I Want U: Again

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Warnings: There's partial nuditymild boob fondlingfanservice, and innuendo in this chapter.
There's also mild Takari flirting and plenty of Mimato interaction!

I Want UAgain - Chapter Two

SundayJuly 32005

Mimi didn't get the chance to see Matt perform at his concert last Saturday because it was postponed for later this evening. As a present for her DigiDestined friends, the hazel-eyed beauty decided to treat everyone to a relaxing day at the Ooedo-Onson Monogatari, the local hot springs resort in Tokyo. However, Joe couldn't make it due to studying for his entrance exams for college. And once again, Mimi was disappointed that she didn't get a chance to see her dear, reliable friend.

SundayJuly 32005Women's Bath11:01 am

"You know, I'm surprised that Tai and Matt grew up to be pretty foxy." Mimi casually remarked as she sunk lower in the soothing, warm water of the pool until her shoulders were engulfed. Closing her eyes and releasing a contented sigh she continued, not realizing that Sora and Kari have gotten very quiet.

"I mean, who would've thunk it, right? Overbearing Tai and woe-is-me Matt would turn out to be so gorgeous." Opening one eye and smirking at her best friend, Mimi teasingly commented, "I'm sure you did, Sora. After all, you dated both of them."

Feeling the heat rising to her face, and not because of the hot water of the onsen, Sora's cheeks turned red from Mimi's statement. Immediately becoming defensive the tennis star replied, "Matt and I dated for a short time in junior high. We broke up right before our 1st-year in high school. I'm happy with Tai, now."

"Mmm, hmm." Mimi hummed, her knowing smirk never leaving her face. "And who do you think is cuter between the two?"

Not expecting that question, Sora's auburn eyes widened in surprise and she sputtered before lowering her head in the water, submerging her nose in the warm pool to keep from answering Mimi's query. Bubbles rose to the surface and Mimi and Kari laughed at Sora's antics.

"Well, I think they're both equally hot but in different ways." Mimi volunteered information about the duo that neither Kari nor Sora asked for. "Tai has this dominant appeal and he commands the attention from everyone, but he's also silly and fun and down-to-earth. Matt has become a rock star with a mysterious allure. All the girls in my homeroom swear he's the absolute coolest and they all want a chance to crack that shell he keeps himself in."

The hazel-eyed beauty faced Tai's younger sister. "Who do you think is cuter between Tai and Matt?"

Raising her brow at Mimi's inquiry, Kari gave her a skeptical look before replying with her question. "Do you think I'm going to say my brother is 'pretty foxy'?" She mimicked Mimi.

Not at all perturbed by Kari's response, Mimi knavishly replied, "T.K.'s pretty foxy, too."

"Uhh… Umm…" This time the spotlight was on her and the young photographer blushed at Mimi's statement. "I-I haven't noticed." She looked down at the pool, her reflection contradicting her innermost feelings.

Lifting her head from the water, Sora relaxed next to Mimi and joined in on teasing Kari about T.K.

Unconvinced with Kari's statement Mimi brusquely asked, "Are you two dating?"

"Absolutely not!" The brunette vehemently denied. "We're just friends, Mimi!" When she didn't receive a response from either girl, the 14-year-old continued.

"T.K.'s our junior high basketball star and he's the most popular guy in our school. All of the girls love him and he's a major flirt. He's never serious when it comes to girls."

"Hmm…" Sora mused, fingering her chin as she thoughtfully perused Kari's demeanor. Her eyes were downcast and her shoulders were slumped, almost as though she were exhausted and defeated.

"You seem disappointed."

Refusing to honor Sora's comment with a response, the young photographer merely rolled her eyes, folded her arms over her bare chest, and released an exasperated breath, causing Mimi to giggle.

Facing Sora again, Mimi stared at the tennis star's full breasts appreciatively. They seemed to float in the water and the older girl had difficulty keeping them submerged.

"They must be full C-cups," the hazel-eyed beauty noted aloud. Wiggling her hands provocatively, Mimi's face contorted with mischief when she suggested, "Lemme touch 'em."

"Wha-?" Sora covered her breasts protectively and turned away from her best friend, red-faced and embarrassed. "No! Touch your own!" She yelled over her shoulder.

"Aww! But mine aren't as big as yours, Sora!" Mimi shamelessly whined before pouncing on the girl's back.

"C'mon! Lemme grab 'em!" Reaching around her best friend's torso, Mimi grabbed Sora's breasts from behind with a firm squeeze and a wide grin.

"Ohmigod! No, Mimi!" Sora managed to free herself from the hazel-eyed beauty's fondling but failed to swim away in time before Mimi caught up to her again.

"Oh, no you don't! C'mere!" Mimi pounced on the tennis star's back again and began massaging the poor girl's breasts. "Gimme those boobs!"

"Ohmigod, Mimi! You're the worst!" Sora cried out in frustration.

"They're so soft and squishy! Your boobies are awesome!"

"You can fondle your own 'awesome' boobies!"

"But it's not the same!"

"Well, that's your problem!"

"I'm so jealous of you, Sora!"

"Go away, Mimi!"

"Your mouth says 'no', but your boobs say 'yes'!"

All the while Kari covered her mouth to stifle her giggles as she watched her friends splash and play in the water.

SundayJuly 32005Men's Bath11:15 am

"…C'mereGimme those boobs!"

"OhmigodMimiYou're the worst!"

"They're so soft and squishyYour boobies are awesome!"

