Another Note: Kira's Ghost

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As the storm calmed, both Mother Nature and man-made, the world began to take a self checkup. They, amongst hundreds of thousands in the swift and frightening slaughter, remain alive. Judgement free. Worthy of existence. A non-threatening being who can live amongst the other thousands of non-threatening beings. They can continue on with their daily routines as they once had. Kira is frightening, true; however, Kira is also very understanding and kind. So many humans have done bad things in their life, they've only got one and can't expect to be perfect the entirety of it. Kira knows this, and he's spared them. An almost second chance, one can see it as.

Yeah. Life sure is beautiful. And if not instantaneously, it's sure getting there.

It's getting there on the fact that a woman walked home from work around 1 a.m.; with the chaos going on all around earlier in the night, cab drivers weren't quite ready to pick up passengers due to a fear that they might be hurt or worse in an outpouring of crazed violence, but she was not attacked. And as she entered her home, she smiled. Because most notably from the situation was that she wasn't even afraid.

It's getting better because for the first time in four years, a twelve-year-old girl slept through the night without wetting herself. Her fear was gone, and so too was the man who'd put it there. Her rapist father went toppling down the stairs and broke his neck from his own weight catching him at a bad angle 3 steps away from the landing of a 12 step trip downstairs to his daughter's bedroom. After dinner, when everyone was turning in, the young teen's phone screen glowed as she pleaded with Kira to help her. And when it was fully lights out.. he did. Bless Kira.

A man wept outside of a fence as his family stood on the other side weeping as well. It's getting better because he wasn't struck down by a bullet from the patrolers presuming he'd jump the fence; he only wanted to see his family, as had many others, but a lot of them were killed just for showing up. One guard has the highest reputation of forever hold your peace, you get no speak now to explain. He turned his gun on himself along with two other guards. The Espinoza family had a nice talk, before separating. Kira understands and cares.

It was happening like that all over the place. Little by little things just got better.

Even for Mello and Matt, who, once having gotten off the phone with Near, realized their very human existence because of the situation; and they found comfort in each other's arms, against each other's warm flesh and hot emotions. There on the soft bed they released their hardships one moan at a time.

1 week later…

Mello bucked his relief into Matt for the third time this week, each thrust arched the redhead's back and caused pleasure scrunched fingers to dig scratches into Mello's backside. He moaned, and swung his hips backwards into the appreciation of his continued existence when rolled onto his stomach by the blond.

One week ago Mello had called Near and asked that Roger give he and Matt a month to search around Guildford for Kira and B. So far, the search has turned up nothing. If they were searching for frustration, they were up to their necks in it. If they were searching for excuses to test the strength of the bedframe they're well past seasoned pros that the wood withholds the abuse.

And in the meantime; London, all of the United Kingdom… has become a little weird.

A man, with a stooped posture, approached a department store; four people seeing this man bore curious expressions. He looked like the type to cause trouble. The type who couldn't get on Kira's plan to just do better. A woman gasped and hurried out of the way of the man as he strolled over to the register counter.

The security guard drew in for observation. This guy couldn't? He wouldn't? The man looked around, the nervousness of his persona grew a bit when seeing the approaching security guard. He could be tazed for this or jailed. But, he has to do it. He can't live with himself if he doesn't.

Reaching into his coat; he violently flinched when hearing the security guard say in a power authority "Sir…" but he had to do it! On the counter, almost slammed down due to the guard snatching him up by the bicep ready to wrestle him to the ground, but both the security and the woman behind the register are surprised to see a wooden watch on the countertop.

"I… I'm sorry. I.." He stammered. "I st-stole the watch last weekend, and no one knew, I… I feel like I had to return it. I wanted to return it." He lowered his eyes, humbled and sincere.

The clerk and guard exchange glances. Neither knows what to do. This is… surprising. In a good way.

"Please, please take it and spare my life." The man bowed, humbled.

"I…" Looking at the guard the woman then looked at the thief, and nods. "Yes. Of course, and thank you for doing the right thing."

