Another Note: Kira's Ghost

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Light Yagami truly was going stir crazy. There's a whirlpool spinning a cyclone inside the pot of rice he's boiling. It's been 2 months and nearly two weeks since he's been anywhere away from the property. Honestly, he'd had more freedom when handcuffed to L! Let's seee... There was that time when they had to save Touta Matsuda's blundering ass. That time they went after Kyosuke Higuchi, and he was privy to being a passenger in a helicopter. How often does one get to experience something like that? It wasn't all work related.

He and L once snuck away in the early light for breakfast out at Sukiya 41 Gogeroten. He had roasted onigiri rice and L.. well, he had the same, but with teriyaki on the eel; and added with it, as though it were hot sauce he oozed honey onto it. An entire 4 oz. jar of the sweet regional Bamboo honey treated no better than ketchup on a French fry. And yet, it was better than when the detective dumped maple syrup in his soup.

They talked about cases, that morning- not real ones; at least, not as far as Light knew. But, they'd made up scenarios for each other to solve. It was their own personal game of Clue. They took great pride from stumping each other even for a mere two minutes. He and L got to appreciate a good walk to and from the location as it wasn't too far from the new task force's headquarters.

They also had another nice time outdoors, along with Misa. They were still around the area of the building, what with all of Japan knowing that Misa was accused of and arrested for suspicion of being the second Kira; and until the charges were dropped and the announcement of having done so declared, she could not be seen in public to reduce mass hysteria. So, Misa had fun roller skating around the rooftop, while he and L read in the sunshine. He never did learn much about the detective. Now, he never will. Damn it!

Light returned from the mental storage room, thinking he should sincerely place a lock on the door. Keep those pesky memories at bay, that's his new adversary. Looking down when a wet gurgling sound caught his ear, he hastily reached for the knob and turned off the stovetop.

Leaving the kitchen, he walked to B's room. Knocking first, he allowed himself in before receiving an invitation.

"Beyond..?" Light looked from one end of the room to the other. The man, older or younger than himself, Yagami can't tell because of the false skin, is nowhere in sight. 'Where'd he go now?'

Walking around for a better look left Light feeling cold. The room is very plain, with no "aha!" adorning features. No posters, pictures, action figures- you never know, the Wammy's children are weird; there was a bus card sitting on the dresser. Beyond takes public transportation. Life changing information. Maybe he keeps his personal business completely inside to himself. Maybe he truly has no personal interest. But that's not true. Beyond does have a sort of interest. A rather macabre one. He likes to taxidermy humans. His hand touched the Semi-gami's bed. It's very stiff. How can he be comfortable on it? He clearly gave Light the better room.

His room is like the Comfort Inn with a separate space for the living room, having the dinette table off to the side. True, this room has an ensuite bathroom whereas his is out in the hall, but it's nothing major.

He turned his head when the door of the aforementioned room swung open and out marched the missing homeowner. Full height, full glory.

'Oh.' Light mused in the calm, while inside his deepest trench of emotions he cried out from the start of the sight before him.

Beyond is drying his head, the towel kept him blind to see that he was not alone; which is why his unseen guest was given the rare opportunity of seeing the oddity without his skin. His burns are 2nd and 3rd-degree grade. Some of him looks normal, the parts that were likely not quickly reached due to the slow burn of his clothing; Light will never know what happened to Beyond. Not entirely. Not without asking him. But would he answer? Is it too intrusive?

Bubbled skin, charred black and red and pink; his manhood is a bit bent and the flesh is blistered. Light cocked his head, continuing to look as the burnt up flesh began to morph, almost as though it was healing. The various colors are like stained glass casting a shell over B's body reaching all the way up to his earless head. The Beyond he sees when he's not wearing smooth false skin over where Light and the general public can see it. In other words, the Semi-gami appearance. Even his genitals look normal. Extraordinarily masculine in length, but normal.

Light quietly slipped from the bedroom closing the door back, also without making a sound. He snuck back to the kitchen where dinner waited on the stove.

"You cooked?" Beyond said when he emerged from his bedroom. Clean. Clothed. And sporting a new swath of skin over his face. "I would have done so. The shower went a little longer than planned." He doesn't need to tell Light it's because he was ejecting bullets from his insides; the M's really did a number on him with the vitamin A. A being Ammunition.


