The Love That He Wants

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Toboe looked over his shoulder. He could be wrong... But, it felt like someone was following him. He was bypassing a traffic light on red; as all bikers and walkers are intended to do; and when the light turned green, his attention was brought back where he'd came from because a few cars honked at someone or something. He couldn't tell what the commotion was about, the bike kept rolling along while his legs stilled from turning the wheels around by the pedals. A little later, he noticed a car just out of the corner of his eye. It was one of the cars that was queued for the straight ahead. The driver must have jumped in front of others in order to turn.

He wasn't automatically going to assume that the person was following him; he's not that arrogant - nor paranoid. But it was possible. He's openly dating Tsume Keina. Paparazzi can't resist the catnip of getting photos of them together. And, if he's right, solitary photos of him aren't off the table for the media to pant after. Creepy. He hoped they don't catch anything too private. That's a violation of privacy, they can't go that far. Shady as Freeze city is, this is still Japan. There are laws against these sort of things.

He parked his bike, and secured it by the building. He expected the car to park and remain 'discreet' in the area, but it just cruised on by as if his travels were deterred by the slow-going cyclist. That was a relief. Fake-out or not; he supposed he'd have to get used to this sort of thing. Toboe Wolf was not going to let the scrutiny of the media detere his love. If his own brother couldn't sway him; nor the horrible truth about his parents death coinciding with his burns; and his broken brother, who has to tell him he's going to act like a brother, didn't stop his feelings for Tsume Keina - the media had no such luck of being able.

Toboe reached for the bar handle of the building entrance, then he paused. "I still don't have a key! Aww man.." Some boyfriend. Blowing out his lips like he's impersonating Secretariat; Wolf thought about going someplace for a while to hang out until Tsume returned; it's getting late. He removed his phone then called his key. "Tsume, when are you getting home? I'm at the apartment."

"So am I." Drawaled the actor.

"What?" He backed up and looked up to see Tsume appear at the large window. "Let me in. I don't have a key." His response was a hang up. "And then I get nabbed because he didn't stay on the phone with me." He mused out loud. The door popped open not two minutes later. Toboe smiled. "Did you run? That was fast." He returned the offered peck.

"I'm Mr. Keina's stand-in." He explained. "I was told to wait at the door."

Toboe chuckled. That would be crazy, if it was possible to look that much like someone else.

Wolf dropped his phone onto the island top once he was inside. He removed his house key, and a few pieces of loose candy, dropping them down beside it. He offered Tsume a candy, which was declined, and he then joined him on the couch.

"Do you really have a stand-in?" He asked.

"No. Why?"

"For the sex scenes."

"I don't need one for that."

"Well, don't you think you should? What if one day you're ashy? You don't wanna get picked on."

"They'd give me lotion." His index traced Toboe's ear.

Enough beating around the bush, he really wanted to know. "Do you ever get horny doing those scenes? The sex scenes."


"Not even a little?" He gestured the amount with his fingers.


"Wow. ...Because they're women?"

Tsume shrugged his shoulder. "It's possible. But, you try showering with a set crew gathered around you; stopping you, giving you angle direction. Not exactly a sex-capade environment."

"Even with all the rubbing." Tsume laughed so earnestly it embarrassed Toboe a bit for bringing it up, in what felt like the second time. "Okay, okay.. You're wonderful."

"Thank you."

"I'll never doubt you again,"


"Not even with a guy."

Tsume lightbulbed; getting off the sofa, he crossed the room. "Say "hello" to Stone Handa."

"You got the part?!" Toboe leapt from the couch, he swiped the script. "Wow. Ya know, it's not just your first BL, it's mine, too." He thumbs through the script. "I don't watch dramas." Smirking slyly, he says. "Don't taint my first experience."

"You'll be a laughing-stock." Tsume took back the script and tossed it to the table. "According to one of the guys I auditioned with, my expressions aren't soft enough for the genre."

Toboe nodded. "I can see that." Wrapping his arms around Tsume's shoulders, he looked at him with a soft expression. Then he smiled all candy sweet.

Tsume was not only impressed, he was a bit turned on. Toboe's duality was intensely affective on him.

"Come on, you're making look nuts; match my expressions." He cocked a brow. "Soft. Not belligerent." He slapped Tsume's chest then detached from him. "When do you start filming?"

"Two months from now."

"And the movie?"

"Will be wrapped up by then; action movies don't take long, when there are no special effects."

"Oh." He swiped another piece of candy, then returned to the couch. "Kiba said he's gonna be my brother; no more guardianship behavior."

