Matt would bring up dying his hair back to normal or perhaps to a different shade of it?

"I don't wanna be some dead unknown," he shakes his head. "I want someone to remember Mail Jeeves. Not Matt."

Smiling, in these times an impossible notion, but his love could do that even now. However weary the look of it, the smile is a smile. "You will not die an unknown. You won't die as Mail Jeeves either. You and I are going to be fine. We'll stop Kira, this time for good."

He removed his gun from the waistband of his leather pants. Matt thought the piece was going to land on the table, but instead the long barrel aimed at him.

Parts unknown, London.

Light Yagami wandered out of his bedroom ten minutes after Beyond left him. He has something he needs to do, something which came to him in a dream. He doesn't often dream. The part of his life given to slumber has mostly been spent in the black. A mind too full for room of often silly nonsense brought on by a hodgepodge of the events of that day or even the full week. But, after a stretch of life has passed, the young genius would have a dream of sorts. And a good many of those rare occasions, the dream would be useful. An opener. Something he'd missed.

So, Beyond was correct in his mentioning that he, Light, was pleasantly smiling in his sleep. He had a wonderful dream. A real eye opener.

Opening his notebook he grabbed the pen beside it, sat himself down and wrote out a death sentence.

In the safe house manor.

Matt's gaze shot to his left. He wasn't afraid of Mello's lame scare tactics, at least he thought he wasn't, until he saw the whole picture; Mello's hand is shaking, his teeth bared. They must really be in deep shit for something like that to happen. His lover is unshakable at the worst of times. He's seen the guy kill dozens of people, dozens of times. And this wasn't regular bang, bang, lights out. These were mob kills; sometimes dear old boss man Ross wasn't interested in Intel and numbers, he wanted hits carried out. He wanted to showcase that the brilliant, leader worthy new was after all just a grunt like the rest of his men.

Mello would shoot the target, heart then head. And lastly, Matt still cringed in remembrance of the sound, but once the body was shot the identification had to go. Or someone would know them sure, but the mob doesn't want it easy for the police to figure it out. Scrubbed off fingerprints and the coup de Grace an oral assault. Mello once forgot the hammer and improvised by shoving the man's open mouth over a brick which he then proceeded to kick him beneath his chin until cavities would buy the chosen dentist an island complete with a staffed home.

So what could be running through his head that's got him shaking?

"Matt move!"

'Move?' he yelped when his chair is kicked over, toppling him to the floor just a hair before the gun went off. Recovering from the unplanned fall, he sits up and looks about. "What is it? Did you see Beyond or Light?"

His gaze goes out of the closed window, but he can't see outside because due to the light coming from the television he can see only Mello in the reflection of the glass, his aim has shifted again to him.

"I said move, now!"

"Hey!?" he ducked from the next shot, the next one almost nailed him through the back of his hand as he crawled away from the toppled chair, blockade of the chair beside it, and table alike. "What's got into you?"

"It's like my body has a mind of its own." Mello sights his aim again, and again it's at Matt.


Mello's voice is strained, but not because suddenly can't speak, but because he's using every ounce of strength that he has to not shoot his partner. "I've got three bullets left in this clip, get out of here when I change it."

Matt seemed too stunned to understand English. But his stupor finally rebooted from the error report and got him to move, but not before a bullet grazed him just above the side of his left knee. Safety now. Pain later. Thought the panicked redhead as he hurried left to run out the remaining two shots. He then bolted for Mello instead of taking an immediate exit, toppling the blond the floor while he was reaching for another clip from his pocket, he tried desperately to pull the gun from his lover's hand; Matt took a beating to the face from the former mafia member's fist before said fist became the butt of a handgun.

Matt grunted from the blow, but he remained adamant about getting the gun from Mello's hands; however, he didn't know how far Mello would go in his mission to kill him because an unexpected attack caused Matt enough pain to have him holler like a sold out stadium crowd when the blond's knee caught him right in the balls! The pain shot through him fast and crippling that his entire left side seized up. He was shoved aside, teary eyed, blind due to closing them through tear soaked pain.

