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"I wonder how the party is going for them," Masami said as she put the coffee on.
"To be honest, I didn't know there was a party," Meiko replied as she flipped the page of the newspaper that Aizawa left on the counter while he retrieved snacks and creamer for their coffee.
All Might and Aina looked up from the phone they were using to talk to their grandchildren, who were currently out trick or treating together to hear the conversation at hand. They said goodbye and let them go, "It's nice to see Asuna and Kari working together like this." Aina said. 
All Might smiled, knowing what she meant a little too well. 
"Anyone else feels like something is wrong..." Endeavor asked, flames spiraling out of him.
Meiko crossed her arms and looked at him, nodding at her husband.
"We may be retired and old but I guess the sense of danger and to fight is still strong," Masami said, sitting down three cups of coffee while Aizawa set down the other set.
"Useless, you forgot useless over here," Aina said, waving at her and All Might, who laughed then coughed blood.
"Appropriate for today All Might..." Endeavor said before getting a slap on the arm by Meiko.
"Toshinori...Aina...you were both terrific heroes!" Meiko said, glaring at the man on fire. "You were the Symbol of Peace and you were very good with your quirk, given the family history with it."
"Ma couldn't' even move with hers on time. She couldn't finish UA or anything. Father did, but he ended his career early when I came around."
Just as Aizawa was about to be the first to take a sip of his coffee, the door flew open and six adults ran in with Midoriya slamming it shut.
"Hey hey hey!" He said, standing up. 
Masami went over and instantly started to berate them.
"I have your children, ALL OF YOURS, in the other room sleeping for a sleepover tonight and you guys are trying to nearly scare them! What happened to your party that you all became inconsiderate IDIOTS?" She scolded a finger in the oldest face.
All six broke into a horror-filled explanation until Masami, eye twitching, stopped them and turned to her daughter.
"Mom...I don't know what this guy is, but he's terrifying! He's a villain and we can't fight him!"
"Really..." All Might offered up, staring hard at Midoriya who looked away out of guilt and shame, "Six new pro heroes, freshly graduated and ready to fight for your world as the top of your rank and none of you can take ONE villain down?"
"Who is this guy?" Endeavor asked.
"Jack-Kin! Bastard..." Bakugo said, going off to the right.
Six shocking stares met six confused ones.
"...That's not possible." Aizawa said, looking at Masami.
"What do you mean that's not possible!? He's there!"

With twelve coffee cups full and snacks passed out, Masami started.
"Jack-Kin died years and years ago before you kids were old enough to talk."
"If it was All Might's fault, your kid will have another fit.." Miu said, knowing the story of Asuna.
"Wasn't me this time." All Might pipe up.
"Sorry kids, that be Masami and me," Meiko said before any confusion started.
"What, mom you never said you killed anyone!"
"It was unintentional, I assure you..."

"Every year!" Endeavor yelled out, tired of this villain, a fire nearly spiraling from his body.
"Endeavor!" Meiko yelled out, ready to jump if need be from his fire. 
She clenched her fists, ready to kill her brother in law. The laughter swirled around them, taunting them, playing their fears. Masami rushed around in bird form, trying to find a weakness, trying to stop this evil person from hurting any more children. She would be damned to let him do such a thing anymore. He'd scare them straight, causing injuries as they rushed to get away, crying and terrified. She stopped up above him, trying to figure it out. 
"Psionic!" All Might called out, his blue eyes shining as he rushed to grab her out of the air she was in. 
Aina fell to the ground with him, both hurting as they untangled their limbs. Glaring up at this man.
"Remember the name folks! Jack-Kin! You all seem like a bunch of-woah there boy!" Jack-Kin gleefully laughed as he moved away from the pillar of fire that seemed to come out of nowhere thanks to Endeavor. 
"Damn him!"
Meiko jumped out of the way of another bast of fire, glaring at him.
"Now look here you son of a bitch..."
Endeavor clucked his tongue before turning away from his wife's sister. He didn't need to hear that mouth run at all. Not today, not ever. Meiko, of course, didn't take it to heart as she started to run. She needed All Might's help. Even back in America, she relied on his strength to send her flying through the air.
"All Might!" She yelled out. 
He looked over, taking his eyes off Aizawa who was having a hard time activating his quirk on this guy and staying in place, he was everywhere!
"Spiro is rushing at you again...is there a move or something you two do?"
"Very much like...THIS!" All Might linked his fingers, letting Meiko put one booted foot up on his hands and launching her through the air. She hunted out a spot, knowing if she could get on that branch she'd have a straight shot and could freeze him in place.
If only she had seen Animorph. The hero quickly turned into a gorilla, wrapping her arms around his body just as Spiro landed and blew out a breath of frozen wind. A moment too late did Spiro realize she just froze another hero against a villain, and they were plummeting.
"SOMEONE STOP THEM!" Aizawa yelled out, watching a woman who he loved fall to her death. 
All Might rushed out with Endeavor and Spiro, all trying to stop it. Psionic found herself under the block while trying to stop the fall with her mind. 
"Hurry!" Aizawa yelled, looking at her with his quirk activated. 
She glared at him, realizing he just stopped her from doing her job. Shocked, Aizawa started back up as his hair fell into place. 
All Might reached his arms out as fire melted the ice, but for one...

"He died when he hit the ground."
The retired looked among them, not believing that Jack-Kin had come back.
"Guess we didn't do a good enough job....we buried him but we told the detective at the time where he was buried..." Aizawa stated.
"That was only because it was a stupid decision, and kids were coming up the road, All Might dug the grave, he was strongest and fastest, I could have sworn they exhumed his body."
"They did." Endeavor said, looking at Aina, "I was there..."
"Then what holds him to that place...His quirk worked with fear, if you showed fear the stronger he got."
"Wait for what..." Rin looked at Kirishima, who also looked at her.
"Maybe they didn't do it right...if his spirit is that vengeful..." Aina looked at All Might, "We can't do nothing no more..."
"No, we can't." All Might said.
"Maybe we can. Same place?" Masami said, turning to the new heroes. 

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