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The idea of having a child terrified the woman. She didn't know how to deal with this, not with her ability. She looked up at her husband, who was just as equally afraid. His arms crossed across his muscular chest, shaking. His ability to transport got them to the hospital on time, but seeing his wife trying to hold onto this ability..he knew it could kill her. 

Mosi didn't know what to think as she held that little girl in her arms, now that it was safe. She didn't know what to think of this little pink bundle in her arms, but she thanked everything alive that she had enough sense to name her daughter with a normal name than what her parents were thinking when they had her. 
"Aina..." The woman said, letting the name roll off her tongue and lips, feeling it out, "Aina..."

Getting sleep in after having a child was impossible, Mosi thought. Every time she had a chance, either Aina cried to be fed, changed or wanted to be held, or a nurse was in checking her vitals. Sometimes a visitor showed up.
Mosi lifted her head, and smiled, "Nana!"
"Tsubaki here told me the baby is here!"
Mosi pointed at the little bassinet in the room, smiling as Nana crossed over and peered inside.
"Oh, she's so cute! Her eyes are so purple! May I hold her?"
"If you want. She's heavy though."
The moment Nana held the baby in her arms, she quickly agreed. "Hefty little one."
Smiling, Mosi welcomed this visitor easily, knowing her to work withing Tsubaki's agency. Mosi then looked down, sighing deeply.
"Oh Mosi, if she does get the quirk, I'm sure she'll figure it out! One of these days the line will break and one of you women will be a hero! And I think it will happen to her, I can feel it!"
"You always were good with seeing the potential."
"Have you had her foot x-rayed yet?"
Mosi shook her head quickly, fear filling her eyes, "No...I'm scared to know. If she inherits mine....if she has Telekinetisis....I'm scared it will ruin her future too!"
Tsubaki stepped forward, putting a hand on his wife's shoulder, "It didn't ruin your future, look what we have!"

Holding onto Aina while she prepared a bottle of breastmilk was a bit hard. Aina was a very active child, happy to just be near her parents. She rested her head on her mother's shoulder once she was given her bottle, happily staring up at her. Sitting down on the couch and holding Aina correctly, Mosi watched the TV while giving her daughter a bottle. The news was always full of villains and heroes. She hoped that by the time Aina was old enough, that there be no use for heroes any longer, but that was only a dream.
Maybe Aina would be a hero someday, work for an agency. Maybe she'd settle down instead, not go to UA like her father. 
But what if it killed her?  What if the quirk drove her daughter to her death? No answer was enough as Aina drained her bottle, and snuggled against her mother for a nap. Putting the bottle down on the side table, she held onto her daughter, fear striking her heart. 

"Mosi, nothing is going to happen."
"But what if it does!? You know this quirk is unreliable!"
"And she will be strong enough to control it. Mosi, come over here."
She went over fear in her eyes.
"Aina is strong. She can do this. We just have to wait to see if she even does have a quirk."
"Course she does!"
"Mosi...some children are born without one, it's rare, but it happens. And remember, she could get my quirk, my parents...or a completely different one."
Looking down, the mother looked at her three-month-old daughter, who was happily cooing up at the toys above her head, dangling down for her to learn to use her arms and keep her amused.

Frustrated with the fact that she couldn't see what her mama was doing, and the fact she was still laying down was driving Aina nuts. She desperately wanted to sit up and tried. She waved her little arms, fussed and cried her days away as she continued to try. She continued, day by day until she screamed in frustration. Tsubaki gently picked his daughter up, sitting her on his lap. Aina tried to cross her little arms as her father did at times to show how angry she was but failing miserably. 
She huffed instead, angry tears filling her eyes as her mother walked over, picked her up, and allowed little Aina to nurse. She had her fill but wasn't tired, so she let herself push up on her hands, testing her strength. Mosi had just gotten a cup of milk when she turned to find a very shocked, but sitting up Aina.
"Aina! Tsubaki she's sitting up!"
The shock of it made her cry, wanting her parents' attention now. She clung to them, comforted then put back down. Aina looked around, sitting up once again, though struggling a lot less now. She reached over and grabbed a toy of hers, instantly shoving it in her mouth and drooling. Her gums hurt.

The crying bab didn't know what to do. It hurt so much! Her gums ached with no reason for her to hurt at all. Tsubaki, tired as he was, tried to get the cream along with his daughters' gums, feeling a few bumps along the way. 
"How many..."
"Four, top and bottom. She's teething hard."
Screaming at the top of her lungs, Aina carried on until it kicked in, leaving her sniffling on her mother's shoulder. She sniffled as she fell asleep. She hoped this didn't carry on for too long.

"She's got more!"
"Well, I hope so."
Mosi glared at her husband. He was tired, having fought a villain all night. She could see the dark circles. One villain had been giving many heroes from there to Hosu a hard time. They finally had caught him. She gently handed their nine-month-old daughter to hi, making him perk up and smile. She cuddled up against him, kicking her little legs. She was excited when he put her on her feet, helping her stand on her own. 
He gently started to walk, letting Aina feel out the steps in front of her. She looked up at him, hanging onto his fingers, before trying to take that one little step. She kept trying, having fun while her other cleaned the house up, fighting her quirk.

Aina laughed happily as her father tossed her up and caught her again. A year-old finally! He brought Aina down on his shoulders, moving through the house while the one-year-old laughed and giggled. 
"Morning Matsuo family!"
"Nana! Nana!" Aina called out.
"Hi Aina!" 
"You're early."
"Well you did give me the invitation to her party, I wasn't going to not drop something off! I can't make it through, I'm sorry. He's been sighted again."
Tsubaki nodded and watched as Aina tore the paper off of a box of blocks, happily playing. 

Sighted again. Tsubaki laid next to his wife, wide awake. She didn't know, but he did know. There was a villain Nana was trying to take out. But it was all he knew. Why he didn't know. But he knew it was dangerous. He sighed and rolled over, trying to get some sleep, hoping for a future that was safe for Aina. 

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