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The night sky lay beautifully overhead; stars can be seen twinkling even through the glow of city lights. It was as if the evening was showing off diamond jewelry. It's a lovely time for a walk, or in the case of the pair it's a lovely night for a bike ride.

Passersby looked at Beyond and Light with eyes of concern that they're riding without protective gear, or an admiration that they're living it up, skirting about the foot traffic this late in the night on bicycles.

Light was enjoying the ride, but they reside awfully far out of the central area that by the time they reach the theater he'll of died from exhaustion. They might not even get to see the movie they're planning on seeing; but he's pacing himself; he's also getting some amusement out of watching people scatter to Beyond, who's plowing through them like he's got a complex with seeing rather large objects. Although, his mad cackle is telling that he knows exactly what he's doing.

"You still back there?!" The madman called over his shoulder.

"Of course, you think I can't keep up?"

"A little." He called back. Standing up in a crouch, one foot on the seat of the bike while the other leg is extended outwards like bizarre yoga training. "Vvvrrooom!" He exclaimed after kicking a young girl on the back, knocking her to the ground.

'What are the odds I can hang back far enough that no one assumes we're together?' wonders he disguised God.

Upon a disapproving rolling of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of the number 50 sprayed on the public library's brown brick. Lousy kids. They'll see the error of their ways in the rehabilitation ward. Surely one of the local bobbies will catch one and then he'll spill it where they can find the others. Kids are always like that; statistically, most of the crime lately is petty thievery because children aren't as quick to surrender as adults. He doesn't underestimate them. Anyone is able to kill. No one is so innocent. He's thought this way before having seen news reports just last year and early this one about kids creating violent situations for one another that lead to accidental manslaughter.

But, there's a cure for the adolescent sickness. Kira.

"All work, Levi." Beyond crooned beside him.

Light never agreed to any code name, but whatever.

"We're living tonight as men, just men. You are not a God and I am not a demi-God. We're just two men, Levi and uh…" He snapped his fingers, seeming to give real consideration to it as he even struck a pose of exaggerated thought with a hand rubbing his chin and the other placed on his hip. He didn't lose his balance, the bike remained straight and rolling along beside Light.


"Euw. Never. How 'bout Ben?" He threw out. "Born of the right hand, it means. Fitting." He hoots with laughter then tried. "Maybe Baga. It means true friend- am I your friend, Light?"

"If that's what you want." He doesn't care. He doesn't have to comply to the friendship wanted of him. Beyond seems to be doing a fine job imagining anyway. "And what about my code name? I don't get a choice?"

"Let's hear it,"

"...Llene. It means light."

"Mm." Nodding, he resumes his earlier speed. "Llene, we're almost there."

Thank goodness for that; 'Llene's' legs are shot.

0 0 0

"Violence in movies is so unrealistic," Beyond is saying as he dumps another six packets of sugar into his coffee.

After the movie ended, they were on their way home but had spotted a coffee shop and decided to stop in for a drink. Anyone else seeing Beyond would have blanched or commented on the assault of the beverage; however, this type of dressing for the caffeinated liquid was nothing new to the disguised Light; he's seen L do all kinds of horrific things to his coffee, tea, and food. L once spooned in an entire tub of Cool Whip into his double mocha then right after stirred the drink with a chocolate spoon. Once the cream settled, and the chocolate utensil nothing more than the handle it was attached to, the detective turned Light's stomach by adding marshmallows and chocolate sauce; he still has nightmares about the mug of cocoa with an entire bag of M&Ms melted into it.

Beyond brought Light from his thoughts, as he continued speaking. "I've beaten the puss out of someone before; there's a clear ooze that comes out when the skin splits. It turns red, then darkens as the blood cells lose oxygen."

"Really?" He knows Beyond isn't trying to make him nauseous, this, he's come to understand, is his topic of conversation.

"It's a fact you should know, the fastest way to heal a bruise is to have some milk."

"Consumed or rubbed on?"

