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Around Age 767

The world has just been saved from the likes of Cell, the perfect being created by Dr. Gero. It was of course Gohan the one who defeated the android, despite his initial reluctance of embracing the fighting aspect of his Saiyan nature. The battle was fierce and unrelentless, and as the fighting dragged on, Gohan took an ever major grasp on his new found power - the Super Saiyan 2 - and between the various phases, he almost screwed things up once his Sayian selfish instincts got the better of him, letting himself "playing" with his adversary instead of ending the thing right then and there. Gohan himself regretted his foolish behaviour, but he still managed to make amend of his mistakes and properly vaporized the (handsome) bug-monster with a full powered one-armed Kamehameha, having his father' spirit supporting him.
At the end of the day, since Gohan unlocked the superior Super Saiyan 2 transformation and since his father just passed away and decided to stay dead in the Afterlife for reasons only he understood, Gohan was the de-facto top dog among the Z Fighters. Companions like Krillin, Goku's best buddy, and Piccolo, Gohan's mentor and de-facto step-father, couldn't be any more proud of the youngling's achievement. It's been a long time since such a young and determined fighter saved the world from evil - the days of King Piccolo's kingdom felt so far away - but the young demi-Saiyan didn't bother nor bask in his laurels too much about his situation; Vegeta, who prefered to keep his distance away from the group in order to ponder about his own actions after he too almost lead the world to its doom, would have behaved like this, but not him. His humility and overal rejection towards pure fighting was something he never felt ashamed of. After all, since he was a small, innocent child, he was always forced to put his prodigious gifts to good use in order to save the planet. Everything felt rushed, unnatural, and almost forced upon the youngling, and this last part of his life, where he could spend some quality time with his father, training together with him, was the only instance where he could get a proper grasp on his Sayian's fighting instincts, in order to make those instincts "his own" rather than being forced due to a necessity of circumstances, like "the Sayians are going to destroy the planet!" or "Frieza and his men are going to kill us!", and stuff like that. Now that the planet was safe, Gohan had all the time to explore new experiences and properly discover this other side of his life. Because no potential threats were in sight, he felt free to do whatever he wished to do...

Of course, he had to engage his scholarship 24/7 because of his mother. Chi-Chi has always been adamant regarding his son's instruction and education and now she was more eager than ever considering the fact the world was rid of any major menances and her husband was away (even though it still hurt her deeply for not having her man by her side). Even though Gohan was slightly annoyed by his mother's stubborness and insistence, he knew she was doing so in good faith. Chi-Chi was a responsible house woman with a great deal of attitude, and did whatever necessary to grant both herself and even his irresponsible husband (at least, in her own eyes) a proper family life worth living. All her insistence about Gohan doing hard studying in order to become a successful buisnessman or similar, Chi-Chi believed she was doing so for the better good of her son. Gohan understood Chi-Chi's intentions, and he didn't dislike the idea of studying and researching. He always had a keen fascination for nature researching and studying in general; he just wished he didn't spend his whole adolescence on his books. Perhaps, a good relax was what he needed. At some point, in fact, Gohan felt the need to escape from his usual routine. He needed to refresh himself in some way.
Since summer time was still going, what better choice for him to take himself a good time at the beach? Sure, he had all the waterfalls around Mount Paozu where he could refresh himself, but he missed a good ol' fashioned resting time at the sea. He missed the days where he went regularly with his family, playing with his daddy and mommy and laughing all day long...

"Yes, I'm going to spent a splendid day relaxing and not thinking about anything else. Hopefully, mom won't get mad for this… Nah, I'm sure she would accept"... Except, it wouldn't be so easy.

