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"Holy my ass!" Kirishima said, backing up against Rin.
They're ringmaster and lion costumes matching a circus-like world seem to fit the horror they felt they were in. Clowns around them and the man in the middle with the pumpkin face was dressed nearly like Rin was.
"What is this guy up to!?" Rin yelled out as crosses flew by her head. 
She clung more to him, trying to find an opportunity for her quirk while Kirishima used his more for defense. His arms are strong as the stone was held up, blocking anything that could hit them. It was the most he could do, and he knew it, knowing he'd leave it up to Rin to take care of this guy until he could get there. When she saw his back turn to focus more to create more clowns, she leaped forward, changing from human to black wolf. She charged him, growling, teeth bared and ready to rip him apart. 
Jack-Kin only laughed and moved aside, making her leap into nothing. She fell to the ground, growling and limping as she got up. Kirishima rushed forward, turning his whole body hard as he rushed to scoop her up. 
"We have to hide!" He said. 
Changing back, she glared at him as he started to run, carrying her in his arms, "And where the hell do you think we're going to be able to hide in this tiny church! And shouldn't we have gotten to the door by now?"
She looked forward, seeing that the hallway seemed to stretch. As she went to look at Kirishima, she could see what looked like blood on the walls, with eyes opening and peering through. She clung to him, screaming. 
"I don't know!"
Not sure what to do at this point, they found an area they could duck in, and stayed there, him holding her. The idea of hiding was not what a hero was, but they felt they had no choice. Their hearts beating fast, fear crept in quickly. 
"Kirishima...I think his quirk is based on fear...allowing him power for supernatural abilities."
"I think so too."
"But the problem is...Rin I don't think he's alive!"
"Trick or treat~ Where are you lovelies?" 
They watched him go by, wondering if he did indeed know where they were, or if he truly didn't know. Breathing heavy, for a moment, Kirishima and Rin thought they were ok. They started to poke their heads out. Looking one way, then another, slowly they crawled out of their hiding spot. 
"I think he left...let's find the bastard."
They slowly crept out of the church, thinking he had to be around here somewhere. They slowly crept up the walkway, seeing the graveyard and house. 
"Doesn't look like the other two couples are here...Maybe we should get ahold of Todoroki and Momo..."
"No. They're both at the other party that her family was throwing with their respective others. We opted to go to what we thought was a party..."
"Some party this turned out to be."
"I think it was more of a rouse.."
"But haven't you had fun!?"
Turning their heads to look behind them, they took off running and screaming. 

Rushing through the forest, Kirishima and Rin could hear this villain laughing behind them, knowing that he had to have scared off the rest of the group. Where they were, Rin just hoped her sister Rias was ok. She didn't know what to expect as they tore through the woos together, trying to find a way out. She pushed forward a bit more, knowing she was faster than him. She made sure though he wasn't falling too far behind. 
"We got away I think..."
"Outside his area I guess..." Kirishima said, panting, "We have got to meet up with the rest. Can you call your sister?"
"My phone is dead."
They caught their breath, trying to figure out what to do when all of a sudden.
"I told you I heard noises this way."
Midoriya jumped and backed away from a livid Bakugo.

Sitting down in the forest together, they went through it all.
"We got to do something..." Kirishima said, "This guy is unpredictable, dangerous, and wants kids."
"Problem is...I think fear fools it. Think any of our families know about him?"
"Most likely the pros that came before us."
"I say we just blow him up..." Bakugo said while everyone stared at him.
"Wonderful Idea! I would LOVE to see two of those HEROES."
Everyone took one look at him, and took off running, knowing they need the heroes before them.
"I think all the heroes are at our parents' house!"
"We can't rely on All might no more or Psionic!" Bakugo yelled,  highly annoyed.
"Toshinori and Aina," Midoriya said, knowing they were no longer the heroes they once were.

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