"Really? Th..thank you very much!" He smiled widely. No death. No judgement. He won't end up in the Retribution-Pass.

The security guard released the man's arm, nodding that he did the right thing. Clapping him on the back, he told him to go on about his day. He was proud of him. Even the patrons, who were once worried and a bit afraid, applauded for the man's chosen reform.

The former thief left the department store a lot happier. And he'll continue to live his life as a better person. No more stealing. No more drinking. A better person.

He started down the street headed for the park. It's such a nice day, maybe he'll take up running. He suddenly stopped in his tracks.

"Huh?" Looking around beneath his feet, he sees a darkening shadow expanding his own. What in the world? The former thief looked up just in time to see a man falling out of the sky. And he saw just in time where the fallen man was going to land.

The screams can be heard for blocks as people witnessed a suicide or possibly a judgement topple a man from a hotel roof where he landed on an innocent padestrian, killing him in a most gruesome way.

His bones crunched under the fallen weight; the man's face expanded forward and one of his eyeballs popped out, it shot out not far enough to severe the nerve but far enough to jar it from the skull it resided, but lay attached to the rest of the semi bursted open reformed thief.

"I'm calling an ambulance." A man said, although a woman was already in the middle of calling.

Two people died in the same instant. Had Kira made a mistake not knowing where the jumper would land, or was it planned? The thought of that scared a few people who hurried away, not wanting to be in the landing zone if another body was going to come falling from the sky.

"He's alive!" A kid called out, pointing to the man who'd fallen.

"My word,"

"Are you alright?"

"Don't move, you might have internal bleeding." A woman touched the recovering man's shoulder.

The fallen man grinned at her, small and sweet then wide and ugly; alarmed, the woman moved back from him as he stood at his full height of 6'1" to her 5'6".

"I had a terrible kink in my shoulder," the man has an unusual accent beneath his raspy voice. Not British, not like any she or the other pedestrians have heard. "It's gone now." He rolled his shoulder blade by winding his arm around and around. "Excuse me."

He parted through the crowd of whispers or concern and panic. Maybe he's one of those people who doesn't feel pain? What was it Autonomic Neuropathy type IV. But surely he'd have injuries because of the landing? However, the man wasn't even limping from a broken bone! Was his fall so precise that only the poor crushed man suffered from it? No one knows what to make of it, but they do know they're a little unnerved. And it's best to just leave the man to his own devices since he seems ok. Perhaps the crushed man was meant to die, and Kira used this other man as a means of seeing to his death. Is that possible? Something that's impossible to live through at that height, just nothing from the devine works of Kira.

Beyond removed his death note and wrote. "Lazlo Covington-Smythe, died of a fall. Mine." Snickering, he passed between two buildings then stopped and took a step back.

A man is seated at the edge of hotel building; his eyes are squeezed shut and his lips are trembling. He's trembling all over. Disease? Is he suffering from the cold? It's not too bad out for October. Beyond walked over to the man, stooping down. He met the man's gaze when he stopped his trembled cowering and looked up.

The man gasped, not sure what to make of the stranger, just that he's a bit too close to him. "He's dead."

Beyond nods.

"He's really dead."

Beyond glowered at him for repeating himself; his gaze glanced over the man's head causing him to smile.

"I don't have to.." the trembling man revealed a gun tucked to his stomach. "I don't have to kill him." He sniffled.

"Mmhh.. I see. How has he hurt you?"

"...My daughter, she was coming home from school..." The man stopped speaking to sniffle and sob a single sound. "He was drunk and his car jumped the curb. He wasn't properly punished. My daughter lost her life, and he's walking around just because he could pay to get out of jail. How is it fair!?"

"And you were going to kill him?"


"And then yourself?"

"Yes, I want-..." Confused the man's had to ask. "How did you know that?"

Beyond's gaze flicked over the head of Erik Barber again. "Erik Barber, died of a knife wound to the thyroid."

Further confused, the Mr. Barber asked. "What?"

