Another Note: Kira's Ghost

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Horikoshi high school, Nakano, Tokyo.

Uchi sat in class another day feeling nauseous. Nauseousness from guilt. Guilt brought on by a lie. A lie he told a couple years back about a friend of his, Akira. According to Uchi, Akira, his dear friend since age 9, raped his sister. He'd shown interest in her as they were growing up, she, being a couple years older than them was into the dating scene quite often. A little too often, as one year she had a pregnancy scare. Their father was livid. He was absolutely out for blood. And he shouted and fumed and demanded to know who was the guy his precious daughter had slept with?

That's when Uchi said it. The lie. Administered like a doctor would prescribe and give pain reliever. Foul tasting, but affective towards the cause of making a bad situation better.

"There was no guy, dad," he'd said to his enraged father. "Sis' was raped,"

His sister, who at the time was seated at the kitchen table feeling absolutely low and self-loathing, turned and looked at her brother with a new light. Raped! Of course! Why hadn't she thought of that? It was better than being seen as a slut. Losing the respect her family once had for her.

"Did you see his face; did you know him?" Their father asked; his rage was muddled, mixed then with concern, care, and a sense of a need for justice.

"It was Akira."

The statement sat cold in the air. A cold ghostly mist made by the coming manslaughter of an innocent person's character. But Akira wasn't completely innocent. He has done something wrong. He'd done it to Uchi. The damned fool said that he was covering up his feelings, that the person he was in love with was him. Then he tried to... the fool tried to kiss him! He tasted bile in his mouth even at the memory. He felt betrayed. He used to do everything with Akira, he'd even gotten undressed around him! Not once up until he'd exposed himself with the truth would he have guessed that his best friend was a faggot. He was mad. He wanted to ensure Akira's name was never uttered around him again. So he lied. He said his former best friend had raped his sister. Shiori backed him up, once the shock wore off.

The lie got Akira in a lot of trouble. He was expelled from school; he would have taken time away anyhow because everyone heard what he'd done. The girls turned up their noses, whispered, leered in disgusted anger. The boys, at first, cheered privately simply because Akira had sex, but then the reality set in of how and they became more upset than the girls. Some of them had girlfriends! Would the sick fuck force himself on them, if he liked them and they said no to leaving them for Akira. Others were pissed to physical violence because it could have been their sister who was attacked. No girls at school would trust the boys for a long time.

The situation grew and grew until it was a monster. A monster that got Akira killed by a much bigger force. Kira.

Two years later, Shiori landed herself a permanent boyfriend. They were quickly engaged to be married. The situation with Akira was long since thinned out to nothing. Until... The happy couple wanted to start a family as soon as possible. They visited the family planning doctor for this. So it came up in the medical examination. A past lie that had actually diluted over time was brought back to life because that's the nature of the beast. It can't destroy and be done. It continues to rampage even if it's become dormant for a while. How often, if ever, has a lie turned into "Oh, that, I just made it up. No harm done"? pretty much never.

And so, the dearly engaged wanted justice far greater than the repulsed rebuff the world had given the innocent Akira. And he wrote his name on the Retribution Pass board for evaluating. And around 9 o'clock p.m. Akira Honda died of a heart attack when heading up to his bedroom to sleep.

For two years, after the lie and before his death, Uchi has been feeling guilty. For lying. For turning on his once best friend just because it turned out that he'd developed a crush on him. He thought it was disgusting! He thought it meant Akira would always be hitting on him. But as time passed, and he saw less and less of his former friend.. even around the neighborhood... His heart ached. And the few times he did catch a glimpse of him, he barely recognized Akira, he was so... gone. He missed him. He'd even gone so far as to watch shounen ai to try understanding him. He didn't, but that didn't mean that he couldn't.

Then, the morning after Akira's unknown death, Uchi came to school and chose the seat in back where his former friend hides from the other students, students who likely knew nothing about the lie since it was two years old by now and what do they care; but the taint in his friend's mind kept him as self-punished. He was going to release Akira from prison. A simple "hi", set in the tone of 'remember our good old times'. It would be all that was needed. The rest they'd save for after school. But it didn't happen that way. And, when the teacher entered the classroom; his face grim, his manner polite, and he asked that Akira's parents enter the room. It was then that he was informed that his former best friend, of whom he wanted a friendship repaired, was dead. Judged.