"I could honestly fall asleep from your knack for conversation- why so dull!? Talk to me!" He pulled out a chair and walked up into it, taking a seat as L had only ever sat.

Light shoved a plate of bread over to his companion, some are toasted the rest as were straight from the bag. "I thought you might want to make a sandwich."

Beyond smiled; but ultimately ignored the bread as he dug into a jar of strawberry jam.

"Do you only like to eat strawberry jam?"

B loudly smacked his lips around his fingertips, which he's sucking bits of berry and seed from beneath the fingernails. His free hand rests on the tabletop the nails of his fingers tapping away as if he's debating the answer.

Light was made to grimace from disgust when the oddity reached across the table towards him, his hand landed on his plate taking a scoop of the meal for himself to eat. Yagami shook his head seeing the stains of beaten fruit flecks contaminating his white rice and some of his roast beef, just when he thought his vegetables were safe the offending hand came back for more, and he plucked up a carrot and head of broccoli to eat.

"You are a very good cook, Light Yagami."

"Is that an answer?"

"Answer to what?"

Light felt his brow twitch in annoyance again. "An answer to my question, if whether or not you only eat strawberry jam or can it be any fruit?"

"It was just such a ridiculous question, I didn't think you were sincere- sorry." He returned to eating his jam. "I can eat anything. I have no allergies. Do I only eat strawberry? Yes. Why? I like the color, I like the flavor, I like the memory."


"I used to eat like you, but then one October thirty-first I was given a gift for my missed birthday."


Beyond rapidly tapped his fingers to the jar noisily indicating that Light got it right. "I baked L cupcakes for his birthday and he gave me strawberry jam. He was so kind." Tipping the jar back he patted on the bottom to remove any clumps that would fall, then he set the jar back down on the table, grabbed a slice of untoasted bread and used it to wipe his mouth like a truly recyclable napkin, as he shoved the sticky slice into his mouth chewing and swallowing.

"L's birthday is the thirty-first?" That meant he has a birthday at the end of this month. And the funny thing is, that that is Halloween. If L celebrated with a slice of cake, considering his diet, he'd be none suspicious about it as any sort of personal "tell" about himself.

"Light, Light, Light.." He wandered away from the dining table and into the kitchen, when he returned it was with another jar of strawberry jam. "Did you not know even that much? What kind of love were you into that you don't even know the basics?"

"L wasn't exactly into sharing."

Beyond scoffed as he returned to the table, although he chose to sit right beside Light instead of across from him and one seat over. Not just close, but especially close, close enough for Kira to smell the low grade gasoline permanently embedded into the undercoating of his veneer along with the burnt scent of flesh. And, of course, sickly sweet strawberries.

"There are ways of finding out anything anyone wants to know. You just have to look."

Light couldn't help mouthing off to by saying. "We're not all gifted with Shinigami eyes."

Beyond nodded in a way that looked like a bird on speed. "It does have its advantages. But, even without, some things are always on the ready for you, somewhere." His wide eyes looked over Light's head then met back with his honey gaze.

Light hated that. If nothing about Beyond made him nervous, the fact that he kept glancing at his lifespan does. What's he seeing? Does he want to know? Would he tell him, if he asked? And what exactly is he going to do him in when the time comes? Will he write his name in his notebook as Ryuk had done to him? No true ties made. Just a business deal. He hadn't expected friendship from Ryuk, he wasn't the lovestruck Rem. Light would be insulted to find that out with as little of help as the skinned-rat looking Shinigami had been to him in regards to questions.

"Will you.. tell me about L?"

"What? I can?" He paused. "No. That shouldn't be a question. I'll tell you what I can."

Grabbing the plate of bread, he spread the slices out into a circle then proceeded to dump the jam over it. From there he smeared it around and around with the palm of his hand like he's saucing a pizza. He took one slice of bread then ate it casually as he pondered where to start.

