The Love That He Wants

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Pairings: Tsume/Toboe, Hige/Kiba

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"At some point," Toboe was saying as he exited his brother's car. "I'm not gonna need you to drive me anymore."

"You will unless you practice more." Kiba sniped in a tease.

Toboe always feels strangely embarrassed hearing the car alarm get set; they're just going to the store. Who's stealing a Honda Odyssey? He's gonna get a sporty car. Something cool, with no room for too many other people. Those are the cars people envy - - well, and Hummers. Kiba's choice of a family van baffled him. The Wolf brothers have been a family of two since they were single digits.

Their parents died in a terrible fire in their vacation cottage; it was believed to have been started on accident from lightning during a bad storm. It happens. However, the fire was started on accident by a trespasser named Tsume Keina. A teen at the time, he'd left the home knowing nothing of the fire until years later when Toboe had told him. About the fire; about the truth of his odd birth-deformity actually being an extensive burn scar over half of his chest and neck. Some of his brother's arm from where he'd shielded him.

Toboe - - both Wolf brothers - - should have hated the man to his roots for devastating their lives. But, things don't always happen as they should. Sometimes it could rain for days in a row, but there's a wild fire, there won't be a cloud in sight. There's a blackout you're prepared for in some distant or near unpredictable future, and when the day comes the batteries are all drained and the flashlights missing. And sometimes you're supposed to hate someone like poison, but you end up falling in love with them.

Which, to Kiba's embittered horror, Toboe had.

They were the odd pair. What with Toboe being a mere 14 years old but in a grand love affair with a man in his twenties. A love so forbidden it's a cause of jail time for an undisclosed amount of time. Even if consensual; statutory rape is what it is by the court-of-law. But, Toboe never would see Tsume that way. He loved him, and he loved the model right back.

Three years ago, he and his brother, and family friend Huge Moon, vacationed to Naples, Italy on an invite from Tsume. At the time, he and Tsume were broken up, if they'd ever truly been a couple. So it was a bit awkward. It left things unsaid. Confused. More broken as he had to tell his boyfriend or simply friend, how he felt about him. ...It was hard on him. Hard on both of them! He was drunk off a concoction he'd found in the fridge from Faye Valentine. A singer, and Tsume's best friend.

Toboe admitted he hated how Tsume's stupidity ruined his family. He admitted that he hated how much he was upsetting his only living, beloved family, by being in love with him. And he hated that despite all of that, he still could not say goodbye. He could not let him go. He left things with Tsume, twisting in the wind. He hasn't had contact with him since he'd driven him back to Naples on a night he'd stowed away to be with him in Rome.

It was foggy. But... He knows he had sex with Tsume. Their one last time; he was on top. It was, from what he can recall, amazing. Shattering. To Do something like that.. But to be drunk during it so that it was vague... He's disappointed in himself.

'Just whatever happened with Tsume?' He wondered as he stepped into the department store.

Squinting from the sun ceased, and now the young man's eyes hurt from trying to adjust to the UV bulbs over their heads inside the building. The last time he'd seen him he was sixteen years old. But, he did see him in his latest movie. It was in Japanese. It gave him hope, because if Tsume was back in Japan he could have met up with him somewhere, somehow. But when he searched for information about the film location, he found out it was shot in New Zealand.

"D'you want half the list?" Kiba proclaimed.

"Sure." He took out his phone waiting to get the text he'll be shopping from, but his brother tore a piece of paper from the memo singlet he'd brought. Toboe blinked. "You're such an old man, Kib'; save a tree." He wanted the paper before his brother.

"You're right. I shouldn't make the one tree in Freeze City nervous."

Toboe snickered. That was funny. Sad, but funny. A big city like this did seem to have only one tree. But, naah, a whole area of forest was planted centuries ago. A sacred little spot where picnickers and nature lovers go. Looking over the list; he was happy to see that it had a lot of good junk food items on it: potato chips, M&M's, hot dog buns and dogs; it says pork, but he'll get beef. He likes it better. Potatoes, and pickles. Easy finds. He'll also be getting some new shirts. Too many of his have well-worn holes in them. His jeans, too. Some holes are fashion, some indecent. It's those pairs he'll be replacing.

"He didn't specify which M&M's..." He looked over the vast selection with the scrutinizing eye of a child. He may be twenty-years-old, but his tastebuds are still young and thriving for what he likes in junk food. "Sugar cookie." He grabbed the bag, but paused. "Brownie." He put the pink bag back and grabbed the brown one. However... "Nutella..." He loved the stuff. Loved it like an addiction. Decision made, he then continued with the rest of the shopping list.