All because he lied.

It was unfair what had happened to Akira; Kira didn't get it right. He should have known the truth, right? Gods should know truths. He and his family should have been judged.

1 week after the shocking news, he was about to cease his existence when he came across a kid, couldn't be more than 13 maybe 16? It was hard to tell she looked so young. But she asked him why he was dragging a rope along behind him, to which he replied he wanted to hang himself off the Nakano-hashi bridge.

"Why do that? Come with me, we should talk."

And so they talked, and by the end of the conversation he'd joined 50. Unsure really of the endgame. But he knows his reason to be there is perfectly aligned with why they are the 50. Kira can be wrong. He needs to know that he isn't always justice.

M.T. Symposium. Shibuya, Tokyo.

"I'm here to see Sayu Yagami."

He and B left the airport coming promptly to the symposium without first stopping off at a hotel or a restaurant. It was a trip that's all business and no filler. However, Light couldn't say his emotions at this point were all so cut-and-dry. This is his home turf. Where he was born; not just Light Yagami but the God of the new world, Kira. In London he didn't realize he'd been holding his breath until he walked into the train and was brought farther into the city; the fish breaking free of the hook, fluttering powerfully back into the depths of the ocean where it belongs. He can't exactly say he's any safer here than in England, although he's quite familiar with the law enforcement here. So maybe he is better off. Hn. They presume him dead anyway, as far as he knows.

"Sayu Yagami? I'm sorry, she's no longer with us."

Sayu? No longer with them... Was that a joke? His sister can't be dead. She was catatonic not ailing. How can she no longer be here? Unless it was a suicide; had Sayu woke from her vegetative state and decided right then and there that she just couldn't take it in society amongst the bad people anymore? Her father and brother were gone, her mother too devastated by it to really be present. So she just took her own life? No way. Not Sayu.

"But how can she be dead? Was no one watching her?"

The clerk blinked to express his confusion. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that. I meant she's no longer at this facility. We had to do some reevaluating, she's now at the Rehabilitation Center for Latent Criminals."

This time it was Light's turn to blink in baffled confusion. Sayu. His knuckle-headed though good as oxygen, academic shirking little sister a latent criminal in the R.C.L.C program? That's the dumbest thing he's ever heard! The worst she's ever done was leave fruit peels on the countertops back at home. She's terrified of spiders but still finds a way to remove them without death or harm.

"You're mistaken. Sayu Yagami isn't a latent criminal." Argued the person in the room who knows the young woman best.

"According to the new rules and regulations we're supposed to follow in regards to mental health, she is."

Light's jaw clenched; Beyond, as if he had been a mannequin up until now, moved his head with interest by cocking it to gauge his companion's reaction. The nonliving thing coming to life seemed befitting as a description due to the jerky movement of B's neck as its start and stop craning lends to the imagery. "That's complete nonsense."

"I'm sorry, but it's true. I can give you the address to the center, if you'd like to stop by. I think she's allowed visitors now."

This was insane! His sister should not be in a rehabilitation center. She should be here under a doctor's care. Not forced into the calming program of reprogramming troublemakers. What idiot evaluated her to come to that conclusion for treatment? And where was his mother in the matter? He needs to stop at home. Reveal himself as alive, and then help his mother get Sayu back into the symposium for care before the young woman truly does develop problems.


The gold plate in the front gate brick wall still reads: 谷上 Yagami. At least someone is on his side for that much.

"I'm good with mothers. Want me to stay outside?" His words seem to be at odds with each other; why stay outside if intentions are on good behavior?

"Just let me have six minutes, then you can come in."

B made the sign for "gotcha", before becoming inanimate again leaning up against the brick wall. A pity. He wanted to watch the woman's eyes light up as her beloved son has returned from the grave. A smile stretched his false skin at the image of the opposite reaction happened; Sachiko could get spooked by the walking dead and try to kill him to defend herself. He barked laughter at the idea of her succeeding. Hoo boy! Then she'd really see a show!