"You can fondle your own 'awesomeboobies!"

"But it's not the same!"

"Wellthat's your problem!"

"I'm so jealous of youSora!"

"Go awayMimi!"

"Your mouth says 'no', but your boobs say 'yes'!"

Four pairs of ears perked after listening to the outcries of Mimi and Sora on the other side of the onsen.

Tai sweat-dropped and released a dry chuckle.

Matt scowled.

Izzy did everything he could to prevent a nosebleed.

And T.K. openly wondered, "So that's what girls do when they're alone in the hot springs?"

"Tch. I'm going to the sauna." Matt turned away from his friends with a roll of his eyes and headed to the steam room by himself, not even remotely interested in what's happening on the other side in the women's bath.

"And I'm going to one of the stalls for a shower," T.K. stated. He also walked away from his friends until he found his destination. Pulling back the white curtain, he entered inside and closed the curtain for privacy.

"I guess I'll take a dip in the bath," Tai mentioned before leaving for his destination as well.

Heading towards the booths, Izzy decided to sit and scrub himself there with cold water. Very cold water!

SundayJuly 32005Entrance to the Men's Bath11:26 am

"And there it is. The Men's Bath. The Forbidden Realm. The No-Woman's Zone. The Land of No Return. The Testosterone Territory. The—"

"Mimi? We get it." Sora cut her best friend off before she could continue.

Mimi, Sora, and Kari stood on the other side of the double doors wrapped in bath towels as they peeked into the men's bath through the window. The steam clouding the room prevented the girls from actually seeing anything, which bummed the hazel-eyed beauty.

"Hmm… I wonder if they have snacks," Mimi pondered. "Maybe they have cookies."

"Why would they have cooki—"

"Oooh! I know!" Mimi interrupted Sora. "Let's raid the men's bath. It'll be a blast!"

Speaking up Kari agreed with Mimi, which surprised the tennis star. "Yeah, it sounds like fun, but Tai would kill me if he caught me sneaking in the men's bath."

"Tai'll kill all of us if he caught us in the men's bath." Sora reminded her friends.

"And that's what makes it funner! The thrill of being caught!" Mimi replied enthusiastically. "Three damsels helplessly wander into the men's bath searching for an exit. But escaping won't be easy because they have to avoid getting caught by the wild-haired soccer captain. Can they do it? Will they succeed in fleeing The Forbidden Realm or will their fates be decided by the boisterous—"

Cutting her off before her imagination ventured too far, Sora reminded her best friend, "Mimi this isn't a plot from one of those silly romance novels you like to read."

Grinning at the tennis star Mimi replied, "It might as well be." Adjusting the hair towel around her head she proposed, "Why don't we turn this into a game?" Without waiting for an answer Mimi continued. "We have to run around the men's bath and meet back here in three minutes." She held up three fingers. "The first one to make it back in time and not get caught by Tai wins."

"Why don't we create an incentive for the winner," Kari recommended with a naughty grin curving her lips.

Completely aghast at the brunette's suggestion, Sora hissed at Mimi. "You're a bad influence on Kari!"

"I am not!" Mimi denied. "She just knows how to have fun." Her attention instantly switched to Tai's younger sister. "Oooh! What do you have in mind, Kari?"

With her grin widening, Kari placed one hand on her hip and proclaimed, "When I win both of you have to treat me to a Daskin Robbin's super-jumbo chocolate fudge tropical thunder bucket."

Becoming resolved to defeat both of her friends in the game once dessert was mentioned as the winning prize, Sora also proclaimed, "I'll take the same prize, except make mine a strawberry vanilla tropical thunder bucket."

"Wait." Mimi interrupted the girls. "I never had a thunder bucket before. Are they good?"

"They're the best!" Kari's brown eyes became alight as she envisioned eating one of the heavenly desserts from her favorite ice cream shop. "And the best ones are chocolate fudge."

"Strawberry vanilla," the tennis star corrected her.

"Very well," the hazel-eye beauty took her friends' word for it. "When I win both of you will treat me to chocolate fudge and strawberry vanilla tropical thunder buckets."

Still slightly hesitant at what they're contemplating, Sora tried to talk sense into her friends one more time. "Are you guys sure about this? I mean, really sure about this? They're all naked and we're wearing nothing but towels. What if our towels become loose? We'll be exposed. And our friends are in there. Do you guys really wanna see them naked—"

"I'll go in first and create a distraction." Mimi interrupted her best friend before she could persist with her tangent and lose her nerve. "That way you and Kari can sneak in undetected."

Before Kari or Sora could utter another word and before the tennis star's resolve dissipated, Mimi secured the towels around her hair and body, pushed open the double doors to the men's bath, and burst into the room. The steam hit her face, instantly warming it.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentl—Uhh… gentlemen and gentlemen!" Mimi stood before everyone in the onsen, giving them a dazzling smile and flirtatious wink. "I am here to sing! You all can bathe and relax while you listen to my delightful voice as you admire my beauty! But first! I need a microphone!"

Turning around, Mimi spotted an object suited for her mission and snatched it. "Mind if I borrow this? Thanks!"

"Hey!" The man cupped himself and cried out when the hazel-eyed beauty swiped his scrubbing brush from his hands.

"Ahhh!" Facing her audience again, Mimi warmed her vocal cords into her makeshift microphone before belting out lyrics she improvised.

"I am here to brighten your day, my smile lights up the room like sun rays…!"

