Snorkmaiden's Discovery

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The sun was setting on another glorious spring day. Moominvalley and its inhabitants seemed entirely at peace. All except one. Snorkmaiden was pacing around, feeling very much at a loss. It was the time of year when people shook off their inhibitions, thoughts turned to romance, and mating seasons began. There was a sense of frivolity in the air, but Snorkmaiden could find no joy in it. Moomin, the one person she wanted to give herself to, was pushing her away more and more. No longer a child but a young adult, Snorkmaiden was eager to take her relationship with him to the next level, and have sex. She and Moomin had been friends since early childhood.
As they grew, she'd started to think of him as her boyfriend. She'd always believed he was the one for her. Just like Moominpappa and Moominmamma, they'd get married, get a house together, raise children and grow old together. Though she'd had crushes and her head briefly turned by other males, Snorkmaiden always returned to Moomin. He was her true love. And he felt the same way...or did he? She was having serious doubts. Every time she tried to get him alone and initiate a romantic gesture, he would make an excuse and leave. He didn't even want to hold hands with her anymore, when they went on one of their many trips down to the beach. What was going on? She wondered whether to confide in Moominmamma, but she herself seemed more distracted these days.

As Snorkmaiden headed back along the path back to Moominhouse, she noticed Little My's elder sister Mymble approaching. Now there was someone she could confide in. Unlike My, Mymble was much quieter and understanding. Maybe she could offer some advice?
"Hello there Mymble!"
"Oh hello Snorkmaiden!" Mymble replied, appearing to be in a great hurry.
"May I talk to you about something?" Snorkmaiden asked.
"Oh, some other time. I'm sorry, but I'm in a bit of a rush. The Inspector will be off duty soon, and I want to surprise him." Mymble gave a coquettish giggle and unbuttoned the long coat she was wearing. Underneath, she was wearing a dress so revealing, it would make a Fillyjonk die of shock.
"What do you think?" Mymble replied. "He works so hard....I thought he deserved a night - if you get my meaning."
"Gosh, Mymble," Snorkmaiden replied, a little taken aback. She'd never seen this side of her before. She always seemed so conservative and reserved. Though she made no secret of her love for the Inspector, Moominvalley's resident police officer.
"You know how I just go weak at the knees for older men in uniforms," Mymble continued. "He's so sexy - and he doesn't even know it! I figured it was time to return the favour and thrill him. Anyways, must dash - it's getting dark."

Snorkmaiden continued on her way and noticed light shining from Snufkin's tent. There was someone in there with him, and no prizes for guessing who. She frowned. Moomin seemed to spend every minute of his free time with Snufkin these days. She tiptoed over to the tent and was in two minds whether to burst in there and have an angry confrontation with Moomin, but thought better of it. Instead she stood outside and eavesdropped...

"So now you know. I'm gay. And I love you. And it feels like the weight of the world has suddenly been lifted from my shoulders."
Snufkin took Moomin's hand. "Moomin...I already knew."
"You did? never said."
"Well...I was just waiting for you. It's not easy for me to talk about my feelings either. As you know...I'm a vagabond...I've always been a solitary man. I've never felt like I've belonged anywhere, or with anyone. Except when...when I'm with you."
Moomin blushed. "You mean..."
"I love you Moomin."
"Ahh....Snufkin!" Moomin gasped, tears welling in his eyes.
"Ssh, it'll be alright, Moomin..." Snufkin calmed the overwhelmed young troll. He closed his eyes and gently kissed him. The kiss deepened into something more passionate, but Snorkmaiden had seen enough. She finally knew. Tears ran down her face. She ran back to the Moominhouse, sat down on the veranda steps and sobbed.

Inside Moominhouse, Moominpappa was suffering a crisis all of his own. Once again, he'd developed writer's block whilst working on his never-ending memoirs. That wasn't his only frustration - Moominmamma had lost all interest in sex and it was driving him insane.
Moominmamma was at the stove as usual, working on another of ancient recipes from Grandma's cook book. Carefully, Moominpappa tiptoed into the kitchen, crept up behind her and pinched her arse.
"What the....Pappa!" She yelled, whirling a frying pan in her hand and for a moment, Moominpappa feared she was going to strike him with it. "What, in the name of the Groke are you DOING?"
", I was just er..." Moominpappa, like a naughty schoolboy caught with his hand in the cookie jar again, attempted to explain. "The children are out...Hemulen's finally gone home - we have the house to ourselves. How's about we have a bit of fun? Like we used to..."
Moominmamma frowned. "Can't you see I'm busy trying to cook this fish stew? It won't cook itself you know, and you'll only complain when you don't get a hot meal!"
"I never complain!"

