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Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Digimon. The series belongs to Toei Animation, Shout! Factory, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. I don't work for those companies or people; I write for fun and not money.

I Want U made its debut on August 122006. It's been almost 15 years and here I am writing the remake. I've been inspired by watching Digimon Adventure tri. as well as the Digimon Adventure 2020 reboot.

When I wrote I Want U I was 22 years old and graduated from Job Corps just a year prior. I just wanted to write a fun, high school Mimato fic. And it kinda spiraled out of control because I had no general direction for it. The ending made a lot (and I do mean a lot) of people angry with me. (I still remember getting cussed at 😥)

I Want U's ending was inspired by Cherish's song "Moment in Time". I even titled the final chapter after the name of the song. I guess I allowed my love for the song to influence the final chapter, which caused a negative reaction from my readers. That wasn't my intention, but shit happens. And we learn from our past mistakes.

This brings me to the remake. I've tried to rewrite I Want U in the past. I even attempted to write the sequel, but my fascination with Digimon waned until it disintegrated altogether. So I deleted I Want U and its sequel and decided to start anew.

Now I'm 37 and my nostalgia for Digimon has consumed me. I have more life experience and I've grown and matured as a writer (I hope). Like with the original I Want U, I have no general direction for this fic (I can't even guarantee that I'll complete this story), but I want to have fun with it as it progresses. And I hope you all have fun reading it. Besides, thanks to tri. and Kizuna, there are new-gen Digimon fans. And I didn't want anyone stumbling upon my fic, reading it, and saying, "Wtf is this shit?" 😂

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Digimon nor am I affiliated with the series. The series belongs to Toei Animation, Shout! Factory, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and a bunch of other people. I don't work for those companies or people; I write for fun. If I did own Digimon, Sora never would've given Matt those cookies and there never would've been a reason to reboot the series to correct that mistake!

Rated - MA for Mature Audiences.

Warnings: Geek culture has changed quite a lot in the last 15 years. Nowadays everyone's "triggered, offended, and oppressed" over everything (and nothing). Everything has to be politically correct; if it isn't then someone's getting dogpiled and canceled. There were even murder attempts, people being hospitalized for mental duress, suicide attempts, and others have committed suicide due to the PC mob harassing them over their creations! "for the greater good"

15 years ago geeks had a lot more creative freedom to express themselves through their works. Nowadays that's not the case. Well, I'm here to tell you that I'm not politically correct and I refuse to take a PC approach to my writing!

I'm not here to champion or condemn anyone's political, social, and/or moralistic ideals. If anyone expects me to project and/or validate their ideals, beliefs, and opinions through my fanfiction, I won't. I don't write stories to inform or educate. I write stories to entertain. And I want to make that very clear!

The majority of the characters in this fic are under 18 (except Joe). There will be canon divergencefanserviceperverse situationsinnuendodialoguecrude language, and underage drinking and sex. I understand these things will make people uncomfortable so I'm warning potential readers of this fic's content so they can make an informed decision about whether they want to proceed. Again, the explicit content will only be featured on AO3 and DW.

I'll also be using the characters' dubbed names in this fic. Just a heads up for those who favor their Japanese names. I also don't have a beta reader to correct any grammatical errors I make. I only have Grammarly to rely on.

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I Want UAgain - Chapter One

SundayJune 1920059:43pm

Black heeled sandals clicked against the asphalt as she walked then stopped in front of the apartment complex of her new home, her short skirt swishing around her thighs at her sudden halt. Looking up at the luxury edifice the teen girl marveled at its structure standing magnificently against the night's skyline. She released a sigh of happiness as she mentally thanked her father's job for allowing him to transfer back to Tokyo, Japan permanently.

The guys are all gonna be so excited when I see them tomorrow! She combed her fingers through her platinum-blonde hair, her glossed lips curving into a smile. Kneeling down she picked up her floral printed carry-on bag in her left hand and used her right hand to secure her pink purse over her shoulder. Looking at her parents, her father stood to her right and her mother to her left, she gave each of them a nod, her smile stretching her face until her cheeks hurt.

"Mama? Papa? Let's go home."

