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A/N: Thank you for reading~ Just a quick note, this is the 100 Theme Challenge in the fandom of My Hero Academia. Each chapter will hold the next theme. I'll be trying  to focus on the theme themselves and not so much the characters. Let's see how far I can get this. 


Meiko sighed as she opened the door to her home. The school was brutal today, and she showed the marks. She dropped her bag and hero costume by the door, knowing her homework for that weekend was learning how to repair her costume on the fly if need be. She pulled the phone out of her back pocket and started to text her best friend. She was just passing the living room when she noticed someone in there. Backing up with a look on her face, she looked in to see her older sister, Rei, with some guy who was very familiar looking. 
She backed up, looking directly into the room. She couldn't believe it, her favorite pro hero was in her house! She looked from him to her sister and parent, then back. 
"Meiko!" Rei stood up, "I-I didn't know you were coming home early!"
"'s one of the last weeks of school...where the hell have you been?"
"Meiko! Watch your mouth! We have a visitor!" Their mother pipped up, scolding her daughter's tongue.
The man held a hand up, a smile on his face before standing up and facing the young hero. He held a hand out, and even before she took it, Meiko definitely felt the heat on her face, and it certainly wasn't from his. 
"Now now that won't do!" Her father stood up, "It's not Meiko you are after, it' Rei! You, off to your room!" Her father instantly shoed her away, and Rei made a face at her older but taler sister. 
She didn't like how their parents treated her, not normally like this. She sat back down while Meiko glared at her father and stalked off.
"Sir, it's no bother." The man said, slowly sitting back down, "If I'm courting your daughter, then surely I should know the other, should I not?"
" me, Meiko isn't very..."
"Meiko is a wonderful sister and daughter and you two know it! She's working hard to be a hero with the quirk she was born with. I don't understand why you two just did that! And he's right, if...if he's courting game, and we're going to marry someday, don't you think he should know the family?"
Their parents gaping in unison, Rei stands up and takes the man by the elbow, enticing him to stand up. He followed with a smirk. He followed her out into the kitchen before she sighed.
"I'm...going to take care of dinner. Mother and father will probably leave. If you want to introduce yourself to Meiko, her room I the third on the right."
The man smiled, nodded, and after hearing a door slam, knowing it was the front one, and a vehicle pulls away, he walked down the hall to introduce himself. He counted the doors, finding the one on the right. He made sure he looked alright before bringing his fist up and knocking. 
Meiko looked up from where she sat on her bed, phone in hand and earbuds in. She had been playing a story game when the knock scared her out of her wits. 
"Hang on Rei!"
She tossed her phone to the side, quickly hiding an item on her desk, then making herself presentable, she opened the door, "Sorry Rei, I was ain't Rei."
"No, sorry." The man once more held his hand out, and with no one to stop her this time, Meiko reached out, hiding how giddy she was, and took it, "I'm Enji Todoroki." 
"Meiko...s-sorry." Meiko blushed and looked away, reaching up to brush her white hair out of her face. 
"It's perfectly fine. It's nice to be able to introduce myself to you."
Meiko blushed, then she heard her sister. 
"Meiko! Come help me with the vegetables!"
"Ok! Nice to meet you!" She raced off, leaving Enji smiling, then smirking. 
That introduction went well. 

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