"Errol Lawliet, age eight, date of birth you already know. He was a royal shut-away at that age, huge loner. He was arrogant, boring… but he was so exclusive that I couldn't keep away for too long. Besides, when you tell me no.." He shrugged out his hand as if to say B could finish the rest. And L was a BIG "No, no", which meant Beyond had to touch. "He and I were the first in Wammy's house. We ignored each other, it was an unspoken rule. He seemed fine with it, but I was restless. I liked that someone was there."

Light tried picturing all this: a young L, a young Beyond, the giant home from the photograph he saw last year after it went public that Watari, Quillish Wammy, had passed.

"I asked Mr. Wammy if I could play with L; why he was always locked up in his bedroom like some shedding Rapunzel," he tugged at his own short hair. "and he told me that L was very gifted and wanted to work. He told me that I was very gifted, so I should understand where Lawli was coming from."

Light wondered what kind of person that would create? To know other people are around but you're told not to bother them. As if you're a lesser being simply because your way is different than theirs'. Well. Looking at Beyond, knowing what he knows about him. He can imagine that sort of upbringing bred nothing good.

"I finally decided that I'm going to best L, in any way possible. If L was brilliant, than Beyond was more brilliant. If L was being lazy for the day, Beyond would die of sloth. And if L was the greatest detective, Beyond is the greatest criminal."

"Is that why you kill?"

Beyond's large eyes look dead serious at his companion and he said, in a voice just as serious as his gaze. "The world dies, why fuss about how we get there."

Light Yagami did not care for the reply. Nor did he care for the assessing look over his head.

"How.. old are you?" He asked when looking past the false flesh.

"Just two under your dearest. I'm going to be thirty-one."

0 0 0

Light retired to the library once dinner was over. His head is heavy with thoughts of all he's learned. L was so young when he died. Just 33 to his 29. He truly would have been dead by the pen of a death God, too, back then. Ryuk without remorse took his life away. However, he's alive. But how? Had Beyond brought him back with his death eraser? Could it do something like that? If the Semi-gami could call off a kill with it, could he restore a life already taken?

There are so many fascinating mysteries surrounding the killer notebook. He could probably burn through this lifetime and still never reach an end to all its facets. And to think, not long ago Light had believed the deceased detective's lie about being fatally shot, albeit on accident, by Matsuda during a raid on a cult that had his sister, Saiyu. Saiyu was not involved; she's still catatonic and being cared for by his mother, as far as he knows.

Light's finger took a place in the book, sandwiched between the pages as his mind continued to go back to the conversation he'd just had with Beyond. He knew L's last name, he'd read if from Rem's death note when he retrieved it after the detective's false death. Rem having killed Watari was enough to start the decay from the Shinigami rule that they cannot kill a human to protect another, she never got to fill out the rest of L's name; and having written it in the Japanese fashion, she started last name first.

'Errol…' He seems so human now. So normal.

A genius of a man. A world renowned detective. One who could best so many others, a man of brilliant deductive skills. No. Just, a man. Errol Lawliet. Would he like the world as it's becoming? Could he, Errol, understand Light's need for criminals to be punished, sentenced to death? People like Beyond, well, normal people as his new partner is anything but people and anything but 'normal'. But, L could have been killed by any normal person who was corrupt enough to harm another human being. But, he, Light as Kira would stop such people. A lot faster than the justice system. A lot faster than anything the boys in blue could do as they drive over to the location which the trouble is occurring.

Kira is the savior of this blossoming world. And soon everyone will know it. Even the deceased Errol Lawliet.

3 days later.

14 North st. Guildford. At a little shop called CeX; buy, sell and exchange technology and entertainment; ranging from mobile phones, video games, films, tablets, computers, cameras, iPods and digital electronics. Best cash prices paid instantly for sellers or exchange your old stuff for something new.

Matt looked over at the cameras by a long glance from the side of his sunglasses covered eyes; he's keeping his head lowered, face mostly down. Despite the bucket hat on his head, he's got to be cautious of someone recognizing him from all the: Be on the Lookout posters pasted around town thanks to Kira. He'd like to know what he told the police that they'd just red flag some guys simply because they oppose Kira's rule- alright, so maybe they shot a guy and aimed a few bullets at a cop. They didn't hit the cop, and insofar as they know Beyond is already dead! So what's the problem?

