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Ruka glared up at the man leaving the room. Her hands clawing at the mats on the floor as tears escaped her eyes. She didn’t care if Zebu was her husband or not. She certainly didn’t care for him. Slowly, Ruka pushed herself up, wiping at her eyes. She was used to the abuse, used to how Zebu made her feel worse. Used to hearing him call her names and raise his fists to her, when, of course, her oldest wasn’t there to defend her. She could hear the footsteps walking along outside, and turned her attention to the second door in the room. She just barely reached it, trying to slide it open with her fingers. The sliding door clacked in place a few times, but it was enough for an old friend of Ruka’s realizing it was moving.

“Ello?” the blond called out, raising an eyebrow as he went to open it.

At first, he didn’t see a thing.


Souta’s green eyes went down, then opened wide in shock as he saw one of his best friends struggling on the floor, “Ruka!” He knelt, letting her try to crawl up onto his leg and arms.

He gently picked her up, seeing blood on the floor, then looking at her, “What happened!?”

“...” She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

He looked around. He had a good feeling what it was, given that he couldn’t see her husband anywhere, “... This can’t keep going... we gotta tell your father.”

“No!” Ruka reached out, gripping his haori.

Souta looked at her, the wind whipping their hair around each other, and he sighed, “Ruka... he’s hurt you, again! This can’t keep going!”

“... Please Souta... Just leave it is. Nothing will happen no matter what.”

“... Ruka, he raped you! I know you! I know you wouldn’t consent to him at all!”

Ruka just shook her head, leaning it against his shoulder, feeling comfortable enough with her best friend. Souta sighed, not sure what he could do other than take Ruka to the baths, then to her youngest child, a teenager studying medicine.


Steadying herself, Ruka put her arms out. She’s been pregnant before, but she was never this large this early in the pregnancy. Only a few months in, Ruka suspected, there was over one in her womb. The red eyes of her husband followed her, a small smirk playing on his face. She was prone to having girls. Her first two had been females from two different fathers, certainly not him. Zebu brought his thumb up to his mouth, pressing it against his teeth as she moved about the kitchen, making dinner. Her oldest, Sachiko, was helping. That was a girl Zebu knew damn well he shouldn’t fight. The amount of strength she had for a demon wasn’t normal for a female. Her father had been hard to defeat, but none the less... and yet it still didn’t stop Ruka. She had another female, this time, with who Zebu had believed to be one royal, a demon from central Japan. And another thing... if he was lucky, he might get a female like the oldest out of her.

Sachiko, unlike some demons in the village, kept the blood of an original demon, leaving markings on her arms and chest. He also knew they were on her back, and she had longer nails than normal on her hands. The nearly twenty-year-old demon lifted her head and stared him down, making him frown and look over at the other one. Hoshi was only a couple years younger, and unlike her sister, was rather timid and shy, preferring to bury her nose in books about medical things and travel with Ruka to the royal village in Shikoku to continue learning, along with the royal who they lived under. Speaking of...

“Kumi, could you hand me the ladle?” Ruka asked, holding her arm out.

“Are you sure you should cook? You’re looking like you’ll fall over.” Kumiko said, glaring at Zebu.

She hated him with a passion. I knew the village where he came from for only wanting the females. Seeing many males as useless. Zebu himself had been one of the few who could be himself, albeit the rest of the family, put it in his head that he had to be the so-called man of the family. She hadn’t gotten to Hayato fast enough to stop the arranged marriage between Ruka and Zebu after finding out from Souta, who rushed over fast as he could. And yet... there was another reason. Kumiko looked over at her own son, a child she had thanks to Zebu. Thanks to what she had to endure. As a result, she understood Ruka’s thought process.

“I’m fine, Kumi. This isn’t my first time being pregnant.”

“No, but it’s definitely your first with multiples!” Kumiko said, turning her eye back to Zebu and got a snarl in response.

He knew damn well Kumiko had the power to get rid of him, but without proof, not even she could do anything. She turned back to her best friend, “Let me help you.”