Light ignored the sudden laugh from his companion; Beyond was free to amuse himself any way he sees fit; so long as it didn't kill an innocent person, that is. The spare key remained in the same place of two rocks over from the front door, and buried under the small garden that's covered with mulch. The house was calm. Quiet. Too quiet. Light stepped inside, closing the door behind him. He doesn't call for her, merely walked through the mist of ghostly recollections. The cramming for test in the living room at the coffee table when he was 6. Getting dressed, begrudgingly, to play the lead in the class pageant; he was the only kid who could remember all the lines, so of course he'd gotten the lead. His first missing tooth experience in the downstairs bathroom.

The kitchen where at age 14 he helped his father solve an insurance fraud case. The memories went on as he wandered up the stairs to his bedroom. He wrote his first name in the killer notebook in this bedroom. Kurou Otoharada. It was just a test, a test that blossomed into a God. A God that's sculpting this world into his likeness. To have an entire planet follow in his ideals of a crime free existence.

The system is flawed.

He had to realize this as he arrived at the Rehabilitation Center on the East side of town.

"I'm here to see Sayu Yagami." He says to the woman behind the desk. He flashed an old lamenent he had stored in his bedroom from when he was on the task force. It's a gold card, key to the city, tit-flashing for beads at a Marde Gras means to get into anywhere. And he fully intends to use it anywhere and at anytime.

"Another cop friend," commented the clerk; her finger rubbed beneath her nose as if it smelled funny to her. "certainly is popular with that crowd, for a vegetable."

'Die.' Light thought while keeping his expression neutral. "She was involved with the Kira case last year, she'd been abducted."

"I know all about that." She shrugged. "Well, sorta. It was vaguely mentioned on the late night news."

"It was traumatic, which is why she needs to be back at the hospital in Shibuya."

"You're going to have to take that up with her doctor."

"Then let me see the doctor, please."

She nodded, saying of course. "Right through there." She said, once telling him that he or she had a visitor coming in.

He passed through the door. The difference was a complete mirror. Where he was once in a near silence his hearing is enveloped in the sound of screams and pleads to make something or someone stop. Beyond followed quietly, but interested, as he held his gaze longer than a peek through the large windows of each room they passed, looking in at the patients.

"Welcome, Mr. Sugumo, come in, come in." The short doctor is walking away from the door towards his desk. "And who's this fine fellow? A coming patient you're checking in?"

Beyond gave a snort. This place couldn't rehabilitate him if he had amnesia and thought he was a female kangaroo, despite being given photo proof that he is neither female nor animal. He winked at the doctor; the man glanced at him then quickly, as if mistaken about the gesture, glanced again as if he thought that by looking back it would happen again. It does not.

"Listen, I want Sayu Yagami moved back to the facility in Shibuya. She has no business being in a place like this."

"According to the new order she does."

Light left silence to fill by the doctor for the explanation of why, but when the doctor left it there, he spoke. "What makes you think so? She's been catatonic a year and some months, as far as I know." Because, in truth, up until now he did not know. Sayu could have been up and about, and visibly failing to recover. Not judged while she's still in a state of looking vacantly through a wall. "Did she come out of it?"

"No. And that's why she's here. According to the law, miss Yagami is a latent criminal." He opened a folder with Sayu's information written on the pages inside. "She's been through a traumatic situation of abduction; she showed no sign of abuse other than mentally; but her vegetative state says that she would be completely unstable once she's come out of shock. Anything could trigger her; and you know the human psyche, miss Yagami could take a touch or sound, even a smell the wrong way and end up hurting or killing someone, maybe even herself."

It wasn't entirely wrong of them to assume that. It is a possibility; look at anyone with PTSD. How many of them have come home and were perfectly fine one minute, shouting the next, in a constant state of nightmares, and from lack of sleep or knowledgeable help end up murdering their entire family. But, Sayu is his sister. Light would like to think he knows what her state of mind will be; trauma or no.

"Can I see her?"

"You may. She doesn't get visitors often, but when she does, she shows no sign of recognition or care. Not even her own mother can get to her; we've unfortunately had to admit Mrs. Yagami a few days inside as well to evaluate her crime coefficiansy, if you'd like to see her as well?"

His own mother. Light's hand flexed in then out. "Yes. Thank you." Curt and cordial. Just as appearances raised him.

But Beyond saw the reaction. His unblinking eyes were taking it all in.

