Gon & Killua satisfy a customer

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“I still don’t know why you’ve dragged me along to this,” Killua said huffily, crossing his arms across his chest.

Gon sighed and Killua thought back to how exactly they had ended up in this situation, waiting in a hotel room for a complete stranger.

The two of them were in the Republic of Kakin, far from home and allegedly on holiday which suited Killua just fine until he had heard about Gon’s request. The second night of their stay, Gon had disappeared with a promise that he’d be back the next day. Killua trusted and believed him but Gon didn’t reappear until the following night. He offered no explanation for his extended absence and Killua trusted his friend enough not to press the issue too far. 

That was when the changes began happening.

It was subtle at first; Gon began to spend an awfully long time in front of the mirror, fussing over his appearance. He didn’t just walk everywhere now, he pranced and skipped along merrily. Gon was so full of energy normally that Killua didn’t think much of it until he caught Gon walking around their hotel room on tiptoe, as if he were wearing imaginary high heels.

It was when he caught Gon practicing his fellatio technique on a dildo that he knew something was really off.

Killua had had enough and finally confronted Gon directly about the weird changes in his lifestyle. His answer was far more surprising than Killua had bargained on.

Gon explained how his history of looking after foreign women on Whale Island had led to a casual sort of prostitution, where the women were more than happy to be entertained by him in the privacy of their hotel rooms after he was done touring the island with them. Gon didn’t do it purely for the money – but because it was fun and exciting. 

Now that they were on holiday, with all the free time in the world to themselves, Gon’s interest in this illicit activity was rekindled and he had been putting advertisements up around town for a paid evening with himself.

The only issue was – the first respondent had been a man, not a woman, and after the two of them had spoken the other night, Gon had revealed to the man that he had come here with a friend the same age; Killua.

Upon realizing that he could spend the night with both of them at once, the man insisted that Gon have Killua with him.

“So that’s why I need you with me! It has to be you, Killua!” Gon exclaimed, his eyes so full of earnest goodness that Killua felt himself flinch and subconsciously avert his eyes. “I don’t think I’d have the confidence to this unless you were right beside me, so please…!”

Feeling a dam of overflowing emotions breaking down within him, Killua already knew what his answer would be. “Okay, okay,” he relented. Gon’s earnestness had won him over. “I’ll stay here and do this with you. But this guy had better not be some weirdo.”

Privately Killua thought to himself, I won’t enjoy this sort of thing anyway. I’m just going to stick around to make sure Gon doesn’t get into trouble.

“Alright, we should get changed right away!”

“Yeah… changed… wait, what? Changed into what?” Killua was perplexed. Right now, they were in their casual outfits of sleeveless vests and combat shorts. They rarely wore anything else and their cases weren’t filled with anything different.

“The guy wants us to be dressed up… like girls.” With that ominous proclamation, Gon pulled out a shopping bag from beneath the bed which as it turned out was filled with a pair of white summer dresses, wigs and make-up accessories. Killua knew for a fact that Gon had to have bought these in advance of even proposing the idea to Killua.

“But… he knows we’re dudes, right? If he wants to, you know, do it with a girl, why doesn’t he get a girl?”

Gon unhelpfully shrugged, prompting Killua to roll his eyes in frustration.

A few moments later and both boys were stripped down to their boxer shorts. They’d gotten changed together plenty of times before so the sight of Gon’s semi-naked body was nothing new to Killua’s eyes but the sight of him still sent an unmistakable rush of arousal through his system and it took all his self-control not to show his lust. Months of physical training and fighting had perfect both of their bodies into peak condition, granting them lean muscles and levels of fitness that most boys their age would only dream of having.

For all their muscles however both boys still had slim figures and androgynous faces, so that in the right outfits it’d be easy to mistake them for girls. That was what they were counting on, to please this guy.

He forced himself to look away, knowing that he’d had have plenty of opportunity to spend time with Gon’s naked body tonight, and tried to put on the dress as carefully as he could – still disbelieving in the back of his mind that he was going through with it all.