"Consumed. I can't imagine rubbing milk on a wound would do anything..." Now there was a fun experiment. Spotting a cashier looking over by their table, he waved at her then he got up and wandered over. "Can I have a few more packets of sugar, please?"

"Umm, yes. But, you should know that there's a limit." She tried to sound bright and compensating about it. The guy's had 30 already! What was he trying to do, put them out of business? He's probably just pocketing them. She glanced down at his pants wishing right away that she hadn't, because he noticed and quickly turned out his pockets as if he read her mind.

"The customer is always right. I'm in the right to have as many packets of sweetener as I like. I like a lot."

"Okay, but, please.. I don't want to get in trouble with the manager."

"So where's the manager?"

"In his office, but I think he might have gone home early from a cold." She poorly lied.

"Is there a problem, miss? Is he bothering you?" Came a smooth voice belonging to an even more enticing face.

The cashier adjusted her braided ponytail, then shook her head. "Nothing at all, your friend was just asking for more sugars for your table." Her giddiness embarrassed her by a sudden, too loud laugh. "Please, have all you like."

Light grinned, killing the woman outright, to a degree that she couldn't stop herself from muttering.

"So handsome."

Beyond caught the words his companion did not. Grinning at her, he says. "Aa. I see. You're attracted to me and wanted a dialogue to pass between us."


"I'm too much for you to handle," he smartly replied.

The cashier was ready to hard object; she's never seen someone so ugly as the man before her. And his expression is so stiff, his gaze too far off, has he blinked once since he came over?

"Can we finish our drinks some time tonight?" Light latches onto B by the shoulders. "Excuse him, he's not what you would call a 'People person'."

Beyond's Cheshire grin stretched, threatening the elasticity of the mask. "My person is actually made of all kinds of people. Wanna fit in?"

"Bugger, not with you! You're disgusting, and rude." Declared the woman, having had enough. Why fight it anymore. If this freak wants a rise, he'll get it. She can't believe someone as suave and sophisticated as the beautiful Mediterranean man knows the bully with the sugar fixation. "I've got half a mind to report you to the Retribution Pass, let Kira handle you."

That was a hot one. Beyond responded with a snort before leaning in close to the cashier. "It's Beyond Birthday, spelled as it is, Judi Clarke."

Light groaned inwardly when the woman's brazen demeanor changed to that of fear. She has her nametag on, so it makes sense that B, and all patrons know that much, but not her surname. "Sir, please..." Her tone changed. Desperate. Fatigued. Co-worker walk her to her car once closing came change in tone.

"One, four, twenty-nineteen." He retorts to her gentle "please don't come back to the counter" attitude.

Confused, Judi smiles away the blink of stress that flashed across her freckled face. "Sure. Have a nice stay." The packs of sugar are slid across the counter to him.

Beyond glanced over her head before swiping up the offering, then he grotesquely backed away from the counter, not turning until he passed a table with a lovely young couple having a cake together. The unpleasant patron placed his hand on the woman's shoulder. "My condolences." B said just to her before returning to his table.

The newly weds glanced at each other then cast a suspicious eye on the stranger.

"What did you say to them?" Light asked when seeing the couple as they just then look away to eat the sweet they'd ordered.

"Nothing. This place is running low on sugar packets, thanks to someone hogging them all." And doesn't he believe that he isn't the guilty culprit. "Hn Can you imagine if Judi actually reports me?" He snickers.

"You're awfully cocky. Could it be because you know Kira?"

Beyond looked dumbstruck. "Is that why I'm cocky? So what have I been all those years before you? An aggressive top?"

"Frank? Frank?!" The young woman cried out at her fiancé's sudden collapse. "No! No!"

The whispers began. Is it Kira? Was he judged? She's lucky to have found out now before Frank could hurt her. The weeping woman is on her phone calling for an ambulance before asking if anyone is a doctor?

Light blinked at the tragic sight before asking. "What did you do?"

"I've done nothing wrong. This is the fault of man." He takes a long swig from his caffeine flavored drink of sugar. "She's wasting her money on that ambulance, he's dead."