Chi-Chi demanded Gohan to keep staying studying for the rest of the week. She exlplained to him that, because of the fact he spent a whole year training with his father in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he may have become rusty with his educational regime, and she might have been right for the most part, but Gohan tried to convince her to let him go earlier. He believed he had all the reasons to pretend such free time for himself, because: 1) Gohan's scores were already off the charts compared to other students of his same degree, and he didn't need to put too much effort into it, meaning that he coudl always catch up to his studying program any time, and 2) He still saved the world from Cell, thanks to his dad's help as well. In his mind, he should be granted the right to refresh himself after uncountable days of studying. The summer was still long, and the prospect of spending every day on his books didn't seem right for his own good.
Initially, Chi-Chi felt taken back by his son's steady and pretentious position. She seemed to forget from time to time that her "baby boy" was, in fact, growing up, and very fast as well. During his age, it was inevitable that her son would want to explore more about life. It was the time where the offspring discovers its own independence and who they want to be. Chi-Chi always had the feeling that Goku's immaturity and carefree nature would "poison" his first-born's judgement and sense of responsibility. But, in the end, she needed to accept the fact he is still her husband's son, and he did make a wonderful job protecting his family and the world and, even if she didn't verbalize it, she has never felt more proud of her son. Despite all the experiences he lived, always on the razor's edge and tagging along the likes of Goku and even Piccolo (which she never truly got soft about), she saw what her son actually became and maybe she shoudn't be so paranoid.
At the end of their dialogue, Chi-Chi granted Gohan a full day of freedom, where he would be free to go wherever he wanted and do whatever he wanted. She only made him promise to always keep his studying routine on a regular regime and, who knows, maybe she will grant him more breaks as long as his grades stay high enough. Gohan jumped up and down with joy; he gave both a kiss and a soft hug to her mother, and immediately ran to his room to prepare his bag, putting in everything he found necessary. Chi-Chi was still sitting on the sofa, appreciating the lovely gesture of her son.
"Ah, it's nice to see he's still such a nice boy..." a small tear of joy ran down his cheek.

Eager to go as soon as possible, Gohan came out of his room half an hour later, carrying a bag double his size. Meanwhile, Chi-Chi had already prepared a whole bunch of home-made food. Knowing him, he may need a good meal in order to enjoy his free day.
"Here, sweetie! I hope that's enough for you!" Chi-Chi said, smiling as rarely as she did.
"Oh, you didn't have to, mom! But, thanks a lot" Gohan smiled back. He enjoyed such moments where his mother behave such nicely instead of putting her "generalesse" attitude. After managing to stuff all the furnishings inside the bag, practically doubling its already inhuman size, Gohan greeted his mother with another kiss, and flew up into the air at super speed. His start created a sonic boom which spread across the area so violently the surrounding trees almost uprooted themselves. Chi-Chi had to hold herself on the wall of her house so hard she practically pierced the wall with her bare fingers. She shouted back from the ground at her son:
"Gohan! How many times do I have to tell you not to fly off this violently!?". Her face immediately turned red from stress. Gohan noticed it and immediately apologized:
"Eheh, sorry mom! I'm just too excited! I'll help you fixing the wall when I'm back! See you later!", Gohan said and then flew faw away, going much slower than what he had initially planned.
Chi-Chi was tapping on her fingers, the ones which pierced the wall, gritting her teeth in annoyance. But then, she calmed down shortly after and huffed impatiently:
"Uh, so brash and impetuous... He's really growing up... Agh, come on Chi-Chi, fess up! He's a man right now! You should be happy! But, he needs to become responsible and-", Chi-Chi kept arguing with herself as she came back into her house, trying to cool herself down.

Back into the air, Gohan never felt so good since a long time. He chuckled a little remembering how angry Chi-Chi felt back at his house. Even though he detested such angry attitude, he still liked the fact his mother hadn't changed after all this time. He was happy and really didn't have to be angry about anything, because why would he be angry right now? A full day just for himself, with nobody to interrupt him. No studies, no Chi-Chi, not his father and his scarce selection of parental activities (even though he still missed him so much, because, come on - who wouldn't miss Goku after his last selfish action?), no Vegeta rumbling about his Saiyan pride, no world to save. Everything was perfect…

Meanwhile, during Age 780 in Universe 6, almost a decade in the future.

"Oh come on, you whiny chick! Follow my lead and don't argue!", said a girl with spiky hair, wearing a pink top and purple baggy pants,
"No, this is an awful idea. We might get into a whole universe of trouble once Champa or Vados find out!", said a second girl with red lipstick, long straight hair, wearing a gold and red vest.

In an alternate universe, two pretty young ladies were flying at super speed on a desert wasteland. They just stole two extremely precious, exclusive artifacts, and it wasn't easy. The girl wearing a pink top had a plan and the other girl, which was basically her protegee, was basically forced to follow her, because she didn't have anything better to do (her own words), but she couldn't believe she would have put herself in such deary and risky trouble. Both her and her "bigger sister" belonged to a band of thieves, so stealing and robbing stuff for their own survival was always the norm for them, but what they just stole wasn't ordinary stuff at all: they were artifacts which belonged to the deities themselves. If they were ever caught...