"Now's our chance. You and Mimi both owe me two Daskin Robbin's super-jumbo chocolate fudge tropical thunder buckets." Kari rushed into the men's bath with Sora tailing behind her.

They faced each other, giving each other determined nods before running off in different directions to avoid Tai.

Sora raced between the showers, her heart pounding in her chest as adrenaline pumped in her veins. I can't believe I let Mimi and Kari talk me into doing thisI am so dead if Tai catches meBut this is so much fun! She couldn't prevent the smile from curving her lips as she relished the thrill engulfing her as she continued running throughout the men's bath to avoid her boyfriend.

Taking a quick rest near an empty shower stall to catch her breath, the tennis star peeked around the corner and spotted the double doors to the exit. "I can do this," She whispered determinedly. "And I still have a minute and a half left and Tai hasn't seen me, yet."

Listening to Mimi's voice as she continued to serenade the men, Sora surmised that Tai most likely caught their hazel-eyed friend and is unaware that his girlfriend and his sister are in the men's bath. GoodJust a few more meters to the exit and those super-jumbo strawberry vanilla tropical thunder buckets will be mine!

"…reaching for the stars, I can love you from afar…!" Adding choreography into her routine, Mimi almost failed to notice the strands of wild, dark brown hair moving above the scrubbing booths in the onsen.

Her eyes widened in fear. OhnoIt's TaiI gotta bail!

"Uhh… I have to cut this short." Mimi ceased her performance, returning the scrubbing brush to its owner. "Here you are. And thanks for letting me borrow it. You're awesome," she complimented him. Securing her towel around her body, Mimi faced her audience again and said, "You gentlemen have been wonderful, but I gotta go! Enjoy your bath!" Giving her audience a bow, she ran in the opposite direction Tai was nearing.

Approaching a wooden door the hazel-eyed beauty reached for the knob to escape her friend. Before entering she turned around after hearing a familiar voice cry out for help.

Kari found herself near the lockers and was thankful that it was quiet and deserted. I can do this, she confidently told herself. I can make it.

She peeked around one of the lockers and immediately her confidence deflated when she noticed how far the exit was from where she stood. "Okay… Maybe I can't make it. But I gotta try," she whispered.

The brunette flattened her back against the lockers and tiptoed around them without being detected. OkaySo farso good.

Kari rounded the corner and began running—fast! She wasn't concerned with the guys around her cleansing themselves, nor did she concern herself with the other guys gasping in shock at seeing a young, barely clothed teen girl running throughout their onsen. Her only mission was to get to the far side of the men's bath to the exit and win those super-jumbo chocolate fudge tropical thunder buckets from her friends.

Upon recognizing Tai's little sister, Izzy gasped in shock and dropped his detachable showerhead, causing water to spray everywhere. Most of the water landed on the floor, creating a shallow pool that stretched from the scrubbing booths to the shower stalls.

Not paying attention to her surroundings during her sprint, Kari's left foot became stuck in a wooden pail near the shower stalls and she began sliding across the room along the water on the floor.

"WHAAAH!" She screamed, her arms flaring frantically around her as she helplessly tried to regain her balance. Kari began to gain speed and she worried that she would crash into someone bathing. That would be beyond mortifying!


Sora peeked once more from behind the shower stalls, thankful that her boyfriend never spotted her. With her resolve returning, she prepared to race to the double doors of the men's bath, to victory and two super-jumbo strawberry vanilla tropical thunder buckets. "Okay. One minute left and I'm almost to the exit. I just gotta make sure Tai doesn't see me."

"You gotta make sure Tai doesn't see you doing what?"

Feeling a nervous sweat form along her brow, Sora's body began to shake at the sound of the familiar male voice behind her.

Anxiously looking over her shoulder, her auburn eyes met with the hard, dark brown eyes of her boyfriend. And he didn't look too pleased as he stood wrapped in nothing but a small, white towel around his waist and his arms folded over his bare chest. His very impressivevery muscularvery tonedvery lean bare chestfocus SoraFocus! She scolded her wandering mind.

Slowly turning to face the soccer champion, Sora gave him a weak smile and wave and asked, "Um… Hi, Tai… Uhh… What're you doing here…?"

"This is the men's bath." Tai sourly replied, his hardened expression never wavering. "What are you doing here?"

RatsI can't believe I lost! Before she could think of a creative excuse as to why she was hiding in the men's onsen, she and Tai both heard Kari's screams.

Looking concerningly around the showers Tai wondered aloud, "Is-Is that… Kari…?"

Sora instantly became worried when she heard the young photographer's voice crying out for help. I hope she's alright. The tennis star fought between ditching Tai to avoid his interrogation and helping Kari. However, when Kari stopped screaming she assumed the girl was safe.

"Um…" Sora casually shrugged and protectively clutched her towel near her bosom. Giving the soccer champion a lopsided grin she lied, "I didn't hear anything."

Not believing his girlfriend's obvious fib, Tai grabbed Sora's hand and pulled her forward. "Yes, you did. Everyone heard it. And you're gonna help me find her! And Mimi, too!"

They both jogged around the men's bath looking for Tai's younger sister and the hazel-eyed beauty. Sora mentally cursed herself for allowing Kari and Mimi to talk her into this situation.

Hearing the familiar voice of his best friend crying for help, T.K. opened his shower curtain and reached outside his stall. He grabbed the young photographer around her waist just as she was about to zoom past his stall.

