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"WHY did you bring him back!?" Rias grilled Midoriyia, who laughed and smiled, putting his hands up in front of his chest to keep her from killing him.
"A-About that." Midoriya started, then looked at the ashamed and scared Jack-Kin, "It's a huge misunderstanding. He thought he HAD to avenge his grandpappy and papa. He thought he had no other choice."
"Aww...why would you think that?" Masami asked, truly curious.
"....Because Grandpappy was a villain and papa tried to be one...So I thought I had to be one..."
"...How old are you?" Meiko asked.
"...I'm seventeen..."

Masami and Aina both tried to help him understand while Miu and Rias both picked up the house a bit.
"Think he can turn this into an attraction?"
"Probably, I mean his scary quirk is great for it!"
"True..." Rias dragged the broom across the floor, "Maybe we can set it up! I mean, for next year."
"Maybe we can dress up All Might again!"
The girls laughed, while unbeknownst to them, All Might had put his hands on his hips and leaned down to be close to their height, "Try that again?"
The girls nervously smiled and backed away, making him shake his head before approaching his prodigy.
"Young Midoriyia, what were you thinking?"
"We can be heroes in every sense All Might, and he's young like we are. He was following a misguided conception, so he needed a hero, but to be saved from himself."
All Might stared at him, before laughing and coughing blood. He should have known. 

Picking up the graveyard was easier than expected. Jack-Kin thought that the two heroes here would surely give him hell, but instead, they were doing the work themselves.
"U-Um...Look...I'm sorry..." He started, his hand clasped as he approached Masami, who turned and looked at him.
"Sorry for what? Look, I know you think you had to be a villain, but that's not always the case."
"What do you mean?"
"Just because there's a villain in your family, doesn't mean you have to be one."
"....It doesn't?"
"No..." Masami stopped, making Shota do all the work, "Look, two of the girls you attacked tonight are my daughters, but....they aren't biologically his." She pointed at Shota, who looked up, "Instead, their father was a villain, but none of them are, though there are times two of them I swear I should get classified as villains the way they treat each other. And look at Psionic, one of her daughters followed the villains, yet she's a hero, as was the child's father. And there are many other ones as well."
He looked from one to the other, then back at her, "...Could you show me where?"
"I would...if no one had messed with his place. But if you take time...you'll probably know once you see the spot. I had been frozen thanks to Meiko, but maybe All Might and Psionic can help you with that."
Nodding, Jack looked around, beginning to help these two with the chores.

Peering into the church at the other two, Jack-Kin noticed these two seemed different. 
"U-Um...did you need help?"
The glare from Endeavor was enough to send him running but Meiko quickly stopped him. 
"We're doing fine, why don't you help clean up the house with the other heroes?"
He nodded, sighed and walked back out, but not before Meiko caught up to him.
"Hey...I'm sorry Jack. None of us wanted what happened to happen. We were just going to take him to prison...we didn't know he had a family."
Looking up at her, he nodded, then left for the house.

"Can I help?"
He helped out best he could, and Jack realized, as time passed, before long, everyone was in there helping. He couldn't believe how these people stopped to help him, a wannabe villain. Smiling to himself he was sure to help keep up until...
"We even got some things set up to help with the decorations next year! This will be fun."
"What do you think Jack?" Midoriya asked, facing the teenager.
"...I think it will work. This was my family's home."
"Did you live here?"
"No...I lived with my mom. But she's quirkless. So...yeah."
"Did well."
"Do I have to be labeled a villain?" Jack asked.
"No." All Might smiled, putting a hand on the kid's shoulder, "We're giving you a chance to turn things around."
"Turn them around he should! Come on boy, you could have done better than what you did!"
"Shut up Jack-Kin," Meiko said before her eyes widened with fear. 
Everyone slowly turned around, their eyes wide as they spotted the actual spirit of Jack-Kin, rotting where he stood.
"Now now not being very nice you aren't! How are you Meiko? Last time I saw you..." He took a deep breath and grinned menacingly, "I was falling to my death."
Screams echoed out the house and thirteen people fled the house to a burst of cackling laughter.

The decaying house still sat because six heroes once accidentally took the life of a villain. The spirit inside rocked back and forth, becoming more and more grotesque as the days passed. His stringy fleshed jaw stretched open, emanating the laughter that fell out.
"Happy...Halloween." Cackling filled the old boards as his jaw fell from his face, landing in his lap. 
His tongue dangled out, his eyes slowly being pushed out by the force of air inside of his body. 
Next year...was a whole different story, now wasn't it?

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