MondayJune 202005Tsukishima Comprehensive High School8:23 am

Peeking from around the corner in the hallway, the teen girl smirked watching four of her friends, three guys and one girl, conversing in the corridor. Her ears perked as she tried to catch their conversation, her hazel eyes trying to decipher the looks of excitement and disappointment on their faces. She heard "concert", "soccer game", "this weekend", "I can't make it", and "we'll be there".

OoohSounds like one heck of a partyOhI'm so there!

Straightening the imaginary wrinkles from her navy pleated skirt, sky blue blazer, and white button-down shirt, she adjusted the crimson ribbon around her neck, pulling it a bit to loosen it. Examining her black thigh-high nylons she gently pulled them up to keep the stretched fabric from falling near her knees.

Inspecting her black heeled loafers, the teen girl made sure her beloved leather shoes were free of scratches. Gotta make sure these babies look good! She excitedly told herself.

Retrieving her compact from her purse, she checked her profile, ensuring her mascara, eyeliner, and sheer lipgloss remained impeccably applied. No smudgesPerfect. Combing her fingers through her platinum-blonde hair, she carefully adjusted her black headband and fingered her white gold, star-shaped earrings.

Staring at her profile one final time the teen girl winked at her reflection before mentally saying, I look so hot. Replacing her compact in her purse, she grabbed a small bottle of bubble gum-scented body spray, giving her clothes and hair a few veils of mist. I gotta make sure I smell as good as I lookOoohMy friends are gonna be so excited to see me!

Placing her body spray in her purse and zipping it, the teen girl did a quick breath check before rounding the corner, jubilantly bellowing as she approached the group, interrupting their conversation. "Now what's this I hear about a soccer game and a concert this weekend? And you guys didn't think to invite lil' old me?" She placed her hands on her slim hips, giving her friends a model's pose and playful pout. "Well, I don't care because I'm coming anyway!"

She faced away from them and closed her eyes, raising her chin in the air. Lifting one of her lids she peeked at the astounded group before bursting into fits of laughter. "PffftHahahahaPsych! It's been so long and I've missed you all!"

Four pairs of eyes widened at the teen girl standing before them, their jaws unhinged. There was an awkward silence before the girl in the group gathered her longtime friend in her arms and cried out her name.


Returning the embrace Mimi pulled her friend closer, "Sora!", returned with equal vigor. "Oh, I've missed you so much, sister!" The girls weren't related but they were best friends, close like siblings.

"It's been so many years," Sora commented, never letting go of her best friend.

"I know," Mimi kept her arms around Sora. "And I'm so glad I'm back. And you look amazing!" Mimi smoothed her hands over Sora's auburn hair, admiring its softness and luster.

"Me?" Sora placed her hands on Mimi's shoulders. "You're the one who's changed. I love what you did with your hair!"

"Oh, this?" Mimi twirled a platinum strand around her index finger and gushed. "I just wanted to try something different. That's all."

They released each other when they heard another voice speak.

"Meems? That really you?"

Her ears perked at the sound of one of the guys calling her by her nickname. And the person who gave her the nickname was—

"Tai! Yes, it's me. The one and only!" She playfully winked at him, causing the wild-haired brunet to blush.

Mimi Tachikawa smirked at her friends as they marveled at her, placing one hand on her hip as she soaked up the attention. After spending the last five years in New York because of her father's job, she was finally back in Odaiba for good, reunited with her friends she missed dearly.

The hazel-eyed beauty hadn't seen her friends since 2003 after the defeat of MaloMyotismon. At the age of 16 and a 1st-year student in high school, she has changed quite a lot.

Mimi was taller, her slim body was gradually maturing in certain areas. Her sense of fashion and style has definitely evolved, and her confidence soared through the roof. Her bubbly personality remained the same, but she's become more outspoken, fearlessly expressing her thoughts and feelings. In the past she kept her emotions inside, not wanting to unintentionally upset someone if her feelings didn't align with another's. However, nowadays her boosted confidence allowed her to be more open with people. "Staying quiet in public just means feeling frustrated in private later" was her motto.

Mimi's hazel eyes perused over her best friend and she hummed appreciatively at what she saw.