With the dress on, Gon suddenly insisted that Killua keep his eyes closed while he applied make-up. Killua didn’t see the point – it wasn’t like a bit of make-up was going to really change who he was, was it? But having dressed up the part, he figured he might as well do what girls do. With the make-up complete, Gon dragged Killua over to the bathroom mirror and told him to open his eyes.

“Is this really me?” Killua gasped, genuinely astonished by how thorough the transformation had been with their disguises. Even Gon only slightly resembled his previous self; if he hadn’t known already, he could have been duped into believing that Gon really was a girl.

“Yeah! You look amazing, Killua!” Gon exclaimed, genuine sincerity filling every word. “I’m so jealous.”

“Hmm… thanks,” Killua wasn’t sure if looking exactly like a girl was a praise-worthy feat but the compliment still made him feel happy.

Gon opted to wear a wig for his transformation; giving himself long, flowing black hair that meshed seamlessly with his natural look. He insisted that Killua did not need to wear a wig because his short, spiky hair gave him the perfect ‘tomboy’ look. Killua had no idea what Gon meant, but he trusted his word on it since he seemed oddly knowledgeable e on the subject.

All their preparations complete, there was nothing left to do but wait for their customer to arrive.

The moments of anticipation before he appeared were the worst; Killua sat on the edge of the bed, legs dangling off the side, too short to even reach the floor, while Gon sat in front of the dresser, triple-checking his makeup.

Gon’s self-inspection was making Killua feel more self-conscious than ever. He kept looking down at himself, at his pretty white dress which covered his young athletic body he kept thinking that he had somehow had his head swapped onto the body of a girl his age. The lightly padded dress made it look like he had budding breasts and being so clean-shaven made his pale legs practically shine even in the dim hotel lighting. His bare feet sticking out of the end of the dress, with light blue nail polish, was what really sold the image. His perfectly pedicured and trimmed nails were too feminine to belong to a boy, surely?

The knock at the door was expected to happen sooner or later, but the sudden sound still made Killua jump in his seat and he whipped his head around to face the door. Gon stood up and before Killua could blink he was standing by the door a half second later, breathing heavily.

Gon’s enthusiasm was infectious. Killua felt his own chest grow a little tight, his breathing become just a little more strained. They were both eager to see what awaited them on the other side.

Gon opened the door as Killua rose to his feet, revealing their ‘customer’ for the night.

He had smooth brown skin; a much darker complexion than either Gon or Killua, and he was big. Not just in the sense that he was tall, because he was, but his sheer volume far eclipsed the two of them put together so that he almost filled the doorframe. Killua’s first assumption would have been that he was just fat, but a closer inspection revealed lines of clear muscles beneath his tight white shirt, and his presence conveyed a deliberate strength.

“Well, well,” he spoke, and he said with a deep, gravelly voice that made Killua’s body tingle. The masculine tone in his voice cemented him a mature, adult individual – so the mental reminder of why exactly he was in their room, visiting them, made Killua inhale sharply. “Ain’t you two a sight for sore eyes.”

“Hee-hee, thank you, Gramps!” Gon 

Killua shivered again. He didn’t know why. Over the past few months, he’d seen several battles and been in life-and-death situations but being near this balding man made him more uneasy than he had ever felt before. Maybe it was because this guy was planning on having sex with a pair of twelve-year old boys, but he didn’t look the least bit worried.

Killua shook his head in confusion. He had no idea why Gon called the man ‘Gramps’ since he didn’t even look that old. For some reason, the clear reminder of the age difference between them made Killua feel even more vulnerable.

As a precaution, more out reflex than any conscious decision, Killua focused his Nen into eyes using Gyo but even with his enhanced eyesight he couldn’t see a trace of aura from the old man. He was clean – which meant he and Gon were safe. 

That sign of confirmation was the necessary mental trigger for Killua to relax and go along with Gon’s plan. Imitating his friend, Killua sauntered over to the man who still stood in the doorway looking at them and put his balled-up fists on his hips in a tomboyish manner. “Gee, you really know how to make a girl feel special.”

His heart fluttered as he referred to himself as a girl for the first time, but his voice remained steady and his high-pitched tone perfectly emulated that of a girl.

“Ain’t ya going to invite me in?” The man rumbled.