"Believe me, this is the only way I know to beat that gramp!" The pink-top lady said "I just need to find an era from the past where he's not as strong as his current self, and then we'll beat the crap out of him, simple as that! Ah, this is so exciting!" As they kept flying, the second girl was livind, because of fear
"But sis, aren't you worried about the consequences? I mean, we stole both a pair of Potara and a Time Ring! We could even be executed by the Omni King himself, and-and he's exactly like me: apparently innocent and docile from the outside, but monstrously powerful inside!~" the long-haired girl was becoming increasingly paranoid.
"Ahahahah! Do you even listen to yourself?!" the firts girl laughed outloud, as a mean to mock her frigthened and fragile companion "You compare yourself to the Omni King! That's just stupid! I know you could beat him easely if only you put more effort into your strength! And that's why I bring you with me. Remember, together we are invincible!" the spiky-haired girl, despite his brash and arrogant attitude, was deeply sympathetic for the second girl. After all, they have always been close to one another since they first met, and she knew her companion had a huge potential inside. If only she did a bit more training and became less afraid and more jovial, she could do wonders.
"But, isn't this kinda… cheating?" the second girl felt a deep dive inside her heart once saying those words. She rarely contradicted with what her big sister said, but since the Tournament of Power concluded, something changed inside of her - actually, they both felt different in some way. As the girl said those words,at first the first one only made a snort, and replied saying:
"What?! Cheating?! Ahahaha, don't make me laugh! This is all a tactic. A brilliant tactic! That smart-ass Saiyan should be prepared for anything, even a time incursion, doesn't he? If not, then we will prove to be superior in every way. C'mon sis, put your Potara and let's have some fun!"

The second felt hesitant for a couple of seconds. But, because the first girl gave her so much hope, believing in her when nobody else ever did, she could not let her down. During the tournament, she did help her considerably to make sure she could easen herself and the turmoiling emotions linked to her transformations, and she couldn't forget it. She then said:
"Fine, I'll do it!"

The two girls put their Potara's on their respective ears, and in a flash of light, they collided to one another, as their bodies merged together, generating a new being entirely: a taller, beautiful young lady with a toned musculature, long dark spiky hair and magnetic deep black eyes. Her clothes changed as well, as she was now wearing a sleeveless top and long skin-tight pants, both colored pinkish red. She was donning golden long bracelets and black and yellow boots. The new lady took a deep breath and took an eager grin of satisfaction. It seemed like her plan was going to compute.
"Well then, let's go have some fun!" She activated the Time Ring she stole, and a black and purple vortex appeared just in front of her. She dove into the portal and, in the blink of an eye, the whole thing disappeared.
Unfortunately, against both girls' beliefes, their nefarious actions haven't been unseen as they hoped for. Far from the lady's last location, a gargantuan blue-skinned woman with long hair bent as a ponytail, wearing a long green, black trench coat while wielding a long stuff, witnessed the whole situation while hiding her presence. Vados, the Universe 6 Angel, sighted resentfully:
"Ugh, I hope those two ladies have a very good explanation once I got them. Saiyans are such impossible creatures to handle…"

As he was still flying up into the air, Gohan thought he didn't want to spend his free day in a fully crowded beach, like those near the big cities. They were always full of people who shouted and laughed histerically, not to mention all the whiny, crying childred they brought with them, and all the pollution they left behind.
"Forget about that! I need a good place to relax, without any confusion or chaos. Let's see... Oh, I got it!" Gohan snapped his fingers and zoomed with a quick dash towards Kame House's location. He remembered that, around Master Roshi's small island, there were a multitude of small and unspoiled ones, one of which was the one where both Goku and Krillin went for their training back at their younger age. Gohan remembered his dad took him to one of those islands a few years ago for a small break, and remembered fondly the beauty of such place.
After getting passed Kame House, Gohan looked for the islands he was looking for and, fortunately, he found them. He chose one of them as his operative base and landed on it. The sight was absloutely wonderful: a long series of high mountains housed a deep rainforest on its base, and the beach Gohan found was immense, with bright pearl sand and water as clear as crystal. He then launched his huge bag on the sand, took off his clothes, leaving only his green and blue swim suit. Upon landing his feet on the sand, he retracted immediately due to its hotness. Despite being a Super Saiyan, his naivety still didn't abandon him, but he didn't bother about it. There was nobody else that could witness his clumsiness.
It was only when Gohan was about to take one of the sandwiches his mother prepared, where he bumped his head with his hand:
"Oh dang it! I forgot the umbrella! Agh, I knew I forgot about something!" Gohan was about to start a rumbling with himself, when something got the attention of his eyes.
"Oh yeah! That should do the work!" He flew towards one of the tall palms which adorned the corners of the beach. He gently uprooted one of those palms and brought it towards his current location. He sinked the bottom of the palm firmly into the sand, making sure its base stayed in place. The long leaves traced shades just as long.
"Pfhu! That's much better! I couldn't imagine a day like this without an umbrella... and now, let's get down to buisness!"