"What happened?" Asked a helpful patron, whether he's a doctor or not is unknown.

"He.. we.." The deceased man's fiancee began to explain. Her words struggled to get out. "We were just eating and he collapsed."

"Does he have an allergy?"

"Not to cake. He has a peanut allergy."

The staff exchanged looks. A brave waiter walked over. "Um.. tonight we added blended almonds to the butter cream, it was in the pumpkin spice loaf."

"You... you did this?"

"But it was an accident," the other staff nod.

The woman shrieked and cried, cursing them to Hell. Demanding they be on the R.P. board for judgement. Who does something like that? Who puts allergens into things without warning? They deserve to be fired. They deserve to die!

Seeing the guilty chef peeking through the window, looking quite green, B turns his steady gaze to his companion cocking his head in the direction of the kitchen to point him out. "His name is Isaac Smith," he grinned. "So what are you going to do, Kira?"

The pair left the coffee shop after paying, then head for home on foot; walking the bikes beside them. Light and B weren't the only ones leaving in a pair, the futally called for ambulance left with two bodies. One with a peanut allergy and the other, a pastry chef, who'd had too great a shock that he had a heart attack.

0 0 0

"It appears that Matt and Mello have found it as well." The young detective speculated to himself. He'd been playing with a rocket ship with a real working hatch that houses two astronauts, when the monitor beeped its success in locating a target.

The team gathered as the night vision scope illuminated a large building practically in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest. It could just be the mansion of an eccentric millionaire or it could be Kira's hideout. It doesn't matter if they only end up startling the former, just as long as they have somewhere to cross off of the long list of anywhere. Near's observation came about as they watch two fast paced glowing green dots headed towards the building.

"Should we head out there and back them up?" Rester looked at his boss awaiting a command.

"Of course, this isn't just Kira anymore, he has backup. Commander Rester, you and Gemma head to the mansion. Espinozas, find the fastest route to the road and set up a block in case they try to escape."

Gevanni, again feeling left out, stood as if to quietly ask what it is that he could do. Surely there's some task to be performed.

"Gevanni, you stay here. Seraphim, have you got a rifle with a night scope?"

Though very opposed to them, the young woman is an excellent marksmen. She gave a curt nod to the question, the dangling cross earrings swung like a pendulum from the movement. Ready to slice through the belly of any evil doer.

"Good. Go with the others, but head to mansion on your own. Close enough to have anyone going in or out within range."

"Yes, Near." She exits the room.

"Near, what can I do?"

"You're here to protect me. As well as R." R who is currently sleeping in an upstairs bedroom. "If this is about us, then I should tell you that I'm more interested in stopping Kira and killing the man who murdered L, than having a relationship or indulging in sex. Focus, or go home to Peoria."

How embarrassing. Has he really become that much of a predator that Near thinks that that is what his restlessness is about? He misses it, sure, but not to a degree he'd put his job second. He wants to help. Capturing Kira, and killing the otherworldly stranger is top priority. He needs to be of use.

"I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean it in that way. I just want to be useful, and it seems that I've been swept aside as little more than a driver."

Near smirked, if that odd look could be called a smirk. "You are being useful. You're here. If whatever happens turns out to bypass our favor, it's up to you to monitor the escape route, and then you'll tail them. You're the best agent I have for dogging after someone, I thought you knew that?"

How deep does a shade of red go, before it's just considered black? That's about the strength of his blushed embarrassment. How could he have forgotten? He was even complimented by the young detective for shadowing Teru Mikami so perfectly, that the man only assumed something was wrong when he was meant to. Too hormonal, that's how he got tripped up from his situation. Possibly thinking that their illicit affair was a sort of favoritism. No more. Time to be professional. The right left hand for the job. His green gaze turned to the monitor, his back is a bit stiff when feeling his boss's gaze still upon him. The tension eased when Near began making beeping sounds and making his astronauts walk on the moon.

Ten minutes earlier, in the remote tool shed.