"Hn. He must have hit his head at work."

"He must have, because I think he was serious." He popped the candy into his mouth. "Wanna watch TV?" He turned on the screen. "We can do research."

Tsume joined him on the couch, but he seemed more invested in his phone than the drama; he glanced up now and then. He looked at the tv with a bit more attention during a makeout scene. The pair were really going in, but he could tell it was severely edited; their lips are tucked in! Toboe, however, was taken by the magic of camera angles. He squinted at the screen for just a moment, then he shook it off.

"Woo! Intense." He tried to laugh. "Right. Umm, I'm gonna use the bathroom. You keep studying your soft side."

"I'll be yogurt league by the time you're done."

Toboe smiled then casually walked to the bathroom.

Tsume smiled. The kid was jealous and nothing even happened yet! 'I should see if I can have him on set. He'll see how fake love scenes are then.' It's always best to ease troubles than to make them worse - - even if Toboe's pouting is adorable. He checked the clock, he then shouted. "Have you eaten?"

"Yeah, at home!" Toboe called back.

"This should be your home." Mumbled Tsume to himself; though, it wouldn't kill the universe to eavesdrop and grant his wish.

"I got into a college, were you here for that?" Toboe was returning to the couch, less distressed. "And me and Kiba found a nice on campus apartment dorm."

Tsume feigned impressed and happy, when really he wanted to do a little arson and burn the place down before it was ever occupied by his boyfriend. 'Hn. Guess I've got my own jagged little pill.' Thought the actor. At least, he coulda pat himself on the back, hid it well. Toboe doesn't notice his inner turmoil over being turned down in his offer of their living together. "By the way," he removed a key from the side table. "Your key."

"Thanks!" He admired it with beaming eyes and a smile. Now he can enter the building and surprise Tsume with a meal or birthday decorations. His boyfriend's birthday is in February. Rats. Ok, not a problem, he can celebrate premieres, yeah! "Hey, good luck with shooting."

"Thank you." He countered the wishes. "Good luck with school, and dorm life."

"Yeah. I hope I don't get stuck with a jerk." He put his hands up like a pair of blades. "First thing of mine goes missing... It's gonna be wwwoooaaa! Kung Fu time."

"Right. You'll howl like a pup, until they give it back."

Toboe blushed. "I will not. It's not manly." He launched at Tsume; his fingers pinched onto the mocking actor's nipples and he gave them a twist. "Do you give? Do you give?"

"Not a chance." Tsume grabbed Toboe, dipped him and threatened to drop him onto the floor head first.

The buzzer stopped the brawl.

"What was that?" Asked the young man who's new-to-the-sound.

Righting his boyfriend, Tsume got up to check the door. He groaned. "I'll be back."

Toboe was off the couch and over to the visual doorbell. He felt like he may have seen that guy before. Big bushy hair, twiggy body, way too relaxed in posture. Where Had it been? He watched the man's behavior as Tsume allowed him in. He said something, but they were on their way up before Toboe could press the speaker to listen in.

The young man bolted back to the couch, trying to play it casual. What an interesting, entertaining drama. So... odd. He couldn't get into the plot even if he had been paying attention. How does a guy go from being a jerk, to living with his enemy, then falling in love With him? It made no sense! He hoped whatever Tsume did wasn't embarrassing like this show.

"Hey." He greeted casually when the door opened.

The guest grinned a little too slyly for the young Wolf's liking. "Well, whoop dee-doo, if it ain't the illusive boyfriend." He plopped down beside Toboe on the couch. "I've heard almost nothing about you."

"Really? It's funny, because, I wouldn't bother to ask anything about you." He retorted. "If you're worth hearing about, I'd be informed."

"That's cute." Holding out his hand, he shook the smaller hand that took the gesture. "Spike Spiegel. Bookie, and gym owner."

"Toboe Wolf. College student and," he choked on the last part a bit. "Book seller."


"Book seller." He stated with conviction.

"Oh. Well, people do read. By mobile, but I guess people still buy physical books." He threw an expression of: 'Yeah, right' at Tsume.

"I work at the most popular store."

Tsume leaned over the island counter, supported by his forearms as he watched the tennis match. It was quite interesting. What were either of the players striving to accomplish, he does not know. So why interject?

"College, huh? What are you going to do once you get out?"

"Buy and sell creeps like you."

"Human trafficker.. Odd, but we all gotta do something to stay vertical."

"Like owning a gym is so impressive."

