The Greatest Catch

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The Greatest Catch

At what point should she have known that the line had been crossed? Perhaps the first time he called her Rei-chan, despite their differences in standing - both as teacher and student, and as assistant coach and player? Or was it the first time he touched her shoulder in thanks for handing him the data of the latest game, squeezing gingerly while flashing his grin filled with boyish charm?

Whenever it was, it had definitely been before this moment; legs spread wide on top of her desk, her skirt flipped over enough for him to have his eyes on her nether region, her panty bundled over her left thigh, discarded to unveil her labia and ensure he could clog her snatch with his prick. Her legs flung wildly, feet flailing in the air. The buttons of her white attire had been unfastened enough to ensure a lack of resistance for her heavy bust to part her blouse to the sides. Her breasts had been slipped out of her bra to joggle in the open, in line with Miyuki-kun's thrusts. The large globes swung wildly, showing off their suppleness, milky-white and smooth like the rest of skin, a small and rigid pink nub tightened in the middle. One hand was on the desk for balance, while the other pressed against Miyuki's shoulder to ensure he wouldn't jab into her too hard. Though she wouldn’t go so far she would call herself getting overpowered by his vigor, his enthusiasm was rewarded with the occasional moan of pleasure. Although... wasn’t he going a bit fast at the moment? The desk beneath her was starting to shake, screeching as it dragged over the floor.

For Kazuya Miyuki there seemed to be only one objective. Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

"Miyuki-kun..." Her eyes rose from behind her glasses; he was eying her mounds with immense focus, licking his lips whilst trying his best to retain his even pace. It was getting harder for him to restrain himself. She heard him gulp audibly, his hold on her hips tightening while his thrusts increased in force. A reluctant gasp escaped her when he smacked his groin particularly hard, making her back arch in pain. If this continued, he wouldn't last much longer. In his attempts to make her chest bounce, he was forgetting something important. She placed one hand on his cheek, forcing him to gaze into her auburn eyes. "Self-control," she said sternly, slightly out of breath.

Miyuki nodded, sweat pouring down his head. "R- Right..." He was not used to getting lectured. Wasn’t he usually the one who had to remind Sawamura and Furuya not to get too tense and to control their pacing? She smiled at him, plump lips covered in her signature peachy-pink lipstick. There it was, Rei-chan’s confident, all-knowing smirk that made his heart skip a beat. Before he could change his mind, his head raced forward to claim her lips with his own. His tongue slipped into her mouth, his groin mashing against hers, coiling his hips to stir his cock against her squeezing walls. She was leaking with desire, running down and staining their thighs.

Miyuki still couldn’t believe his luck in getting his hands on a woman like Rei-chan. It felt better than any homerun he ever hit. How long had it been since their first outing, he wondered? The time he couldn't hold back his feelings any longer, came into the staff’s office as Rei-chan sat at her desk, his body filled with nerves, feigning his body as if he was to grab a baseball magazine from atop of her desk before leaning in for a kiss she did not stop. "Just this once," she had told him, confirming to him that, like Miyuki himself, Rei-chan had restricted her eagerness in fear of rejection and repercussion. Of course, he understood where she was coming from. Her job and reputation were on the line, but this did not stop him from seeking her out again and again. His infatuation for Rei Takashima began the day he met her, and that crush transformed into love and desire. As much as his teammates were keen to discuss her ample cleavage when they thought no one could hear them, it was her all-knowing smirk and fearless gaze that had caught his attention long ago.

For Rei Takashima, it had taken longer for her fascination to flourish to the point she did not stop her student from planting his lips on her. She was done for from that point on. It had been Miyuki-kun’s incredible talent and passion for baseball, his smoothness and collectedness in everything he did, and his incredible drive for improvement. She found it irresistible. She giggled when he pulled out – the kind of girly chortle she didn’t show often – and he got down on his knees, hands on her thighs. Though a quick-learner, Miyuki-kun would often finish before her, still overwhelmed to, in his own words, couple with such a mature beauty like her. The first few times especially had been over far too fast. He was doing much better nowadays though.

