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Learning to walk wasn't always easy, but once she had the hang of it, Mosi couldn't stop her child from wandering everywhere. But Aina would stay in place. Now the toddler was seeing a dentist, who could easily tell Mosi and Tsubaki how many more teeth that Aina had left. Aina sat down to play with her blocks while Mosi talked on the phone to her mother.
"I know's hard....but...I'm managing. Tsubaki and I discussed hiring a nanny for Aina so that if the quirk does go nuts, she's protected. We found one with a quirk, it's a shield. She creates shields. It costs a little extra for one with a quirk but it's worth it. How has it been with you?"
Mosi's face darkened as she discovered that her mother was under constant watch. 
" you think it could break with Aina? Do you think she'll be able to control it if she has this quirk?"
After hanging up the phone, Mosi watched as Aina explored the living room, peering behind the TV, chasing the cat, and looking out windows that she could reach. Mosi couldn't help but wonder about her. This was worse than when she was a child...but even then, the quirk was hard to learn. Another couple years and they'd know if Aina even had a quirk, but it was expected. Maybe, hopefully, she'd be quirkless. Then they wouldn't have to worry about it.

Mosi knew she couldn't do it, no way in hell! If she took Aina into the doctors, her quirk would destroy the room! She sat out in the waiting room, watching worriedly while magazines floated in front of her. The nurse who sat at the desk kept a careful eye on the woman while the child was in with the doctor with her father. 
She didn't want to be there when Aina screamed and cried from the needles entering her arms and legs, the vaccinations required to keep her healthy. She clenched the fabric of her skirt in her fists, scared and worried until Tsubaki came out with their daughter, who, while she had tears in her eyes, was happily looking at the stickers in her hands. Mosi held her arms out for her child, quickly taking ahold of her and letting Aina happily snuggle against her, her legs kicking. 
"Was she ok?!"
"She was fine," Tsubaki said, taking care of things at the desk. 
"You sure?"
He smiled at her and led them out, "Of course I'm sure. She did fine."

Seemed like Aina grew too fast. Every time they bought her some clothing, she needed more in a larger size. There was also the subject of potty training now. Aina, while still under 2 years old and small, had outgrown the diaper sizes, and was into training pants. She wondered if it was too early to train her. While wondering, she got a message from her husband, telling her that he'll be late for work, another villain. 
She sighed and got up to make dinner, be sure she could see Aina no matter what. She made the soup she had been wanting to make, watching as Aina realized something didn't seem right. She bent over for a moment, patted her front, then ran to her mother.
"Mama! Mama! I wet!"
Mosi looked at her, then took her child to change.

Training Aina wasn't hard at all. It seemed at this point, Aina hated to be dirty. Before she was two, she was easily trained. She just needed help with the cleanup.
"It's nice not to have to buy diapers....but the training pants are nearly as expensive...and you get less..."
"Probably because at this point dear, she doesn't go as often, remember the bigger she gets, the bigger her body can grow and her bladder will hold more."
"I can't wait until she's in panties. Just a bit more training...she's nearly 2 now."
"Sometimes she still has a mistake, but she does pretty well otherwise." 
Mosi and Tsubaki watched their daughter, with Mosi worrying.
"Don't worry, she won't show a quirk now. I'm excited to see what she has. If she does."
"She'll be fine. You are holding on better than your mom, she could do a lot better than you are now. And who knows, maybe she'll perfect it."
"...Or she could die..."
"Mosi knock it off..."

Now at 2 years old, Aina was entirely potty trained. Busy jumping up and down on her little indoor trampoline, Aina hadn't noticed a certain female she didn't get to see often sneak up behind her. Hands tickled her sides and she turned around, "Oneesan!"
The older lady smiled and laughed as she held onto her granddaughter. Her only chance to see this little girl safely. She carried her into the kitchen where the family was waiting for her.
"CAKE!" Aina yelled out, reaching for it. 

With Aina tucked into bed, happily full and trying out her new toddlers' bed, Tsubaki and Mosi shut the door, looking at each other. Tsubaki smiled and put an arm around his wife's shoulders.
"One more year, and she could start her quirk."
"...I still rather Aina be quirkless."
"She'll be just fine. Let's go to bed, we have another year of silent child behavior until it possibly kicks in. That or two years."
"How about...never?"
"Be nice about Mosi, I know you're worried, but there is nothing to worry about! She will do just fine." 

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