Gon dropped to his knees, crumpling up his skirt in his haste, and he bowed down low – his forehead almost touching the ground with how far he lowered himself. “We would be honoured. Please join us.”

Killua looked at his buddy – even though they had been over what they would do earlier – and still couldn’t believe that he was acting so submissively. Gon was ordinarily so strong-willed and head-strong but in the presence of this man he was able to completely devote himself to his task of being as feminine and submissive as possible. Killua steeled himself to not do any less.

Killua likewise dropped to his knees, and bowing low proclaimed, “Please sir, we really want to show you a good time.”

“Good, good. Just what I like to hear.”

The two of them rose and backed away, letting him follow them in so he could shut the door behind them. When he thumbed the bolt-lock on the door, locking them in with a solid mechanical click, Killua audibly gulped.

“Not to worry girls, just don’t want any unexpected interruptions. You cool?”

“We’re cool!” Gon practically shouted, grinning broadly.

“Yeah… cool,” Killua echoed.

“Now then, let’s get started. Gon, you remember how I like to start right?”

“Yes sir!”

“Eh!?” Killua looked at Gon. “You said you couldn’t do this without me, but you’ve been with this guy before?”

“Heh-heh, sorry Killua,” Gon clapped his hands together and bowed his head in apology, all while sticking his tongue out cheekily in a way that suggested the apology was for appearance’s sake.

“You…” Killua sighed. He couldn’t stay mad at Gon, even with his fake apology. Their friendship and Killua’s attraction toward him helped a great deal in easing moments like this. “Fine, let’s get started.”

Killua followed Gon’s lead as he kneeled down on the ground in front of the bed – and the man sat on the edge of it, legs spread apart.

Gon certainly did seem to know what he was doing as he delicately undid the man’s trouser zipper and gradually pulled his pants down to reveal his straining boxers containing his cock which was rapidly hardening. It was proportioned as hugely as the rest of him – thick, and long, in a way that Killua had never seen, even in his occasional glimpses at dirty magazines while growing up.

After having seen Gon’s small dick, and his own tiny one, Killua never expected to see something like this.

He nuzzled in, almost rubbing cheeks with Gon that they could both begin licking away. It was big enough for both of them to coat it in their saliva and never bump heads. Up and down the shaft, around his bulbous cockhead and down towards his hairy, swollen balls.

Killua was so engrossed in exploring the new, fascinating flavours and cock and precum that he didn’t even notice when Gon slipped away and returned with a length of black rope which he began to fix around Killua’s wrists, behind his back.

“Eh?! What are you doing?” Killua exclaimed, turning his attention away from the man. A chord of panic unexpectedly struck his throat, as he felt the ropes gently bite into his wrists.

“You can leave whenever you want, Killua,” Gon whispered into his ear. “But this will make things more fun.”

Killua nodded slowly. The point of the ropes wasn’t to restrain him. Even a casual practitioner of Nen would have the strength to free themselves from such simple bonds, and Gon knew his combat experience well. The point of the ropes was the image they conveyed; helplessness, submission…

It excited him. The longer he knelt there, imagining what he looked like – a young girl restrained and helpless before this utterly dominant and masculine figure who towered over her – he felt himself growing more and more aroused. He gave an experimental tug of the bonds, feeling himself becoming more used to their presence so that they weren’t an annoyance or a pain.

He nodded once more, this time in affirmation that he was okay to continue. Gon’s grateful smile made his heart flutter.

Killua returned to his appointed task, with the addition of the rope around his wrists. He could get addicted to this flavour.


Azashiro was having the time of his life – as he looked down at the young Zoldyck assassin slurping on his precum and licking his erect shaft.

Things were going even better than expected; Gon was wearing his dress just as he had requested, looking every part the petite young girl that he was pretending to be, and even better he had convinced Killua into doing the same thing even before he had to take any action himself.

His Nen ability, Lady Killer, was an advanced manipulation-type with a harsh restriction of keeping himself in Zetsu whenever it was active and dropping his defences to a minimum. In exchange for that steep price, the sight of his exposed cock would gradually erode at the masculinity of any individual who witnessed. Ever since he had learnt about Nen, he had been resolved to only exploit his ability in order to have the most perverse fun he could get.