He got his answer when B produced a knife from the leg of his jeans and jammed it into his neck at the thyroid. The man choked and spluttered on his own blood. His hands came up to his throat as if he could stop the bleeding. He has to stop it. Can't he?

Beyond scribbled the man's name and death into his notebook then stood up; retrieving his knife he placed it back inside of the shealth on his leg; stuffing his hands into his pockets, he strolled away to search for more declining numbers.


The Shinigami sat down on a bench. He found his way to Stoke Park, where the grass is green, the kids get loud, and there are patches of places to either swim or play in the water as one would in the sprinklers is plentiful. He isn't dressed as the Baron Samedi today. He's just pure and simple Beyond Birthday, with black jeans and a long sleeve Sacramento green shirt. Nothing off or alarming about him. Well, unless one un-does the metal snaps up the calf of his jeans to reveal the handles of his arsenal of knives. From a 4" pairing knife to a 9" carver, he's got the entire set. He cleverly designed his belt to conceal a sharpener for them. Maintenance isn't easy if he uses them a lot, gotta keep them up, or he'll disappoint the volunteers. He takes his studies of death serious.

Why does Light not get that? He slaughters by the hundreds, yet he doesn't understand. Kira should really be there sometime. For that moment. It's euphoric.

Beyond's eyes rolled up in his head, but they drop and he looked at his hand when feeling his fingernails extend. One of the oddities of being a Semi-gami; his body reacts to certain things by trying to take him from humanity into full blown death God. It wouldn't matter so much but he takes a lot of care putting on his false skin, if he keeps tearing it, it's going to become annoying and he does not like hindrances. Adel Armina was a hindrance. To his self. L became a grievance to him. In the end, they both had to go.

Does he miss them? Yes! Who wouldn't?! They were awfully fun to tease and watch mill about their daily lives; were anyone watching him they might have found him interesting too. Perhaps. Wriggling his fingers, he retracted his claws; no harm done to the flesh of his suit.

"Reese, go back!" A little boy called out to his friend across the field. "I wanna kick it like Beckham!"

B smiled. Kids still say things like that? Wanting to be sports stars or actors. Why can't they make their own name? He should talk, although, he loves a good game of pretend. It keeps things fun as people guess what's real and what's not.

He remembers being 8 years old…

October 31, 1991.

"And tomato juice," he pours the bright orange-red liquid into the thick chocolate cake batter. "Not too much." His fingers swiped through the cascade of pouring liquid to steal a taste. "Mmm." Setting the jar down, he then slipped from the stool and crossed the kitchen to the pantry.

"B," came a cogni accent. "what are you doing?"

"I'm baking a cake." He says casually. It's so obvious what he's doing, the woman even assisted him with reaching a bowl, and measuring the flour. He's not playing in the mud. "I've been at it for several minutes, Miss Plant, look alive."

"Cheeky monkey."

Returning with a bag of chocolate chips, he pulls it open then dumped them over into the mixture. "Perfect." Stirring the concoction, he tried the recipe which he's winging and smiled. It's delicious. "Excuse me, ma'am, but if you were young, which would you prefer.. Cupcakes or cake?"

"Hmm… Well, cake is delicious, but there's something wonderful about a treat you don't have to keep track of portion control."

B gleefully thought about a fight breaking out over the size of a slice of cake. Kids can be so childish. "Cupcakes it is."

Twenty minutes and a delicious waft of chocolate later, B removes the first sheet from the oven. He never got fussed over for using the stove. He's in a school that breeds geniuses; if he can't use a stove without supervision, he shouldn't be standing up.

"Can I trust you to allow them to cool?"

Miss Plant was about to say something, when Quillish Wammy walked in.

"Good afternoon, B." The elderly mentor greeted as he entered the kitchen. His path heads straight for the percolator for a cup of coffee.

"Good afternoon." He watched the man fix himself a cup of brew; wondering for the third time what the stuff tastes like? It must have some merit to it if adults grow an addiction to it. "Would you like a cupcake?"

"I'd be delighted. Thank you."

B smiled, glad for the positive outcome. No one wants to be rejected. "Please don't share it with HIM." He requests.