Gohan then took off his beach tarpaulin, and covered his body with sun lotion. He then put on his sunglasses, and took off one of the sandwiches. There were so many of them and so much meat, fish and rice he could have kept eating all day long without stopping. Just then, once he just swallowed one sandwich in one bite... something got his attention... and he was shocked beyond belief.

Immediately, Gohan jumped on his feet, his face contorted with horror. Once focusing his senses, he could feel an immense amount of ki appearing seemingly out of nowhere. The atmosphere felt normal only a second ago, but now, the whole air around him felt heavy and suffocating. Gohan was familiar percieving multiple high amounts of ki - the likes of his father, Trunks, Vegeta, and obviously Cell. But this, this energy... felt out of ordinary. Like, every kind of energy he felt since then were minuscule grains of sands compared to that energy he was percieving!

"For the heaven's sake, wh-what on the world is this energy I sense?!" Gohan's wide opened eyes squared the area around him, trying to pinpoint the exact location. He may have to go and investigate sooner or later. He then asked to himself "But, who could be?! D-dad, is that you?!... But, no, he's… dead"
Gohan felt a little emotional, but quickly regained his focus. He had to think about signatures he had knowledge about, but none of those he remembered felt anyway familiar with this one. "It can't be him! He chose to stay in the Afterlife. Then who?! Maybe Cell?!" Gohan brushed his head in annoyance for that last thought "No... that's impossible. I've atomized every last inch of his body with a Kamehameha. But then, who? And, why right now?! I-I need to locate it!"
As Gohan's tension was dangerously increasing, he was ready to immediately tap into his Super Saiyan 2 form.

But then, Gohan realized something. Something he would have never hoped to think in a dire situation like this. A sense of "hope" struck in his mind. For some reason he couldn't explain, his rationality told him to not rush things off and concentrate onto the signature itself. Perhaps he could learn about something.
"Wait. This ki feels familiar in some way. It feels like a… a-" Gohan could not believe what he was thinking about "A... a Saiyan?! Here, on Earth?! But... why does it seem so, abnormal? Like, it's like there's more than one person I'm percieving, but how?! Anyways, it doesn't seem to have malevolent intentions, for now". Gohan's muscles relaxed just one bit, his eyes shut and his mind focused like never before. "It resonates so, brashly and impatient. Like... it's trying to find something, or someone."

Gohan, for an instance, though about calling his allies. Surely, an immensely powerful ki signature like this should have been percieved by anyone on the planet at this point. People like Vegeta or his mentor Piccolo would have never hesitated to jump into action in order to help him. But then, he started to realize his purpose. He was effectively the most powerful warrior in this world. Even the likes of Vegeta wouldn't even have a chance against him, or her. So...

"So, this is how you felt once you engaged a battle, father?" Gohan said to himself, his eyes now opened and fixated onto one area of the atmosphere.

Gohan understood the weight of his responsibility. He could not allow his friends to battle a seemingly unbeatable enemy. If there's anyone who could at least stand a chance against this mysterious entity, it was him. Even if he didn't have many chances to actually do something, it was still better than doing nothing and putting his friends' life at risk. He knew that, the more the merrier, and fighting against such an overwhelming force by himself was a suicidial attempt. However, as he percieved it earlier, this particular ki signature wasn't completely menacing or endangering. He couldn't be sure it was truly an enemy. Maybe it's someone who's in needs of help - who knows?!
Gohan wasn't sure, but he needed to step into the action, right here, right now!

So, gulping down heavely, Gohan chose not to transform into a Super Saiyan, in order to not attract too much attention. Still wearing his shorts only, he flew up in the air and dashed in the direction of the ki source...

To Be Continued...

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