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After a year in Quirk Therapy, Aina was showing signs of better mental engagement than her mother. With the person in charge rather impressed, they still required her to continue. She clung to her father, not sure what this new school was going to do. She was being taken to a whole new building, away from the other one. This was not what she was expecting.
"Daddy...Where are we?"
"We're at your preschool. Just need to find your classroom."
"Because you're old enough for this now. Plus you're quirk counseling can continue right here at the school!"
"Ohhh." Aina waited for a beat, "But why?"

This was not like her daycare at all. This wasn't just a small building, this was a huge one, with a lot of rooms for kids like her. Some with quirks, some without, but none with one like hers. She felt out of place in a way, but the kids made her feel welcomed and many loved her quirk. Even those who didn't have one yet were excited even more for the prospect of their own. 
"Aina Matsuo! It's your turn for quirk counseling!"
She looked up and sadly left her friends behind before trotting behind the teacher. 
"Why do I have to do this thing?"
"Why do I have to do this?"
"Well, all kids who develop their quirks go through this. It's to help you."
"This will probably make more sense when you're older, but right now, we can make it fun! With games!"
"I like games!"

Game after game, without realizing it, Aina trained her quirk. The teacher was always pleased, though at times had to redirect and help. It was just the teacher who didn't know what to do about the quirk itself. She never ran across a mental quirk, let alone one that could go both Villian and Hero. Many quirks could, she knew, but the ones you didn't physically see where usually the most dangerous. 
"I did it!"
"Very good! Let's try two at a time now!"
Aina just looked at him, not sure if she was as able to do that just yet. 
"I'll try."
"That's all you have to do. Here, take these two, and match them up to their picture. They are the same thing, so it should be a bit easier to focus on."
Trying, Aina brought the two cards to the wall but dropped one every time. Frustrated, she sat down like she was taught, and just sat there, letting her anger pass her by. Many times an item went flying, and the teacher had to help her calm down. But she expected that Aina was only four after all. 
"It's fine if it takes a while, it's going to. I'd be shocked if you did it your first try anyways."
"But I need to be better!"
"And you will get better, that is one reason we're doing this."
She tried and tried over and over again, eventually finally able to move them both, but shakily. 
"Very good! We'll practice more next week."

"She's doing well in quirk counseling Mosi, even the teacher said she's doing well."
"That's good...maybe she can control this."
"She can."
"I can mama, I can1"
Mosi smiled and bent down to pick up her daughter, holding her on her hip. 
"What do you want for dinner, and snack tonight?"
"Can we have...ora...oranges!?"
"What about dinner?" Tsubaki asked, chuckling over Aina's enthusiasm for fruit.
Aina sat on her mother's hip, thinking very hard. 
Tsubaki and Mosi had to laugh at the seriousness that came out of their four-year-old. 

Aina happily had her orange, sitting in front of the tv for a little bit. She was never allowed to watch more than a couple of hours. Her father was strict about screen time in the evening. She picked up her empty bowl and went to her mother, handing it to her before giving her father the remote then waling over to Benny, who as folding laundry on the floor.
"I wanna help!"
Benny handed her a bunch of clean dishcloths, allowing Aina to be helpful.

The more she tried, the more she got it. Happy with herself, Aina jumped up and down, excited. The teacher smiled, then looked at the paper in her hand. She knew she'd had to check that box. She would see her again next year, but Aina would soon go to Kindergarten. 
"Ok, let's try different colors now!"
"Aw! But I just got good at this!"
"I know, but e have to get this part done. Once we get so far in this, we have to test emotions."
Aina huffed. She crossed her arms and stared at the teacher, annoyed. She didn't want to do that, but the teacher finally talked her into it. She had a harder time with it then the other way. She looked at the teacher with a sad look in her eyes, making her teacher smile and assist her. She knew it would take a while before Aina got this part, but that was the point of this exercise.

"Mama I want to help!"
"Be careful..."
Aina happily helped mix the cookie mix, trying to see exactly what she was doing while her mother held the bowl down to her. She smiled up at her mother when she was done, letting Mosi put the mix into the pan then the bowl into the sink.
"Time to let it bake!"
Aina squealed and ran around the kitchen then ran out to join her father on the couch to watch television. 
"What are you doing darling?" He asked, looking down at her.
"I'm making cookies with mama and watching this with you!" Aina said, pointing directly at him.
Chuckling, Tsubaki put a kid's movie on for them to watch together, while Mosi cleaned up the kitchen, then leaned against the door frame. As each year dragged on, she wondered more and more, and sometimes, less and less. 

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