"No, of course not; then I wouldn't get to taste it." Teased Mr. Wammy, sharing a snicker with the child.

If nothing else, it's a well-known fact that L is a junkie for sweets. He makes caffeine addiction look like a taste testing sip. Not even that, the dip of a tongue just barely past the surface of the liquid. Wammy finished his dessert in the kitchen as if to give proof that only he was going to partake of it, and in the meantime B iced the cupcakes.

"I'm going." Setting five onto a plate, he exits the kitchen with them and heads down the hall into the bedrooms wing.

He knocked on the door then waits. And he waits. And waited. Several minutes later the door pulled open and there stood L.

Clearing his throat, he sings. "Happy birthday to yoouuuu, happy biiiirthdaaay tooo youuu,"

L watched with no sort of expression as to whether or not he liked it or wanted to slam the door in his face.

"Happy ninth birthday Errol Lawliet, happy birthday to youuu." He bowed then held out the plate of cupcakes he made just for him. L. His dear friend.

L cocked a brow then reached for the plate. "Thank you. ...How did you know my birthday was today?" His finger touched the frosting, and he sucked away the rich dark fluffy whip.

B's gaze flicked over L's head then to his eyes. "I know lots of things about you Lawli."

L removed a cupcake from the plate, and shoved whatever bite of it wasn't covered in cupcake wrapping into his mouth.

"Can I expect a gift from you on my birthday?"

"I don't know your birthday."

"October thirteenth."

L looked surprised, heading into the bedroom; the door is slightly closed telling the visitor to stay back, and when he returns he has a jar in his hand. "Happy belated birthday." He held out the jar of strawberry jam to him. It's half eaten as the slightly older detective had been putting a little extra filling into his Linzer cookies.

B beamed at the offering and took the jar happily. "I'm sure it's delicious." He looked at the ingredients list. 100% organic Strawberries, cane sugar. That's all. Nice. He plunged his little hand into the jar, scooping out a sample which he stuffed into his mouth. "Mm. Thank you, this was really nice of you." He's never had strawberry jam until now; he didn't think he'd like the seeds. But this stuff is delicious! Seeds and all!

"Thank you as well. Don't bother next year." He turned away and closed the door.

'He likes me.'

As only friends tell friends not to make a big deal out of their birthday. Turning away, he went to his own bedroom, one gift happier. And one friendship tightly solidified.

Beyond present smiled at the happy memory. Lawli was always such a hard-ass, never really getting the finer points of human interaction. That is why he liked him so much. He made the boy then young man feel something other than competition. They even had tea together one afternoon.

He looked down when something tapped him on the foot. It's a ball. Dark purple and covered in white stars.

"Mister, can you throw me my ball?" Called the child who's playing soccer with his friend.

Beyond scooped it up, twirled it within his grasp, then stuck out his arm leaving the ball attached to his hand rather than toss it.

The boy looked at this with wonder of when his entertainment would be returned. When nothing happened after a 30 second count, he then took a couple steps forward but stopped. He's got another seventeen feet to clear but he's stone frozen, right up until his knees gave out and he cried.

The Shinigami grimaced at the loathsome sound, it was so miserable he wanted to force him to stop. But, instead, he tossed the ball with a punt. It sailed for a little bit then rolled the rest of the way towards the child popping again his buckled knees. Wiping his face from tears and snot, he sniffled.

"Thank you."


Six minutes later, he's running along the large expansion of the park with the kids, acting as a goalie to their penalty kicks. Leaving the pair joyously breathless, he exited the park and continued on his way back home.

Near got up from his wheelchair and walked with a better pace over to the monitors, where he stared at the interesting sight playing out before him. It's not so much Beyond Birthday walking the streets of London as if he belongs there as Prince of the day, but the thing that's called his attention is what's coming up the street.