Sora Takenouchi, a 2nd-year student, is a year older than Mimi and slightly taller. Because of her years ingrained in outdoor sports, soccer, and tennis to be exact, Sora's body was athletically toned and curvier and her skin was moderately tanned more than Mimi's. Her breasts were bigger, hips wider and, gently stretching her neck to get a better view, Mimi's curved lips in a naughty smile as she admired her friend's derrière in her pleated skirt. It was perfectly curved and toned.

Maybe I should start working out so my booty can look like hers! The hazel-eyed beauty mused.

Choosing to keep her short, auburn hair flipped at the ends, Sora kept it free of any hair ornaments and her lucky blue skullcap she wore throughout her childhood was also gone. Mimi thought Sora's simplistic look made her appear more mature. Her best friend's style reminded the teen girl of the slogan on her bedroom poster: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

It's a brilliant way to describe the 17-year-old's style: simple, but sophisticated.

It was perfect for Sora!

Turning to the next person who greeted her, Mimi focused her attention on Sora's boyfriend, Tai Kamiya.

"Gimme a hug!" She pulled him towards her, embracing him before he could utter another word.

Tai was the tallest in their group thanks to his athletic build from years of playing soccer. His gravity-defying, untamed brown hair only added to his height.

Releasing her hold from him Mimi took a quick minute to examine the happy-go-lucky 17-year-old.

The brunet still wore his signature, cocky grin and Mimi fought off a blush as he gave her that brilliant smile of his.

She had to admit that the years were very kind to Tai Kamiya. He was incredibly handsome and his slim, toned physique was quite noticeable through his school uniform. His face was angled, his dark brown eyes aglow with jubilance and humor. The first three buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned and untucked from his navy pants, and he wore his sky blue blazer open showing off his navy vest, and no necktie even though it was standard for all the boys in the school to wear one.

Leave it to Tai to go for the "cool and casuallook. Mimi smirked. Her eyes focused on his neck again and she couldn't help but grin, eyeing the other object that hung around his neck where his necktie should've been.

"I see you replaced your old goggles, Tai." Leaning forward to get a closer look, she admired the plastic eyewear. "Oooh! And they're brand new, too."

"Heh, heh," the brunet chuckled, feigning a sheepish countenance as he scratched the back of his head. "Well, I do look good in them. They help protect my handsome mug whenever I'm playing soccer, y'know?" He instantly earned unamused looks from his friends and girlfriend. Mimi covered a dainty hand over her lips and giggled.

"You haven't changed one bit," she joked.

"It's good to see you again, Mimi." Another voice spoke. Mimi faced the person standing next to Tai and squealed her friend's name.

"Izzy!" She gathered the young genius in her arms, wrapping him in a crushing hug. "It's been so long!"

Returning her embrace Koushiro Izumi felt his face heat as a blush warmed his cheeks. He couldn't deny the 16-year-old's beauty and he suddenly became self-conscious, hoping he'll make a good impression on her.

"You look great, Izzy." Mimi complimented her longtime friend. And she meant it, too.

His style was just as immaculate as his mind and Izzy wore his school's uniform with the swagger of a company's CEO. His sky blue blazer was crisp, ironed, and buttoned to perfection. As well as his starch white button-down shirt and necktie. His navy pants were superbly creased and his shoes were polished so well she should see her reflection in them if she looked down. Izzy was dressed for success and he was destined for it.

"Thanks, Mimi." The young genius scratched the back of his head and chuckled nervously. "You look incredible, too."

"Oh?" She giggled, eyeing her friend with a knowing smirk. "You're staring. And it's because you haven't seen me in so long and I came back looking so hot." She cupped her breasts and lifted them playfully, making Izzy's face turn beet-red.

"Well? Keep staring. I love the attention!" She twirled in front of Izzy and gave him a playful wink.

Snapping his mind from the direction of the gutter where it was leading him, Izzy rapidly shook his head and yelled at the hazel-eyed beauty. "Stop doing that! We're in school! That's no way for a lady to behave!"

"Oh, you're always so serious, Izzy." Mimi chortled. "Lighten up! I was just teasing you. Besides, we're in the same class so you'll have to put up with me all year." She gave him another wink which made Izzy's blush darken.