Snap. Snap. Snap-snap. Matt's brows furrowed, and he cast a sidelong glance at Mello who's creating the steadily nerve shattering sound in the near quiet of the forest, nothing but crickets and the snap, snap, snap while the pensive blond eats chocolate bar after chocolate bar to kill time.

"Mello," he began, but his words stopped in their tracks. He jolted up and stared at the screen. "Look! Look! There's a building!" He nearly dropped the drone remote control as his partner slammed into his side to look at the monitor screen. The third drone is currently set to hover and it has a large home in its view. "This could be it!"

Mello punched Matt's shoulder to congratulate him before getting up to hurry to and out of the door. Matt was just about to tell his hasty partner to slow down as he didn't even have the specks to locate the building, but Mello shouted over his shoulder that he move his ass. Stuffing his removed gun back into the secret pocket in his favorite vest, the techie got the coordinates and rushed out of the shed himself, taking the lead.

It was a long shot from their position. The home stands far North of the shed. On foot it took them roughly seventeen minutes just to hear the drone overhead and an additional six until they reached the mansion. The pair full sprinted the entirety of it, it sounded like there were 12 Mello's snapping on chocolate bars as their boots destroyed the resting place of long dead and fallen forest. Feeling worse for wear by the end of the journey, their lungs burned as they hunched over catching their breaths. It wasn't from being out of shape, but rather being pumped full of adrenaline. They've been in standby-mode for much too long, and now it was finally going to pay off.

The M pair burst through the door, finding an empty foyer as their greeter. Looking left then right they see a pair of doors, one at each side. Should they split up or stay together was an issue, but one Mello decided on by cocking his head to the right instructing Matt to follow him.

They're quieter than mice; mice make a little scratching sound as they cross the threshold, the two of them are practically hovering they've managed to remain in such a silent state. So there was no wonder that when they made it upstairs and through the long dark hall, visible to them with their night vision goggles, the sleeping Light only managed to open his eyes when the bedroom door swung open and hit the wall.

Light's honey-brown eyes widen in surprise; they were going to remain permanently in a state of shock as the first bullet slammed into his chest shattering his collarbone. The second struck his cheek and the third was courtesy of Matt, who sent a hot shot of metal right between the murdering God's startled gaze. Kira's head smacked back against the headboard before his lifeless body fell forward in a painful angle for anyone who is non-flexible. Hn. The irony of it considering Light is so inflexible about his beliefs.

They did it. It's over.

A grin broke out on their face. It's over! Light's dead. But before they could laugh, a dark presence made itself known behind them. Matt turned his head just in time to see B's arm swinging upwards before it caught Mello in the throat.

Blood shot from his partner's mouth right into his face as he began to choke on the pooling red liquid, it tasted of metal like the cool steel currently being yanked free from it's nestle. Mello's hand came up to his throat and he staggered into the bedroom until dropping to the floor.

"B, don't..." The redhead tried to bargain, but he was too late as the knife wielded for him next.

Matt blinked from his thoughts. Posture slumped he let out a soft groan. 'Fuck. Why does it always have to be death? Can't for once we just laugh it off, tell each other we won't do it again. Then return to our neutral corners to find some new, less supernatural way to fuck each other over?' Hearing Mello cock a bullet into the barrel, he smirked. 'Naah, screw it. It's just not my style.' He mimicked his lover's actions and then followed him to the front door.

Everyone knows that during such occasions the front is an avoidance, but why? To be honest, everyone expects someone who's sneaking in to do so from a side window, through the back, even up a trellis somewhere. But the front door is unmanned as it's been silently dubbed 'The Unthinkable Entrance'.

Mello knelt down and picked the lock, before opening the door in full, he stuff just his hand inside waving it around. Matt took a step back just enough to check the windows for movement when after a minute or two of doing a silent alarm check no one came running.

The blond enforcer nods then shoved the door open gaining them access inside.

"Let's split up. Shoot first, brag about killing him while he's dying."

His partner nodded. "And Beyond."

"Don't engage. If they're together… set your radio on static so I can hear it, I'll come and find you- same for me."