On location. The people of London are going about their afternoon without upset, it was becoming the theme of their lives now. So lovely. However, there are still some who don't go along, who choose not to belong. And they're currently coming up the street on the roar of a motorcycle; it's like a wild mountain cat set free amongst the people; it's cry boomed against the tall buildings creating an echo, making it louder, calling more attention. Of course the people's gazes set upon the cause. And it was because of that they saw it…

Two men on a bike blacker than ink speed up the street towards a man who's casually walking along, hands in his pockets without a care in the world; the man looked up as others have, wondering about the ruckus. His gaze elevates just in time to see the second man, on the bike seated with two riders, produce a gun. He was unable to move before shots were fired on him. They hit.

"Somebody's shooting!" A woman screamed.

Another voice, hard to tell if it's male or female shouted. "He's got a gun!"

Others just chose panicked shrieking while they ran or some screamed as they watched a man gunned down right before their eyes. The motorists sped just a bit past him before the bike skidded sideways causing a terrible sound from the tire leaving a black tread on the street. The man who was hit didn't see the next round as both men open fire on him. The bullets pounded into his back until the clips click with empty triumph.

The bullet riddled man dropped to his knees and hit the ground on his face.

"Call the police," a woman advised.

"Call Kira." Said another.

The motorists dismount the bike; locking and loading a fresh clip into the empty gun they hold while striding over to the fallen man. They hear the commotion around them, but it's muffled by the helmet over their head. It doesn't matter what they're saying anyway, it's all white noise over the roil of blood lust in their ears.

"Think he's dead?" Matt asked.

Mello's gun fired off a round into the back of B's skull. "He is now." He fired two more times in the same place. "Get up, you shit." He shoved the visor up to remove the obstruction from his vision. "I dare you."

Beyond lay there on the ground as still as a corpse, his eyes open staring glossy at nothing. Although if he can see, he's probably noting the gun barrels pointing at him. Waiting to erupt with rounds again, all head shots.

"Put the guns down!" an officer spoke into a bullhorn. "Guns down and hands above your heads."

"This man is a serial killer!" Mello snarled loudly from the muffle of his helmet. "Back off!"

"Um, Mel', I speak from experience here; cops will shoot you." And the flashback played past his vision.

"I'm no threat to them." He mumbled on return, never taking his eyes from the fallen murderer.

"I hope they know that." His actions don't match his words, as he too still has his gun aimed at B. Waiting.

The officers mutter to each other when seeing that they aren't being listened to.

"What should we do?"

"Shoot. Kira will understand."

"What if he doesn't?"

The blond officer aims his gun at the one in Mello's hand, maybe he can get it away from him that way. He placed his finger on the trigger, but hesitates.

"We said drop the weapons!" commands the first to give orders to the gunman.

His voice came over the horn so suddenly that it startled the trigger ready cop and he fired. "It was an accident,"

Mello's gun flew from his hand when the bullet caught it on its way through. Yanking off his helmet he spun on them. "Have you lost your damn mind?!"


Matt fired but it missed because Beyond swept the techie's feet out from under him, knocking him to the hard ground; he's then kicked in the nose, though it thankfully didn't break. Mello spun around, revealing a knife in his boot; however, the upward thrust of his kick doesn't land beneath B's chin where it's aimed because the Shinigami threw back his head to avoid it.

Beyond straightened, he actually extended the return by head-butting Mello right in the crotch. The bruised enforcer doubled over in pain with his hands cupping his injury. A low stream of curses escaped him, as Matt tagged-in.

The redhead was already taking the lead at picking up the slack; he wrangled one of the knives free from the holster of B's jeans and after leaping onto him with his left arm strangling him still while the right stabs him repeatedly in the back with the weapon. The knife dug in deep, the sharp slither caught a bullet in its path causing the Semi-gami to howl in pain.

The two officers watch the shocking scene wide-eyed and nervous, and highly confused. The man who was 'gunned down', as the call had informed, should not be moving about so nimbly; and the two gunman who claim the man is a killer, where did they come from? How do they fit in?

Matt yelped when his weight dips forward from getting pulled along with Beyond, who rolled forward in a tumble like a bear doing tricks at the circus. All the spectators and security standing by, this is a circus. For those monitoring city cameras it's the greatest show on earth.