When Mimi's eyes finally settled on Matt, time seemed to stop for her. She couldn't prevent the heat from rising in her face as she took in the lone wolf's visage. Unlike the blush she fought back after inspecting Tai, Mimi's face turned pink when she took in the full sight of Matt Ishida. She couldn't fight back her blush even if she wanted to, and she wanted to because the sight of him made her temperature rise.

Because of his Japanese and French mixed heritage, Matt had blond hair that appeared soft and lustrous. Her fingers twitched to keep from reaching forward and touching it just to see if it was as soft as it appeared.

She took a chance and looked into his eyes, her blush deepening as she saw her reflection in his cerulean irises. Coyly, Mimi tucked away a lock of her hair behind her ear. Matt Ishida has become quite handsome—incredibly handsome—in the past three years since she last saw him.

It's funny. Mimi never actually paid any attention to the lone wolf's countenance in all the years she's known him. They hardly interacted while in the Digital World, and few times they did speak Matt was either berating her for being "annoying" or defending her to someone else for her desire to not want to fight. Now the hazel-eyed beauty wished she focused more attention on Matt. Perhaps they could've—

AhhStop itStop itright nowMimi! She mentally scolded herself. This is MattMatt IshidaYour friend! Uhh… dear acquaintanceAnd he's Sora's ex-boyfriendYou remember SorarightYour best friendYour sister?

That sobered her up!

Shaking her head to clear her mind, Mimi reminded herself that Matt and Sora were once an item. Sure, they dated for some time while in junior high, and now Sora's with Tai, but still! Girl Code 1C153A states: "besties shall never, ever, date their friends' exes"! No matter what! Don't even consider it!

And Mimi always followed the Girl Code!

Blinking rapidly to focus her vision elsewhere, Mimi's gaze lowered as she secretly admired Matt's slim, toned physique. Even underneath his uniform—his very stylish uniform—Mimi could tell that the lone wolf was in great shape.

WellGirl Code 1C153A never said that I couldn't admire my bestie's ex. Mimi slyly thought.

Matt wore the standard sky blue blazer, white button-down shirt, navy necktie, and matching navy pants like every boy in the school. Except he wore his school's uniform… differently. And Mimi appreciated when people took a different approach to fashion. It meant they were unafraid to take risks. And fashion's all about taking risks!

Matt wore the first three buttons of his shirt unbuttoned and his necktie hanging low. However, unlike his best friend's casual-sporty style, the lone wolf chose to wear his blazer tied around his waist and his shirt tucked in his pants and no vest. It was a simple change, but it gave Matt a "polishedlaid-back" appearance. Mimi mused. And I like it. It fits his "rock-boystyle. Looking at the gentle light gleaming from his ears, the hazel-eyed beauty hummed appreciatively when she noticed the small silver hoops in his lobes.

Like I saidGirl Code 1C153A never said that I couldn't admire my bestie's exMatt's stepped it up these past years.

Her eyes traveled up to his hair again and Mimi smirked, noticing it was messy in a stylish way, gelled to absolute perfection. And again, her fingers twitched as she fought the urge to smooth her hands through his blond strands.

Some of his bangs fell over his forehead in between his eyes. The rest of his bangs framed his face and Mimi resolved to touch his hair, just to see if it's as soft as it looked.

"Hey, Meems."

The sound of Matt's low, raspy tone snapped her out of her reverie. Lips parted and mouth agape, Mimi could only release a soft "huh?" before settling her eyes on his again.

Releasing low, gentle chuckles that made gooseflesh rise from her skin. Her ears perked when she heard Matt speak.

"YoU'rE sTaRiNg BeCaUsE yOu HaVeN't sEeN mE iN a LoNg TiMe AnD I gOt So HoT." Matt's condescending grin made him appear even more handsome, but the mocking tone in his voice reminded Mimi why they barely interacted in the past.

I forgot how much he irks me because I was too busy staring! Mimi frowned at the lone wolf. Even if he did become a hottie.

Leaning casually against the threshold of his homeroom class, Matt eyed the hazel-eyed beauty and stuffed his hands in his pockets. He crossed his legs, his condescending grin turning into a shrewd smirk.

"Well… keep staring, Princess. I like it."

Her lips curled downward in a scowl. "You always knew how to get under my skin, Ishida."

Matt's smirk widened.

"And I'm pretty damn good at it, too."