Ruka smiled at her before letting Kumiko take away the trays she had in her arms. Seijiro quickly took some more, staying away from the man that hurt his mother. Leaning against the counter area, Ruka felt a hand press into the small of her back, and she looked over at her oldest.

“You ok mama?” She asked, concern filling her face.

“Fine Sachiko. Can you run and get your grandfather and uncle?”

“Yup.” Sachiko turned and went out, calling for her family as Ruka slowly moved to her spot.


Wincing in her sleep, Ruka rolled onto her side before her eyes fluttered open, panting slightly as she put a hand to her back. Being a demon helped her carry her babies as far as she could, but she knew she wasn’t quite term, but made it as far as she could. She slowly pushed herself up to sitting, holding her belly. Taking in a deep breath, she waited to see if it really was contractions, or if she was dreaming. Her hand trembled as she reached over, grabbing the wrist of her daughter, Hoshi. She didn’t want Zebu anywhere near her, and Hoshi was the next best thing in case the doctor couldn’t get to them fast enough.

“Hoshi.. Hoshi!”

Hoshi groaned and sat up, rubbing her eye, “What is it mama, are you ok?”

“Send your sister for the midwife.” Ruka said, tears pricking her eyes as she doubled over, grinding her teeth when a contraction ripped through her belly, hardening it.

Hoshi shot up, rushing out the door and running to the room she normally shared with her oldesr sister. Sachiko bolted upright out of a sleep and glared at her younger sister, “The hell woman!”

“Go get the doctor, Mama’s in labor!”

Sachiko threw her bedding off and put her kimono on, making Hoshi roll her eyes and rush back to her mother., she woke up both Zebu and Kaito.

“Hoshi! What’s going on?” Kaito asked, none too impressed by the noise.

“Mama’s having the babies!” Hoshi called out before nearly throwing herself back into the room.

Kaito started gathering up supplies while Zebu glanced towards the room, an eager, horrible smile on his face, hoping for daughters. Rushing into the room, Kaito found his sister having a hard time panting and looking up at him in a desperate plea to end the pain. He sat next to her, knowing he’d not be there for the birth of the family. He gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze.

“I’ll go let father know. You do what you need to do.” He said, letting her cry on his shoulder for a moment before he left. Just moments after, Ruka felt the sudden urge to push through her contractions. Hoshi suddenly had to dive to catch her first younger sibling. Before the midwife made it back with Sachiko in tow, Souta was holding back Zebu, swearing.

“What is going on in here!?” the midwife asked, glaring at Zebu who instantly stopped, but glared at her with a fist in the air and Souta holding him around his torso. The older lady glared right back before throwing her nose into the air and walking into the room. “Oh, my! Triplets!”

Ruka slowly laid back, panting, exhausted as she held two to her breasts, both redheads. Their middle brother, a black-haired baby, rested comfortably in his sister’s arms.


“So... who is who?” Kumiko asked, looking at the month old babies.

“Hayato, named after my father, is the redhead with the markings. Tamako is my only black-haired one, and Tani is the other red head with no markings.”

“Hmm. Tamako looks like dad... doesn’t he?..”

“Yes... but... I don’t think he’ll be like him.”

“If we’re lucky...”

Ruka took a deep breath. She was tired; the triplets were a lot of work. Three times the baths, three times the feedings. She never had her breasts so full before, never had so many babies at her for milk. Neither has she soothed so many tears, cleaned up so much spit ups and bathroom messes. But even though they were born out of trauma, Ruka felt herself so drawn to her boys. There was something about the three of them, and she was sure the middle, Tamako, had his work cut out for him. Tamako shifted in his blankets, staring up at Ruka. He suddenly became tired, and unlike his brothers, who red hair turned white, his black hair stayed.

“Oh, does he know how to hold it? Amazing that birth passed it.”

“They’re smart... Sachiko didn’t do it for months, and Hoshi took years. Remember hiding that horn?”

“... How could I forget?

Tamako full fell asleep, his hair changing to wait as his little fists snuggled up by his face.

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