They are having a graduation barbecue for him and Cheza. They are finally out of high school and on their way to college rejections, part-time work, embarrassing first cars, and away from home living. Cheza wants to remain at home, commuting to whatever college she gets into. Toboe wants to dorm. It will get him used to living on his own from home, but not with so much living responsibility. He's not a boy but not yet a man. He's that unclear in-between. Good thing he has Kiba for guidance; he's not only been there, it was his decided maturity that kept them together as a family. They could have been put up for adoption in the city, separated because nobody wants two kids at a time. Especially two with medical problems.

He looked into the cart at the candies. He doubled back and got Kiba's favorite instead. Marshmallow filled. While cruising the fridge section; he removed the band from his top-knot. It was cold in the store, he figured he'd give the back of his neck some coverage. At least he didn't wear a tank top. He watched in a glance a woman rubbing the chill from her bare arms.

Toboe checked his vibrating phone. "Yeah, yeah." He mumbled after reading his brother's text. He told him to stop daydreaming and meet him at the register. The young man grabbed the listed items, then a few personal items that he needed. He texted his brother that he'd be right over after he gets his clothes.

His auburn gaze spied a tuft of white hair drifting the clothing racks. He'd be caught in a lie if he said his heart rate hadn't sped up, if someone grabbed his wrist and checked his pulse. But, it wasn't the beautiful model turned actor. It was just some old man looking for socks. Disheartened, he grabbed his items then found his brother waiting for him near self-checkout.

He loved this about growing up. Kiba hadn't once said: "Did you get everything", as he would have when he was a teenager. He has trust. He's responsible for himself, while still watched after from the sidelines. To have that sort of thing with his once overbearing brother was the greatest gift. The only thing that could top it, would be to see Tsume again... They promised each other. At least, that's how he felt about their departure. An unspoken "Wait for me".

The Wolf brothers depart the store; loud the groceries into the back of the car; then climb in to leave.

"Here." Kiba handed his brother the key, then he climbed into the passenger's seat.

Toboe groaned inwardly. "I know I should practice more.. But it's hot. And I'm unfocused. And,"

"And I'm tired of hearing you complain when I don't wanna drive you somewhere. Home." He nodded in the direction of the route they'll take.

Toboe climbed in. "As we go careening into a ditch, remember my defense that I was distracted."

"I'll be sure not to sue for car damages."

He stuck out his tongue. Brothers.


"I've been thinking.." Hige squeaked; his voice was forever trying to find fully-reached puberty. "We knock out the wall separating you and your brother's room, we could have a massive suite."

Toboe crossed his arms and squinted at the friend. "The current occupant's body isn't even cold yet, and already he's making changes."

Kiba nodded. "Yeah, Hige. Wait until a dorm actually accepts him before we break down the walls."

Hige yanked a length from the measuring tape.

"You're so not my best older-friend."

Hige smiled. "Yeah, I'll try to not slip in the new luxury bathtub while I leap with joy." He tousled the younger man's good-naturedly.

"Are you sure you wanna get serious about that." Toboe thumbed in Hige's direction. The twenty-two year old is currently swaying to music that's playing in his head, while measuring areas of Toboe's bedroom.

"Someone has to fill your shoes as housekeeper when you're gone."

"We actually do wear the same size now."

Hige came from the club to go over to the younger male. "Seriously?" He placed his foot beside his.

Kiba watched in muted amusement. He heard the doorbell. The guests have arrived.

The barbecue was a success of laughter, conversation, music and dancing, and food. Merriment can really bring out the appetite. Hige was practically glued to the grill. Kiba asked to take over, but he insisted, he wanted dibs of the best made meats. Then he bragged that with him on the grill, all the meats were the best.

Kiba left the younger set to man the music. He was too far out from that scene; he prefered to leave on whatever was playing. He has no particular taste.

"I should have worn my graduation gown, too." Toboe mock-pouted while speaking to his friends.

"Toboe," Leara looked amused. "You live here. Just go get it from your room."

Toboe looked back at the house. "Oh yeah! Ahaha. I guess I'm already living the dorm life." He scratched the back of his head embarrassed. He hates looking like a goof in front of anyone. Except for maybe Cheza. She always accepts his goofy behavior and mistakes. be back in a flash."