"But I know how to get under yours, too." She lifted her arm and reached forward, palming his hair that he deeply cherishes.

"Hey! Watch the hair!"

Ruffling his hair as he irritably winced underneath her touch, Mimi guffawed and admitted, "I was going to hug you, but you don't deserve the privilege to be hugged by me."

Resting her hands on her hips, Mimi snickered as she eyed her… dear, close acquaintance. Yeah. Close acquaintance. She knew she won this round when Matt's face became contorted with vexation.

Lifting his hands from his pockets and pushing himself from the threshold, the lone wolf's face reddened in embarrassment. His eye twitched before shouting, "Like I would want a hug from you, anyway!"

Feeling aghast that Matt would dare say such a blatant lie in front of their friends insulted Mimi.

Pointing a pink-painted fingernail at him, she yelled back with equal passion, "Me hugging you is a privilege you can't afford anyway, mister! You know what you are?" Mimi didn't wait for a reply before continuing. "You-You are-are a tundere!"

Forgetting his snarky comeback, Matt's eye twitched again before his face fell, his visage writhed in confusion after listening to Mimi's "insult".

"Wha-What the—? Y-You… You can't just make up words like that! 'Tundere' isn't even a real word!"

"TundereTundere! Matt is a tundere!" She giggled, wagging her finger in his face just to annoy him more.

Before his best friend could give in to the temptation and break her finger Tai intervened, standing between the two arguing teens.

"Now that you two are done flirting, let's get back to what we were talking about."

"Oh, as if I would ever!"

"Yeah, right!"

Both Mimi and Matt folded their arms over their chests and faced away from each other.

Tai outright laughed at the two of them displaying childish, immature behavior.

"Oh! Before you all continue," Mimi reached inside her purse and retrieved four packs of gummy worms. American gummy worms. Her confrontation with Matt was already dismissed from her mind. "I brought some souvenirs from New York."

She handed Tai, Sora, and Izzy their packs. "They're the tastiest and the cutest. I know you'll love 'em just like I do!"

The three gift-receivers each examined their packs of multicolored Raimbow gummy worms, looking at the candy with curiosity.

"Well," holding the package in front of her face Sora commented, "the bear is kinda cute."

"That's the Raimbow Bear," Mimi said about the bear on the front of the package. "He's adorable."

"Hey! Deese is pweety gud!"

Everyone turned to the voice and groaned at Tai as he chewed several gummy worms at once.

"Oh, Tai," they all exasperated with a sweatdrop forming at the sides of their heads.

Stuffing his candy in his pants to save for later, Izzy expressed his gratitude. Thanks, Mimi. That was very considerate of you."

"Yeah, thanks Meems." Sora also stuffed her candy in the breast pocket of her shirt.

Waving her hand dismissively, Mimi shrugged off their gratitude. "Oh, don't mention it. It was no trouble. Really."


Everyone faced Matt as he cleared his throat. Stretching his hand out to Mimi he asked with a grin, "Don't I get one?"

Frowning at his upturned palm before looking at him, the hazel-eyed beauty succinctly replied, "No. You don't get any." She humphed.

"Huh? Wha—" Becoming irritated all over again, Matt rolled his eyes and said, "Well I didn't want any, anyway!"

"Well, too bad, mister." Mimi slammed the pack inside his palm and closed his fingers around it. "Because I even brought enough for you, too."

"Uh…" Feeling slightly humiliated Matt scratched his cheek, looked the other way, and replied, "Well, don't expect for me to say thank you."

"I didn't," she released a few light-hearted chuckles. "Because you're nothing but a tundere."

"There you go, making up—"

"So? What were you guys talking about before I graced you all with my beauty?" Mimi winked at her friends and they playfully groaned. "I heard you all say 'concert' and 'soccer game'. It sounds like fun!"

Sora volunteered the information. "Well, Tai has to prepare for his soccer games for the upcoming annual school's summer festival on July 30th. It's Tsukishima High versus Odaiba Junior High this year. On August 6th it's the boys team versus the girls' team."