"I'm sorry," Mello said, but the reload alerted Matt that the danger hasn't gone away over some low blow. Mello plans to kill him, or at least his body does. Because Mello is conscious enough to tell him to get away. Get away until when? Indefinitely? Until the notebook's desire withers itself out from failure. But, what's gonna happen if Mello can't kill him? Will Kira know and make his enemy kill himself? "I mean it, Matt,"

Matt, realizing the gravity of the situation and finally took off at a hobble from the shot not just to the knee but mostly the assault to his gender. But he now sees that he really can't stick around.

He ducked his head as he bolts from the room, should a stray shot fly at his blind. All was quiet on the front of a dangerous bang, but a tingle of panic ran up his spine not only because of the telltale click of a cartridge going into the butt of a gun, but because of the blond's heavy steps following after him.

And he thought B was dangerous. He's at least a close range pain in the ass, Mello only has to guess where he's standing in a room and shoot through the wall. Matt has become a blindfolded man at the site of his execution. He won't see it coming, so there is little chance of his dodging it, if Mello waits around out in the hall.

'Where to hide? Come on brain, move past the fear and think!' He yelled at himself. Looking around, he sees a door for the Butler's pantry to use during dinner service; it connects with the kitchen. 'Don't be stupid! It's worse than hiding in a bathroom in a horror movie.' So than where?! Aha!

Mello, not able to move on his own, couldn't delay his steps from dogging so closely to Matt. The only thing that kept him this far from his lover was his having to change clips, and for some reason he stood still for that. Entering the dining room, he looked around turning his head left then right.

"Matt, I'm aiming at the pantry; if you're in there go into the kitchen." It didn't need to be said. But it is possible to lock the kitchen door, so it very well could be. But, at least Matt will know to hide himself from his bullseye. Plus, if he is in the pantry, there's a good chance he's already gone through into the kitchen.

In the chopper flying over London, the passengers can't get over the situation.

The world caught fire. What a terrible sight to behold. The skybound trio look down upon the chaos with quiet disapproval. How can everyone just freak out this way. They know Kira, what he's about.. Has his return really created so much panic in the populous that practically every neighborhood and street appears to be filming for the next Purge movie? No stunt doubles or special effects necessary, just panicked slaughter.

What secrets has the masses accumulated when the supernatural terror finally went away? Sinning out of relief, that was a new one.

It was repulsive to watch. It was like a disturbed ant hill. No. That's too kindly, it's more of a panic of roach hordes when the lights turn on. All madness and scrambling. The light being the fires that have broken out in some parts of the city. Firemen are aiming not just at the flames but at the people trying to calm them down.

Gevanni had to wonder where this bird was going to land. Wherever it was, it would hopefully be secure enough for them to cool their heels while they look for another hospital. Although, it's unlikely that his boss needs one; he's better from the wounds on his feet and the multiple stabs to the stomach, they just wanted him there for physical therapy so he can continue gaining progress with his ability to walk.

The techie doesn't like seeing his boss so vulnerable. He can't imagine him stuck in a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. His green gaze slid over to Near, who's looking out of the window before his eyes land back on the tablet screen. Real-time and televised but the same thing on every station. When will this calm down?

He got his answer. The tablet screen blinked and upon it was a K monogram. Kira.

"So, it would seem Kira has more damage to create." Near spoke for the first time since their boarding the helicopter.

K: Everyone.. this is Kira.

As before, all television and internet devices broadcast the stream, and as before all the people stop to listen.

K: It's come to my attention that some of you don't seem to understand my will. You may have even taken it upon yourselves to attempt to help me out. It makes you no better than a criminal to resort to violence or homicide in the name of justice. I will pass the judgements for you. As I've done in the past.

'Give me a break.' Thinks Near.

K: If you'll all calm down and go about your regular lives, I promise you fair judgements. A peaceful existence is within our grasp. I'll even create a way for you to communicate with me, so that I can decide if the person needs judgement or not. I've set up a website for you to use; the message board will be your link to me. It may take some time, as there will likely be a lot of requests. But, as a fair and understanding God, I will help you. If not, please don't be hard on yourself. I urge you to work things out with this other person. Not everything is a crime. I trust you all to see the difference and not abuse the privilege given to you.