"Hey, Tsu', your lover's pretty high-strung."

"I'm not his lover, I'm his boyfriend. Big difference."

Spike rolled his eyes. "Why are you watching this? You get the part?"

"Mhmm. The lead, unfortunately. I wanted to play a side character."

"With you in the lead it's an obvious sell. Even if you suck, fans'll tune in for that mug."

Tsume was glad he wasn't the type to easily get a complex. He'd be bedridden from that assessment. However, the actor simply moved from the kitchen to the armchair in the living room. A mere walk-off. He explained he's studying the genre.

"Why're you here?" He asked, finally.

"I need a place to crash. The play-offs are premiering; customers need me - - figured I'd stay the night." He smirked, casting a lecherous glance at the couple. "Were you two planning on screwing tonight?"

"No." Toboe tried to sound cool. They really weren't going to do anything. But Spike sure bugged him so that any reply made him feel like a baby complaining. "I was gonna do something for Tsume, but it can wait." Standing, he crossed the distance to his boyfriend and planted a kiss on his cheek. "I'm gonna get ready for bed."

"It's 8:20." Retorted his boyfriend.

"I have work tomorrow, and it's a distance to the bookstore by bike, so.. Night."

"Good night."

Toboe went up the stairs, casting a sidelong bitter glance at Spike Spiegel.

"Keep him, he's a charming house pet." Commented the bookie.

"Get out." Retorted Tsume.

"Relax, I mean him no harm. He's cute." He shrugged his shoulder. "I can't figure out why you'd want a kid, but that's just me."

"Mm-hmm." Tsume changed channels to something less revolting.

Toboe listened to the friends chatting about this and that, the television in the background was playing some late night gameshow. It was oddly soothing, and he really did end up falling asleep - in spite of the early hour.

# #

That guy has been in the aisles for a half hour now. He can't seriously be looking for a specific book for that long. If he was serious about it, he would have asked him or Yuma about it. Not spend half the day searching the shelves. If it's not there, it's not there. Done. Ask for a copy to be bought and wait for it to arrive. That, or order one from Amazon. Amazon has everything!

'He better not be stealing. First day on the job, I don't wanna deal with that.' Toboe pouted.

"This one will take these." Cheza placed her selections on the counter.

Toboe picked them up and scanned them for the register. He cocked a brow at an erotic novel.

"Mother asked for it." She said without a blush.

Toboe figured it must be true. If his friend knew what kind of book it was, her pale flesh would be a solid red. "You read Parasyte, too?" He asked about the manga. "Let me borrow it when you're done?"

"Ok." She took the bag. Cheza said goodbye, after inviting her best friend to dinner at her house.

"I'll be there."

Yuma nodded in the direction of the departing girl. "Friend of yours?"

"Never seen her before in my life." Toboe nodded. It was a ridiculous question, as it was obvious they knew each other. "I've been friends with her, practically since diapers."

"That's nice. I've always wanted a friend like that." He smiled at a customer then rung up his purchase.

Toboe and his co-worker spent another fifteen minutes just standing in wait for another customer to emerge from the aisles. Wolf kept looking in the direction the guy had gone in. He felt eyes on him, it was awful. Worse when he thought that he truly caught the man peeking at him! He's probably reading too much into it. The guy could be shy.

His co-worker, Yuma, gave him a nudge with his elbow. "Wolf, you in there?" He wondered. "It's your lunch break."

"Huh?" Looking at the clock, he blinked. "Oh. Thanks. I was kinda spacing out, sorry."

"It happens. Customers spend hours here before they actually buy anything. The real readers anyway," informed the regular clerk.

"Seriously?" Here he thought he was just holding up appearances in front of that awful Spiegel guy. "I'll get going then, be back in sixteen."

"I'll try not to get swamped in the rush." Joked Yuma.

Toboe smiled. Walking from behind the counter, he headed for the exit. Checking his phone, he used the maps to find a nearby eatery that serves something he likes, or at least could be coaxed into eating. The left had the best options. There's just something about the golden arches, he can't resist the burgers and salty fries. He wasn't ten feet away from the bookstore when he felt like he was being followed again. He looked over his shoulder discreetly. Nothing and no one noticeable. Still...

He felt his nerves pricking up. Maybe he was being paranoid. Made sense. He was oblivious to Tsume following him for a month. And now with the press, he's truly getting followed. It's just so weird being watched by people who are intentionally hiding from you, and it's semi-legal! Why would anyone wanna be a celebrity? He cringed seeing how many people wanted to be his friend on social media. Older people mostly. And all so they could ask about Tsume Keina.