Catching on Mimi squealed enthusiastically. "Oooh! So it's Tai versus Davis this year! And…" Looking at the couple her eyes sparkled in realization. "And it's you versus Tai in August! Ohmigod! I gotta seal these dates in my phone." She retrieved her pink cell phone from her purse with a sleek cat emblazoned on the front. Flipping it open, Mimi's thumbs typed rapidly on the keypad, entering the dates for the soccer games during the summer festival in her phone's calendar.

"And Matt has a concert this weekend in Shibuya," Izzy added.

"Yeah and Tai can't come because he has to practice for the games." Sora continued.

Mimi faced the school's soccer star. "Well, don't worry. "I'll tell you all about the concert."

"Who says you're going?" Matt joked.

"I did, mister! Besides, I have the cutest dress and I can't wait to rock it!"

After consuming all of his gummy worms Tai assured everyone, "No worries! I'll try to make it after practice. I'll be late, though."

"Are the other DigiDestined coming?" Mimi wondered aloud.

"Everyone except Joe," Matt explained. "He is studying for his entrance exams for college."

"Oh." Mimi sighed, feeling slightly deflated. "I understand. I'm happy for Joe, but I am a bit disappointed that I won't get to see him." Instantly cheering up she proclaimed, "But it'll still be great to see everyone else this weekend." Checking her pink flip phone Mimi noted that it was almost time for homeroom to start.

"Oh! Look at the time! It's 8:31 am!" Mimi gasped. "We have four minutes until homeroom starts!" Locking her arm around Izzy's she suggested, "Be a gentleman and escort us to our class."

Accepting her arm Izzy beamed and replied, "It'll be my pleasure, madam."

As the younger teens headed towards their homeroom class Mimi looked over her shoulder and waved goodbye to the 2nd-year students. "We'll have to catch up later during the lunch period. Bye!"

"Bye!" Tai and Sora parroted. Matt silently waved at the hazel-eyed beauty.

Facing her boyfriend and close friend Sora smiled and confessed, "Now that Mimi's back this year is going to be a lot more interesting."

MondayJune 202005Tsukishima Comprehensive High School's Cafeteria12:33 pm

"Well, I'm giving you a ticket anyway." Matt reached in his blazer's pocket and retrieved a concert ticket for his band's upcoming show this weekend. "Just in case you can make it to Shibuya after soccer practice."

Inspecting the ticket, the brunet read the band's name with a lift of his brow. "Knife of Day…" Tai muttered under his breath. "You're not with the Teen-Aged Wolves anymore?" He asked, greedily stuffing the entire shrimp tempura in his mouth.

Separating his chopsticks as he prepared to eat his ramen Matt answered, "Nah. We broke up last summer over 'creative differences' or some shit." He rolled his cerulean eyes at the absurdity of the reason for his old band's separation.

"So I formed a new band; Knife of Day."

"'Knife of Day'," Tai repeated, stuffing another shrimp tempura in his mouth as he pondered the reasoning behind such a morbid group name.

After slurping his noodles Matt gave his best friend an expectant look and inquired, "So? What do you think?"

"About what?" Tai reached for another shrimp tempura and frowned at his bowl when he discovered there were none left. "Crap. Kari should've packed a bigger lunch," he scowled.

"You still have your veggies to eat, Tai." Matt pointed at the brunet's combo bowl with his chopsticks. "And I'm talking about my band's name, dummy. What'd you think of it?"

"Knife of Day?" Tai intentionally avoided eating his fried vegetables and reached for his bottle of water. "Uhhh… I dunno." He shrugged. "It sounds like y'all sit in an isolated room cutting yourselves." He took a sip, only to spit it out when he felt a light punch to his gut.

"Hey! Watch it, Matt!" The brunet groaned, wincing in mild pain through his playful grin. "You almost made me hurl my lunch!" Tai wiped his face with the back of his sleeve, his grin broadening.

"I'll make you do more than that if you insult my band's name, again." Matt slurped more of his ramen, nearly choking on the noodles when he heard his best friend's next question.

"Mimi's pretty hot, ain't she?"

Choking on his lunch, the lone wolf firmly punched his chest with his fist as he tried to swallow his meal.

Tai reclined in his seat, folded his arms behind his head, and laughed at his best friend's wide-eyed, shocked expression.

"You almost suffocated on your ramen, which means you agree."

Crossing his arms over his chest, the blond's face heated with embarrassment. He rolled his eyes and immaturely pouted, "I never said that!"