They moved down the hall, went into an elevator then travelled up a flight. He hadn't expected to be shown his mother first, but he was glad that she knew him. It was in her eyes, her smile as she hurried over to him. Right away she found a place to touch down and be a person again, and she wept in her son's arms.


"I can understand Sayu," Light is saying; he's got a cup of tea held just up to his chin as he paused before drinking it. "but how can they admit you? You've done nothing wrong?"

"Oh. I was kicking up too much of a fuss about Sayu being brought in. In trouble for bad behavior." She smiled. "Not too bad for your old mom." His mother touched his hand, and whispered as if to a co-conspirator. "I've been faking it to stay by your sister's side."

"Good for you, Mrs. Yagami." Beyond crooned.

The woman's light mood dimmed as her gaze cast itself upon Beyond. She had meant to ask her son for a proper introduction when they relocated to the cafeteria to eat a bit of breakfast, but she had much more to say to Light, her presumed dead son, than "Who's this?". For starters, how is he alive when she was told he was dead?! Shot down by stray bullets in the capture of that louse Kira. Light explained it was all for the case. Kira knew too much, and the task force wanted to protect him, so that he didn't end up dying needlessly. He was the head of the force after his father died. They needed him.

She doesn't care what the reason is, not really; she'd only asked because it was such a relief. So hard to believe. Such a relief. She really has felt as though she's been holding her breath: since her daughter's trauma, her husband's death, and then her son. All the agents came to her home, grief stricken with the news about Light. Another member of her family. Gone.

"Mom, I'm going to get Sayu out of here." He says vehemently. "I promise."

"It's that damned.. Why did Kira have to come back? I thought he'd been stopped? I thought L was going to save the world from that monster."

B snorted. Light cut his eyes at him, unsure of which direction his companion's laughter went. Towards L or towards him, for being labeled a 'monster' by his own mother. Kira is not a monster. The world will soon come to fully understand that once he corrects the ill-understood teachings. The unknown God felt an inner dialogue beginning, and he wanted no part of it. Because he knows what's going to be said. Why are the rules suddenly bent just because the person involved is family? Not too long ago he was willing to kill his sister just to protect his means. His power.

Because Sayu isn't a criminal. She never could be. Stressed. Yes. But not enough to kill. He's sure of it.

"Mom, I need to see Sayu. What room is she in?"

"First floor, room twelve."

"Okay." He filed away that information. "I want you to go home. It's dangerous to pretend to be a latent criminal, this place can damage you."

Sachiko waved the words away. "What? Some nasty videos of societies shortcomings? Ha," she smiled and took her son's large warm hand, giving it a squeeze. "I raised a genius and rambunctious puppy. I know trauma, it doesn't scare me."

Smiling, Light lightly squeezed his mother's tiny, cool hands in return. "I'm glad to hear that. But Sayu will be out as soon as I talk to the doctors. I'll help her any way that I can."

"I know if anyone can wake your sister it's you, Light." Standing, she leaned over and placed a kiss on her son's cheek. "Everything is going to be alright, now that you're back." She wrapped her arms around him, hugging her dear son before returning to her room.

"Hmm.. How rude. She hadn't even noticed me." Beyond commented when he and Light stood to leave the dining area.


Light Yagami entered the small room of a bed and window. A matchbook. His sister is by the window. Seated. Staring blankly. Light passed by her and looked out at the view. Nothing. A building that resides next to this one. A brick wall. Sort of like the one his sister is facing from every side thanks to Mello. Light's hand, again Beyond noticed, gave a reflexive twitch. Turning around, he walked to stand before Sayu, kneeling down after taking her hands.

"Sayu? Can you hear me?"

In the stark white where everything began then cleared. Something shook the norm. A ripple in the water. And there was picture before sound. Her brother. Light. How did he get inside the tomb? The young woman gasped when something touched her!

"Sayu? Sayu?"

She looks left then right. Every direction looks the same! Which way does she go? Where is the light?

"Light! Light don't leave!" She called out; running, she searched and searched. "Don't leave without me, Light!"

B got into Sayu's face, looking into her dead gaze. "I once posed as a brain surgeon," he straightens up, looking at Light. "I could operate on her."