Still, he was a strategist, quickly learning that it’d benefit him to focus his attention on her vagina while he recovered somewhat to get at bat again later. Rei didn’t mind in the slightest. She loved it when he went down on her and eagerly pushed her buttocks back a bit and parted her legs more, keeping the hem of her skirt hoisted.

Miyuki eyed her treasure with wonder. Rei-chan’s engorged folds were slightly agape as he came down, spongy and glistening, the nub above her slit throbbing. Contrary to girls of his age, who preferred to completely abolish their pubic hair – if Kuramochi was to be believed anyway – the older woman spreading her legs only kept it well-groomed, a tuft of black hair adorned above her snatch. He loved it, he decided. To him, it only added to her mature appeal. His hand came up to part her sensitive, slick petals with his middle and index fingers and reveal the pink flesh underneath. His eyes immediately fell on that tiny hole near the bottom, and for the umpteenth time wondered how something that seemed so small and tight managed to embed his length again and again. Looking so young and tender, covered in dew, the view still left him breathless. “You’re so beautiful, Rei-chan,” he whispered, bringing his head closer.

“Miyuki-kun!” Rei yelped when he parted her folds with his fingers and slipped his tongue inside her well-worked muff.. “Keep going! Just like that!” Her left hand met the back of his head to encourage him to continue; her right hand claimed her left breast and began to knead the supple skin before tweaking the pink peak. She molded the flesh in a practiced squeeze before pinching the tip in between her forefinger and thumb. She was not rough; she was firm, carefully massaging with the right amount of strength to produce pleasure without the risk of pain. Though she’d once been very conscious of her breast size, filling out much earlier than her friends, she nowadays relished how sensitive her developed bust had become and took full advantage of their perks.

Miyuki eagerly lapped up her leaking arousal, his mouth and tongue working overtime to slurp, caress and pierce her folds. At times, his tongue brushed against her clit to make her whimper. When his tongue was preoccupied, he used his nose to rub against the hypersensitive button. Her walls continuously contracted, undulating with more and more frequency until... "Mi- Miyuki-kun!" she sobbed in a high pitch. Grabbing his head, she fought the urge to push him back against her pussy and flung him back. She pushed him down and eagerly lowered her weight atop of him. “Now! I need it now!”

“Rei-chan!” Miyuki groaned when she took hold of his rock-hard bat, feeling the heath radiating from her aroused labia before his tip brushed against her once more. Though her skirt blurted his view of seeing his cock disappearing into her slick cavern, he could feel her nether lips part around his cockhead, followed by the grip of her contracting canal, undulating around him as she dropped her hips and swallowed him. Her hands smoothed over his toned torso for leverage. Despite his best efforts to conserve himself, he was embarrassed to admit he was already twitching madly. But could he be blamed? Rei-chan was a bombshell in every sense of the word!

“Ghn!” He gasped when she bottomed out with a grunt, her entire wight atop of him. She was somewhat heavy, but... Miyuki loved the weight of her pressing down on his pelvis! Even while still, her body felt like the perfect glove for his rigid cock, squishing around him as it rejoiced in his reentry. His hands steadied around her slim waist when she began to rise and fall atop of him. With practiced ease, she began to ride his girth, soft moans steadily rising. He held her waist first, but he could not ignore those heavy globes bouncing higher, the main source of eye-candy. From everything he had ever caught in his hands, Rei-chan's heavy jugs were without a doubt his greatest catch. For all his adoration of her beauty and self-assuredness – which were both indeed plentiful –  he supposed these were pretty great too. His fingers caught and sunk into her pliable skin; the texture felt light and supple, yet they were heavy and firm. Before he could think about it, he already began to squeeze, his fingers prodding and his hands gingerly compressing the elastic globes. “They’re... really nice, Rei-chan.”

Rei figured he was ecstatic to touch her for she was rewarded with a particularly large wad of pre-cum that traveled into her cunt, accompanied by a heavy throb. She chortled while she rode the boy. She wasn’t a stranger to the stares of men, especially when it came to her tits. Though somewhat embarrassing at times to catch a student staring, it would also prove to be a boost to her ego. For all his maturity, Miyuki-kun was still a boy when it came down to her body.