Beyond fought the M's And the M's fought back in an irregular street fight. A great example of the irregularity is the how the Shinigami stood up at a crouch over the crushed gamer and, with a move worthy of the WWE, he went airborne by shooting his legs out to drop his weight onto the awaiting cushion; the wind sputtered from Matt's mouth.

"Oh god, get off of me!" Bellowed the now double crushed because the recovered Mello pounced B, pinning him in place while he wore out the leather from the knuckles of his gloves.

Mello does move, but not from Matt's angered command, he was dodging a knife aiming to stab him in the gut.

Beyond laughed merrily as he hurried over to the alarmed cops. "Help! He's a madman!" Standing behind the blond cop, he grinned when they aimed their guns at the violent duo.

"Take cover in the car, sir, you're safe now."


He grabbed a handful of the officer's hair, and pulling back his head he took the sharp edge of his knife across the exposed throat. The spray of blood coats the window of the open car door. He could guess the man would originally have been felled by a stray bullet, heaven knows there was enough of them to go around with the M's trigger fingers. Or, what the hell, maybe his timer was counting down simply because fate knew Beyond was going to kill him just because… was it possible that something so randomly decided could be predestined? These are things he would like to know.

"Officer down! Send backup."

Beyond cringed. "Oh how I hate that name." Growled the Shinigami. "Oops!" He ducked down when the duo shot at him. He can't take his eyes from the violant pair for a minute.

Shoving the officer on the rear he forces him over the car door. It was enough of a distraction for him to make his get away by fading out of humanity.

"He's gone." Matt announced when they round the car.

The living officer shrank to the ground. "What is happening?" He's not spooked, the man is wholeheartedly terrified.

"Shit. We had him." Mello growled.

Matt had to wonder if that was true. Did they spot B by chance on the monitor, or had the strange monster sought to be seen?

The living cop recovered his wits, sort of, and got to his feet; his shaky hands positioned his gun's aim at the pair. "You two, hands in the air."

Mello looked at Matt wondering if this guy was seriously trying to arrest them, even after what he's just seen.

Matt groaned. It was going to be a long afternoon. Stuffing his gun into the waistband of his jeans, he then reached into his vest pocket removing a pack of cigarettes; muttering to himself about the crushed state of them thanks to the brawl, he withdrew one of the undamaged sticks and lit up. Once returning the items onto his person, he raised his hands into the air. May as well get it over with.

Mello looked around overhead; knowing the Semi-gami is capable of flight, but he doesn't see him.

"Now you," says the cop returning attention to his authority. He's trying to get some order over this situation. He only has to get the violent duo to the precinct. "hands up."

The blond rolled his eyes, but rather than lift his hands he snatches the gun from his partner's pants then fired on the cop! Matt was hoping Mello would get the hint, and he hurried over to the motorcycle. Fired up, the vehicle pulled forward towards Mello pausing long enough for him to climb on before speeding away.

"Get back here!"

The officer fired three rounds, but the all missed. He was poised for a fourth when the ambulance blocked his view of the target. He again let his nerves catch up with him and he sagged against the patrol vehicle. What a miserable day. He needs a vacation.

0 0 0

"I look forward to working with you, Constable Dickens." Light is saying into a microphone with a voice altering filter.

Kira was just getting off the line with the police constable when the brouhaha broke out near the park. He watched on monitor 73Y. The trio looked like a pile of rowdy puppies rolling about and punching at each other. Did Matt just bite Beyond on the leg? Light's expression looked sour as he watched the incident. Just when he thought he should go out into the city. Looks like he isn't the only one playing around in the CCTV lines. Damn them. He's going to go as crazy as his companion if he stays cooped up in the mansion for much longer.

He goes out, sure, but it's never been farther than thirty feet or-so. He's likely going to get lost, the home is surrounded by forest! Only Beyond can show him the way out, or at least point him in the right direction. Most of the time he's AWOL and doing his own thing. It's very troubling, because knowing him, which he doesn't, but knowing what little he does know about the man he's likely disobeying him and murdering people.