His ability did nothing regarding other parts of their mind, or their consent. The two of them were spending the night with him entirely of their own volition. If they happened to be deeply submissive on the inside which coincided nicely with their awakened femininity? Then that added another layer of satisfaction to the whole thing.

Two nights of steamy, raunchy man-boy sex with young Gon had been enough almost completely ruin any chance the boy had at being a true man ever again. Killua seemed like he would break even faster with the barely disguised enthusiasm he was using to suck Azashiro off.

Gon was no less enthusiastic but he was patiently waiting his turn. With Killua pacified and obedient, Gon had crept up to Azashiro’s side and was kneeling on the bed next to him, leaning closer to plant sloppy lust-fuelled kisses against the bald man’s cheeks. Azashiro grinned and turned his head at the last moment just as Gon prepared to plant another kiss against his cheek, meeting him lip to lip.

Gon moaned in approval and desire and redoubled his kissing efforts, swapping saliva eagerly as their tongues probed each other’s mouths.

Azashiro used his free arm to wrap around Gon’s body in a crushing embrace.

He relished the next few moments greatly, feeling Gon squirming up against him while at the same time having the tip of cock so thoroughly teased by Killua’s novice tongue.

“Strip,” he breathed, enjoying being able to give such a simple, direct order and have it been followed straight away. He knew that Gon was as eager for more skin-to-skin contact as he was.

The events tonight were going to be a lot of fun, for all of them.


“You’re a regular slut-in-training,” the man grunted, an obvious shudder of pleasure running through him as Killua focused his efforts all over the bulbous head of his cock.

“Don’t get too full of yourself,” Killua muttered, his lips brushing against his cock and receiving a fresh coating of precum as he complained.

As much as he resented the man’s words, a small part of Killua felt a strange sort of encouragement from his praise, and that tiny voice in the back of his head was growing larger and louder, telling him that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be a slut for this guy – or a slut for the rest of his life.

He blinked, shocked at the depravity of his own inner mind. Had he been suppressing his lustful urges for so long that they had manifested in such a bluntly direct fashion? Before recently he had almost never even masturbated, and now here he was, dressed as a girl, and sucking on a total stranger’s cock while his best friend sat up there, kissing and fondling the same man.

Sudden envy struck him, adding to his mixture of conflicting emotions. He found himself desiring to be in that man’s place; to receive all of Gon’s attention for himself, but he knew that was what Gon didn’t want. Gon wanted him to sit down here and suck this man’s cock – so that was what he did. Because it made Gon happy, and because it made Gon happy, it also made Killua happy.

All of these tumultuous emotions which made his head fuzzy was all too apparent by his fully erect boner – now visibly tenting in his skirt as he knelt there on the floor. He knew how obvious it would be, if the man simply leaned forward and looked down then the evidence of Killua’s excitement would be there plain as day.

Killua was a total novice when it came to oral sex, but his heightened senses and reflexes made him aware that the man he was servicing was undoubtedly coming close to coming. The tenseness of his muscles, the shortening of his breath, it was building up faster and faster. That slight amount of forewarning led to Killua to start backing his mouth off the man’s cock… only for the man to plant his large hand directly on top of Killua’s head and hold tightly.

Killua’s eyes widened, unable to move his head back freely. He knew the old man wasn’t being serious about restraining him; even now his grip was relaxing even though his hand remained in place. It was just a reminder from him that Killua shouldn’t be backing away now. He should be taking what was given to him.

To top it off, Gon had slipped up behind him discretely and was hugging Killua tightly from behind. His roaming fingers were tweaking at his nipples directly by reaching through the loose sleeves his dress and the feeling of Gon’s bare chest against his back made Killua realize that he too was close to cumming. If Gon’s persistent touch kept up at the same rate, then Killua would cum at the same time as the man.

A soft, gentle kiss planted against the back of his neck was all the push he needed.

Determined to see it through, after committing this far already, Killua screwed his eyes shut and dove back down, taking in more than half the length of the man’s thick cock into his mouth and up to the back of his throat – right as Killua and the man both grunted and finally achieved climax.