He stuffed his hand back into his pants pocket, as he realized what he was about to do was right at the level of defiling a grave. With a sigh, he adjusts the dust mask over his mouth and nose then walked over to the counter with his handful of video games.

"And your credit is four-forty-nine, sir." says the cashier when Matt is finally through waiting in line.

He'd left a handful of games at the counter to be checked over for store credits so that he could replace them with new games. Sliding the new purchases across to the clerk, he waited for them to get bagged after they're rung up.

"Glorious day, isn't it?" The clerk said with a bright smile on his slightly handsome face. If he had a nose job, he'd be a real looker. Well groomed hair slicked to the side, nice build for a forty something, only a couple little noticeable greys.

The gamer mumbled something along the lines of "whatever" or "who the hell cares", but he said it in a tone that was polite and almost cheerful. It's a projection thing. Not many people can help it. If someone snaps at you, you snap back. If someone is nice to you, well… yada, yada.

"Have a nice day!" The man waved as the customer started away.

Matt grinned and mumbled that he would.

It was like that all over town. Kindness of a stranger; gift horses of every variety, have a free soft-serve, why not accept a hug from a random person who decides they want to give you one. If he had his gun, he'd probably shoot someone.

Climbing into his car, he let out a breath of grievance. "You're already done?" He says to the passenger, who's gnawing on a chunk of special dark chocolate after having stirred it through a piping hot paper cup of cocoa.

"It doesn't take that long to pick out a shed." Replied Mello a little more aggressively than he'd meant to.

"Don't chew my head off, I'm on your side."

"I know. I'm not chewing your head off, I'm just fucking pissed and I don't know why."

Matt scoffed. Starting the car, he takes them down the street to the Albany Shed Co.; however, Mello waived for him to stop, pointing out that he take another street.

"Where're we going?"

"They're gonna deliver it for us, we don't have to pick it up."

"Oh." He took the appointed road and kept straight until instructed otherwise.

"Wearing goddamned face masks and hats; had I known Yagami was ogling us, I'd of burned his eyes out when he had amnesia."

"It'd be a waste; knowing him he has an eidetic memory."

"Yeah." Huffed the disgruntled blond. "Do you wanna hear something sickening?" He asked suddenly.

Seeing his laptop is open on his partner's lap, he took a guess at the news. "You caught Kira and Beyond making out on CCTV?"

"I said do you wanna hear something sickening, not me," he smiled, glad to be able to since he's left the house earlier today. "But, no. ...When I went to buy the shed.." he paused and grinned as he spoke his next words. It was a weird, tense grin of disbelief. "I wanted to take out my gun and order the guy to give me the damned thing for free."

Matt laughed and shook his head. "I can counter that with something pitiful, I wanted to walk off with my games without paying." He smiled hearing Mello laugh. "Goddd," the redhead groaned. "I hate that asshole so much I wanna break the law, just to oppose him."

"Me too." Confessed Mello, as that is exactly what he'd been getting at. "First fucking Kira and his new world order coming through, then the worm and his team show up at the house three days ago- What next, Lidner? The hits keep coming and the only release I've got is having to hear the damned news crews covering a fishing tournament or some dumb fair."

The redhead nods. He completely agrees. It's what he's feeling. Well, more or less. He doesn't care that Near and the others are living at the safehouse with them. The more the merrier- expendables that is. It can't be all them, all the time. They need foot soldiers. They have their soldiers, being the drones eyes in the sky. They've got four of them now. He's going to get them all soaring over the forest in search of a bunker or maybe even a hut like the one they currently bought at the gardening store.

He and Mello, most likely due to Near now living at the home, are going native with plans of living in a shed in the woods. At least for a bit. The droids don't have enough range from the manor, so they figure a mobile home is a better bet in finding the murderous pair. Because they are murderers. Beyond in the more traditional sense and Kira a massive case of 3rd degree manslaughter, because his hands are clean and yet he's killing people. He's like an assistant to gruesome suicides that he wills a person to commit.

"Die for me". Dark words that are whispered sweetly. And possessed, you do as asked. It's unfathomable to think he can do these things and remain, in his mind, blameless. Justified to it. Light Yagami is a true lunatic not a martyr.

"You've got me."