Moominmamma was growing more irritated. "I can achieve so much more when I'm left in peace!"
"Fine. I'll go out for a walk then!" Moominpappa stormed out of the house, slamming the door. He stood on the veranda, muttering angrily to himself. "I'm sick of this valley," he grumbled. "I think it's time I headed off on my own, on another adventure. I'll take the boat and head out on the open seas again. Regain my lost youth!" His musings were interrupted when he heard the sound of someone sobbing.
"Snorkmaiden? Oh my dear, what's wrong?"
Snorkmaiden attempted to compose herself. "Oh Moominpappa....I can't say."
"Hmm? Have you and Moomin had an argument?"
The distressed young Snork buried her head in her hands.
"I thought as much. Oh dear, dear now," Moominpappa said, sitting beside her and putting his arm round her. He had a feeling what all this was about. "You know, you can confide in me."
"Moomin should be the one to tell you," she tearfully continued. Despite everything, she wouldn't betray his trust.
"I think I know," Moominpappa replied. "That is, I have suspected for a while. About Moomin's sexuality."
Snorkmaiden nodded. "Oh Pappa. I saw with my own eyes. Moomin is in love with Snufkin...and the feeling is mutual."

"Ah." Moominpappa exclaimed.
"Looking did I miss the signs? I mean, it was all so obvious now I think about it. I must have been blind," Snorkmaiden said. "Blinded by love...I love him so much. And I'm trying to be happy for him, because he's being brave, coming out and all. But now I know he'll never be able to love me in the same way, and it hurts..."
"Of course it hurts, my dear," Moominpappa said, hugging her. "It's a lot to take in. And even though Moomin doesn't love you in that way, he will always love you as a special friend."
Snorkmaiden nodded. "Yes. I will always be his friend."
"Sniff, Little My and Mymble too. We all need to be there for Moomin now and call out those who cling to outdated prejudices.
"Like Mrs Fillyjonk?"
"Yes, though she's become less narrow-minded over the years, thankfully."
"Then there's Stinky," Snorkmaiden added.
"Oh Stinky's harmless deep down. I'm sure you can deal with him."
"You're right, I can."

Moominpappa was relieved that she was starting to come to terms with the situation. "That's better, my dear. Dry those beautiful eyes of yours. Everything will be alright - for all of us."
"But that Moomin can't be my boyfriend...well, who will be?"
This question caught the Moomin patriarch off guard. "Oh my dear, you're young and have plenty of time to meet a nice man! I'm sure you'll have no shortage of admirers!"
"Round here? I don't think so. I don't know of any decent men round here. The Hemulen is boring and far too old! Sniff is immature and obsessed with making money. And I want a man now, not in a few years time!"
This conversation was becoming more interesting.
"Erm, what about that nice young prince you met at the fancy dress ball that time? The one that Mrs Fillyjonk knew?"
Snorkmaiden frowned. "Little My got there before me that time. What a disaster that night was. I lost my wig and my parasol. It was so embarrassing."
Moominpappa had an idea. "Why don't we go for a little walk? Say, down to the beach hut? We'll have a nice cup of tea and listen to the waves. I do think the beach is lovely at night. Darkness soothes. It tones down the too-harsh colours of the day. It clears the mind..."
"Oh that would be lovely, Moominpappa!"
"Right, I'll just light a lantern, and we'll get going."

As the two of them walked down the path to the beach hut, Moominpappa stole a furtive glance at his attractive young companion in the lantern light. Snorkmaiden reminded him so much of Moominmamma when they'd first met - on a beach funnily enough, all those years ago. Apart from the golden fringe of hair, they looked very much alike. Moominpappa's mind began drifting to some rather ungentlemanly places.
Now dear reader, whilst to us all Moomins and Snorks might appear virtually identical and have the same body shape, that isn't the case at all. Only they notice the differences, particularly between the sexes. And Moominpappa was admiring Snorkmaiden's fantastic curves - plump, pert arse and large brown eyes.
" curious might she be? And could Moomin's loss be my gain? And...why the hell am I thinking these things? I'm a married man! By the's been a long time since...but Mamma seems to have closed off that avenue of pleasure now."
At the beach house, Moominpappa brewed them a cup of tea, and they sat and talked for a while, and relaxed in each other's company.
"Oh Pappa, you're a man, so please be honest with me. Will men find me attractive?" Snorkmaiden asked.

Moominpappa almost spilled his tea. "My dear Snorkmaiden, you are beautiful! Please, please don't ever think badly of yourself. You are the prettiest of all the young ladies in Moominvalley. I have always thought that!"
"Oh!" She grinned and blushed in delight. She too, took the time to admire Moominpappa's body and realised just how much more rugged he was than Moomin. In his earlier years, all that time at sea had really had an impact. Though he was much older than her, she thought him a fine looking man indeed..."
"Moominpappa," Snorkmaiden said, standing up. "Will you show me what it's like?"
"Hmm? What what is like?"
"To be desired."
He blinked, scarely able to believe what she'd just said. He couldn't believe his luck.
By my tail, I didn't even need to do anything!
"Erm..." He cleared his throat. "My dear. I could show you many things, but...only if you're sure of course."
"I am, Pappa. "Please show me."
That was all the encouragement he needed. He removed his top hat. "How about we start with a kiss? A proper kiss? Would you like that, Snorkmaiden?"
"Oh my, yes!"