"He's joking, right?" Gevanni looks at Near then back at the screen as if the murderous young man were there to behold.

K: Please. Calm down, and go home, go to work, go for a walk. But please stop what you're doing out of panic.

"It turns the stomach, but do you think it will work?" Roger asks, looking over his shoulder from the front of the chopper where he took the seat beside the pilot.

The feed was removed and the city camera footage came back on. A small pile of the people continued to rave and run about, others seemed to calm down. It looked as if a spell had been broken. Some people even broke down and cried.

"Hn. It seems to be working," comments Near, twirling a lock of his hair. "It's the nicest thing Kira's done since leaving his family alone- the remaining ones he didn't get killed anyway."

"We're here." Says Roger when their forward movement became a hover.

Near looked down unsurprised to see below the helicopter sits the building he grew up in. He's Wammy's. He's back home.

0 0 0

If this was some kinky little game of theirs, Matt would kind of like the "safe word" required, blood pulsing situation of having his former mob boyfriend gunning for him. But, reality is a bitch and a supernaturally controlled gun-toting madman is not his hard-on. He jumped when Mello kicked open the swinging pantry door, and it bashed against the shelves in its over extended opening; he was glad to have only jumped a little otherwise he would have hit his head on the underside of the long dining table of where he took refuge.

He slips from under the table when he hears his partner trying on the kitchen door knob; cautious but quick, the analyst dashed from the room. Unsure of where he could go, Matt went for the front door and carefully pulled it open.


The curse from his stalker greeted his exiting, and he just- literally as well as figuratively- dodged a bullet. The wooden door frame splintered as it took the shot for him. If he wasn't wearing his goggles he surely would have caught a splinter in the eye. Why does he have to aim for the head? Of course he would, Kira's controlling him.

"Matt, knock me out!" Mello called over the firing squad amount of bullets from his handgun.


"When do you think," came the smart-tone response. "when I reload!" He called through the distance the injured has put between them.

It's still dark out, but Mello's vision isn't hindered because Matt's vest is like a dayglow blue in the darkness.

"And take off your vest, I can see you!" He rushed outside after him, and he's gaining fast because he's not on a near hobble.

"Strip. Run like a track star without rest. Dodge bullets aimed at your vitals." He slides his favorite fall weather garment from his body, tossing it aside like it's a cheap polish rag. He muttered a swear when his vest shot ahead of him after catching a bullet; the center was at the forefront where it was yanked by a bullet through the short distance to the ground.

Mello smiled with relief; without the vest he can no longer see Matt running through the garden. It's still dark out and with no street lights or house lights on, the yard is a black void. Of course, that would make his partner just as blind; it wasn't long after that realization Mello's attention shot to the right and another bullet left the barrel after his hearing a branch snapping from Matt or perhaps just an animal breaking it underfoot.

He took off running, he can hear Matt's footsteps for a moment then they came to a halt. He looked left then right, listening attentively. He can just barely make out hard breathing, but due to his own it's very faint and hard to tell exactly where it's coming from.

"Mello," Matt called from somewhere in the distance. "I can't knock you out! You'll die."


"What if you can't do what the death note wants? Wouldn't that make your death automatic?"

Shit. He hadn't thought about that! It's a perfect offensive move. He'll kill either or either way. He'll kill Matt or die himself from failure. He supposed the other's death would come later once one or the other of them finds Light's location. Of course Kira could always play puppet master with Near and have him kill whichever of them is left over. But maybe he won't die. Maybe the death note doesn't work that way? Sido only said that there were two made up rules, the one about destroying it and the one made to exonerate Kira.

He never took any real interest in the notebook, but thinking back on it, he should have done so and studied all its many facets of use.

"It doesn't matter, Matt. I'd rather it be me than you! Just do it!"

