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At the age of 8, Aina knew she was expected to help around the house, even if the chores weren't that hard or long at all. She raced around the house, getting done what she had to with her quirk before it was discovered, but by then, she was already done and running out the door to play outside. Thanking everything alive, Tsubaki was quite glad he had bought a big enough house, having anticipated having a large family before meeting Mosi. He shook his head and went to help Mosi with the cleaning.
"She is a kid, we can't exactly stop that part of her."
"...She doesn't have to use her quirk for everything..."
Tsubaki smiled kindly, putting an arm around his wife's shoulders as they looked out the window to see Aina crawling all over her playground set.
"She's doing well, they think she's the one to stop the lineage of the quirks history. I think she is too. She's a smart girl."
"...But..there is that issue..."
"It's not so much of an issue as it is a side effect. So she gets little headaches, we will figure it out, and she battles it out pretty well."
Mosi sighed as he moved away, watching her only child.

Aina raced around her yard, having enough energy that morning for more than one child. She only wished she had someone else to play with, and got an idea, running inside.
"Daddy, daddy!"
Tsubaki looked at his daughter, a bit surprised, "What is it?"
"Can we call Toshinori's dad to see if he came come over to play!?"
"Uh, sure." He watched as she jumped up and down then raced outside again before turning to look at his equally surprised wife, "You didn't' give her candy...did you?"
"Hyper got his number?"
"It's in the address book right here." Mosi pulled a little book out, finding the number for her daughters' friend's father and picking the cordless phone up.

Tsubaki watched as his daughter and her best friend raced around the yard, both having a blast and yelling out. He thoughtfully rubbed his bicep, thinking.
"You know, I wouldn't be surprised if those two dated later on in life."
"Aren't fathers supposed to shy away from the prospect of their daughters dating no matter what age said daughter is at?"
He smiled and shook his head, "We're not a normal family."
Mosi had to wonder that one as he walked away, then turned back to look at her child and her friend, then she went off to order something for lunch, having decided that day was going to be an easier day.
Aina, on the other hand, didn't care, she had her best friend to play King of the Mountain on her playset, that was all she needed. Screaming and running, the two raced around, and it was then that Aina realized Toshinori seemed to be...taller?

"But I was taller!"
"Toshinori is probably having a growth spurt this summer," Tsubaki said, tucking his daughter into bed and picking up the book they had been reading.
" Toshi having a growth spurt? Well...some kids do at your age, some end up not doing it, or some grow later on."
"But aren't we supposed to get tall?"
"It depends on your genetics. I'm over six feet tall, but your mother is only five foot three. You could go anywhere from five feet tall to six feet tall." Tsubaki replied, smiling as he propped the book open for her to see the pictures.
She listened as he read to her, a lot on her little mind. Aina felt herself drifting off to sleep, but not before her father was able to quietly finish the story. Too tired to fight it and tell him she was still awake, Aina let her father gently move from the bed, place the book on the stand next to her bed, bend and kiss her before leaving her room.

