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"I think we can take him down, the problem is we'll need him to recognize us." Masami started, then she looked at the other six, "You kids stay here and keep an eye on your own babies. Let us deal with this guy now."
"But...you're down two heroes!" Kirishima stated.
"Yes, but, none the less, I think we can actually make this work. Do any of us still have our original costumes? I know I put ours away." Masami said, looking at Aizawa.
"I don't know about us...Toshinori can't exactly expand to that size no more."
All Might nodded his head, thinking, "But wearing oversized clothing is something I'm used to anyway. And I can still grow...I just can't call power to my body anymore."
Aina just looked at him, and he shrugged, knowing that she would prefer he'd now wear clothing that would fit him, however, it was a long-time thing, wearing something big to compensate when he changed at random. 
"We can do this, it's been years yes but...I think fo him it's different. Let's try."

Walking the same path they had before, six adults in costumes walked the way to the old house.
"Looks the same as it did before...what was Bakugo and Rias going on about?" Masami turned to Aizawa.
"Something about a huge pumpkin? Jack's lantern I guess." 
"Don't see it..."
"Well let's break off, All Might, Psionic-"
"Toshinori and Aina..." Aina said.
"Whatever, go check the house where Midoriya and Miu were."

Throwing the door open, the Red Riding Hood clad couple stepped through. They peered around, seeing what was apparently a normal house, but both were on guard. Looking at each other, they started down the hall. Leaves from outside swirled around their feet, making them look.
"Look who is here to play! If it's not Psionic!"
"....Aina asshole."
"Hmm? Now, who is this freak of nature?" Jack-Kin couldn't help but follow his nature, peering into the black and blue eyes of the man with her, "All Might! How good to see you again! How is your aim to catch...has it gotten better?"
"Much..." All Might said, grinding his teeth.
"Isn't this so much fun!? Where are those fun kids? I was having so much fun!" Jack-Kin said, laughing and spinning upside down in the air.
"Still doesn't have a clue..." Aina sighed, looking at the ghost of the villain that died years before.
"Jack...you're dead."
"I know! But, you seemed to have done me in a favor." Jack said, situating himself upright with a finger in their faces, "I seemed to have a better grasp of my supernatural side!" He threw his arms out, "If anything, you made me stronger than before!"
Feeling themselves grabbed and yanked back, they looked up into the dead eyes of skeletons.
"...You're still as cheesy as ever." Aina said, watching flesh melt of the one that hand it's arms around her.
"Say wah?" Jack said, still smiling, but now curious to this woman.
"You pulled this like this before. Jack, we know how your quirk worked." All Might stated. 
With his arms behind him, visible to Aina, he started the beginning of One for All. He knew he could use his quirk with only a second to spare, but it was only by transforming. Even he didn't understand why he could only transform but never call the power back to his body. 
"Have I? Shall I make it worse!?" Laughter filled the place, but the other two were just staring at him, "Seriously, you two aren't making this fun for me."
"Because we know your tricks Jack, it' time for you to move on. Why come back after so many years?"
"Far from it my dear! I shall, as you say, amp this up!" Jack brought his arms up, intending to bring out more ghoulies, however...
"I think you're missing one thing." All Might said, smiling. 
Looking at him curiously, Jack suddenly shot himself back, flinching when bones and flesh flew around the place, and in his own place, stood a seven-foot two-inch man.
"Never fear, for I am here! "All Might called out, knowing he only had moments. 
"...Dear, if you could please."
"Right!" Reaching down and tearing the bones off of his wife, All Might transformed back against his will.
"Well that didn't last long but it did the trick."
"Shut up."
Staring at these two, he could have sworn that they were easier to scare than usual. Aina looked at him, "Jack, nothing is holding you here! We know you eat off of fear! It's how your quirk is powered, through fear that creates supernatural things and beings."
Unsure of himself, Jack decided to flee the house or tried to. He realized his quirk worked against him when he was confused, looking around at the hall he had driven another couple out earlier that day.
"What is this madness!?"
He spun around, seeing the woman from the couple appear at the end of the hall, the man, however, he soon realized, was behind him, an towering over him. He gave a mighty scream and raced from the hall, trying to get away from these two.
"I wonder if he ever did realize we could use his quirk against him?" Aina asked, looking up at her husband, "And if you ever did wear clothing that fit and stood up tall and straight you'd be dashing."
"Thought I already was."
"Terrible I tell you, just terrible."
He smiled at her, then they took off running, trying to catch up to this ghost of a villain. While they did that, outside was another issue. Aina got a glimpse of Masami and Shouta outside. 
"Looks like they're getting their part set up. Let's see if we can't drive him to them." Aina yelled over to All Might, who smiled, nodded, and added a slight bit of extra speed to his run when he started to stumble. 
Catching up to him, Aina caught him under the arms just as blood spewed out of his mouth. 
"Toshinori, maybe you should throw the towel in. I can drive him there just fine."
"Be careful."
"When aren't I?"
She stood back up, thought of something, and reached down to wipe at his mouth.
"Than- Wait! You didn't have a cloth in your hand!"
"That's the idea! Don't worry." She said, smearing the blood on her arm. 
While running, Aina took out something from her costume. She had grabbed some special effects stuff, and ducking into a corner, she used liquid latex and an item to make it appear she had gashed her arm. The blood having been actual blood made it even scarier. She got up, pretended to stumble until she saw him. 
"GAH!" His shoulders spiked as she lunged at him, driving him away.
Jack knew this wasn't supposed to be like this, he hadn't expected the older ones to appear but they had none the less. He raced out of the house, falling out of his own trap, the door on the second floor. Screaming as he fell, he realized he wasn't even alive, an floated gently to the ground, now angry. Peering at the graveyard, a ghoulish smile stretched from ear to ear. 

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