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Aina didn't understand why her mother was crying and behind held back thanks to Nana and Daddy. She also didn't understand why everyone was in such chaos, but it scared her, leaving Benny, the new nanny, to shield her. From America, the homeland of quirks. Crying herself, Aina felt scared but sad. She didn't know why. Her mother crumpled into a heap on the floor, sobbing while Nana gently kneeled, rubbing her mothers back. 
"Poor have this happen before you're even old enough to go to I see why your mother is so scared of you getting her quirk..."

Tsubaki held onto his daughter that night, now worried himself. He thought his wife had been telling a tall tale when she told him how the quirk can drive the user insane, or break, but he never realized that it could happen. With his mother in law deceased...having only seen her granddaughter for the last time four months prior, he couldn't' believe it. 
What if Aina did the same...

Benny kneeled and handed Aina the plate of grilled cheese sandwiches, letting the two-year-old help her set the table, although it was done very hazardously. But the life of a two-year-old. Benny helped her set it straight before letting Mosi know lunch was done.
"Mosi, lunch is done!"
"...I'm fine."
"Mosi...You need to eat. I know you don't want to, but you must. You need your strength and energy for Aina."
Sighing, she picked up Aina, who was bugging her mother for attention. She carried her in, setting Aina down in her little booster and serving food for her while Benny sat in her chair and served herself.
"Has Tsubaki called?"
"Many times. I tell him the truth."
"...I can't thank you enough for keeping her safe..."
"To be honest, You only lost control a few times. You do have a hand on it."
Looking at the lady they hired to keep Aina in check and safe, Mosi took a sip of her water before eating some lunch, not believing the lady. Her child on the other hand, as Mosi found out as her eyes slid from the nanny to the child, water glass still to her mouth but soon spitting it back out as she saw how fast Aina covered herself in tomato soup.

Tsubaki laughed, having seen the pictures and heard the story of that lunch's fiasco. 
"How did she get covered in the soup that quickly!?"
"I don't know but that was not easy to clean oddly enough..." His wife said, sweatdropping. 
He continued laughing, trying not to wake his child up. He crossed his arms and tucked his head down, his body shaking while Mosi gave him a verbal beat down for it. Aina watched from her bedroom door, knowing neither of her parents could see her there. It made her happy and smile to know that what happened wasn't getting her int rouble by her daddy, but making him laugh and smile. 
She crawled back into her toddlers' bed. She stared around her room. It was too pink. Aina then realized she couldn't see her bookcase. She got out of bed, her little feet moving to the light switched turned it on, and made her way to the books. 

"...Mosi. I don't think Aina can see well."
"What makes you say that?"
Mosi turned her head from making coffee with Benny when they realized just how close to the TV Aina was. 

"Yeah, her sight is bad enough, she needs glasses." The eye doctor said, closing his own eyes than looking at the parents, "Sorry, you look shocked."
"You...didn't use anything."
"Haha! My quirk allows it! I can see into the eyes and everything around them. Course anything else too, but the eyes seem to be best for me. That's why I'm an optician. Not quite x-ray like but still. It makes it easy for me. I passed up being a brain surgeon though. But now, yeah. She needs glasses. But let's have her do a little test, can she read?"
"Not yet."
"Ok, some two-year-olds show signs but some don't. My daughter has no desire for reading but she does well with this." He put up a sign with colors and shapes, then had Aina try and pinpoint. 
Without being able to see well, Aina failed. 
"Give me a couple of weeks and I can have my assistant make her a pair of glasses. They will look different, with a band going around the head. It's to keep them on her head since most kids hate wearing glasses."

Fixing the band around her head, the man stepped back and smiled.
"How's that Aina?"
Aina looked around, shocked. Everything was so clear!
"Mommy! Daddy!" She yelled out, smiling and holding her arms out to be held.
Tsubaki picked his daughter up, laughing.
"Thanks, when do we need to come back?"
"Oh, just for her next appointment, more or less just to see how she's doing with her sight!"

"You know, I've been thinking..." Mosi started, watching Tv one day with Aina on her lap.
"What's that?" Tsubaki asked, having a rare day off.
"Why can't Aina go to daycare and I go back to work? Keep my mind busy. There's a flower shop down the road hiring for parttime work in the mornings. Aina can go there for a full day of school, come home with Benny and you and I can finish up what we need to do. Plus the daycare I looked at...Benny worked there."
"Think it's a good idea?"
"Yes...and if a quirk does show up, they'll get the ball rolling on Quirk Counseling..."

Aina looked around. She wasn't sure what to make of this place and stuck close to her mother. She looked up at another lady, who nodded.
"She's 2 now...but she can come in at 3?"
"Miss, I'd still fill out an application. We fill up very fast, and if you do it now, you have a good chance to have her accepted for next year. She'll be in our toddler section. Now, is your family one with quirks?"
" to explain, but her quirk...if she has one, will either be teleportation like or....mind."
"Oh...I see. That's fine! I'm personally quirkless, but my aid is rather strong with hers. She can keep kids safe with hers. She's like a medic I guess. We had one that made shields."
"Actually...Benny is our nanny now."
"You know Benny! Lovely lady! But yes, fill this out! And we will be more than glad to see little Aina next year!"

Benny sat on the floor, playing with Aina, stacking blocks high as they could while Mosi interviewed for the daycare on the phone. Laughing as the blocks fell over, Benny felt her phone ping and looked at it. She quickly hid her phone again and made a hand motion to Mosi, who nodded while Benny got up and ran to the door.
"Hi! Thanks for being discreet! She's a smart kid, we don't want her to know what we got her for her birthday!"
The delivery girl laughed and handed over a clipboard for Benny to sign. Hiding the boxes in the closet, she returned to see that Aina had lost interest and was now playing with her dollhouse. She smiled and picked up the tote that had all the pieces and went over, decorating and playing house. 
"She's in! Just have to wait until September, but by then Aina will have been 3 for a month."
"She'll enjoy it! The best part is the interaction with other children! Plus she doesn't need anything extra, other than quirk counseling if need be, but many children will be doing that."
Quirk...hopefully not.

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