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Aina was excitable to celebrate her sixth birthday with all her friends, and a few in particular. With four of them spending the night, Tsubaki and Mosi laid the sleeping mats down. Being sure they had enough. Aina didn't want to use her bed, so they put the mats in the living room after pushing the couch back against the wall. Tsubaki was just relieved that Toshinori wasn't the only male there, but of course, they were outnumbered by three. The kids raced around the yard in the meantime, the sun setting on Aina's party. 
Even while some of them used their quirks, some didn't and managed just fine. Mosi went outside to gather them all, laughing at how much fun they were having. She hollered for them all, and they ran inside, anticipating movie time. She counted each head as they passed by, smiling. She knew they were excited, and she was sure to get them some snacks for the movie before sitting on the couch with her husband.
"Course they had to want to watch the most wanted movie of the year..."
Tsubaki smiled, glad to see his daughter having friends and getting along with them. Before long, the kids were snuggled into their mats, watching the movie. One by one they fell asleep. Her parents snuck out, shutting the light off as they went. 

For the first time in her school career...Aina had homework. She looked from the paper she was supposed to work on, to her father, then back to her paper, then at her mother. She knew it was just one bit, and a spelling thing, but none the less, it was new to her. She picked up a pencil and started to trace the dotted lines. Watching her do this, Mosi went through her daughters' backpack for the week, looking for any notes, forms, and folders that she may have forgotten.
"Nope. Looks like whatever was to have this week was already done and sent back." Mosi said, repacking her child's bag.
She crossed her arms and looked at her husband, then at her child. She watched Aina easily trace the letters and numbers before handing it to her parents and running off. They looked at each other, then in the direction that Aina had gone. The little girl ran to her bedroom and dove onto her bed. She loved it when her mother did her bedding nice and neat. She rolled off of it, leaving her laying on the floor for a moment in shock before bounding upa and rushing to her toys.
She threw them around her room, trying to find her favorite ones. She finally got frustrated enough that she called for them with her quirk, watching as they appeared out from under her bed. She used her quirk and put all her other toys away and sat o the floor to play.

"But what about the new hero!? They're awesome!"
"No! My mommy is better!"
Sighing, Aina shook her head and returned to her assignment. The only thing about heroes that she knew, was that her father was one, and not her mother. That all heroes had a quirk, and if they didn't, they helped out on the sidelines, like those who made things for heroes to use. She knew her teacher, however, was once a pro and decided to retire to teaching. She moved the paper off to the side, working on the next one. 
The teacher watched her, having never seen it happen every year, but now and then a bright student would come through. Usually with a quirk that required their mental ability. Toshinori looked up from where he was sitting with the kids, noticing how Aina was at her desk. He got up and walked over.
"Whatcha doing?" He asked, peering at the papers, then at her.
"...But...we just got it!"
The teacher bit his lip, six-year-old logic.

"Alright, everyone! Remember, tomorrow is Valentine's Day! You don't have to participate if you don't want to, and girls, please do NOT force the fellow you give your chocolates to, to give you a present in a month, this is only for fun. Honestly, if I had my way we would have done this the American way."
Aina looked around. She liked the idea of this, but she didn't' expect nothing. She could see many of her female students huddled up. Even at that age, they were trying to decide. Aina already knew who she wanted to get chocolates for. She threw her jacket and boots on and ran out the door to the hallway where Benny was waiting. 
"Let's go let's go let's go!" She said, excitedly.
Benny smiled and took Aina down to the store, willing to help her get candy.
"This one!"
"This is for someone for Valentine's hun."
"...Aina, do you want to give someone a present?"
Benny wondered if Aina knew how this kinda thing worked out, but she helped her with the purchase.

"For you!" Aina happily and excitedly held out the little present she got for Toshinori, who stared at her in shock.
"It's ok you can take it." The teacher said, looking down at the shocked Toshinori, who slowly took the candy from his friend, then watched her flounce off.
"...Teacher, do I have to get her something?"
"No no!" The teacher knelt to his level, "I think she got it for you as a friend, you two are very close. It's only natural."
"...Can I if I want to?"
"...Course you can. Why what you were thinking?"
"...I don't know."

Toshinori ran from his school to the restaurant his father worked in as a chef. 
"Daddy!" He said, running in through the back door and holding up the box of chocolate hearts.
"What do you have Toshi? A valentine? Ooo, let me guess...Aina!"
"Daddy I want to get her something!"
His father carefully cleaned the knives off, and transformed his hands back to normal before kneeling, "Do you know? For White day?"
"How about a cute teddy bear? We'll go shopping here in a few, I'm on break shortly."
Toshinori nodded and sat down outside, pulling a book out of his bag. He enjoyed looking up about other heroes, knowing that this one was new and featured a lot of fo heroes who were his dads' age. Once his dad was on break, they walked to a store nearby.

Toshinori ran through the halls, unable to wait to give his friend this little gift that he had been wanting to give for the past month. He could see the older students trading things, and knew today was the right day. Not even his father could keep up. He held the teddy in one arm and used his other to balance himself as he ran. He skidded to a stop in front of the door, and quickly went through, trying to find his best friend.
"Hi Toshinori, that's a cute teddy bear, is it for Aina?"
Toshi turned to see the teacher kneeling to his level before nodding, "I can't find her!"
"Well...Aina is out sick today."
The teacher watched as Toshinorii's expression went from excited to distraught. 
"...But, maybe you can give it to her after school.

Toshinori looked from his father to the door, then back, watching as his dad knocked on the door. A shuffling could be heard inside, and a woman popped out, a mask covering her mouth and nose.
"Oh hello, sorry hun, but Aina  has the flu."
"I...I just wanted to give this to her." He said, holding the teddy bear up. 
Mosi looked from that to him, then up at his father.
"He got it for her for White Day, but...he wants to give it to her. Worth a shot?"
Mosi nodded, then gently reached out for the teddy, "I'll give it to her hun, but you can't come in. Don't' want you getting sick."
Toshinori nodded and left with his dad. Mosi looked at the bear in her hand, then at her husband, who was removing his mask to go to work. 
"Who was that?"
"That little boy from Aina's school. I guess he got this for her. I'll take it in."
Mosi carried the soft brown bear to her sick as a dog daughter. Aina was breathing heavily, then stopping, wheezing and coughing, and something didn't seem right. With her gut feeling, Mosi bent and picked up her daughter, yelling for her husband.

"Pneumonia. At this age?"
"It can happen, but, long as she stays in the hospital she's fine. We have her pumped full of antibiotics and she'll be ok. But...this bear?"
"Oh...her uh...friend gave it to her. Is it alright?"
"Of course it is."
Mosi collapsed into the chair, wondering how this was possible. She was only a child, but with Aina breathing better, and sleeping peacefully, she noticed how he bear was wrapped in her arm. 


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