Toboe walked into the kitchen; grabbed a banana then continued on his way up to his bedroom. He hummed along the loud music playing. He walked down the hall while peeling the fruit; he was just about to bite it when he froze. Something was off about this picture. The first thing being that his bedroom door is open at a crack. He left it wide open when they all went into the backyard. No one was in the house since the barbecue started 24 minutes ago. Second thing he noticed was a scent, lingering in the air. Familiar... Heady... Warm... He swallowed a lump in his throat; slowly, he approached the door. The scent strengthened.

His red gaze peeked into the crack. He saw a shadowy figure moving about his bedroom by the dresser and study desk.

it couldn't be. Declared his drying throat that wanted to speak but not make a fool of him. It shouldn't be. Said his logic, that was getting fuzzy with daydreams. But how? Questioned his heart, knowing how many times his head had lied to him with fantasies. He watched as the intruder passed into full view. It is! Isn't it!?

"Tsume!" He shoved open the door.

Tsume Keina turned around; he slowly set down the photo of Toboe and Cheza in their cap and gown. He smiled sharply.

"Are you real?"

"I'm real."

Toboe walked slowly over to him; entranced; eyes wide just marveling at the man who'd brought his life so much pleasure and pain. This couldn't be real? He reached up and tenderly cupped cheek. "What are you doing here?" He barely whispered the breath of words was so faint.

"Tsume, when I'm older - - like out of school, and ready to live on my own - - can I see you again?" Tsume quoted. "Those were the last words you said to me, before I dropped you off back in Naples."

Toboe's brows furrowed as he blinked. "I did?"

Tsume nodded. "You were tipsy, so you don't remember. But, when we were in the car, you had me make a promise to you. That we'd breakup, but only if we could wait to be together."

This was all too surreal. Tsume. Here. At his house fulfilling a promise to him to come back to him, when he is a man who can care for himself.

"Toboe Wolf.. I think you're really special; I've never had feelings for someone so instantaneously," Tsume smiled when Toboe made a face of bemused, pleased, terror. "If it's alright with you, I'd like to go out with you on a date."

Toboe grinned; a bit embarrassed by the sincerity given so unconditionally. So unashamed. "Can we get the un-funny poo-poo platter."

Tsume laughed. "It sounds you spelled it wrong." He embraced Toboe twisting their bodies back and forth together. "We can eat all the Pu Pu you want."

"Naah. I want something sweeter." He wrapped his arms around his neck, kissing him so completely.

His whole heart was in it. Every soft breath walked out from hibernation. Each brush of his tongue met up with his current age, taking over the situation without hesitation. Every bit he's missed this man evolved in the activity, the touches through his cropped hair.

Kiba, wondering what was taking his brother so long, wandered into the house and up the stairs. He heard voices. Kiba approached slowly, expecting Toboe to be on the phone with it on speaker. He certainly had not expected to see through a hidden peek into the room Tsume Keina. Kiba, for all his fluctuating hatred of the man, smiled like a ghost then walked quietly back outside. Toboe is no longer a child. He doesn't need to be told who he can or can't see. And as much as he hated to admit it... Tsume came back. He wasn't some cradle-robber. It seems that he was wrong about him. Yes. He's happy to admit that mistake.

When the kiss ended with a breathless gaze, they whispered rapidly.

Toboe asked. "You just disappeared. You didn't write or call; I could barely remember parting ways... You were just gone."

"I was honoring your request. Not contacting you was hell." He kissed his forehead. "I stayed busy taking acting jobs."

"I saw every one."

"You did?"

"It was the only way I could see you." He suddenly hugged Tsume again. "How did you get in?"

"The front door was open, the screen wasn't locked." The intruder, enamored in his lover, smiled. "I saw your little jig in the kitchen while you poured chips into a bowl."

Toboe turned red. "And you still wanna take me to dinner?" He joked.

"Yeah." He studied his lover's new face. The same. But different. "You grew up."

"A bit." Suddenly shy, he pressed his face into Tsume's chest. "You look better. Botox?"

Tsume laughed. "Being away from a thorn in my side kept me from premature pruning." He poked at the younger man's sides.

Toboe laughed and fled the assault. "Come on down," he grabbed his gown. "We're celebrating graduation. I want you to meet everyone."

Tsume followed without hesitation. He was just a puppy on a leash, now that he's got Toboe Wolf.

When the pair walked into the backyard all eyes, but Kiba's, were on them.

"Guys, look who I found prowling."

"No way! Tsume!" Hige barked over the stereo. "Hey, what are you doing in town? Want a delight?" He held out a plate with a hot dig resting in a bun.

Tsume headed over, watched by all eyes occupying the backyard space, and took the plate.

"You look great for your age."