Keeping his knowing grin stretched across his lips Tai responded, "You didn't have to."

Matt thought about the young, spoiled girl with a fondness for pink, a penchant for luxury, and an oversized cowgirl hat that used to annoy him during their adventures in the Digital World. She would always cry about fighting, wishing she was shopping instead of defending the Digital World. Or taking a mud bath instead of sleeping outside in the wilderness. That girl has changed.

Mimi was now older, taller, and thinking about how those nylons hugged her thighs, he wondered when did her legs get so long?

She was still fashionable, if how she styled her school's uniform and dyed platinum-blonde hair was any indication. Her love for pink never wavered, judging by the color of her phone and its matching handbag. And knowing Mimi as well as he does, that phone and leather handbag probably cost more than what he makes in a year selling tickets for his shows. Which means her love for luxury also never wavered.

Ok, so maybe Mimi hadn't changed that much from when they were younger but still, Tai was right. The annoying girl with the cowgirl hat did become hotter over time. Her hazel eyes sparkled with joy and cheerfulness. Her glossed lips appeared kissable—wait! Kissable? Where did that come from? And she smelled like bubble gum.

But Matt would never, ever let Tai know this! The brunet would never let him live it down!

Instead of giving Tai a direct answer, Matt decided to answer his best friend's question with one of his own. "What're you doing staring at Mimi when you have Sora?"

"Hey, watch it!" Tai immediately became defensive. "I said Mimi's hot. I didn't say I wanna marry her!" Clasping his hands together, Tai's dark brown eyes twinkled with admiration and love as he openly revered his girlfriend. "No woman will ever compare to my sweet, sweet Sora!"

Matt could've sworn he saw his best friend's eyes turn into pink hearts. "Oh, shut up!" He winced at the brunet's corny display of affection, thankful the topic of Mimi was forgotten. For now.

SaturdayJune 252005Tsukishima Comprehensive High School12:43 pm

Mimi sat at a desk table by herself, looking around the classroom at the other students. The hazel-eyed beauty noted that everyone else was sitting either two or three to a table in groups and no one wanted to sit next to her. Ignoring her thoughts, she focused on the reason why she was sitting here in the first place.

When Mimi heard about the school's summer festival she knew she'd want to be a part of the committee.

Knowing the committee could use a helping hand and fresh ideas, Mimi knew she could—no, would—bring both to the table. Figuratively and literally since one of the themes for the festival's committee was a café theme.

Oheveryone's going to love my idea! Mimi excitedly told herself. I'm thinking we should go "Americanfor this year! It'll be a blast!

Amid her musings, Mimi felt several pairs of eyes watching her. Searching around the classroom she located the culprits. Two girls standing at the front of the class, the president of the summer festival committee who stood behind the podium, Sakura. An average-looking girl with chin-length dark brown hair, in need of a really good deep-conditioning treatment and a flat-iron, Mimi thought.

A shorter girl with sharp facial features and a jet-black chin-length bob stood next to the committee's president. The committee's vice-president, Tori.

I bet if she smiled more she'd be more approachable.

And finally, the third girl sitting at a desk next to Tori with a laptop placed in front of her. The festival committee's secretary, Miko. She had a soft face and long, wavy, light-brown hair that fell past her shoulders.

All three girls looked at Mimi with contempt, which confused the hazel-eyed beauty because she knew she hadn't done anything to deserve their ire. She's only been enrolled in the school for six days! Who could dislike her in such a short amount of time?

Deciding to ignore the girls Mimi looked down at the paper on the table. It was the outline for last year's café theme. Wow… this is really… very boring. Mimi told herself as she read the itinerary, her glossed lips pressed in a firm line. Watching my nails dry after a manicure is more exciting than reading this.

A new determination washed over her and Mimi knew she had something to prove, especially to the festival committee's board.

My idea for an American-style café will be the best oneyet! She smirked as she retrieved an ink pen from her purse, scratched out 2004, and wrote "2005" on the café's outline. Underneath 2005 she wrote "DATER'S" with bright, neon pink ink in bold lettering.

"Now that you've all perused over last year's outline," Sakura began in an authoritative tone, "Is there anyone who wants to volunteer to be in charge of our café for this year's festival?"