"I gotcha." He pulled her inside and closed the curtain.

Feeling safe in the arms of Matt's younger brother, Kari released a quiet sigh of relief as she clutched his bare shoulders for support.

"Thanks for the save." She expressed her gratitude.

"Anytime," he smiled.

No longer hearing Kari's screams, Mimi assumed she was either caught by her brother or someone saved her. Remembering their game the hazel-eyed beauty opened the wooden door and swiftly entered the room to hide from Tai. She shut the door behind her, gasping to catch her breath as she quickly looked to her left and right, thankful that the room was empty.

Leaning forward to peek out of the window of the door, Mimi was unaware that the back of her towel was riding up, lifting and nearly exposing her backside to the silent teen boy sitting behind her against the far back wall of the room.

"No one will find me in here," she confidently proclaimed. "And I'm so glad that I'm in a sauna. I really need it. The steam will be good for my skin and hair."

Removing the towel from her hair, Mimi carelessly tossed it to the floor and tousled her platinum-blonde strands. She shook her head, bent forward then backward, allowing her hair to freely frame her face and cascade down her back.

"Ahh! That's the stuff!" She chose to sit to the right side of the steam room near the door, just in case she needed to make a quick exit if Tai happened to stumble in the sauna.

Crossing her legs and reclining against the warm, wooden wall behind her, Mimi closed her eyes and allowed her body to relax for a bit. She untucked her towel, letting the steam heat her cleavage. She felt her heartbeat ebb and her adrenaline subside as her muscles soaked up the warmth in the room.

She even relaxes pretty. Matt dryly surmised, lifting a curious brow at the girl sitting near the door.

He allowed his cerulean eyes to shamelessly peruse her half-naked body, it's not like Mimi noticed him in the room anyway to scold him for staring. The lone wolf noted that her body was lean and toned. Her neck was long and graceful, almost like a dancer's, and her legs—when did they get so damned long?—were pale, the calves were smooth and defined. He even noticed that she pointed her toes as she relaxed, just as a dancer would.

Allowing his lips to curve in a smirk Matt thought, It's gonna be interesting when she opens her eyes and finds out we're alone in here.

Noticing T.K.'s state of undress, Kari blushed and faced away from her best friend. But not before T.K. observed her eyes examining his body.

Giving the young photographer a coquettish smirk, the blond wiggled his eyes suggestively and asked, "I betcha just dying to see what's underneath my towel, huh?"

"Huh? Wha—?" Kari stammered, her blush deepening as she blinked several times to process what he just asked. Her eyes traveled down to his small waist towel and back up again to his face before she turned away from him once more. "S-Shut up."

Giggling at her adorable reaction the flirtatious teen said, "Y'know? You're pretty cute when you blush, Kari."

"ShutUp." The brunette emphasized, squeezing her eyes shut and securing her hold around T.K.'s shoulders to diminish her embarrassment.

She may have unconsciously pulled him closer against her belly and he may have purposefully circled his arms around her tighter. Inhaling her scent from her towel, T.K. mentioned, "Mmm. You smell good."

"Why are you always like this?" She hissed at her best friend, feeling her face flame at his compliment.

Looking up into her brown eyes from where he sat, he gave her a silly grin before answering. "Only to you, Kari."

Ignoring his words with a roll of her eyes, Kari looked down from where she stood and gave Matt's younger brother a genuine smile. "Thanks for the save. For real."

"No problem," he returned her smile with his own.

Thinking over their situation Kari realized something very important. "Y'know? My brother's gonna kill us both if he catches me in here with you. All alone and not dressed and stuff."

"I'm sure he's looking for you, anyway, especially after your screams for help."

"You're right." Kari stepped even closer to T.K., her arms seeking protection in his strength.

His coquettish smile returned, stretching his lips and making him appear as devilishly handsome as his older brother. "Then let's say we both be quiet so Tai won't hear us. Let's enjoy each other's company while we're in here alone."

Scowling down at her best friend, the young photographer sourly replied, "I'm sure you say the same thing to all of the girls, T.K."

"Only you, Kari." The blond gave Tai's younger sister his famous, boyish grin. "Only you."

Tai continued his search for Mimi and Kari after listening to Sora's honest explanation about their presence in the onsen. Sora was reluctantly attached to his arm as she followed him throughout the men's bath. The tennis star silently prayed that her boyfriend wouldn't catch her friends.

"What were you all thinking? Raiding the men's bath? And for what? Ice cream?"

"Yes," Sora answered simply and truthfully.

Looking at his girlfriend, his dark brown eyes widened in sheer impertinence. He couldn't believe Sora just admitted that so… so casually!

Tai stopped in his tracks to reprimand her. "Really, Sora? You're supposed to be the rational one out of the group."

Also pausing mid-step, the tennis star rested a hand on her hip as she shifted most of her weight on one leg, cocking her hip to the side. "I'm allowed to have some fun, Tai. Besides, it's not like we saw anything. And…" Using a tactic from Mimi's handbook she admitted with a smirk, "You're pretty cute when you're angry."

Allowing his eyes to roam over his indecently-dressed girlfriend, Tai also admitted with a grin, "And you look fucking hot in nothing but a towel. And I should be the only man to see you in it. And Mimi's right," he shamelessly stared at the way the towel hugged her breasts before saying, "Your tits are awesome. But that's beside the point."