Hardly in the mood for B's antics, Light kept his composure. "Let's save the drastic measures for when things get to that level." Kneeling, he takes his sister's hands. "I'm going to get you released. Just wait a little bit longer, it could take some time. But, you could help me by waking up."

Beyond curled his fingers up like he's protecting them from germs spread into the atmosphere by something with a physical reach.

"Please." Squeezing his sister's hands as if to instill some strength from his vast ocean of it, he then stood. "Let's go." He released his hold then moved to the door.

"Are we coming back tonight to bust her out?" Asked the Semi-gami once they hit the streets.

Daylight was shining a lovely blue hue in the sky, thick with clouds to keep it from being a warm sunny day. It's just a sunny day in the cold fall season. The citizens of Tokyo are taking their time rather than bustling about as they usually do; people have actual faces today. And for someone with Shinigami eyes, names and dates. Macabre dates. Some are long away from today, others a couple years. B kept his gaze busy looking at them, seeking today or tomorrow as he and Light Yagami in disguise pass through the area.

"No. I wanna go home and make a few changes to the system; I have to make sure the staff and managers have a clearer understanding of qualifiers to the program."

"That's dull. You could just take her by force. I'll back you up."

"That can be plan B."

Beyond wondered if that was intentional? Naah. Light wouldn't do that. He's not the stand-up comedy type; despite the ongoing gag that the world can be crime free. Whether it's animal or man, if there is disagreement then there will be conflict. And where there's conflict, more often than not, there is death.

'Hello Nakashima.' The demi God nearly lost his irises locking his gaze on a child that passed by him.

Sometime around today that boy was going to die.

0 0 0

"There. That should cover the specifications without incident."

Light rubbed his eyes by pinching the inner corners. At this rate he'll have to get fitted for glasses.

B looked at the words on the screen. "Mm. Do you think that's going to be enough to change Sayu's crime coefficiansy?"

"It should be."

"She's a level six, so it's a stretch." He tugged at the skin around his mouth pulling the false flesh impossibly far from his head. Smoothing his facade back into place, he gets impossibly close to Light then asked. "You look thoughtful. What's going on up there?" His long finger reached up and tapped it's sharp tip to Light's temple.

"That clerk from Shibuya... I don't like what she was implicating about my sister."

"You mean that the vegetables are being seen as holed donuts?"

Light nodded. Corruption is everywhere with many names, faces, gender, and occupation. What if Sayu is fine, okay, good. But that doesn't rule out sexual misconduct with other patients. He should call in the police to investigate the matter. Kira's kingdom cannot have mishaps like that flying under the radar. He needs the most loyal, the most elite street soldiers. Only then can his devine justices become properly met.

"Are you done with this?" B asked suddenly. "May I use your laptop?"

Getting up from the desk, he intended to see what the Semi-gami getting was up to, but the screen was covered by a fullbody lean over the screen. Whatever. He can keep his secrets. He wouldn't need his computer at all if his Smartwatch wasn't charging.

"I'm going to the restroom. Don't crash my computer with porn sites." He exited the room.

B snickered. Maybe Light has a funny bone after all. Punching in the name, he memorized the address then closed the screen after clearing the history. Time to meet your end, Sadakuno Nakashima.

Guildford, Surrey.

"So who's the pretty blonde?" Near heard one of the twins by voice rather than appearance mutter to his brother.

"Misa Amane." Replied the young head of the force. "Later known as the Second Kira."

Sorel or his brother, Rogelio, whistled. He would not mind knowing he was killed by her. Although, her current state is a bit under nourished.. okay, a LOT under, but he can fatten her up. One trip to his mother's and she'll be so full of fish and chips, kidney pies and spotted dick she won't be able to walk without Smokey the Bear cautioning her about forest fires, from there she can go down to being a tight young thing without worry.

'It doesn't make any sense,' Near then mused to himself. 'Amane was pronounced dead by drowning.'

But, there she sat. Blindfolded; her hands and feet are free for movement, but she's held by rope at the torso. She hasn't said a word. An occasional whimper from tears wanting to start up from either old or newly brought on stress; without her voicing which, one couldn't tell.

"Did you get the results of the blood work?" Near asked Gevanni when he walked into the room.

Everyone but commander Rester are in the study, watching Misa Amane via the cameras placed in the dining room where she's being detained. The folder is handed to the young detective, his large dark eyes look over the information.