""For my age"? How old do you think I am?"

Hige thought it over. "Forty-five."

Kiba sputtered his lemonade as he was sipping it. He loves that part of Hige; the cheerful pessimist can bust-chops while seeming like your best friend. Forty-five. Hige will be rewarded later for that one.

"I'm twenty-nine, imbecile." Growled the former model; who, indeed, still looks incredible.

"Imbecile? You sure you're twenty-nine?" Brushing off the attitude and growl, he says with kindness. "I've seen some of your movies," he winked. "You do still eat wieners, don't you?"

Tsume has had only straight roles in his acting career. Makes sense since he's only auditioned for straight roles. If anyone knows he's gay, they don't talk about it. Or suggest the scripts to him.

The actor scoffed. "Of course I do." He wasn't upset by Hige. He's come to know his character over time. And honestly, he appreciated Hige's low-key support of his relationship with Toboe.

"Hige." Toboe chastised with just his name.

"I'm just being friendly." He shrugged.

"Lewdly." He took a hamburger for himself then ushered Tsume over to his friends. "Guys, this is, officially my boyfriend Tsume."

Cheza said "Hello" having sorta met the man before when she was younger.

Leara could only stare. She has his poster in her room. Printouts decorating the covers of binders. She has such a crush on Tsume Keina; he's her number four favorite actor in the world. And he's here!

"Tsume, they are Cheza, Leara, and Ronny."

Ronny watched Leara's reaction and pouted. Mumbled "Hello" then looked at his sneakers.

"Y-Y..You're Tsume Keina, from Be My Moon."

"No, I'm just Tsume Keina." He held out his hand. "Nice to meet you."

Leara looked at her hand as though it was unworthy after Tsume shook it. To touch him, in the flesh. There will be no sleeping until late tonight. The wick of the candle would get a workout tonight, though not as good as the double AA's in her toy.

"You alright?" Tsume's fine brow furrowed.

Leara's head nodded like a seesaw with rusted screws and poles. It was then Toboe's words sank in. Boyfriend. Boyfriend! Tsume is a homosexual? Her whole body wilted.

Her friends and idol blinked over the array of emotions put on display. Once it ended with acceptance, she chuckled louder than necessary.

"Boyfriend! Oh, congratulations!" She laughed.

Toboe turned away. "Okay. Let's eat before the flies think we're holding their plates for them."

He and Tsume made for the food and condiments.

The graduation party came to an end once the energy petered down. Everyone who attended said goodbye, took photos, then took their leave. The Wolf brothers, with help from Hige and Tsume, cleaned up the backyard. When Tsume had a moment alone with the eldest Wolf, he stilled his pace for the back door by stepping in front of his path.

"I'm not asking for permission." He went right in. "I'm going to date Toboe. I love him. I want us to be public about it, if it doesn't bother him."

"What about your career? Your fans?"

"To hell with it; I'll flip burgers or deliver pizzas.."

Kiba believed him. The actor's golden-eyes hold painful sincerity in them. "I'm not going to stop you. Toboe has grown up a lot." He watched his brother use the tip of the tablecloth as though it was a giant tissue to catch his fake giant sneeze. "Present behavior excluded." He said when seeing that Tsume saw the mature young man, and his also childish lover trying to swaddle his brother like a baby with the same tablecloth.

"Good. I'm done fighting."

"Me too."

They sized each other up, trying to detect a lie. Seeing there was none, or well-hidden they resumed tidying up.

When they were through cleaning; Tsume took Toboe aside. He gave him his address and phone number. He also gave him a copy of his apartment key. And there, before Kiba and Hige, he made sugar jealous with how sweetly he hugged and kissed Toboe goodbye.

"I'm proud of you, Kiba." Hige patted his boyfriend on the shoulder. "You didn't bristle, you didn't turn green, you've matured."

Kiba nodded. He had to admit it felt good. No worries. No high blood pressure. Just.. acceptance.

He won't be the one to break them up...

X x X

Commentary: I detest how I ended Italian Sushi; I don't even understand it. Shame on you all for not calling me out on it lol! I would have changed it. A Final Fantasy reader called me out on the end once; and I reworked it, loved it. So, don't let me get sloppy. I'm likely gonna go back and change it to coincide with this story at some point. I don't remember if I used Gehl. I remember checking how to spell his name, so if anyone has just read Love Object and knows for when he was mentioned let me know so I don't use him in the wrong in this story. Thanks.

Thank you always for reading, you all make doing this so fun. And if you like. Be kind, leave a review behind.

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