Sora couldn't control the blush that warmed her face and traveled from her cheeks down to the tops of her cleavage. Her boyfriend's compliment was very forward and crude. Even so, her body always flushed whenever he exalted her. And he always made sure to tell her how wonderful she is. And she believed him. Every word. Every time.

Nevertheless, Sora didn't have time to bask in his acclaim because Tai reached for her hand again and led them both around the onsen to continue their search. "We gotta find Mimi and Kari right away!"

Rats! Sora's lips pursed in a thin line as she cut her eyes at the back of the soccer champion's head. I forgot that when he's determined his resolve isn't easily broken. Searching worriedly around the men's bath she told herself, I hope they make it out without being caught because Tai's on a mission! She kept one hand secured over her towel to prevent her breasts from jiggling out of the fabric as she jogged behind him, matching his pace.

Matt quietly observed Mimi combing her fingers through her hair, bouncing her foot as she continued relaxing in the sauna. His eyes focused on the way her chest rose and fell with each breath she took. And it was very noticeable with her towel untucked. She managed to show everything and nothing and the enigmatic blond didn't know if he should be grateful or disappointed.

His eyes followed the trail of condensation that collected against her collarbone. The liquid traveled down between her small breasts and disappeared past her towel. Matt felt blood rush to his face and other places and he wanted to look away, but couldn't. The lone wolf found himself hypnotized by Mimi's beauty and captivating appeal. And the only thing she was doing was resting! It was perplexing, but Matt conjectured he was only thinking about Mimi this way because it's been years since he'd last seen her and she's nearly naked and alone with him in a steam room. It's only natural that his teenage hormones would react to her as he carefully watched her relax.

Breathing slowly and evenly, Matt concentrated on purifying his thoughts so the noticeable bulge in his towel wouldn't be so… well… noticeable.

Still keeping her eyes closed Mimi almost removed the towel completely to cool herself off a bit before a voice interrupted her.

"Be careful, Princess. If you loosen that towel more, you might show me something you don't want me to see."

"I know that voice!" Mimi's eyes shot open and she gasped at the familiar sound of the soft, raspy male voice calling to her from the back of the room. She immediately secured her towel, preventing the lone wolf from seeing her naked breasts.

He couldn't help the quiver of a smile twitching his lips as he watched the hazel-eyed beauty hastily fasten her towel around her chest. Matt asked, "What are you doing here?"

Clearing her throat in an attempt to alleviate her sudden nervousness, Mimi ignored Matt's question and countered with one of her own. "What are you doing here?"

Mimi chanced a look at Matt and almost wished she hadn't.


The steam in the sauna rose from his wet, sweaty body and Mimi discovered that wasn't the only thing increasing in heat. She found her thoughts, curiosity, and temperature also increased and it had nothing to do with the steam room's humidity.

Matt sat with his legs uncomfortably squeezed together, hunched over with his hands in his lap. His small, white waist towel barely left anything to the imagination but managed to cover everything at the same time.

Mimi didn't know if she should be content or discontented.

As her eyes traveled the planes, dips, creases, and crevices of his body, she sneakily watched as the lone wolf surreptitiously tried to hide the bulge protruding from his towel.

The hazel-eyed beauty was tempted to scream at him and call him a pervert, but she just couldn't take her eyes off him. Maybe that made her just as equally perverted.

Shifting her focus from his crotch to his chest Mimi noticed that condensation pebbled along his skin, glistening his bare chest and giving his pectorals, biceps, and triceps a brilliant sheen. And once again, Mimi's fingers twitched, this time fantasizing about smoothing her palms over his lean muscles.

Great. She duly thought. Why did he have to be hereOf all places in the men's bathAnd why am I thinking about Matt like thisHe's just an annoying tundereEven if he is pretty foxy.

Suddenly feeling self-conscious because they were practically nude and alone in a sauna, Mimi clutched her towel tighter against her chest and clutched her legs together more firmly ensuring she didn't accidentally flash the enigmatic blond.

"You can't be serious," Matt stated incredulously, finally managing to get his hormones under control and erection to soften. He lifted his brow at Mimi's gall and said, "This is the men's sauna. I have every right to be here." He hardened his stare, making the hazel-eyed beauty blush profusely.

"The question is what are you doing here?"

"Humph!" Mimi lifted her nose in the air with the flair of an aristocrat and faced away from the deliciously handsome lone wolf. "Not that it's any of your business, but the girls and I were playing a game."

Folding his arms over his chest, Matt relaxed in his seat, his ears perked at full attention. This oughta be good. "And what's the objective? Run around the men's bath half-naked for no reason?"

Before she could stop herself Mimi released a few chortles, covering her mouth with a dainty palm to stifle her giggles. The last thing she wanted was for someone outside to hear a girl laughing in the men's steam room.

Finding herself relaxing and more at ease in his company despite the circumstances and their mutual state of undress, Mimi felt comfortable enough to divulge her genius plan to the enigmatic blond.

"No, you silly goose." She faced him and smiled.

Matt's brow lifted at another one of her weird insults for him. However, he couldn't prevent his lips from quivering again in another humorous smirk.

After telling him the details of the game and the prize for the winner, Mimi had difficulty keeping her giggles subdued. Even with both hands covering her mouth she had to concentrate very hard to keep her guffaws at bay.

By now she assumed at least one of the girls was caught by Tai. Those thunder buckets are as good as mineHee-hee!

Matt couldn't help but notice the way Mimi's cheeks flushed due to the heat in the room. And perhaps something else? Or maybe he was just being hopeful that she also found him equally attractive.