"It's a perfect match. That is indeed the second Kira. However.."

The D.N.P.F wait for the rest of the statement. How can there be a however about a person's identity? You're either you are or you aren't.

"There's a strange inconsistency. Gevanni, did you notice it?"

The agent nodded. "I couldn't study it any farther, I'm sorry."

"It's okay. You don't have a medical degree, neither do I." He looks again at the blood work. A foreign substance was detected. What could it be from? Is it the reason for Amane being alive? "Gevanni, I need you to search for a hematologist that knows discretion to a fault. We need to find out what this is. In the meantime, we have Amane to deal with. We have to gauge her carefully on Light's whereabouts. We have to weigh the possibilty that they could have left her behind for a reason and not abandonment from the mishap of their base being found."

"Perhaps Gemma and I can question Amane better than commander Rester. Sometimes a victim is more likely to speak comfortably with the same gender."

Near wondered if S believed Amane to truly be a victim? The girl has caused more death even than her psycho boyfriend. The two of them combined certainly have killed out of Beyond's body count. And yet... Beyond kills in person. There's nothing indirect about it. So who's worse in the scenario? Near felt the multiple stab wounds on his torso from having faced B, and he remembered the present danger when facing off against Kira. The level was vastly different. Light needs a chance to write your name, B just needs a body. How long can Light Yagami, as Kira, be around someone like that before he's corrupted enough to directly kill too? He hated to think about it. But, with the way things are going, Kira is the secondary problem. B needs to die. Kira needs to die. And somehow, this missing link that was left behind can help them.

Somewhere in town. A cop car is following a lead to a brutal beating that happened minutes ago in the park.

"Who'd of thought something like this would go on, especially nowadays," Matsuda says to the driver. "You'd think everyone is afraid of Kira, they wouldn't still be hurting each other."

"Mm. I'd rather not think about Kira." Replied Aizawa.

"Sorry, Chief, but I can't stop thinking about how crazy it all is. How can someone else just get their hands on a notebook and start up Kira's plans for a crime free world?"

It was strange, at first, calling his fellow colleague "chief", especially when he was so close to chief Yagami. But as time passed on, it became easier, and more still as Shuichi Aizawa earned the title he was given by taking down one of the strongest mass murderers after Kira's departure. A man had been cutting up women and leaving them in various places like they were works of art. You'd suddenly catch a glimpse of a face in a bush, uncertain if you're seeing things you move in for a closer look then "Hello" a body. Posed and ready for the media's attention. The man killed five women before Aizawa brought him down, following a trail that lead to his arrest when he pinpointed that the locations were all crowded areas until a certain hour of the day. And the next night they waited around and caught their man, just before he could kill the next victim. That and the Kira case earned them all new ranking.

"Don't you remember the turn out on the hill when Kira stopped killing? All those worshippers gathered to hold a wake.. If another Shinigami dropped a notebook, it could have easily been picked up by one of them." The new chief clenched his jaw; he dropped the conversation to focus on driving. Enough was said.

It was freaky. None of those people even knew Light. But there they stood; dressed in white, holding a single lit candle; praying their savior come back. 'Guess they got their wish.' Thinks the sergeant. 'The only luck on our side in the matter is knowing about the death note. And, I doubt the user is smarter than Light. He was a genius. This person is just a novice, look at they're doing to create a new world! Centers for behavioral management, Tattle-tell boards for the really bad crimes.' He closed his large eyes thanking the only really well known and liked God in the heavens that this Kira doesn't have the eyes. They can't, otherwise there would be no need for the Retribution Board.

He scratched frantically at his well-styled hair mussing it up. How can he think that? Even with the eyes Kira can't know every single crime going on. Of course he or she would need the board for information. His shoulders sagged. Damn it. Hopefully it's not the case. He'd like to stand some sort of chance against this new, misguided threat. And now there's this group calling themselves 50 popping up all over the place. The force has checked with other police forces in other areas, even countries, and they say the same. Graffiti, upstarts, misbehavior. Is it they who've beaten someone in the park today?

The car slowed to a stop. Looks like they're going to find out.

The beaten woman, pale with noticeable purpling and red marked bruises, wept softly as the police and EMTs busied around her and the area looking for clues or looking to stop the swelling.