Doesn't he realize how messed up it is to want to be partners with him but still act like a criminal? That behavior is the very thing Kira is against! It'll work out. He has to keep telling himself that, otherwise he really will slip because being around someone who's a threat to your life when you can't return the sentiment is troubling. His troubles with this whole set up stay on a rise, and he can't figure out something to do about it.

Tapping his finger on the desk, he let it go. He needs to continue his progression towards a better crime free world. He's already got the police willing to cooperate. He wished in the time he was around them that he'd gotten Mello, Matt, and Near's pictures. Gevanni and Rester were easy enough to locate. If they want to make trouble for him, they'll be up to their eyes in Bobbies.

A strange name to call a cop, but: when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Kira smiled when seeing the cop aiming at the fortunate-to-still-be breathing Ms. What was B thinking wanting to keep them alive? Did he have something planned for them himself? It had better not be a double-cross. What is all this for? The question just will not stop approaching him. ...Just as HE won't stop approaching him.

There's a ringing chiming through the home. Someone's there. Standing, he checked the house security cameras but found no one sneaking around as far as the cameras can see. Going to the door, he pulled it open getting a start as two hanged bodies dropped into view.

One Beyond and the other L, a tiny little doll of him.

Light's expression registered annoyed, and he was about to close the door but his unique partner stuck out his foot to keep the door open.

"Aren't you going to ask how it went?"

"I saw how it went. Why'd you let them see you?" Asked the creator of the new world. "And get down from there, you're starting to get on my nerves."

"So unappreciative to my craft, wouldn't you agree Lawli?"

"Yes. He can be cumbersome when it comes to jokes."

Light froze when hearing L's voice. He looked over his shoulder and said firmly. "And that's another thing, you wanted L dead, why do you have to impersonate him?"

Loosening the noose, he drops to his feet. "I miss him."

Light turned around. Was he telling the truth? He sounded so sincere. He followed him with his gaze as he entered the home heading somewhere to be alone. No. He can't mean it. Why did he kill him if he would just end up missing him?

He recalled his momentary feelings when L dropped from his chair, and he held him in his arms. He felt.. remorse. But it had passed as he realized the bigger picture that he had bested the great detective. He won. The world was his.

And now it truly is his. He can't let that change because his mind tends to dwell in the past. L is dead. The others are clueless. There's very little to truly oppose him now.

Hidden behind a door, Beyond smiled disappearing into the shadows as the door is pushed snugly shut.

Winchester, England.

That all was certainly interesting CCTV.

"Gevanni, bring up the footage that was just captured." Near instructs. "Rewind it to just before B disappears."

The party of six bring their attention to the screens. The British agents gasp at the oddity. One minute the horrifically shot up young man was there, then in a blink he was gone! How is that possible? The two arrived at the institute four days ago, after getting permission to transfer on to the case. So far the young detective, who surprisingly is their boss and not the physically appealing, military trained blond man as they presumed when first arriving. They had even considered the elderly gentleman, Roger Ruvie, to be the one leading the team. But once introductions were through and the case began with the usual briefing, the quickly picked up on the fact that the head honcho was the young white haired teen. What horrors he must have stressed over to have stark white hair at his age.

"Despite the briefing four days prior, you can see the extent of this case. It's not like anything you've ever come across." Near says nonchalantly. "We're going to need you to be discreet about what you find out, too many people could end up involved as it is, and we need to keep the deaths and activity from our adversary in tight quarters."

"But, he just disappeared." A brunette woman's large olive colored eyes round from their almond shape as the video looped.

"B, who goes by Beyond Birthday, is an unnatural." He twirled a lock of his hair around his finger. "He was raised here, has an exceptionally high I.Q. although recently we believe he's taking medicine for Schizophrenia or to simply quell dissociative identity disorder, which he often uses to drug victims." Seeing the expression on her face, he asks. "Yes, Gemma, what is it?"

Her alias. She and the other arrival were given one. In the blink of an eye she went from Poppy Feeny to Gemma Saunders. And agents, twin brothers, Aiden and Walker Posson to Sorel and Rogelio Espinoza. They're mixed of British and South American blood, looking more on the darker tones of their Spanish roots.