Now's my chance! Mimi quickly stood from her seat, raising her arm high in the air, and hollered, "Me! I volunteer me to run the café this year!"

Giving Mimi a twice-over, the committee's president faced the other students in the class and proposed the question again, ignoring the hazel-eyed beauty.

No one in the classroom moved a muscle nor uttered a single word. Mimi knew she had this opportunity in the bag.

"I have an A-plus-mazing idea for this year's theme!" Mimi gushed. Facing all of the students in the class she introduced herself.

"I'm Mimi Tachikawa and I recently transferred from New York." There were a few impressed "oohs" and "ahhs" murmured throughout the classroom from the students.

"And I was thinking about doing an American-style café for this year's festival. We could design the café after Dater's."

Giving the bubbly teen a skeptical look, Tori raised an inquisitive brow and sharply asked, "And just what exactly is Dater's?"

"Oooh! I'm glad you asked!" Mimi cheered, not allowing the vice-president's negative tone to affect her mood. "It's the best restaurant in the entire world! It's a restaurant where all of the waitresses wear cute cheerleading uniforms and dance for the customers. Everyone has so much fun! And Dater's is popular because of it, too! I swear it'll be an amazing experience for everyone! You'll see!"

Miko typed away at her laptop, searching for the restaurant Mimi mentioned. Her brows raised in curiosity, then furrowed into a disapproving frown at the results she saw. Turning her screen to her fellow board members, Sakura and Tori also frowned at the images of the waitresses wearing skimpy cheerleading uniforms, dancing, and serving food.

I don't know who this Mimi Tachikawa isbut she should understand that this is a school and not a brothel! Tori's eyes briefly cut in the direction of the excited 1st-year student before settling on the laptop again.

Turning the laptop towards the class the students whispered among themselves, which displeased the leading trio.

"Are you all sure there is no one else who's willing to volunteer to lead the café this year?" Sakura desperately asked, becoming agitated when no one responded.

"Very well." Sakura dejectedly conceded. "Mimi Tachikawa is in charge of the café for this year's summer festival. If no one else has anything else to add, this meeting is dismissed."

The students began leaving, ready to go home for the day.

"Yay! Goodie!" Mimi cheered, clapping her hands together excitedly. "This is going to be great—No! This is going to be super-great!" She pulled out her cell phone and texted Sora the good news.

I'll help make the costumes
if you want. We can shop
for fabric when you're ready. (*^﹏^*)
SAT, 25-Jun-2005, 1:21 PM
- Sora

Reading her best friend's text, the hazel-eyed beauty cradled her phone against her chest and whispered, "Sora, you're the best."

With her eyes focused on replacing her phone in her purse, Mimi failed to notice the three committee leaders eyeing her with displeasure. She also failed to notice two more pairs of eyes staring at her as she exited the classroom.

Random thoughts about nothing important: In the original version of I Want U I wrote Mimi dying her hair platinum blonde. I decided to keep that because I think Mimi would look awesome with platinum-blonde hair. And it was fun googling 2000s fashion, styles, and music to gain inspiration for this fic (it made me feel like I was a skinny, 20-something-year-old again 😂). Mimi's style will reflect it in future chapters because she's a bad bitch. Expect to see references to 2000s pop culture in future chapters as well. I'll also frequently use the word "hot", à la, Paris Hilton. (The 2000s were everything! 😏)

I have four favorite Digimon characters: Tai, Mimi, Ken, and Davis. But I've fallen in love with the entire cast. Even characters I didn't care for back in the day I've become fond of now. But Davis, Mimi, Ken, and Tai will always remain my Top 4. I think it's interesting that Mimi's the only female character to make it into my Top 4.

And before anyone asks, Meiko nor her diseased alley cat will make appearances in my fic.

Since I've been on my Digimon nostalgia kick I've been thinking about my favorite Digi-fic author, Emerald-Kisses. I hope she's doing well. I truly enjoyed reading her Digi-fics back in the day.

So, what did you think of the first chapter? Liked it? Hated it? "Shot me a holler, dog!" - Ben Stiller reference.

P.S.: Anyone else remembers those cute, pink Baby Phat cell phones from the 2000s? I think it's the perfect phone for Mimi!

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