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"Where did Kacchan and Rias go?" Midoriya asked Miu, who looked at him, sweatdropping. They had been exploring the haunted house for a bit, wondering if anything was going to happen or if this ghost thing was there.
"What do you mean?"
"Look." Midoriya pointed out the window, showing her...no one was in the graveyard.
She peered out, her jaw-dropping. 
"W-Where are they!?"
"They're gone..."
"They shouldn't be leaving!"
"I'm starting to get a bad feeling," Midoriya said, speaking through the fabric that was part of his ninja costume. 
In her own to match his, Miu turned to him and let the curtain go.
"We're in trouble, aren't we..."
"...Given we really can't use our quirks in this house."
"We can to an extent."
"Wonderful observation my lovelies!"
Shrieking, Miu jumped up into Midoriya's arms, both staring up at the ceiling at a jack oh lantern styled face. With his knees shaking, Midoriya almost didn't see Miu just staring at him with half-lidded eyes in disbelief. 
"TheThe new Symbol of Peace shaking in his ninja shoes?"
Midoriya blushed wildly and put her down.
"Whassamattah!? Cat got your tongue!?"
It seemed to grow from the ceiling until it was staring them dead on. They stared at it, too nervous to move. Neither unable to use theri quirk so close without damaging the house. They looke at each other, with Midoriyia reaching one finger, carefully aiming, and sent him with a flick down the hall. 
They took off down the hall, wondering to each other if it was possible to guide him from it. 
"I could use my quirk if we were in the basement! It's cement from top to bottom!"
"The problem is we don't know where the door is!" Midoriya yelled out, knowing full well he used what he could for his quirk. 
"THEN START LOOKING!" Miu yelled at him, ripping doors open as they went by. 
Midoriya threw his arms up, not sure what he could do. He started throwing doors open, hoping to see a set of stairs. Every time he opened one, there was always something creepy and disturbing behind it. 
"This isn't right!" He cried out.
"Do you two need help!? Let me!"
They stopped quickly, looking at each other as the door opened.
"....We really should have known... I'm starting to feel this guy is just fucking with us..." Miu said, highly annoyed now. 
Midoriya stared ahead. How was he to use his quirk a bit better than before without destroying this house? 
"I can help with that too!"
They both ran forward, hoping to catch this supposed Villian. If there was a way to defeat him, surely Midoriyia could do it, Miu thought. With that quirk of his, what couldn't he do?
But even Midoriya knew that his quirk could level this house.  he had to be careful. And he didn't want to take out a house that brought attraction to their town. They raced inside, nearly falling down the stairs when it turned into nothing. They hit the ground, her landing on top of him.
"Ow! Get off!" Midoriyia cried out.
Miu couldn't help but wonder, yet again, that Midoriya grew a bigger set. She lsipped off of him, looking around. She lit her hands on fire, wondering if she was able to take this one without Midoriya to help as much as he could. Looking aorund, she tried to find this creep. Midoriya could feel his power creeping in his arm, trying to control it enough to not level this home.
They looked at each other, nodded and started to look around the basement. Carefully they made their way around until they made a full circle, back to back. 
"....Did he go away?" Miu asked.
"I doubt it," Midoriya responded, wondering himself.
"I didn't go anywhere, I'm all around you! Why I'm directly above you!" Laughter filled their ears as they looked up quickly, seeing such a grotesque, melting face. 
They only started to freak out when they saw the skeleton face laughing with eyes. Midoriyia lost it and sent a punch up when it descended and Miu started to burn whatever around her before they took off running through the basement.
He didn't know how to answer that, he just knew the house seemed to be warping as they ran down what appeared to be an extremely long hallway. The laughing seemed to echo in their ears, both coming to stop just outside the doorframe, grabbing it once they saw just how close they came to falling to their deaths.
"This thing is trying to kill us!" Miu yelled out, annoyed as they pulled themselves back into the basement, "...He's gonna drive me crazy..."
"I think that's his idea!" Midoriya yelled out, dodging bats. 
"What, to drive us nuts!?"
"I think so!"
Backed against a wall, they turned and watched. Miu curled up to him, watching as something started coming down the hall. Both of them clung to the other, not like the bloody, gory sight in front of them. 
Miu just stared while Midoriya, while also staring, brought a fist back, punched out the door, grabbed her and jumped out.
"Nope! Nope! I'm not pro heroing today!"
Miu glanced up at the horrific sight above their heads, and just as he landed on the ground, she tried to warn him. 
"At least have a present before you go! But don't forget me now! Jack-Kin!"
The splash of thick red liquid made them freeze, both running fast as they could. 

Jack-Kin laughed, fire blazing from his head. He peered around, knowing there was one more to scare. He wondered if they made it yet...after all, holy grounds meant nothing to him. This was Halloween after all.

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