"And is disappearing into thin air the extent of how 'unnatural' he is?"

"It's undetermined. He only showed up two or so months ago, and we haven't had any leads in order to study him. He's basically an unknown."

Gemma doesn't know how she's going to face something like that. They all saw him getting riddled with bullets, but his survival couldn't be because he's got on a bullet proof vest. Having not seen when Mello and Matt shot him in the back of the head due to the camera angle, she can only go by assumption on that part.

"Misters Espinoza, I need you to investigate the area this happened before it's contaminated. How soon can you be in Surrey?"

"Within the hour." Replied the agent.

"Is there anything in particular we're looking for?" asked the other Espinoza, his voice sounding exactly like his brother's, without the slightest difference in his English accent.

If you weren't looking at them to see that the older brother has a short cropped buzz to his younger brother's more elaborate 'Loose Quiff', you'd swear the man just spoke again.

"Despite our subject being virtually invisible, he was bleeding. You can follow the trail and see where it leads."

"Yes, sir!" They twin then head off.

"Gevanni, play the footage over with a thermal layover."

Confused, he does as instructed.

'Well, his heat signature is gone.' Contemplates the detective as he notes that there is also no cold spot. "Switch it to black and white."

Everyone in the room gasped as they watched Beyond lift into the air from beside the car by large wings. Gemma was beside herself watching all of this. No one ever said there'd be days like this; frankly she'd rather find out that the secrets from Area 51 are true, and get assigned out there to watch alien corpses than to have to understand all of this. Killer notebooks, Kira being a mere mortal with a supernatural assistant. Being able to see a person's name just by looking them in the eye. It's so much more than any one person should know- especially in one sitting. And now there's this. But, she must be professional.

"It would seem we have a way to track him when he pulls his disappearing act." A smile broke out over Near's face. This was actually a very big deal. And that the Semi-gami knows nothing about it, they just won themselves an advantage over him.

"What would you like for me to do, sir?" She asked her young boss.

Another oddity. She, at 45 years old, is taking orders from a teenager who seems smarter than an entire city of people combined. It's respectable, so she doesn't mind it, she just finds it odd. The 33 year old twins don't seem to bothered by it either. If they are, they're keeping it to them self.

"The kids he was playing with at the park; I'd like for you to track them down. Maybe he talked to them, or gave some clue as to where he's going or was planning to go before he was chased off."

"Sir." She walked over to a computer in the corner of the room.

A few clacks of the keys and she opened a screen to the police department's files. The boys must be on record and she will find them through a search of the nearest school district.

"Rester, we're leaving for Guildford,"

"And me?" Gevanni was beginning to feel useless to Near now that Rester was back from his assignments. They've always had a sort of better understanding those two. He's not jealous in the traditional sense, just curious as to why the man outranks him in Near's eyes- twice.

"You and R are of course coming, as well." He wheeled his chair over to the door, as if at that very moment he'd open the door and be in Surrey away from the institute with it's familiar walls but new faces; Roger never stopped bringing them in and they never stopped graduating out. Some things don't change, like Miss Plants pudding with chocolate chips and pecans. Reaching out for the knob he withdrew his hand seeing the object coming his way.

"Excuse me, Near," the woman at the door adjusts her glasses as they tipped forward on her face a bit when she looked down upon seeing him. "I'd like to join your investigation."

Near blinked in response. It was unexpected. People don't normally volunteer for the slaughter, they have to brave up first. Say some "hail Marys" and pray to not be first from the line-up. However, he supposed if anyone was readily equipped for praying a situation better, it was this woman.

He considered her words then extended his hand. "Welcome aboard, S."

X x X

Commentary: This was one of my favorite chapters, it's weird saying that because I don't have a clue about any of this until I start that chapter, so i guess I should say I really liked this chapter's turn out. i had more to say but my batteries dying, my room is February cold, so i don't have the stregnth to get out of bed and grab the plug.

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