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Looking up from where she stood, Masami motioned to Aizawa with her hand, then pointed at the sky. He peered up, tipping back the brim of the cowboy hat he had worn once before. She moved enough to face him, the skirt around her legs shifting. The old costumes still fit them. 
"Right on time." Aizawa said, knowing he had to activate his quirk later on then now, "He's not going to like seeing you."
"I know...but he'll be worse if he sees Meiko right now. Keep him busy for as long as you can, I gotta go further."
With that, Masami ran off, leaving Aizawa to fight this creature. Jack-Kin landed before him, staring at the man before squinting his Jack o Lantern eyes.
"Hmm, you seem familiar." Jack mused, floating in midair on his stomach, chin on his fist, staring at the hero.
"You'd probably recognize me if it was my brother who showed up." Aizawa retorted, giving the fool a hint of his age.
"Oh yes! The one who can't use his quirk right!"
Aizawa glowered.
"It's partially thanks to you I'm dead, is it not? You took away the quirk of the girl who was under me and...who was she, a lover? wife? Are you married? Children?" Jack asked, his smile stretching from ear to ear at the word of children.
Gritting his teeth and becoming angry, Aizawa swore to himself. He'd be damned if anyone touched ANY of his seven children. Sure the first four, the quads, weren't his actual daughters, but they were none the less his children. He knew he was angry, but he knew Masami also needed him to keep his cool.
"So..w.here is your woman? You know, the heavy weight~ Was she pregnant at the time? My gosh, she was a hard one to shake!"
That had done him in. This time Jack smirked, he knew how to handle this one. Reaching a clawed finger towards Aizawa, who somehow found he couldn't use his quirk directly at Jack, who had stopped. 
"...This is new..." Jack said, blinking a few times.
A hand settled on Aizawa's shoulder while Jak fell to the ground, hitting the soft dirt. 
"I didn't tell you the whole plan, I know how you react to this." She said, smiling, "I'm sure you have just figured it out at the most."
"...Where is he?"
"Where would he normally be? Behind the villain. Come with me, I have figured something out, we're regrouping, except for Black Out."

"Ok, so...why did you gather everyone, Masami?" Midnight asked, wondering where the hell her husband was.
"That's the thing Midnight, Meiko noticed it too, so didn't Endeavor. This isn't a dead guy...this is a third-generation villain."
"Great." All Might said, "So what do we do?"
"I got an idea, but it needs to be all of us. Old and young alike!"
The door opened, and they all looked that way, "How about minus me..." Black Out said, bringing his head up, showing the tears streaming down his eyes. 
"....Yeah, I bet you hurt now..." Masami said, having forgotten about her brother in law. 
Black Out made his way to sit next to his brother with  Midnights help, who quickly put a cloth over his eyes.
"He can stay here and play with the kids." She said.

Jack-Kin washed his face, glaring in the mirror. Third generation villain, a slightly mutated quirk, and he still couldn't take these fools out. Slamming his fist down on the sink, this wasn't right! His grandfather didn't die foolishly, nor did his father go insane from it for nothing!
"I'll get them...I'll kills them all!"

"Toshinori, hold still!" Aina scolded, applying liquid latex to his face. 
Toshinori groaned.
"What if he changes, won't this stuff come off?" Masami asked, using the material to bulk him up.
"He does, I'll kill him." Aina retorted back, glaring at her husband.
Toshinori held his hands up while Meiko approached him, "Hold still big fella, I have to smooth out this indent in your cheek."
Once she was done, everyone stood back to admire the work.
"...I'm shocked that you remembered what he looks like mid-transformation," Reiko told Aina.
"To be honest...David told me most of it since he's the one who woke up to see Toshinori like this, I came at him from the back."
"None the less, you are creepy looking like this..." Snipe said, moving back slightly.
"It's not my fault..."
"...Um..we overlooked something," Bakugo said, pointing at the retired pro.
"His voice..." Deku said, sighing.
"Don't talk. At all." Momo said, making All Might sigh.

Peering into the graveyard, many retired and new heroes took their places, waiting. Masam pointed something out to Enji, who looked.
"Jack-Kin...the second?"
"I heard about there being another one years ago...but...I have Midnight looking into it."
Deku and Bakugo hunched down, waiting for this guy to exit the house. 
"Damn fools!" Jack-Kin said, leaving the house, expecting to go out and continue his haunt when..."AIIIEEEE!" He screamed, seeing this massive man in front of him. 
"A-A-ALL MIGHT!" He yelled out, shocked. 
To him, it wasn't All Might, but a killed one, a weird looking one. He fell back, being grabbed suddenly by two other heroes. Confused, shaking, unable to do a thing after seeing Eraserhead looking at him, then nothing once Black Out got to him. Soon something filled his nostrils, and he found himself fast asleep.

Sirens red and blue filled the night sky, allowing everyone to see what was going on as Jack-Kin, feeling sorry for himself, was loaded into the back of the cruiser. The detective tipped his hat before getting in and leaving with him.
"You know, I wonder what made him think to become a villain like his grandfather?" Masami said, then everyone looked at Midoriya.
"...I guess I'm the one finding out."

Midoriya sweated looking at this evil, yet a rather cute villain. Jack0Kin sighed, then hit his pumpkin styled head off the table.
"What do you want...Haven't you fools done enough?"
"Just...Want to know why, and what drove you to become a villain."
"....Why would I tell you that?" He looked at him, wondering.
"Because, everyone has a reason for something, and I want to know yours."
Jack-Kin stared at him, studying him, trying to figure out the trick. Once realizing there wasn't one, he sighed.
"...I wanted to avenge my grandfather and father...They killed my grandpappy, and papa went crazy and died that way."
"So...why become a villain? Why not have gone directly to who killed your grandpappy?"
The look of being ashamed filled the pumpkins' face, "I...I didn't know who they were...but I figured...they would return to the scene of the crime...but I only knew of one name..."
Midoriya's eyes widened, "...Animorph..."
"Yeah...I knew there were 5 other people, so I followed the itinerary down until I thought I recognized the original six...By quirk and what not but I guess I was wrong."
"...And honestly far off."
"...I guess I was..."
Midoriya smiled, thinking about something.
"So...why not...make the house into an actual attraction? You got a great backstory, and I'm sure the heroes who were there that day would help scare people! I mean look at All Might tonight!"
Looking up at him, Jack-Kin's eyes widened.

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