Giving a thumbs up, he quietly parted from Mello to check out the right area of the silent and dark home.


Mello had to say he's proud of himself. For as pricked as his nerves are, he's got a steadiness to his breathing so it's not coming out loud and erratic to give him away. He finished searching his half of the home downstairs and has currently moved upstairs. There were no downstairs bedrooms; however, there was plenty of proof that the home is lived in. Food in the refrigerator had beads from steam rising off of it to fog the container its been put into. Recent meals are telling, and so was the copious amounts of strawberry jam. Beyond's favorite. Everyone knows it. What few times he was at the home before he gave the place the finger, B stuffed liters of the stuff down his throat.

This is definitely their hideout.

Now to find the two mutated rats that dwell in the cave…

Matt gently pushed open a door, peeking inside he's left curious as to why a room is nothing more than a nook with a door to get inside it. Unless. Smoothing his hand across the wall, he feels for a 'give' that might push open a secret room. Bingo!


Behind the hidden panel there's a young woman sitting on the floor. Her arms are tied behind her back and her head is covered in a brown potato sack. She began thrashing frantically upon hearing someone enter the hiding space, undoubtedly believing it to be her captor, returning to do more damage. He used the light on his gun to check the state of her. Bruises colored her legs all sorts of nasty shades. There's blood on her bra just beneath the right breast.

"I'll help you, just hold on." He stuff his gun into the band of his jeans then knelt down to remove the bag. "Are you.. real?" He had time only to wonder before he got his answer and a sort of gas sprayed from the doll's mouth and eyes right into his face!

'Is that laughter?' Mello wondered as he carefully rounded the corner of the east wing of the home. 'It sounds like Matt…' There was no time to check on him; he wasn't sending out the S.O.S anyway.

He approached a cracked door, and he peeked inside. Yagami! Kicking the door open, he had a split second to align his aim then he fired two rounds both cranial. The enforcer smirked with mirth as the alleged God turned his head just in time to meet the bullets to his brain. Light's body staggered back two steps before it fell to the floor with a loud thump.

'What the hell..?' his glee turned quickly to concern because Kira's weight should have been heavier, unless the guy's been starving himself for two months but going by the contents in the fridge it's not likely.

He walked over to the corpse and knelt down to inspect it.

"This is a mannequin?"

More like a marionette. The very one that had fooled Matt, once upon a time, and had the red-head been the one to go upstairs he would have likely been fooled by it again. Mello had seen it move, right? He didn't imagine it, the thing turned its head! Looking around to ensure he's alone, he set down his gun to inspect the dummy. Turning the things head left then right, he shoved his hand between its lips and teeth. Pretty lifelike- it even has a tongue.

He wiped his gloved fingers off on the hip of his leather pants.

Some floral scent caught his attention, looking around for the source he sees no vase of flowers or even a bottle of cologne. Well, it is pretty boy's room, maybe it's just lingering scent. Rising to stand he turned around and found himself dodging a punch thrown his way!

Mello stumbled over the dummy's body, falling to the floor. His hand luckily landed on his handgun, and picking it up he was able to fire at Beyond, who's swinging at him mercilessly with a machete.

"Ah!" He yelled when the tip of the blade met with his forearm that's doing its best to shield him.

Not a chance for that kind of miracle as arms don't amount to armour. He used the butt of his handgun to bat away the assault, and used the breadth of the moment when it flung sideways to get himself up off the floor and run. Setting the earpiece to static, he bolted from the home as quickly as he could, but for some reason he couldn't find the way out! He went left then right in the hallway but only found himself in bedrooms.

The machete wielding Semi-gami decided to bring out the big guns because things went from possible for an escape to Texas Chainsaw Massacre in a second. The whirling ring of teeth, dull when still, but sharp as death when moving around and around its base bit through the wall, through the air, but thank whatever God is on his side, it didn't bite through Mello's hair as he ducked just in time to miss being nicked when he left a bedroom Beyond was just about to enter. He used the passing between them to put a couple rounds into the madman's body, but it did no good. He was too pumped up and Mello's weapon wasn't mighty enough to drop him- not from a shot to the body anyway.