"Just come on out already! If you want my picture so bad, take it!" He muttered after the outburst. "Stupid stalk-arazzi." He yelped when a black van jumped out before him just as he was going to cross the street; top speed to a break slam. What the hell hurry were they in?

The door slid open in a loud thump; confused, he had no time to register to run before a guy behind him shoved him inside, joining him so quickly that it prevented the scared young man from simply popping out of the vehicle right after he'd hit the floor.

The car headed out; no one on the street the wiser of an abducted youth screaming. The music was turned up so long it could shatter glass on surrounding buildings like a sonic boom. He swung at them, the two men in back, the pusher and the one who'd opened the door. But they wrestled him down, smashed his face to the floor; Toboe felt blood pooling from his busted nose. He saw stars from never having been hit on the appendage so forcefully.

"Toboe!" He heard a voice. "Toboe! Wake up!"

Toboe shot up in bed. His breathing was so hard he thought he'd bust a lung. He almost elbowed his boyfriend in the face, but he calmed down when Tsume's scent hit his senses.

"Jesus, Pup, what were you dreaming about?"

Toboe nuzzled into Tsume's embrace, catching his breath.

The silence stretched on, that Tsume asked. "You don't remember?"

"I think I'm starting to get why Kiba was so worked up." He yanked a hand through his hair, as if to toss the feelings away behind him. At least he wasn't crying. He cheered himself for that triumph. "I dreamt someone abducted me."

Tsume hummed a thoughtful reply. "I've been there. It happens."


"More than you'd think. You go from a nobody to a somebody, suddenly you feel like all eyes are on you. It leaks into your subconscious."

"Oh man."

"Looks like your showboating earlier caught up with you."

"Lesson learned." He felt better, and loosened his death grip from around his boyfriend. "No one even cared. I screamed and screamed..."

"You have to be careful when the public knows you more than a handful of people." Tsume confessed. "I was once abducted."

"You were?!"

"Yeah..." He kept his tone conversational, but there were light notes of concern lingering. "It was when I had started modeling; I wasn't big yet, but we'll known enough that if you tried to guess it wouldn't take long. As my agent said: "I'm exotic"," he scoffed.

He told Toboe about his seventeen year old self, getting into a van that looked exactly like the one that usually picked him up after jobs were finished. A woman in the driver's seat simply smiled at him, and told him to buckle up; that there were drinks in back. Tsume had taken a sip; luckily a car horn was honking away behind them to the point of distraction. The van sped up, and he knew right then the mistake he'd made.

"I'd caused a small accident on the road when she'd slowed to watch out for an oncoming car that was about to turn."


"I poured some of the drink into my hand and slapped it over her eyes."

Toboe flinched.

"She'd hit the break, and someone hit us from the side." Tsume took a breath then let it out heavily. "That's the worst it's ever gotten. Mostly it's either been all in my head, or actual paparazzi."

"I hope paparazzi are all my feelings escalate to. I don't think I could take being snatched." He shook his head. "What would they even want me for?"

"Could be an over zealous admirer of yours; an obsessed fan of mine wanting me to stay single; media..." He thought to himself quietly then asked. "Want me to get you a bodyguard?"

"Naah. I'd feel like a big-shot. I'd hate it." He shook his head. "I'll just carry mace or a knife."

Tsume smiled, glad it was still dark in the room; he wouldn't wanna embarrass Toboe. He was for sure going to tell one of his trusted guards to keep an eye out. Not to follow Toboe, but stay around him just on an occasion or two. No need to add a stronger feeling of Peeping Tom on him. Plus, he doesn't want the man assaulted in self defense by his boyfriend. Funny as it was to think about, it was better to avoid a scene.

"You good?"

Toboe leaned and pecked Tsume on the neck. "Yup. Hopefully I'm just being paranoid." Getting out of bed, he went downstairs for a drink of water.

Spike, lying on the couch, had unintentionally heard the conversation. He watched Toboe head for the fridge. "Hey kid, you should come to my gym. I could get you some boxing lessons." He offered sincerely.

No sense in asking if the man was spying. It's a loft apartment. If your voice is loud enough you will be heard. "I'll think about it." He replied. "Thanks." He travelled back to the second floor; drank his water; snuggled into his boyfriend's comfortable embrace, and fell asleep wrapped in the warmth of touch and scent of love.

A watchful eye down on the street took leave to rest the rest of the night away.

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