Aizawa looked around for the city cameras, spotting one off to their left. It would have had a perfect view of the offender. "Did you see his face?" He asked. It's daylight savings, the day becomes night almost instantly around 4 to 5 o'clock. The attacker could have waited to be hidden within the shadows rather than to bring suspicion to himself by wearing a mask.

The sniffling victim continued to do just as she was when they arrived: sniffle; it was unclear if the question got through to her or not. The shock was too great. Everything had turned around for five or so days. Crime was at an all time low. Then small things began to happen left and right, stolen items, vandalization. Friends choking each other for laughs. Matsuda could get a novel started about how many times he's been called by a witness saying she/he's seen people hurting each other, just to have one of the officers check it out and report back that it was some teens acting stupid. All knew each other, all was well.

It was like a segway to this woman here and three others like her, mixed sex and age range, all violently beaten; but no one knew if they should call it in or not because the police liaison went on camera during the late afternoon news to tell everyone that the first dozen times were just a bunch of dopey kids playing pranks and that it needed to stop.

Matsuda knelt before the woman, smiling kindly. "Ma'am, please, if you saw anything or can tell us anything about the person that's distinguishable we can get you help." Nothing. "Do you see that man over there? He's the chief of the whole entire force, and he can help you. He's the best at this.. if you just give us a description. Maybe an age range?"

The woman blinked, her gaze moved to Aizawa then to Matsuda. "I.. I think it was a guy.. or maybe a girl their body was slender." She sniffed back her tears. The moving black raced to her memories and she shied away once again.

"Is there anymore." God, please, let there be more. A guy or girl is life. The attacker would have to have been part animal to be able to narrow it down to the guilty person.

"They had on a mask, but.. it wasn't covering their face, it's like they forgot to pull it all the way down." Her eyes widened as the person's face came into view, briefly, when the light from the setting sun hit them just so. "It was a guy, young.. not especially young.. maybe… nineteen or twenty-one."

"Thank you, that's very helpful." But not by much.

The assault victim was taken to the hospital shortly after questioning.

"Young. Do you think it was one of the members of 50?" sargeant Matsuda asked his chief as they returned to the car.

"It's hard to say. But, this isn't going to stop anytime soon."

Opening the door to the car, Matsuda looked over the hood, quietly stating. "I don't know what the bigger shame is, that there are people willing to commit crimes to slap Kira's ideals in his face or that I want to root for them for being brave enough to do so."

Aizawa, though he sort of agreed, shook his head in dismay before climbing into the car, his subordinate in tow, who could swear he heard his chief mumble that he should shut up.

It had been a long day. Matsuda wanted rest, in bed, bag of chips, TV set on low while his favorite show played in the background. 'I wonder how Sayu is doing? I haven't been able to see her since she was moved to the R.C.L.C.' He couldn't help but remember the young woman after seeing the vacant look in the face of their recent victim of violent beatings. No one is dying, but being hit that hard and that much, he wondered if maybe it would be better if they were being killed than having such a brutal memory. Glancing at the large clock on his wall he sees that it's a quarter to six.

He has time before visiting hours end. He hopped into the shower and changed out of his work suit; now dressed as the common man, he checked the doors and windows before leaving the house. These days one can't be too careful, when there are so many nuts out there.

It's 6:38 pm. sergeant Matsuda left the rehabilitation center feeling good but lousy, yes, good and lousy rightly covers it. He got the surprise of a lifetime, Sayu has come out of her state! However, she's clearly not all there. She asked for her brother repeatedly. He had to tell her, right? That Light Yagami is dead. She has to know. But he couldn't. Sayu has been locked away inside of herself for so long, why shove her back in?

His car pulled up to the curb by his house. Someone else is parked in his spot. Great. Don't visitors know that they should be the ones parking streets down from their destination? These homes belong to people who aren't in the mood to be on their feet longer than necessary after a hard day's work. Oh well. At least he's got a nice big piece of pound cake waiting for him after dinner.

