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The homework for some was a bit harder, but for the ones like Aina, it was pretty easy, though Aina was starting to see that while math was easier for her, spelling wasn't exactly her strong suit, though she had no problem acing her tests. She even wanted to learn to write like her teacher but was told they wouldn't start that until third grade. 
"I think it's pretty writing."
Toshinori rolled his eyes as they sat on the swings, he didn't think so, and was more eager for the physical classes such as physical education and recess, even though the latter wasn't a class. He was itching to go run around, wanting to burn off some energy. Aina shrugged as he took off running, thinking about her classes. She enjoyed her classes and hoped that there was more. Making up her mind, Aina took off from the swings and raced to line up with the rest of her classmates when the bell rang. 

"You want what now?"
"Those books at the store! They have numbers, and letters, and all kinds of things on them!"
"I think she's referring to workbooks dear, for her age. Sounds like Aina is rather academic." Tsubaki smiled, getting ready for another day of work.
Mosi thought for a moment. She did have to go shopping and was unable to do so that morning due to her spring cleaning. She nodded and opted to do it then, while Aina was eager to go and get what she wanted. 
"Ok, go get out of your school clothes and into your"
Tsubaki roared with laughter as Aina did more than ran to her room, it seemed she stripped the entire way there to save time. 
"...She's eager."
"Have fun, I'll be home late, Nana and I have another villain to deal with."
"When don't you?"
"That's a question for the ages, hopefully, someone, somewhere, will bring the crime rate here in Japan down enough that we won't have to worry, but I don't see it happening in our lifetime, or even Ainas."
"How can you be so sure?"
"...Indoor voice dear."

Aina studied the books, trying to decide which few to get. Mosi was nearby, able to see her as she was browsing the books for herself. Finally deciding on maths, English and phonics books, she grabbed them and raced to her mother.
"This mama!"
Mosi looked at the books and nodded, putting them in the cart then putting Aina in the back of it. She could do so until it was time to start throwing things in. Aina noticed how her mother was meticulous in her shopping, going by a checklist that seemed to have everything listed in the order they'd get to them by. 
"Mama, how does the list know what you have to get?"
"Hmm? Oh, it doesn't. I wrote it."
"Yeah, but it seems that you are going in the right order!"
Laughing, Mosi reached up and grabbed a package of fresh apples, "That's because I have this store memorized, I'm able to write my list out in the direction we will be going."
"Does everyone do it that way?"
"Some do, some don't, some don't even use a list."
"Ohhh. Is it helpful?"
"For me, yes. But I'm sure we'll have things in the cart that isn't even on the list!"

Being helpful as she could, Aina tried to carry things in, but Benny and Mosi tended to do it all. She also tried putting food away and didn't get a hance with how tiny she was. Instead, Aina went to focus on her other homework, her quirk counseling related homework. She sat on the floor, making objects float up, and landing them down. Today, she had to try to pick up heavier objects. Once Mosi came in, she as able to guide her daughter to what to pick up, as to not let her destroy things. 
"Mama, do you think I can be a hero like Nana?"
"...Why Nana? Not that it's a bad thing, but I would think you'd want to be like your dad."
"Mom." Aina started in a know it all voice, "Dad's a boy."
Laughing, Mosi sat on the floor, trying to figure out that child logic. 
"Ok, so tell me why you want to be a hero like Nana, she's not telekinetic, neither does she have a mental quirk, hers is strength, I think."
"Because! She's a cool hero! She's always saving people! People always smile when they see her."
"Probably because Nana's smile is who she is." 
Aina looked down, then up at her mother, "Mama, could I be a hero like her?"
Mosi sighed, she didn't want to get her down, so decidedly, Mosi thought a little white lie would be enough.
"Course you can, in your ability." 
Satisfied, Aina continued to play while Mosi got up and went to prepare a snack. She didn't want to say yes, she didn't want to say no, she didn't know how this quirk would work for Aina, although for now, she was doing fantastic.  Using the knife to chop up cucumbers, she continued thinking. 

" managed to cut yourself...because you were thinking about Aina?"
"...Well...She asked me earlier if she could be a hero like Nana..."
"What's wrong with that?"
"It's just...they're not even in the same quirk category."
"They don't have to be. It's the way Nana is. She's able to save so many people, and use her quirk to her best ability. Aina wants to reflect that. It's not a bad thing."
"Right....if it doesn't go nuts."
"Look, you held onto it well for a while..."
"And now it's failing! Don't you see!?"
Tsubaki picked the bowl out of mid-air, sighing.  He understood, which is why every glass thing was removed from the vicinity. If only there had bee n someone there to remove the quirk, maybe they wouldn't have to worry, but there was no such thing for the time being. He put the plastic green bowl back on the counter, and looked at her, "Aina will be fine. Every generation is getting farther and farther along. She's determined. Shell be a hero for years to come."
"...Says you."
"...Well, if this is your attitude now, you won't like what I have to say next."

"Are you sure this is best? I mean...she's her mother!"
"Yes Benny, I'm sure. Having you move in full time is the only way to keep Aina safe. Mosii's quirk....I've explained before." Tsubaki started, keeping an eye on Aina and Mosi, "It's unreliable. Aina seems to be handling it well."
"I hope so..."
"...Between you and me...I'm going to be retiring soon."
Benny looked at him, eyes wide, "But...why? Does Mosi know?"
"Not yet. I'll do this for a few more years, but soon Aina is going to get stronger, and Mosi is going to crack. Her mother only held on for a few years, then we had to work with her, and now Mosi is holding on best she can now. She keeps our daughter in mind but...I hate to think when this is gonna happen. The quirk can be unstable for years and years, then it snaps. Mosi's mother was only in her 50's when she died...Mosi is in her 30's now."
" think this will kill her in another 20 years?"
"...30 to 40."
Aina ran to her father, smiling all the while. Benny watched as he quickly flipped a switched in his personality to tend to his daughter.

"I wish I had a quirk..."
Aina looked at her friend Toshinori, then down at the ground. He wasn't having a great day, and Aina knew there were days that Toshi did feel bad about being a quirkless person in a world full of people with one. 
"'re just fine without one!" Aina said, throwing her arms up.
He shrugged and just sat there next to her on the stone wall. She didn't know what to say or do, given that they were only seven years old. She didn't know how to comfort him, or even where to begin. So she did the only thing she thought of to do. She jumped down from the wall, then turned onto the driveway of her home. She ran inside, knowing her dad was home.
"What is it?"
"Can you make Toshi feel better?"
"Why, what's wrong?" Tsubaki asked, turning in his chair to stand up.
"He seems really down daddy!"
Tsubaki looked at his child, then left his office, walking outside where he found a very slumped Toshinori. 
"Hey, what's up?"
Toshinori looked up at his best friend's father, then shrugged, peering back down at his sneakers. 
"...I just feel useless."
"Why's that?"
"...I can't do anything for heroes in the world. Why bother?"
"Why do you think that? Course you can do something. Who says you have to be one with a quirk to be a hero?"
"Well, quirks are great, yeah, but before they came around, people were heroes, even without them."
Toshinori looked up at him, seeing the smile on his face. Tsubaki leaned back a bit, thinking. He knew the very person that could help this, and while he only knew a little bit, he knew what she was looking for. He was sure he would mention it next time.

Maybe her father was right. After taking Toshinori back home, she turned to him, "Daddy, what if I had been quirkless?"
Tsubaki looked down at his child, wide-eyed, then he looked towards the direction that this boy had gone in. How was he supposed to explain that one?

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