"Matt!" He called out for his backup, but as he fled down the stairs he saw freedom through the open doors; he also spotted Matt outside really laughing it up. "Matt!" He passed through the exit; grabbing the giggler by the upper arm he hurried away with him into the cover of night and thick trees, glad to be out of that funhouse.

S, who's stationed in a tree, sniper rifle in hand, watched Mello flee the mansion pause long enough to take a swipe at the air before he bolted into the woods. 'What's gotten into him?' she wondered before returning her gaze to the home. The last thing she needed was to miss her shot of either home dweller if they're chasing Mello.

Segourney Hurst, a woman of 28 years of age was a talent of Wammy's home. She never missed a lesson in any class. Got excellent grades- as did they all- but she would overshoot the assignment. It was her way. To do it past the best of her abilities. She believes firmly in right and wrong; which is why, as the investigation of Kira began she empathised with the mysterious being claiming to be God of the new world. He just wanted things to be safe. He wanted a world where people could walk out of their home and not bless theirself- as she often does- because today might be the day when mankind decided to break the unspoken rule and take a life. He was doing his best past his abilities as she would. It was understandable, even commendable.

She silently cheered for his efforts. Wrong as they are in the eyes of their true God. But, there is no sacrifice too great for someone with an extraordinary ability, that they don't end up a martyr. That was how she felt up until he began to kill anyone who got in his way. He took L. A brilliant life removed because he felt he had to do it. That did not sit right with her. She prayed often that this mysterious god could see his error and resume killing only those who need to be punished. But, alas, he continued killing at his own need. Matt was gone. Mello gone. They were all found alive, but for how long now? Miracles happen but not often enough.

So she decided to join the Death Note Prevention Force. She desperately wants to help out, and see an end to this twisted God's reign. Because now L truly is gone. Which one of her dear friends will be next? S has often been called 'Mother' in the home. She was the most helpful of the children to the younger ones. Made sure they ate. Made sure they were clean, and always all accounted for whenever they left the house. The name was just adopted to her- even when sometimes she was younger than the person she cared for. Although her code name derives from a holy angelicness given to her by her faith in the true God.

But even an angel can be set to kill by evolving into one of God's protectors, an Arc Angel.

Kira wasn't killing just criminals, but free will. He is scaring the will from humanity. That isn't God. That's unforgivable.

And now. She can truly protect her children. With a single bullet against her moral code.. she'll end a life tonight.

"Commander Rester, I'm in position and waiting to fire." She reports.

"So am I." Replied the calm voice through the other end of the headset. "Good luck."

She knew she wouldn't need it. Adjusting her reading glasses, she resumed her aim at the entrance of the home.


"A chainsaw, really?!" Mello declared to his enemy in disbelief. With any luck the madman will cut off his own head fucking around and do them all a favor. Looking to his partner he blinks, confused. "Matt, what the hell was so funny?" Looking around, he sees no one. "Matty?"

His greenlighted lover was nowhere to be seen. What happened to him? Where'd he go? He winced from the pain on his arm, but realized he didn't actually feel anything. Removing his hand that was bracing the bleeding mess, he sees no blood and more notably no cut. And wasn't the night air sobering. Fuck! He was hallucinating! It must have been from that flower smell.

"So where the hell is Matt?" Rounding the tree, a lot less fear in his veins, he returned to the empty funhouse to retrieve his partner.

At the park.

Beyond looked at his Smartwatch and snickers; and people say technology shouldn't be too present in life. It's well paid for securtiy! Tapping Light with the back of his hand he leaned the device over to him so he could see as well.

"Ahaha," Light let out his amusement at the sight of Matt laughing hysterically into the face of a marionette. In the split screen he saw a moment of Mello aiming a gun before the feed died.

"I don't mean to alarm you, but I don't think Mello is a fan." He lowered his wrist. "In any case, we can't go home. What do you want to do?"

