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This was different from home. Aina screamed and cried, wanting her mother, not wanting to be left behind in this place. The teacher gently wrapped her arms around Aina and comforted her. Sniffling in the woman's lap, the toddler didn't know what to do or think. Why would mama leave her like that?! Would she see her again? What about daddy and that Benny lady!?
She looked up at the kind lady holding her, "Mama...daddy! I want my mama!" Aina cried, fresh tears rolling down her face. 
"Benny will pick you up later, but mommy and daddy are going to work, and you're fine here. You have a lot of new friends to make, why don't we go meet some?"
Aina shook her head quickly, not wanting to do anything but wait right there for her family. She rubbed her face against the teacher's shoulder, sniffling as she laid her head on it with her fist by her mouth. The lady rubbed her back, smiling. Aina was not the first child she had that rejected others, but she knew with time, the little girl would come around. 

"So...she had a day."
"Lemme guess, missing mama and daddy?" Benny said, gathering Aina and her belongings. 
"You know how it goes."
"I do. Maybe she'll perk up when she finds out we're going out for ice cream."
Aina instantly stood to attention, the idea of getting ice cream excited her. She nodded and jumped up and down, wanting to be picked up. Benny laughed, signed her out and they left, walking down the street for ice cream. 
"Let me guess, cookies and cream?"
Ordering two small cones for them, they sat at one of the tables out front, Aina easily making a mess. 
"So, how was daycare?"
"No like!"
"You will. It'll be fun!"

"She doesn't like it?" Mosi asked, feeling a bit upset.
"She will. Lots of kids don't like being dropped off somewhere that they don't know."
"You've seen this then?"
"Pretty much about 9 out of 10 kids will do it. Give her a week, she'll be playing with the other kids, and will probably get mad when one of us picks her up."

Sure enough, after a month passed before Mosi herself was able to pick her daughter up, Aina did not want to stop her game. 
"No mama! Go away! Come back later!"
Mosi looked at the teacher, who laughed.
"This does happen. It's fine! Um, I want to talk to you."
Mosi followed the teacher into an office and sat down.
"What is it?"
" appears...Aina has a quirk."
"She has a quirk. She displayed it today while wanting a sippy cup. It floated to her. Possibly a mind quirk."

"Yup, it looks like she inherited your quirk." The doctor put his glasses down and smiled at the parents. 
Tsubaki looked at Aina, then at Mosi. He took a deep breath, then turned to the doctor. 
"Is it the very same?"
"Very same. I suggest getting her into counseling fast as you can. Given the history of this quirk in your family, it's not going to be an easy road. But we will try!"
Aina looked up at her parents, then floated a sucker to her hands.

"She has my quirk!"
"Mosi calm down. It's fine!"
"She has the telekinesis quirk, Tsubaki! You saw what it did to my mother!"
"Mosi!" Tsubaki grabbed his wife before the dishes started hitting the walls, and held her to him. 
The sound of breaking glass drew Aina's attention to the kitchen, and by the time that the two parents separated, the glass was floating into the trash can. 

Wit h this newfound ability, Aina tried to help out as much as possible. She loved to help, and she loved the praise that followed. It was just her mother who seemed to be freaked out. And this guy she went to see every so often was always so much fun! He let her pick things up, and he had so many activities to do!
She currently was leading blocks to papers that matched their shapes. It was so much fun!
"I did it!" She said, pointing at the paper.
"Very good!" The doctor said, helping her with more.
By the end o the appointment, he gave his results to a frazzled mother and calm father.
"She'd done well! She needs to control the emotional part of it, but she's doing great! I can see her being at least in the police force, but to be honest, this type of quirk is ore useful for Search and Rescue."
"Search and Rescue matches it, I can't see why she couldn't do that!" Tsubaki said, smiling.
Mosi on the other hand, kept her hands clasped, focusing on not letting her go insane.

"See, she's fine! She's nearly four a d we only had one incident, and that was because she was distracted."
Mosi sighed, watching her daughter run all over the playground. The little girl was active as hell, never stopping once, not even if she fell. As long as she was physically active, she didn't have to worry bout being mentally active. She raced across the playground, up the jungle gym and across to the slides, having a good time. Benny helped the mother unpack lunch and drinks, and once Aina saw what was going on, she rushed over.
She jumped and landed on the blanket, crossing her legs and reaching for the first thing she saw. Mosi froze when she watched the cup of juice float to her daughter, seeing the quirk yet again. She never did like seeing it in action, but to Aina, it was the best thing ever. She sat there quietly, eating her sandwich and drinking her juice, watching the two women having an active conversation. She let her mother know she was off to play again, and ran off to the slides, wanting to go down them all at least a hundred more times. They were so much fun! 
By the time they were ready to go, it was nearly dark and Mosi wanted to head home. Mosi took one hand, and Benny took another, both swinging Aina all the way home. How she had that much energy was beyond the two women, both commenting on how they wish they had that much themselves. Walking home, it wasn't fair. By the time they got back, Tsubaki had already ordered dinner and was just waiting for it.
"It'll be another half hour, but dinner is already ordered."
"Hey, pumpkin!"
"What did you order?"
"Hey uh...I invited Nana over. Mainly because there's something at work that she and I need to talk about. An undercover job is coming up and this was the only time we could talk it over."
"That's fine." Mosi said, stretching, "I need a shower anyway. You got her Benny?"
Once inside, Aina went nuts hugging Nana, then running off to get some TV time in. 

Dinner was yummy, of course, and Nana offered to sit down and help Aina with her quirk, having her focus while she played. 
"...Could she be a hero?"
"Of course! Anyone can be a hero, quirk or no quirk. It's in the heart. If they want and strive to be a hero, they will. Her quirk, however," Nana said, taking her coat from Tsubaki, "Is more suited for Search and Rescue. And I et, if you give it time, she'll be one of the better ones of her time."
"...Time is going by too fast."
"Don't they with kids?"

Putting Aina to bed that night gave Mosi a feeling. She didn't know how to take the idea of her daughter being a hero with this destructive quirk, or maybe...she wasn't fully looking at the quirk itself, but how it handled itself on the other females of her family.

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