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Aina raced around her house, excited for her first day of Kindergarten, actual school! Mosi, Tsubaki, and Benny could not catch her. 
"Aina wait! Slow down, honey! We need to brush your hair!"
She bounced in place, excited. 
"Funny, last year she didn't like the idea of going from one building to another, but this year it's different?"
"Maybe because this time it's official school? I'm not entirely sure!"
"Whatever the reason is, I wonder how she'll handle today."
Tsubaki tried to take Aina by the hand but she shot out of the door, "HEY! WAIT!"
He transported from the inside of their living room to right beside the car, making Aina stop dead in her tracks. It was one of the rare times she saw him use his quirk. She looked up at him, knowing she shouldn't make a move. He opened the car door, helping Aina up into the car and her booster. She kicked her legs, bouncing on her bottom as she peered out the window. He got into the front driver's seat, intending to take her to school.

This was different, in a massive way. Aina hung her jacket up on the hook that said her name, and her backpack. There were two teachers instead of one, and there were twice as many kids. Some she recognized from preschool, but many she didn't have an inkling who they were. She took a few steps forward and bumped into a blond-haired, blue-eyed young boy. 
"Sorry! I'm sorry!"
The kid picked himself up, brushed himself off and smiled wide, "Hi! I'm Toshi!"
Aina had to stop and process that. It was such a quick turn around that she hadn't expected it. She looked from him to the teacher who just seemed to melt into place, back to the boy in front of her. 
"Do you have a quirk yet?!" He asked, his eyes seeming to sparkle.
"What is it?! Mine isn't in yet, but I bet it will be soon!"
"Telekinesis...Why isn't yours in?"
"Alright, time for you two to go sit at your desks."

"Mommy, I met a boy in class today..."
"...Mommy...when do our quirks come in?"
"Between the ages of three and four, why?"
"...He's five and he doesn't have his quirk yet. Will it come in soon?"
Mosi stopped, sighing. She knelt to be at her daughter's level and looked her in the eye.
"Well hun...sometimes, someone isn't born with a quirk."
"But why?"
"I don't know hun. But it's found out through the doctor. Like when we took you when you ere three." She stood back up, putting a hand on Aina's shoulder and walking her home.

As a few months passed, Aina found herself constantly putting one boy on his rear. Moving him away from Toshinori. A couple liked to tease him for being quirkless, but even if Aina wasn't at school, it didn't seem to discourage him. They sat together normally, side by side, working on coloring sheets and reading. Toshinori and a few other students took to reading easily, while Aina preferred to use her hands and play with sensory items. 
She was rolling out play dough, trying to get it as long and thing as she could without breaking it. She had just had to refold it to roll again, as it started to slip off her desk when Toshinori came up. He watched her for a bit, wondering exactly what she was doing. 
"What are you doing?" He asked.
"Making a snake."
"I want to!"
He watched her some more, wanting to stay near her. He sat down next to her at his desk, reading the small book he had picked out of the shelves. 

The more the year went on, the more Aina realized just how much her friend stood out. Being the only one in the class to have not developed his quirk, she wondered if there was a chance that he was just a late one. But as time went on, it was clear he was quirkless. He was the one who was left being during Quirk Counseling. His name was never called and he never was asked where his quirk was, or what it was, as it was clear now. Toshinori Yagi was quirkless. 
She felt bad. Here she could do cool things with her power, but he couldn't do a thing. didn't stop Aina from becoming friends with the boy. She played with the other kids, but she always made sure Toshinori was included. She wouldn't ever let anyone hurt him. Despite the fact, it seemed like he had things covered. 
It as the same old story every day, they get there, set things up and play until the teacher started the lessons. She wondered if this is how school was always going to be like. She colored in another letter that day, wondering if she had to do every single one. After finishing hers, she gave it to the teacher and went to play with the slime. She was joined by a few other students, but she noticed one, in particular, didn't seem to join them. She went over.
"Toshi...are you still coloring?"
"Nope! I'm reading!"
She blinked, before dragging him to the slime section and making him play with them.

"She is friends with the only quirkless kid I have had in this class. First time in years to be honest."
"That's not a bad thing."
"To be honest, they both do well. He doesn't let nothing bother him...and she won't either."
"That's...good?" Mosi asked, hoping Aina wasn't hurting any of the students as a result of being protective.
"Usually, yes. She gets along with just about everyone except one kid. He causes trouble for everyone."
The conference went great, and when Tsubaki and Mosi went to pick up their daughter, they found Aina playing on the see-saw with this quirkless boy. Mosi didn't know what to think, but Tsubaki walked right over.
"Hey, is your parents here right now?"
"My dad is. I don't have a mom."
"Why don't you ask him if you could come over for dinner tonight?"

Having her friend over for pizza was fun. They sat on the couch in the living room, watching a movie until Toshinori's father came to pick him up. He happily hugged his father before introducing him to Aina.
"You know, if you don't mind me asking, are you a pro?"
"Not at all. I work in a restaurant downtown, my quirk allows me to cook pretty well. I used it to my advantage. Now you are a pro, aren't you?"
"I am." Tsubaki said, putting a hand on his chest, "But my wife isn't. Her quirk is...unreliable. Oddly enough it's the one Aina inherited."
"I've seen her use it. She's good with it."
"...When did you guys find out Toshinori was quirkless?"
"...Last year. I didn't know how to break it to him, he was so excited for it, doesn't seem to get him down."
Nodding, Tsubaki and his daughters' friend's father sat down to make plans for every weekend. The two, it was clear, were becoming fast best friends.

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