Pulling open the door on the microwave he slides his frozen dinner inside, closing the appliance, he set the timer on a minute and forty seconds; the package says thirty, but there's always something left slightly cold when he follows the instructions. Kind of like this series of beatings. He knows what the assailants are up to, but he still wants to cheer them on. Maybe if they could oppose this new Kira, no, notebook user is more accurate, then he could get behind them. He'd even help! He hasn't stolen anything except for a kiss from a girl. She slapped him, but Kaoru was worth it. Sayu can be worth it, if he can help her get a passing grade on her psyche evaluation.

'Why Light of all people?' He wondered. Doesn't she know? Oh, that's right, she went into shock before her brother was found guilty, and even before her father, the man who saved her, was killed by said brother. 'I just can't believe someone like him could have ever been a decent brother or son. ..if only we had listened to L..'

And let's not forget that horror show that happened only a couple weeks back. L sitting before the public, exposing himself for all and admitting to submitting to Kira. Even going as far as apologizing for standing in his way. Does this new Kira have the eyes? Did he or she see L and write that he do that in the notebook before he died? It was completely possible! Oh man. Good thing this new psychopath hasn't come after any of the old Kira task force. He'd be dead by now.

The microwave beeped and he removed his dinner. Taking it into the living room, he sat on the couch and turned on the television; finding the show he wants to watch in the DVR, he then set his meal down on the coffee table then walked back into the kitchen returning with a jug of bleach. Sitting on the couch, he watched in horror as he poured it into his food. Why? Was it a jinx to think he'd escaped the notebook user's clutches? And why now? After all the time since that case had closed? Why not just do it back then? At least then he would have expected it. This user's appearance is such a delayed response it's almost unfair.

Why? Why? He wondered as he picked up his meal, positioned his chopsticks.. but the intake paused before his lips and opened mouth. It was a joke? Oh please, say this was a joke. Some bizarre experiment gone right on his end. That he'll survive.. A figure moved off at his left, he turned his head to see who or what it was.

It can't be! It's not possible! "How? You're dead!"

"I was never dead in body, just in mind. But people recover." Light says coolly. Taking a seat in the armchair across from Matsuda, Light crossed his legs, steepled his fingers and glared at his victim with a sharpness that matched any knife.

"Sayu! Your sister Sayu recovered! Have you seen her yet? She was asking for you." He's apologizing to the young woman even as he spoke to throw her to the wolf.

"Matsuda, the only reason you're still alive is because of me, don't make me speed your death along." Comments Light. He does not appreciate that the valued information came from this dunder-head. His seeing the agent leave the facility and knowing it was from visiting with his sister prompted his swift termination, amongst other reasons. Reasons like shooting him! Oh this death was a long time coming. "I don't need to tell you to stay away from Sayu, because at seven you'll no longer be here."

"You.. You can't."

"I have. There is no take back, you know that." Light knows otherwise, a little tool called the Death Eraser.

"I stand by my decision back then..." His voice doesn't match the words of bravado quivering from his mouth. "You're a sociopath and a liar, you're a danger to world and you deserve to die!"

Matsuda flinched when Light stood up from the chair. What's he going to do?

Light disappointed whatever horror the sargeant cooked up in his mind; he only walked over to the television, turning it off to silence the canned laughter, the room itself from noise. Reaching into his shirt, a move he's seen Beyond do a few dozen times, he produced the death note. The original. The genuine and opened it up.

"Touta Matsuda, drives home after visiting the Rehabilitation Center; he fixed a quick dinner for himself then doused it with toxic material."

"You can't do this to me! Please!"

Kira ignored his words and read on from his macabre tale. "Realizing it wasn't fitting enough, he doesn't eat the tainted food;"

"Don't do this!" He pleaded with whatever strength he had, he tried to fight the otherworldly paralysis over him.

Light, who took the handgun from the sargeant's holster while he stood around in the kitchen, placed it on the coffee table before him then continued on with his Grimm fairytale. "He felt a more fitting death would be to shoot himself. And with a fresh clip, he emptied it into his chest saving the last bullet for his forehead."

Closing the book, he watched as the weeping sargeant took his gun and as instructed by a dark force he emptied the clip into his chest.

The neighbors who were home and could hear the bang or the weapon going off didn't bat a lash. Why would it be a gun? The percetage of crime nowadays is at a record breaking 70% down. Their goofy, job steadfast neighbor was likely hanging pictures or he might be putting together furniture. Anything is possible. Anything but a gun. Anything but death.

X x X

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