The kids sat at a table in the empty restaurant. The business had yet to open, but Toshinori's father was having a blast getting it ready.
"You kids having fun?"
"No..." Toshinori grumbled.
"Yes!' Aina excitedly said, bouncing in her seat.
"Why do you like homework!?"
"It's fun!"
Toshinori stared at her, unsure of what to think at that point in his life. Homework certainly wasn't fun, neither was spelling! He did sorta like her, like her. He didn't know what to think, but he did know she was a better friend than most. Most of the kids poked fun at him for being quirkless, but Aina and a handful of kids always fought back for him, he never really had to worry.
"You kids hungry?"
He smiled, and a short time later bought out a plate of nuggets and fries for them. The two dug into their lunch, happy to eat and not deal with paperwork for the time being.
"Hey dad, can Aina and I go for a walk?"
"Stay on the sidewalk. No farther than the grocery store."
"Thanks, dad!"
Soon as lunch was over, Toshinori and Aina ran out, both being sure to stick to the rule set by his father. Toshinori didn't notice before, but he did now. He always made sure that Aina was on the inside as if he was trying to protect her. He also had noticed how he looked down on her, instead of staring directly at her. They walked down to the grocery store, bought water each an walked back. They didn't have to worry too much, it was a safe neighborhood, but even Aina knew they were being watched. They both started to run back, dropping their bottles of water, not wanting to get involved as the hair on the back of their neck stood up.
Toshinori grabbed Aina by her wrist, his legs moving quickly. Scared, they ran, wanting to get back to his fathers' place before disaster struck.
"Run Aina!"
"I'm trying!" She yelled out, tears lining her eyes out of fear.
The ground beneath them shook, breaking apart and leaving the two kids to scramble for a place to hide. They looked in cracks and behind items, but nothing was big enough to hide the two fo them, and Toshinori didn't want Aina to be exposed.
"Well, what do we have here?" A woman's voice said, whose fingers grew lengths like claws, grasping the two children in her hand and picking them up of the ground.
Aina screamed trying to pry the fingers apart with her quirk, but it was no use, she wasn't strong enough. Toshinori started to wiggle much as he could, but for a kid with no quirk, it was impossible.
"Meh, that one is weak, but the girl..." A smirk flashed across the woman's mouth, raising her fist high as she could at arm's length.
"LET US GO!" The two screamed, scared.
"Nah, I think I'll just...squish you like the cockroaches you are."
Fear flashed through their eyes and they started screaming and kicking, trying everything to get away until Aina opened her mouth wide enough and bit the woman's hands, who screeched and flung them. They didn't have time to think.
"Hey, shouldn't you two be at your fathers' diner? Why did he let you wander?!"
Two arms grabbed the kids out of the air, and a woman's voice filled their ears. The deep voice was recognizable to Aina, who teared up and started to scream and cry while Toshinori shivered and shook, his face white with fear and shock. Nana gently floated back to the ground where Aina's father patiently and angrily waited. He brought his arms up to remove his daughter and her friend from his fellow hero's grasp as he looked at them. He could tell they were shocked, and after making sure they were safe with another adult, he started transporting to where he needed to be.
"If it's one thing I villains going after children!" He yelled out, his martial arts training kicking in.
Aina shuddered, watching her father fight this villain. She had never seen him perform moves like that, never seen him land punches and kicks that fast, or take up a pose like that. Toshinori on the other hand quickly recognized the stance as Kick Boxing, and some moves he realized were Ju-Jitsu. He realized then that to be a hero, you had to be physically strong, and the woman above the man, fighting another villain, he could see was equally as muscular. He had never really seen a woman show her muscles, and as he noticed it, so hadn't Aina.
Nana landed next to Tsubaki, holding a villain in one hand, and the other on her hip, "I thought this was supposed to be hard."
He smiled and laughed, reaching down and picking up the villain of a woman," Supposed to, no one said these guys are smart."
"How're the kids?"
Tsubaki growled, and Nana shrugged, knowing full well how angry he was.
"...I don't want to blame his father, how was he supposed to know, but....I'm talking with him."
"Tsubaki, calm down first. No reason to rush in and hurt Yuu. He didn't know, and you're wound up. Wait until tonight. I'll take the kids back, you take these two to the prison."
He sighed, dragging the two behind him, and being sure to stop and hug his daughter before fully leaving. Nana walked up to the kids and smiled gently before kneeling.
"You two are lucky, we had been tracking that villain down all day, we just hadn't counted you two in." She then turned her attention to the boy, and realized something, "...What's your name boy?"
"..T-Toshinori Yagi..."
"Thought're Yuu's son."
Toshinori nodded.
"Alright, Aina?"
"I want daddy and mommy!" Aina cried out, throwing her arms around Nana who picked her up.
She took the kids to the restaurant, where Yuu preferred her to take them to Aina's house, for the time being, wanting to make sure his son was ok before he helped pick up the street. On the way, Aina had fallen asleep on Nana's shoulder, leaving her to walk with Toshinori, who was feeling guilty.
"What's on your mind there, Toshinori?"
"...I couldn't protect her..."
"...Why do you think that?" Nana asked, looking down at the young boy.
"She still got hurt...and I'm quirkless...I can't be a hero."
Nana looked up, thinking.
"You don't need a quirk to be a hero. A hero jumps into action no matter what, whether they have a quirk or not. Even if it means their demise or health. You still tried. That matters."
Toshinori looked up sat the woman, then wiped his eyes. Minutes passed until,
"What's your quirk called?"
"....Mine?" She looked down in surprise.
"....Maybe you'll find out later."
"...That's vague."
Nana laughed, this kid was something else.

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