Her moans slowly rose as her hips bobbed over his rigid piece. Though not the biggest she ever had, she felt him significantly, and with all they had done so far, she could feel her climax rising, her veins distributing her heat, most prominently in her loins. His hands on her responsive knockers began to sends jolts of electricity throughout her body. Leaning forward a bit and placing her hands on the sides of his head for more balance, her hips began to gyrate, keen to receive more of the sensations of his girth grinding against her sensitive walls, her pacing fastening, the sound of her pussy slurping up his cock growing more and more frequent. Her usual coolness ebbed away with each passing second, steady moans rising from her throat, pleasure twisting her flushed features. “Miyuki-kun!”

He loved it when he managed to make her drop her composure. Sweat began to pour down her head from her strenuous efforts, sliding down her head until it fell down her cheeks, landing on her creamy globes to make them glisten. Miyuki gulped at the sight. “Rei-chan!” he grunted, his hold on her jugs releasing to steady her wide hips. All the resistance he had regained by pausing and going down on her was gone, the veins on his hidden prick pulsated, his balls rising, ready to shoot their contents into the bespectacled beauty. As her dangled tits swung wildly inches from his face, his muscled spasmed uncontrollably, his hips began bobbing randomly and out of sync with the woman atop of him. “I... can’t hold it!”

“Just a bit more!” Rei gasped, her voice desperate. Her back lost its lift, her pressing breasts squelching against Miyuki’s head, her hands clenched at his sides. Her hips trashed wildly in her attempts to reach completion. “I’m almost there!”

And as if he knew just what to do, Miyuki mustered the strength to keep her groin hovering in the air, fingers squeezing into her cushiony ass, and began a desperate assault into her pussy, thrusting with all the strength he had left.

“Miyuki-kun! Miyuki-kun!” she repeated over and over, coiling her hips around his bobbing staff and rubbing her jugs against his face to generate even more sensations. In pure contrast to her usual collectedness, Rei was sobbing like a woman lost in sensations! His testicles smacked against the bottom of her rear with each jab into her. Finally, she roared as her release claimed her. “I’m cumming!” she squealed. She lost herself in that moment, her arms losing their strength and giving out, smothering Miyuki with her jugs.

Miyuki gritted his teeth whilst he tried to endure. As if she hadn’t been tight enough! Her cavern collapsed around him, clamping down with such oppression that it became hard to move. Against such narrowness, Kazuya Miyuki was helpless. Driving himself as deep as he could, he came with a grunt, thick ropes of hot white semen shooting out. He throbbed each time the goo was ousted into Rei’s narrowness, ready to journey into her womb. With her tight walls milking him for all he was worth, he kept pitching his seeds until his testicles were thoroughly drained.

“Oh... huff... god.” With their ages, it was reasonable to assume they were both very fertile, and thus Rei would ensure she’d take a morning-after pill later. For now though, she was perfectly content to lie her perspiration-covered body on top of Miyuki as their climaxes subsided, exhausted. A sly grin covered her face as his prick withered enough to slip out of her, feeling their releases pour down her legs. It was scary how good he had become in pleasing her. There were men twice his age who wouldn’t be able to bestow her with such a release. Sweating and panting, her body slightly trembling, she complimented him, “You’ve really grown... Miyuki-kun.” Her squelched breasts still smothered the boy, but she figured he wouldn’t mind.

And she was right, for Miyuki would rather suffocate than tell his precious Rei-chan to remove her pliable knockers from his gleeful face. Why did all pitchers want to stand on the mound when you could have two large mounds squashed against your face? He thanked her, his voice muffled by her busts. His hands gingerly coiled against her hips. He loved it when he managed to make her loose her cool, squealing in delight. Then again, she managed to do the same to him. Despite Rei-chan being the first woman he’d ever experienced, he doubted there was anyone else in this world who could make him feel like she could. He felt like the luckiest man on the planet.

Only one more year. There was only one more year to go until their secrecy could be over, and they couldn’t wait for what would come next.  

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