And he did as she asked, and kissed her passionately, tongues and all. It made her tail twitch in surprise and joy. His breath was vaguely scented with whiskey. Moominpappa slipped his arms round the young snork and pulled her atop him.
"Moominpappa...I feel so warm...and tingly."
"You're not the only one," he murmured. Growing bolder, he slid his tail between her thighs. She jolted at this.
"Ahh...that tickles!" She giggled.
"Perhaps, a little more? Maybe if I used my fingers instead?"
"Yes please!"

Moominpappa shifted position and slipped his fingers between her thighs and immediately felt some tantalising wetness. By some amazing quirk of evolution, Moomins and their related species were somehow able to hide their genitalia - despite being hairless and choosing not to wear clothes. Unless they became aroused of course, as was now the case. Moominpappa fingered Snorkmaiden's delightful little cunt, enjoying her whimpers. With his thumb, he teased her clit, then slid two fingers inside. She moaned. So tight - to be expected of a virgin. He wondered if she was ready to accomodate him. Only one way to find out...
"Ooh Moominpappa...that feels amazing!" Snorkmaiden sighed. She'd pleasured herself many times, but having someone else do it, well that was on a whole new level. Suddenly, she became aware of something hard pressing against her, and glanced down. Her eyes widened and she blushed. "Oh my goodness..."
Moominpappa realised his moominhood had decided to show itself. "Ah, not to worry my dear. I expect you've never seen one up close like this before?"
She shook her head. "No I haven't." It was true. Snorkmaiden's glimpses of penises had been limited to some Victorian erotic drawings she'd once come across whilst playing hide and seek in Mrs Fillyjonk's house. On another occasion, she'd been playing in the woods and came across the postman peeing against a tree. Out of sheer curiosity, she'd hidden in the bushes and watched. Then there was that cringe moment when she'd entered her brother Snork's study, when he'd failed to come down to dinner. He really should've locked his door. Seeing your own brother wanking over some porn magazine wasn't something that could be unseen.

"Can I....touch it?"
"Yes of course!" Moominpappa exclaimed.
Snorkmaiden began to softly stroke Moominpappa's cock as she examined it. It was greyish pink, with prominent veins. It resembled very much the cocks she had seen in illustrations, except the balls were completely hairless.
Moominpappa moaned in joy as she continued stroking him. Precum oozed from the tip of his dick. Instinctively, she lowered her head and began slowly sucking him off. Though completely without experience, she was eager to learn, and learn fast she did.
"Mmm, oh God, Snorkmaiden. More! Ohh yes!"
Seeing how she could thrill Moominpappa like this, boosted her confidence further. Never in her life had she heard him moan and cry out like this. After a few minutes, she removed his cock from her mouth. "What do we do now?" She asked.
"Well any more of that and I'll spend right in your mouth," Moominpappa gasped. "Would you like my cock to enter your pussy?"
Her eyes widened. "Oh yes. Actual sex?" This was what she had dreamed of for so long.
"Yes, sex. But my dear, I must warn it's your first time, it will hurt. There's no getting way from that. Though I promise I shall be as gentle as I can. Let me know if it's hurting a lot and I'll stop. Ok?"

She nodded. "Yes. I'm ready."
And without further hesitation, Moominpappa slid his huge and throbbing member into Snorkmaiden's tender, virgin opening. She winced, and he halted his movement, giving her time to adjust to this new invasion. "Keep going Pappa," she whispered. Such a mixture of pleasure and pain was rushing over her now. Moominpappa pushed all the way in and broke through her barrier. She squealed like a banshee as he began thrusting in and out.
"Mmm, oh Pappa," she moaned, and her words sent him over the edge.
By the end of this first coupling, Moominpappa cried out in ecstasy and released a great amount of thick, pearly cum inside Snorkmaiden's now-widened passage.
"Did you enjoy that, Snorkmaiden?" Moominpappa asked as he withdrew his softening cock. Both their bodies were hot and sweaty.
"Yes!" was all she could reply, a huge grin spreading across her face, and her hair damp with sweat. It had been a long time since Moominpappa had seen a look of sheer contentment on a woman's face.
"We can do this again, can't we?"

Moominpappa's heart soared.
"Anytime you like!" He replied. "There is *so* much more I can teach you, my dear!" He smiled - all manner of sexual practices entering his mind - BDSM, anal, roleplay....stuff he'd always wanted to do with Moominmamma, but always been refused.

As the two lovers enjoyed the afterglow, neither noticed the diminutive voyeur peering through the beach hut window.
Little My had the biggest mischievous grin on her face. "Well, well. Isn't this interesting!" she said to herself. "Moominpappa, you filthy cheat!" Armed with this knowledge, Little My was going to have tremendous fun blackmailing Moominpappa in the coming weeks. The fun in Moominvalley was only just beginning...

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