The rush of cum entering his mouth was overwhelming; causing his cheeks to bulge and his eyes to water as the strain of containing it becoming almost overwhelming before he could force himself to gulp it down noisily. The thick, warm cock in his mouth seemed to deposit load after load without any care for how much he could handle at once.

Killua’s own cock spurted a measly one cum-shot, straight up and hitting the inner lining of his dress. He barely had time to savour his own orgasm with how busy he was handling the thick cum filled his mouth and shooting down his throat.

At least – when the last drop had been spurted out – the man released his hand from Killua’s head and sat back, allowing Killua to pop his head and suck in a big gasp of air. Holding his breath wasn’t a problem for the trained assassin, but the tension and excitement he had been feeling made him short of breath all the same.

He leaned back against Gon’s embrace, eyes switching focus every few seconds between the rigid cock in front of him, still pointed at his face, and the splotches of cum decorating his summer dress; some from his own cock, others from the leaking bits of cum that had escaped his mouth and he hadn’t been quick enough to swallow in time. He could feel Gon undoing the tied rope around his wrists and allowed himself to sigh in relief.

As if reading Killua’s mind – or more likely, reading the satisfied expression on his face – the man chuckled loudly and said, “Well ladies, that was round one. I’m good for six more rounds. Gon, bend over the bed. Killua, sit on top of him.”

Killua froze, wondering if he had been tempting fate by hoping for it to be over, and then looked at the man in amazement as he realized that this guy could cum another half a dozen times at least.

Gon was quick to follow his orders at least; flopping over the bed on his front, almost completely undressed except for his spats which were now sliding down his legs even as Killua watched. Gon’s total naked body – covered in sweat – was a marvellous sight. Almost as much the old man, who was now fully stripping himself too. Feeling conspicuous with his cum-stained dress, Killua decided that since the make-believe roleplay was at an end, he might as well strip down too.

He pulled his dress up over his head, being careful not to slap himself in the face with the damp patch and tossed the soaked garment to the floor.

The man lay down his still-erect cock, nestling it between the buns of Gon’s ass-cheeks like a hotdog. His whole length was coated in ample amounts of cum now, the leftovers that hadn’t been swallowed down by Killua, and as he shifted his hips back and forwards slightly, he left a clear coating over Gon’s ass crack.

Sitting directly opposite him, atop Gon’s back, Killua’s own cock was now perfectly level with the man’s and he could see the full comparison between their naked forms. He had never given it much thought before, but compared to this guy, his own cock was tiny and almost hairless. The cock in front of him was girthy, veiny and rock-solid. An appreciable length that seemed to boast to him that it was the pinnacle of masculinity.

When the man rutted his hips forwards, drawing breath from Gon who hissed in anticipation, his bulbous cockhead practically kissed the tip of Killua’s own cock for an exquisitely lewd moment. It almost made Killua feel like he could cum against on the spot right there.

Feeling a sudden urge to make himself cum again, Killua’s hands wandered on their own towards his crotch but the man caught his hands.

“No touching,” he grunted.

He interlocked his fingers with Killua’s own, so that they were both holdings their hands together, palms pressed against each other, and staring into each other’s eyes.

“You’re such a cute girl,” he stated, like a matter of fact.

He’s calling me a girl… even though I’m no longer wearing a dress… Killua thought, puzzled.

He realized why the man had ordered him to sit on top of Gon like this. Not only would he serve as a brace to keep Gon was sliding away from the man’s cock when they started having sex, but he was at the right height and the right distance now from the man (their cock-tips still barely touching), that he could lean in just a little and begin kissing him, just as Gon had done.

They initiated it at the same time, caught up in their lust, they leaned against each other – Killua’s tiny, feminine body against his muscular, masculine body, still holding hands – and began sloppily kissing each other. That Killua had only just swallowed down the guy’s spunk did not seem to deter him at all.

He didn’t stop with just kissing Killua as well; while his upper body was focused on handholding and kissing, he was leaning back his hips and angling his thoroughly-lubed cock directly against Gon’s thoroughly-lubed asshole. Gon was already pre-emptively moaning as he felt the pressure building, and he wiggled his ass suggestively to invite him in – which he did with a solid thrust.