Her eyes sparkled with joy and mischief as she fantasized about winning against Sora and Kari in their ridiculous game of Run Around Like Idiots in the Men's Osen.

It was interesting that Matt never seriously looked at Mimi even though he's known her since grade school. Sure, she's a pretty girl, Mimi has always been pretty! Even T.K. mentioned how cute she was when he was just a child.

She took pride in her appearance and body. But that's not what's making Matt… uh… see Mimi 'differently', he supposed.

It was the sheer joy in her eyes, the way her platinum-blonde hair began to gently curl in the steam room's humidity, making it appear even more soft and lush and naturally wavy.

Her soft lips were open in a gentle smile, and her skin from her cheeks down to the curves of her upper cleavage was flushed from the sauna's heat. Her hand protectively clutched her towel at her chest, making sure he didn't see anything.

Matt's eyes traveled back to her face and Mimi closed her eyes again, her features appearing softer as she probably continued fantasizing about winning those thunder buckets.

Her skin was smooth and flawless, her lashes curled, creating gentle shadows against her cheeks, and her lips seemed fuller, and—Matt tried to think of the word to describe their color—pinker? Yeah. Pinker. The lone wolf briefly wondered if Mimi was wearing makeup, then quickly dismissed that thought as stupid. They were in a public bath. Who in their right mind would wear makeup to an onsen?

Mimithat's who, Matt thought wryly.

But he knew she wasn't wearing any. Her natural beauty was on full display right now.

The hazel-eyed beauty moistened her lips with her tongue and giggled some more, still somewhere in her bubble imagining besting Kari and Sora in their ridiculous competition. And at that moment Matt knew that Mimi wasn't hot or pretty; she's absolutely beautiful.

But he'll never tell her that.

Or anyone else for that matter.

Especially Tai.

The lone wolf wasn't afraid to admit that fact about his childhood friend to himself. His thoughts were completely private. But sitting in the steam room alone with her and barely clothed, her bubbly personality he usually found annoying filling the atmosphere between them. Her ambition filling her thoughts as she mentally rhapsodized about eating chocolate fudge and strawberry vanilla diabetes-flavored desserts made his lips twitch, once again, into the tiniest of smiles.

Sensing a shift in Matt's mood, Mimi opened her eyes and looked at her longtime close acquaintance. Her hazel eyes peeked over at the enigmatic blond and she gently smiled when he quickly turned his head, facing away from her.

She wouldn't tease him about catching him staring at her. And she'll pretend that she didn't notice his cheeks reddening, embarrassed that he was caught ogling her.

Hee-heeHe's pretty cute when he's embarrassed.

"Ahem." The moment between them vanished when Matt cleared his throat. He asked, "So you really think you're gonna win, huh?"

"Of course." Mimi casually replied, inspecting her manicure. She was unconcerned about how her two friends will fare in their game. "I can't wait for Sora and Kari to treat me to those thunder buckets. I've never had one before. And the girls tell me they're so yummy!"

A wicked thought entered Matt's mind and he continued his questioning. "So all you have to do is make it outta here in time before Tai catches you and you win?"

"Uh, huh," the hazel-eyed beauty nodded, oblivious that Matt was hatching a plan. "Only if Sora and Kari didn't make it out first." Her smile brightened. "Oh!" Checking her imaginary watch on her wrist Mimi almost forgot she was on a time limit. "I have to get out of here soon if I wanna win."

Matt stood from his seat and padded over to where Mimi sat. He took pleasure in the sudden change in her disposition. Her confidence was now supplanted with nervousness. She kept her eyes focused on him, anticipating what he was going to do next.

Good. The lone wolf told himself. About time she focuses her attention on someone else besides herself. And he had to admit that receiving Mimi's full attention expanded his ego.

Giving her a teasing smile, and it wasn't often Matt smiled, but this was a special occasion, he leaned forward, intentionally invading the hazel-eyed beauty's personal space.

Flattening both of his hands on the wall behind her, each hand near her head, boxing her in, Matt watched Mimi's face contort in fear, anxiety, and—was she blushing?—it motivated him to continue.

Leaning until his lips were just a hair's breadth away from her ear, Matt breathed in the sugary-sweet aroma of her shampoo from her platinum-blonde strands.

MmmShe smells like jelly beans. He delightfully thought.

Mimi felt Matt's warm breath heating her ear and it made gooseflesh rise against her skin. She was helpless, frozen as she both feared and anticipated what he was going to do.

"Do you really think you're gonna win this thing?"

Grasping her towel protectively against her chest until her knuckles turned white and swallowing thickly, Mimi stammered, "Of-Of course! Of course, I'll win!" She exclaimed with more confidence. "And", eyeing the enigmatic blond and suddenly wishing she hadn't now that she has a close-up view of his half-naked physique, she asked, "Why are you acting so creepy?"

Fighting the temptation to twitch his eyebrow in annoyance when she accused his behavior as "creepy", Matt ignored the insult and positioned his head so he could look into her eyes. Their noses barely touched.

His smile widened and it took everything in him to keep from outright laughing at the frightened girl.

"Do I make you nervous, Mimi?"

"Y-Yes," she stuttered. "Because right now you're being a… a creep!"

There's that damned word again and this time Matt did laugh at her accusation. He knew he was getting under her skin—wait! There's a double entendre in there somewhere considering they were almost disrobed. He just had to push buttons a little more.