"There is something.."


"How do you feel about going to Japan?"

"Oh great, now I have to buy a wardrobe." Getting up from the bench, he says. "I've only got one thing to wear." He stuffed his hands into his pockets, and ambled off. "Be sure to buy two tickets, wait for me at the airport."

It was time. Light decided. It was actually long overdue to be honest. Time to return home.

At a select street, in a specific home, a young formerly engaged woman grabbed a bottle of pills from a grocery bag. She just came in from shopping, after wandering the city. Her two now a one, as she faces the approaching alone. She shouldn't be like this.. She knows it. But, the notion that she could be strong without him just seemed like a lie. He was always there for her, good times and bad. He never made a fuss about the little things, and supported her on the big things. He kept her grounded. And now he's in the ground. But, after tonight, so too shall she be.

Grabbing orange juice from the fridge, she teared up while looking at it. He always drank from the cartoon. How that used to bug her so much; there was once bread crumbs from toast on the lip of the milk carton! Oh they had words then, it was disgusting! But now.. now even the times when he plucked her nerves seem trivial but meaningful. At least they'll never have to find out that they'd grow apart someday. Not much of a silver lining, but it makes her feel better. However, it isn't enough to get her steady, or to stand her up straight from the mental collapse. She's never been that strong. Not on her own. Which is why she bought sleeping pills before coming home.

"Wait for me, Frank." She whispered as the first pill landed on her tongue.

She smiled, she can almost feel his arms around her. She wrapped her arms around her chest and held the mental image and feeling of her fiancé there. It feels so real. Her eyes grow wide as the too real feeling hands foreal crawl up her arms. The distraught woman's breath hitched, and tried to get a hold of herself, to tell her mind it was just the sleeping pills and not some Nightmare on Elm st. Live from her home. No. This is...

She spun around to dislodge the phantom touch, there, of course, was no one there. Breathing heavy, too audible in the lonely house, she raised the bottle of sleeping pills into the dull light over the stove and read: do not take with citris liquids.

'I better get some water,' the woman wondered over to the sink. For some reason she caught herself smiling. Was she really worrying about side effects considering what she plans on doing? It was so ridiculous that it's funny. It was nice to have had one more laugh because of her veloved Frank. 'When did I fill up the sink?' she wondered while looking into a water filled basin.

She suddenly became intimately close to the water, not because she'd wanted to, but because she was forced to. Strong hands have her clamped by the throat, squeezing like a screw at its limit but being pushed for more by the one wielding the wrench. She screamed, audible to herself and the person close enough to her, the one who is either going to strangle or suffocate her, to have heard.

"You brought this little visit on." A voice behind her states in a gravelly tone. "You could have been sad and moved on, maybe could find yourself a better Frank. But, you decided the end is best. What's it gonna be Isla Hardy? Will you take your own life, or give it to me?" His grip gave just a bit more pressure.

The unseen attacker was for sure not going to let her up. What can she do? Hold her breath until she dies or let this intruder squeeze the life out of her? Her face bobbed up and down though not enough to give her a brief moment of needed oxygen. She felt lightheadedness, her eyelids sagged. Upon trying to alert herself to stay conscious she wound up snorting water through her nose. The liquid burned nasty as it pooled in her throat and stayed their trapped. She tried to swallow it but became so sleepy. Her body spasmed as her throat axphixiated. She flails uncontrollably for three minutes before her wet body slides limp to the floor.

Beyond removed his death note and wrote in it. "Is it possible to die of sadness? No. Is it possible to die because you're sad? Yes." Shoving the book back into it's satchel, he looked down at her lifeless body. Nothing seemed especially appealing to harvest, she he left her alone. She was alone anyway, wasn't she? Isla seemed to think so as he watched her counter to the ripe old age of 87 flicker down to a mere handful of hours, as she came to grief in the restaurant. Checking his watch, he sees he's got twenty minutes until the flight to Tokyo leaves. Better get a move on.

Isla Hardy, suicide due to loss.

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