Gon’s mixed squeal of pleasure and pain in equal measures drew Killua’s attention. He broke the kiss, leaning back instinctively to check on Gon but before he could the man thrust his arm down past Killua’s side and reached for his ass. Killua thought at first that the man simply meant to grab his asscheeks, but his hand continued until his finger reached the tight rosebud of Killua’s virgin asshole.

Killua gasped with girlish pleasure as the man’s finger found its way inside his ass. He had never had an insertion before in his life, and the sudden sense of penetration and being filled was blowing his mind.

He glanced down, looking at his tiny stiff cock and at the man’s monstrous pillar of meat which was jammed inside Gon’s asshole. He realized that he was feeling so much from just a single finger, then what Gon was feeling from his whole cock being shoved in there must have been indescribable.

“This hole is next for my cock, if you’re a good girl, that is. Are you?” The man asked, prompting Killua with a thrust of his fingers, reaching deep within Killua.

“Ah! Ah! Yes! I’m your good girl!”

“I thought so. Keep your eyes focused on your friend’s butt. You’ll feel like a true girl in no time…”


The rest of the evening was a whirlwind of pleasure which Killua still had a hard time sorting out in his head, even hours later.

After Gon had been thoroughly fucked and exhausted by the man, Azashiro, it had been Killua’s turn to bend over on the floor and be fucked doggy style by him. Despite his immense size, Azashiro was surprisingly gentle with him since it was his first time and both he and Killua shared multiple orgasms together on the floor until Gon recovered. Then at some point Killua and Gon had been kissing each other, and kissing Azashiro, and sharing many intimate moments together even without having sex. By the end of it, Azashiro stayed true to his word and came inside both of them a few times more until even he was exhausted.

When Killua finally came to his senses, close to midnight, Azashiro was gone and a tidy sum of money had been left on the desk for them – the reward for their fantastic service.

“I can’t believe this…” Killua groaned, using the bedsheets to wipe off splotches of cooling cum from his body. More was leaking out from his ass as he rose to his feet.

“That… was… so much fun!” Gon exclaimed, pumping up both fists in the air in victory. Someone had clearly had a good time. “We have gotta go outside and see the city!”

“Outside!?” Killua exclaimed, his hands automatically rising to his chest. He subconsciously realized that his gesture was a lot like a woman trying to cover her bare breasts and he flushed shamefully at the comparison in his head. “Like… like this? You want us to go outside looking like this?”

“Hee-hee, what’s the matter Killua?” Gon giggled, rubbing the back of his head. “You didn’t mind dressing up for Gramps.”

“That—that was one geezer, in our hotel room. Going outside like this…”

“But Killua!” Gon suddenly got in Killua’s face, the warmth of his sweaty flesh and the sweet stench of perfume making Killua melt on the inside. “You didn’t even recognize yourself when you looked in the mirror earlier. Nobody is going to recognizes you if you go out like this, will they?”

“That’s… true,” Killua conceded.

“And you thought it was pretty exciting when Gramps looked at you and thought you were a girl, didn’t you?”

Killua recoiled slightly, his back hitting the wall behind him, and gasped when Gon moved even closer towards him, pinning him in place. The strength difference between them wasn’t great, but Killua was even more tired than Gon and Gon pressed his advantage; literally pressing his body fully against Killua’s own to keep him from escaping and allowing their sweat to mingle.

Lips only centimetres away Killua’s ear, Gon whispered to him, “I bet I can make you feel even better than before, once we get into some fresh clothes and go outside.”

Gon followed his promise with an intimate kiss directly against Killua’s earlobes, tracing his lips across Killua’s cheeks in a series of light kisses before finally ending up at his mouth. Grinning at Killua’s lack of resistance, Gon planted his final kiss squarely on Killua’s own, and held it there for several seconds before he pulled away.

Wobbly-kneed and overwhelmed by how damn arousing Gon was to him, Killua collapsed to the floor in a slump.

He already knew what his answer would be before he gave it.

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