Unashamedly and brazenly eyeing Mimi up and down, the enigmatic blond discovered he had a newfound appreciation for what he saw.

Her face was round, her hazel eyes wide and doe-like, her lips soft and pink. His cerulean gaze traveled even lower. Her shoulders were slim, and her pale skin was smooth and glistening thanks to the heat and steam in the sauna. Matt's eyes darkened with lust as they traveled even lower until they landed on her chest. Her breasts were small and he imagined if he cupped one it would fill his palm completely.

Just the thought made him hard again and he had to grit his teeth in an attempt to subside his oncoming arousal.

Shaking his head to free his indecent thought, Matt released a breath he was unaware he was holding and spoke again as his eyes met hers. "Mimi it's just me. You don't need to be nervous. We've known each other for years."

WhaWhat was that look just now? Mimi wondered. He almost looked like he wanted toNevermind! Mimi dismissed her thoughts and cried out, "Matt Ishida! If you don't get away from me this instant! I'll… I'll…"

Challenging her with a lift of his brow, Matt's smile turned into a sinful smirk. He asked, "Or you'll do what?"

"I'll… I'll…" Frantically Mimi looked around the sauna for anything to use as a weapon to throw at him and found nothing but her discarded towel on the floor by the door.

Her anxiety increased and sweat formed along her brow. She curled her body in a fetal position and gripped her body towel around her torso until she swore could practically feel her ribs strain against the pressure. With nothing to throw at him, Mimi decided her next, best course of action.

"I'll scream. I'll scream so loud and tell everyone you're a creepy jerk! You'll be kicked out and banned from ever visiting here again, mister!"

"Go ahead, Princess." Again, Matt challenged the hazel-eyed beauty. He even dared to reach and twist a lock of her hair around his forefinger, mentally noting that her hair really is as soft as it appeared.

Releasing her hair the lone wolf whispered in her ear again, his cerulean eyes darkening this time with mischief and his voice lowered several decibels. He uttered a single request: "Scream for me."

Mimi closed her eyes and complied, hoping someone would hear her screams and save her from her creepy close acquaintance weirding her out.


Within seconds Tai burst into the steam room with Sora close behind, discovering Mimi's location.

"There you are!" The soccer champion cried out. "Get out! Now!"

The tennis star stood behind her boyfriend. She clasped her hands together and mouthed the words, "Sorry, Meems."

Opening her eyes, Mimi discovered that Matt wasn't in front of her, keeping her boxed in his close proximity while being a creepy jerk-face. In fact, he wasn't anywhere near her. She looked towards the back of the sauna and scowled when she saw him sitting comfortably in his original spot. His face was placid but the impish twinkle in those damned blue eyes gave everything away. And at that moment Mimi realized Matt wasn't being creepy. He intentionally acted that way because wanted her to scream so loud she'd reveal her location and Tai would discover her whereabouts, causing her to lose the game. And of course, she fell for the lone wolf's scheme hook, line, and sinker. And now she's out of two super-jumbo chocolate fudge and strawberry vanilla thunder buckets!

I forgot all about the gameMatt will pay for this! She mentally vowed as she frowned at him before exiting the sauna behind Tai and Sora.

SundayJuly 32005Izzy's Office1:17 pm

There were loud chortles heard throughout Izzy's new, swanky office as the DigiDestined sat comfortably reminiscing on the events that occurred at the hot springs resort.

Well almost everyone was laughing and having a jolly good ole time! Matt was at band practice, preparing for Knife of Day's upcoming show later that evening. Joe was still studying for his upcoming entrance exams. And the other person in their group was sour-faced and pouting.

"Kari, I can't believe you let Mimi and Sora talk you into running around half-naked in the men's bath!" Tai scolded his younger sister as he sat across the trio of girls. He was still in great disbelief that sweet, innocent sister could be persuaded into doing something so asinine.

Trying their hardest to stifle their chuckles, Mimi and Sora miserably failed and allowed their guffaws to freely escape their lips.


Kari sat wedged between the two older girls on the black leather loveseat. She held both of her super-jumbo chocolate fudge tropical thunder buckets in her hands, grinning to keep from joining in with Sora and Mimi's laughter.

Sitting to Kari's left Mimi leaned behind the young photographer's back to whisper in her best friend's ear. "If he only knew that it was Kari's idea to wager the thunder buckets!"

Also leaning behind Kari Sora replied, "He'd be even more upset!"

"Hey! What are the two of you whispering about?" The soccer champion demanded from the girls.

Snapping their heads up when he called out to them, Sora and Mimi responded simultaneously.


"I was just saying that Izzy's office is pretty foxy. I'm very impressed."

"Well, thank you, Mimi." Izzy proudly smiled from behind his desk. "I'm glad you like it. A friend of mine is starting his own company and I'm assisting him. So this is my permanent office, now."

Looking around the expanse of the room in the luxury high rise from his position on the sofa, T.K. released an impressive whistle and said, "You sure do have friends in some pretty high places."

"Well, I didn't invite you all here to engage in discourse about my office," Izzy began. "I wanted to show you all something very important that I've been working on."

"Another project?" Tai reclined in his seat, no longer interested in reprimanding the girls on the loveseat.

"Precisely," Izzy confirmed. "I've been working on trying to create an alternative communication method for us to interact with our Digimon in the Digital World." He began.

Everyone in the room quieted as they listened attentively to the young genius explain his current project involving their Digimon partners.