"Let's see, upgrade my level of PTS with people shooting at me or kill my best friend. Gonna have to pass on the later." Besides, who knows how long the spell will last. Maybe he'll just have to go through life being chased by Mello. There are worse scenarios. Like living in Kira's world.

It's quiet.


"Found you."

Matt shrieked and jumped up from his hiding place behind a stone bench. He grunted when Mello's hand latched onto his throat, squeezing like a vice. It would seem it wasn't specified that he be shot. Just killed. Anyway possible.

He was shoved violently to the ground and held there, the gun right up to his temple.

"I'm sorry, Mail." Mello whispered.

Light spoke into the microphone attached to his laptop. He couldn't believe the mess the world is in, well, thankfully not all the world, but enough of it. He shouldn't have to address the issue, but it would seem that peace is a hard concept to sell when confusion gets involved.

Looking at the notebook beside his laptop, he wondered how his little experiment was going? Is Matt dead? Did Mello end up a corpse from Matt fighting back with a little too much aggression? Did the blond bastard die from failure? The possibilities were endlessly delightful to think about. He'd kind of like to have the ability of Beyond's Shinigami notebook, appearing before the person to kill them. He wouldn't do it. But he'd just observe it all happening.

Speak of the Devil. A sound caught his ears. It sounds as if the homeowner is moving furniture.

"Aaa, youth, already got that second wind, eh?" Stepping up beside Light, he looks over his head at the screen. The riots seem to be calming down. How dull. As his gaze slid from the screen it glanced into the notebook catching sight of Mihael Keehl. Reading the rest of it, he snaps. "What's this?" His pointed fingernail stabbed the book.

"This, is my way of paying back the dynamic duo."

A growl escaped the Shinigami's throat as he grabbed the notebook.

"What are you doing?" Light reached for his notebook, but missed as it was pulled rather far away over his head as Beyond took flight from the floor. "Give that back!"

"We don't kill the M's or Peter Cottontail- got it."

"No. I don't understand." Light replied just as aggressively in tone. "If it's alright for you to kill humans whose life is going to come to an end, then I shouldn't listen to you telling me not to kill Matt and Mello."

"You're such a child." Snipped Beyond digging in his pocket.

"I'm a child. You should talk- claiming rooms.." He watched the strangest thing, Beyond was using an eraser on the notebook. "Hn. You think that's going to do anything? It's in pen."

"Death erasers don't care about ink, only souls." Once he was done scrubbing their names and the death away, he tossed the book back down to Light then slowly brought himself back to the ground level.

"I'll just write their names again." He recovered the book from the floor.

B walked over to his living puppet, and breathing into his face he says very calmly. "Don't do it. Because if you do.. I will kill you."

Light glared. How dare he! Who does this guy think he's dealing with? "If you want Mello and Matt to live then you can't kill humans who aren't being judged."

"I can do whatever I want." His gaze is wide-eyed and manic as he stares into Kira's eyes. "I brought you here to become God, to devalue Lawli, not to tell me what you want while you do as you want."

"You don't scare me."

"I don't want to. I'm telling you this because it's the way it's going to be." He smiled, the manic look in his eyes diminished to a pleasant more human gaze. "Now, Light, you can either listen to me... or you can occupy one of my coffins." His gaze shifts from Light to the said item that must have been the sound he'd heard that reminded him of moving furniture. "Now, let's check.. who should be listened to? The man who can be killed, or the man who can be killed again, and again, and again?" He ground out. Tapping Light on the cheek, he smiles sweetly. "Thought so."

Walking past Light to the desk, he removes a jar of strawberry jam from inside one of the drawers. Popping the lid, he stuffs his hand down inside and takes out a scoop to partake of. Sucking the sweet from his digits he passes by the God of the coming new world, grabs the hoop attached to the coffin then drags it from the room.

"Good night, Kira."

X x X

Commentary: I hope this came out alright. I rewrote it a dozen times and still feel something is missing. Maybe I should have it reformated by scene. I don't know. But hopefully I found all the mistakes and it isn't confusing. Thank you for reading, have a good week!

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