Mello spared Matt such a glance the redhead couldn't help but snicker. "Okay. Take up smoking."

"Fuck you." Teased Mello's shifting mood.


"Do you want me to crash us?" He shakes his head. Snapping a bite of chocolate from his candy bar, he watched the city turn into a forest.

"It could be fun. We played when we were kids."

"Yeah, but I was bored."

"I've got Ghost Recon.. it's Breakpoint?"

"I'll stick with solving anonymous crimes."

"Yeah, but when the news has been reduced to little more than petty thievery, kinda hard to do that."

"...I know. It seems like we're the only ones who know that." He sighed; consumed to gloom's side once again, he stared vacantly out the window. Except when you're a genius you so rarely get a moment of vacancy.

The world needs balance. This.. this unnatural joy and compliance… It's never going to last. He just hoped that when the dam broke the overspill doesn't touch down in the wrong place. He's not yet ready to die.

At the safe house.

'Even when the who, how, and why are known,' Near muses whilst shoving little plastic passengers into a bus. 'Cases are always complicated in some form. Maybe that's the hitch? The solution could be so simple, we're over shooting.'

The bus is shoved along the span of distance from where the detective is seated to where he left a 3 story house that is eye level to how he's seated. The tiny family is removed from the bus and made to walk over to the home where they're placed inside the kitchen. Some at the table, and the father and daughter are at the stove to cook lunch. Near's mumbles some dialogue then his actions pause as he continues thinking.

'Beyond must have a place somewhere here in town, he and Kira had enough time to acquire it while we were incapacitated.' His back straightened the deeper his inner dialogue continued. 'We could see B even for a bit with the inferred, and he left blood behind at the scene and along the path he took to escape. Was he headed home or just somewhere to recover?'

The Espinoza twins followed a trail of blood until the droplets came to an end in the center of town by a watch repair shop. Where the Shinigami went from there is a mystery. There were no immediate residential buildings around, so they couldn't pinpoint it.

'If the trail of blood stopped but no one saw him enter any of the buildings in the area… Did he staunch the bleeding with pressure or did he heal himself?' It was a disheartening thought. If Beyond can heal, they're in trouble. 'Or.. perhaps were not as bad off as it seems. If he can bleed then he can be hurt.' Looks like Mello and Matt's brash actions have struck gold again. Because even if the otherworldly being can heal himself he can take injuries. And with enough damage done, maybe he won't heal at all. 'We only need to attack him and find the point on him that doesn't heal the fastest.'

His thumb smoothed up the side of toy father he's holding, then with a bit of pressure from Near the arm popped free from its socket. The toy's other arm was next in getting dislodged as Near thought about how easily he'd take down the puffed up Kira. He may like to act as if he's a God, but Light Yagami is very much human. And all humans have a weak point.

'But where? Where would they hole up?' He shoves the arms back onto the toy. They're supposed to be working with the M's but Mello decided to take their search on location. Would they share what they find with them is anyone's guess. Best to continue on on their own end, then to speculate for too long. 'B has money, not from what he's made from school, but an offshore account under an alias Bohdan Boiko. Hn. A gift from God.' He scoffs at the translation. 'What a repulsive notion.'

"Near," Rester brought him a slip of paper. "I found the files you wanted on Boiko."

Near took the paper from his agent and read over them. "He used to live in four different places. That's interesting."

Rogelio asked. "What?"

"Beyond bought a home in Japan, where the Kira case originated." He wondered to himself out loud. "How long has he been watching it all play out?"

The gathered information also exposed that the criminal had an apartment in Bobigny, France; he worked in Boulangerie Saber, a bakery but for part-time. He made his real money, it would seem, taking private investigative work for people. It would seem his breeding never quite left him, despite his decision to become a serial killer in the end. According to Mello's notes, it's likely that Beyond only wanted to do it because he didn't want to bother besting L at his own game, he wanted to best him as the game.

He also took up residence here in the UK in a small rural town, as well as in South Africa. It wasn't a wonder why he would pick places less explored by most. When you want to fly under the radar, even when no one is looking for you, it's best to keep a plain face. No sudden or extravagant moves. Wouldn't want to call attention to one's self. And yet, he managed to stow away millions from the cases he's worked. And he'd worked a lot.