Stretching his arms, cracking his knuckles, and wiggling his fingers to ease their tension, Izzy began swiftly typing away at his PineApple computer and began explaining what he was working on.

"Three years ago the digital gates closed after the battle with MaloMyotismon. And our Digivices became inoperative as well. So I developed an app that'll allow us to communicate with our partners through our cellular phones and PCs." Facing T.K. and Kari he added, "And the both of you can communicate with your partners using your D-Terminals as well."



"That's great!"

"You da man, Izzy!"

"I can talk to Biyomon again!"

Kari, Mimi, T.K., Tai, and Sora all cried out at once. They couldn't contain their excitement as they imagined speaking with their best friends once more. It's been three years since their last intense battle and they had to say goodbye to their partners, again. Becoming hopeful that they can communicate with their Digimon once more increased their enthusiasm. If anyone could make it happen, the DigiDestined knew Izzy could.

"Wait, everyone! Just calm down." The young genius said, maneuvering his arms as he spoke to quiet his friends' chatter. "I've tested the app thoroughly and it's functional. Allow me to perform a demonstration."

Grabbing the remote on his desk, Izzy aimed it at the flatscreen mounted in the wall and turned it on. Filling the screen were all of their Digimon partners, Agumon, Gabumon, Palmon, Biyomon, Gomamon, Patamon, Gabumon, and Tentomon hovering front and center of the group.

"HiIzzy!" The bug Digimon waved into the monitor, his wings whirring so rapidly that they almost appeared invisible to the naked eye.

"Glad to see you again," Tentomon cheerily greeted his partner. "And youand youand youand youand you again." He addressed the other DigiDestined in the room.

All at once, the DigiDestined gathered in front of Izzy's PineApple computer, shoving one another out of their way to get a chance to speak with their respective partners.

Izzy pushed his swivel chair from his desk to allow his friends to speak with their Digimon again. After he instructed them to give him their cell phones to install the app, the young genius revealed how to utilize the communication app.

Even though he knew his friends weren't listening, Izzy spoke anyway. "I'll contact Matt and the others to tell them about my invention."

He sat back and watched with a delighted smile as his friends were reunited with their partners before picking up the phone to dial Matt's number.

SundayJuly 32005Mimi's Bedroom3:02 pm

"Oh, Palmon! Today was so much fun!" Mimi squealed as she twirled around her bedroom, a dreamy look hazed her eyes. "And," thinking about how Matt's creepy performance caused her to lose out on two thunder buckets made her brows wrinkle in a frown. "And I gotta get revenge on Matt for what he did to me today!"

"RevengeOn Matt?" Palmon tilted her head, confused why her partner would want to get vengeance on her friend. Then she became protective of Mimi and angry at the enigmatic blond. "What did he do to youI'll squash 'im!"

Approaching her vanity where her laptop rested, the hazel-eyed beauty waved her hand dismissively as she looked into her computer's camera. "No, no, silly." She chuckled. "It's nothing for you to be upset about." Sitting in front of her vanity, Mimi began to explain the events that unfolded in the sauna earlier today, leaving out the—dare she think it?—sexual tension between her and the lone wolf. Mimi probably would've confused the personified plant even more if she told her about that part.

"It all started because of a game and Matt caused me to lose it. So now I gotta get revenge."

"What are you gonna do?"

"Hmm… I don't know just yet, but he has a concert tonight so I gotta think of something quick!" Lifting her head as an imaginary lightbulb illuminated in her mind Mimi shouted, "I almost forgot! I gotta pick out my outfit for tonight!"

Understanding that the arduous process of her partner choosing the "perfect fit", as the hazel-eyed beauty often liked to call it could take all afternoon, Palmon waved at the screen. "ByeMimiWe'll talk again."

"I'll tell you how it goes!" Mimi waved goodbye at the screen before turning off her PC.

Approaching her walk-in closet with a new determination, she searched through the racks of clothes until she spotted a pink floral, designer kimono-style mini dress. It was the dress Mimi planned on wearing to Matt's concert last week before it was postponed for tonight. Now she felt differently about it.

"Nuh, uh. Absolutely not. A dress will never do."

Finally figuring out the perfect plan for her revenge against Matt at his show tonight, Mimi's lips stretched into a devious grin. Searching through her clothes again she spotted her favorite pair of low-rise, denim skinny jeans. Tossing them on her bed, Mimi went to her vanity once more and found a pair of scissors.

"Matt Ishida. You're going to regret crossing Mimi Tachikawa."

And she began to cut away at the fabric of her favorite jeans.

Random thoughts about nothing important: Apparently, I've been watching way too much Senran Kagura and the silly antics of Asuka and Katsuragi have rubbed off on Sora and Mimi.

I copy/pasted the name Ooedo-Onson Monogatari from the Digimon Wiki. I thought it was a fictional onsen, but after googling it, I discovered that it's real. And the spa looks identical to the one in tri.

And those of you who may have read my Daikari fic, Teach HerTeacher! are probably wondering why I included Takari in this chapter if I ship Daikari. Because I ship both. That's why.

I have a confession to make: I started writing Chapter Three before completing Chapter Two. I'm so excited for Chapter Three to make its debut! It's my favorite chapter (so far)! And obviously, there will be plenty of Mimato! 😉

I hope you all enjoyed the "steamy" Mimato scene in this chapter. Expect more in Chapter Three! R&R! 😊

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