There was nothing too spectacular about his existence from the time of his death until presently. He just existed as any normal person. However, when Near's assessment caught site of the crime elevation, anytime B was in the area it had gone up 14%. What kind of sickness festers within him that he would hold normalcy then just take a life?

'With any luck Kira will no longer be a problem, because B will take care of him for us.' His gaze goes out the window as if on this clear day he could see into the possibility of that future.

Somewhere in the United Kingdom.

"Yeah.. that looks really cool, yo!" A hooded teen compliments another on their handy work of spray painting a building with their name. A big blue 50.

"I think so, too." says the artist whose voice is lighter, higher, feminine.

"What do you think is gonna happen when the police see this?" Asks another male of the 50.

The girl shrugged her shoulder. "Dunno… But, it'll be great if we can get his attention. I really wanna know what Kira thinks of me."

They laugh merrily then speed away from the location, off to mark another territory; laughing and joking in earnest about how great it would be if the almighty God feared them.

Somewhere in Surrey.

Light ended his joint communications meeting with the head managers of the psyche clinics. It's going global. It's a go; he's obtained co-operation from each location he's reached out to. Even as far as the United States! America doesn't often bend to the whims of one track thinking, but after the president was on-board the first time around during Kira's reign, what objections could they have now that he's returned. He only offers peace. That's all Kira wants. There may be a few tolls needed to be paid for it; but in the long run, the grand scale of it all.. The world will be better off. No one can really disagree with peace. And if you do, then you're truly wicked and thus must be punished. However, he is not a cruel spiteful God without mercy, unless provoked. Which is why he's got clinics set up for those who were accused of petty crimes like thievery, voyeurism, or skirting the tax man.

You head to the clinic for rehabilitation. Right your personal wrongs then return to society anew. It's no different than alcoholics, smokers, those hooked on drugs. You need to get the help you need to stop those filthy habits. Refuse and you'll be reported. And you only get the one shot, otherwise Retribution Pass. Death. Swift and Just.

It's a lot to keep track of. Times like these he misses lackeys like Teru Mikami. Loyal to the bone marrow. Obedient to a fault. He may have gone a little off at his end, but ultimately he was a good soldier. Crime rates are significantly down in the majors, though they still are happening from those who wish to test Kira's merit, but mostly the world is beginning to know better. Petty crime has yet to reach the lows of its father, but our sons are often hardest to teach. In example, the little group of grifters leaving graffiti all over town. They started this nonsense two days ago. They almost seem to be flaunting themselves. It doesn't matter. Let them get caught by the police and placed in rehab. Kira doesn't care about such nuisances.

In fact, they're so beneath his line of vision that he's going out tonight with Beyond. True. They could stay inside and watch a movie, but as Light has said one too many times in the past month and a half, he's losing his sanity of being indoors.

Three knocks on the door brought Light on his feet and over to the door before the only other person in the home could allow himself in. He's gone over some video footage from yesterday night and caught sight of Beyond in his room, standing at the foot of his bed just watching him sleep. He picked at his bottom lip a couple times, and shuffled closer to him to stand for a moment at the top of the bed, then he left. The room owner isn't sure if he wants to continue the secret filming of his roommate via his laptop camera or not. What if he finds out? He could wake him from his sleep in any number of harmful ways if it bothers him.

Despite their sudden outing, Beyond is another reason Light is going slowly mad, having no company other than him. He's fine to be around, but he's either too talkative or not talkative at all.

"I'm all finished with your disguise, here." He slings a face over to Light before the addressed is simply close enough to hand it to him.

Light studied the eyeball less, too human bit of skin. "This isn't..?"

"No, no, no. Only the experienced get to wear the real thing. You're too squeamish."

Yagami would have protested about being squeamish; however, really thinking it over, he probably would feel nauseous wearing someone's flesh. He'd rather Beyond didn't either, what with his killing people for it and all!

"It's beautiful work; one ninety-nine point nine percent silicone."

"And the other?"

"Thread for the eyebrows."

His expression gave Light the impression that could he, Beyond would have wriggled his eyebrows. He never really noticed it, but his face can be very flat-lined when he's not hyper-extending it. One of the downsides to wearing a mask, he supposed.

"I hope you don't mind; I went for the Mediteranean look." Cocking his head this way and that assessing the specimen, he grinned handsomely. "It works. No one will recognize you. And Yagami looook," he reached into the waistband of his jeans to remove a wig. "I thought you'd like to stay a brunet. A darker shade to go with your semi-darker look."

Fake skin, wigs. Life sure has become different in the past two months. He had a brief thought of what it would have been like had he ignored Beyond and fled once he momentarily killed him with the notebook. Hn. He'd probably still be playing second-fiddle to those entitled 'Alphabet Children'. Living in a world of continued and growing despair. Nope. Nope. Strange as this new existence is, it's the better option. The world is his oyster and he's finding nothing but pearls one nation at a time.

"Let me help you,"

Light felt himself shiver inside, he still hasn't gotten used to B touching him. Two months and some weeks and still the foreign touch remains foreign.

"It's going to be tight, and smell a little like rubber. Pat it when it itches, not if."

Light smiled at the sentence. It was ridiculous. Beyond often says ridiculous things that are somehow… sweet. Not all of him is bad.

B whistled once the face was perfectly secured. "Don't we look out of sorts, it can't be helped. Just try to be natural about it and it'll be fine."

Light touched his face. "It's really tight."

"Do you wear your natural skin loose?" He pinched the flesh on the back of his roommate's hand. "Supple. Gonna have to lotion on some tan for your hands."

"I could wear gloves."

Nodding, Beyond then walks to the door. "Let's leave, I don't want to miss the coming attractions."

"Yeah." He followed after the macabre homeowner.


Small crimes become large crimes. As does the criminal committing the small act. Latent criminals, is what Kira is calling them. The people who are sniffed out and put into rehab like a bunch of rats in a maze until they're released back into society, properly brainwashed and afraid.

Matt scrolled down the page with a huff of defeat. "Nothing. Nothing. Nuh-a-damned-thing." Shaking his head he then tapped on the screen a couple times to bring up the monitors the drones are on.

Mello looked at the screen divided into 5 parts, wondering how Matt could be focused on so many at once. But, he supposed that's the take away from playing video games. Hyper-attention on multiple things.

"So, you didn't have fun playing even one game with me?"

Mello looked at his partner with a bit of confusion, then blinked. Was he serious? "It's not like I said I was faking it in bed."

"You may just as well have. I cherished our game time when we were kids."

"I cherished our 'us' time, besides, it made us better partners. Does it matter if one of us didn't have fun?"

"When all this is said and done, we're gonna Mortal Kombat, and I'm kicking your ass."

"That's the only way you can kick my ass." Suddenly looking around the makeshift home away from home, he wondered if this little venture to the great outdoors will produce anything other than bored banter with Matt. "What are the odds they are actually in the center of town in some done-up hotel?"


"Mm." He knows he's right. The numbers are too stacked in the Pro pile for them to be in the city.

"I can only imagine what boring headlines are in the other countries news." Matt says, going back to the earlier complaint. "Imagine graffiti artist being a cause of concern." He huffed. "First walls then old ladies rear-ends." He smiled at the stupidity.

"Well, don't wanna devalue Kira's kingdom."

"I'm sure his highness will find somewhere else to sully as a throne." Standing, he walked over to the window and looked out into the darkness. He can't see a thing.

Mello slipped on some night vision goggles and looked around as if willing Kira or Beyond to pass by just by a lucky chance. But no one is there. The forest is massive. They may be at the wrong end of it. Maybe they should buy three more sheds and set up camp at each sector?

It wasn't a bad idea. Because to the North of their hideaway Beyond and the disguised Light are headed out of the woods and onto the streets of Guildford.

X x X

Commentary: I don't know if anyone watches or has watched Psycho Pass but that's what I'm going for. That show is just a perfect representation of all things Kira wanted from the world. It's the best show, if you ever can see it, you must see it- especially if you're a Light fan.

This chapter is shorter than I wanted, but that's the way it is. Thank you so much for reading, and reviewing. Thank you for favoriting and following it means a lot and I hope you stick with it.

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