The Love That He Wants

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Toboe woke up feeling oddly refreshed, considering the disturbance of his dream waking him during the night. He felt extremely guilty for having woke Tsume up; he crept down the stairs and into the kitchen to make his love an apology breakfast. A little omelette and toast should brighten his mood. He also cut a hunk from the block of tofu he'd bought, while the pan heats up. Snapping his fingers, he searched the kitchen cabinets for honey. May as well give the tofu an option of a sweet flavor.

"Aah!" Toboe yelped when turning from the pantry, having nearly put an imprint of himself in the unwanted guest. "What are you crowding me for?" He shoved by.

"Just curious to what's in the pantry." Spike replied. "Anything good?"

"Have a look," he continued by. 'Close yourself in there, while you're at it.' he set down the honey onto the countertop by the tofu. Then he moved over to the stove to start the omelettes. "If you want breakfast" he vigorously whisked the eggs after cracking six into a large bowl. "You'd better ask me nice, 'cause you can make your own."

"You're fired up for this hour; another bad dream after the first one?"

Toboe poured an amount of eggs into the pan, then worked it around to form a fluffy omelette. "No. I didn't dream about anything when I'd gone back to sleep." He was actually hoping Spike had forgotten about that; he could have at least pretended that he hadn't eavesdropped on them. It was a private moment, with private tones. Not for outsiders. "Are you gonna be here long?"

"I just needed last night, but if you want me to stick around.."

"Not a chance." Replied Toboe; he felt embarrassed for his quick response, more so, when Spike laughed at him. "...Spike.. did you mean it, that you'd teach me how to fight?"

"Sure. Can you take a punch?"

Squinting, he said bitterly. "Not get beaten up, but a real brawler."

"Somehow you don't strike me as the "brawler" type." He sat at the counter. His spindly fingers reached for the honey, he drizzled a bit on one section of the tofu, then bit off the dressed hunk.

"But, I could be trained to?"

"Anyone can."


"I really wouldn't worry about it; paparazzi are intrusive, invasive, but ultimately harmless. They just wanna fabricate your life."

"But I'm so dull. Who'd wanna know about me?"

"You're dating Tsume Keina, and for some reason my washed-up old friend is a big deal," he mocked. "That's worth spying on to the camera crowd."

Toboe hoped not to do anything stupid that would embarrass Tsume, if he were captured on film. Who knew there would be pressure to being loud about dating Tsume. He just thought, someday they would be together. End of the story. Not all this worry about what anyone thinks of it anymore. He's gone from close-knit family and friends judging him to the whole planet!

"Huh?" A peck on his cheek brought him back to the kitchen. Beside him; Tsume moved the omelettes from the heat before anymore brown could set in. "Sorry. Spaced out; I'll eat the dark one. Breakfast?"

"Sure." He took a plate from the cabinet. Spotting Spike at the island counter, he joined him. "Mind getting dressed, Cinderfella? The ball ended a long time ago." He spread the tofu over a slice of toast.

Spike was sure to thoroughly rub his boxer-clad ass onto the leather seat of the stool before he stood up. He faked a yawn, then wandered into the living room to put his tattered garb back on.

Toboe turned off the stoves then joined Tsume at the island with his breakfast, and a plate of bacon. "I'm not good at coffee, but I ordered some. It should be here in a minute." He explained before digging in to his eggs. "I have work at nine. What are you doing today?"

Tsume swallowed his bite then replied. "Filming."

"For how long?"

"Until we're not." Filming is often undetermined, especially when on a set. It's usually a set time when they're using mother nature daylight or dark, but on set the time-of-day in reality doesn't matter.

"Can I come by after work?"

Spike interrupted. "Let the man breathe, stalker. I'm sure he'll tell you all the boring details when he gets home."

Toboe slit his eyes at them; in a swift jerk, he pulled the plate of eggs from the bothersome visitor. "No food for you."

Spike smiled. "Fine. I have to go, anyway," he pulled a card from his pocket and slid it over to Toboe. "When you wanna come by," he said casually. "Bye, dear." He said to Tsume. "Next time, no mistresses in the house."

"Let the delivery guy up," Tsume replied, no longer fazed by his troublemaking friend. "Jesshi will take you to work."

"Thanks, but how will you get to work?"

"Bardrom is coming for me."

"Oh. Thanks." He continued eating. He has a good two hours until he has to leave, fifteen which he intends to spend in the shower. Now, what to do with the rest of the time? "Tsume, when do you have to leave?"


Conjoined showering was the best perk of being in a relationship. You can get in, stay in there for a while, then clean up afterwards. It's a brilliant place for sex. He sat on the couch finishing the last of his coffee, then he hurried over to the door to put on his sneakers. He looked around for Tsume, who's gone upstairs with his drink. "Hey! I'm leaving! Bye!" He called out to no response. Toboe exited the apartment then hurried down to the street.

Jesshi greeted him with a smile, and a polite "Hello". Toboe climbed into the black car, pulled his seatbelt over; and appreciated the tinted windows. Anyone who recognized the typical luxury car as Tsume's would likely follow it; however, the common model was purposefully chosen; when you're a celebrity you don't want to standout unless you want to standout. The distinctiveness of this car would only be obvious to the privileged let in on it. The driver and passenger lock is gold rather than silver. And no one would pay attention to such a thing. License plate excluded, as an obvious give away.


Toboe didn't think he'd like it so much; however, working in the bookstore was really relaxing. His co-worker was nice, and helpful. He was funny, too. He liked to make Toboe laugh by narrating the customer's thoughts. The best one was a larger guy, who spent fifteen minutes in the fashion section. Egon joked that he was thinking about starting a plus-sized store, it was better than eating right and working out.

The book buying crowd were all great. No one mouthed-off, or called them incompetent for having to check the computer to see if they had a copy of a book the customer could not find. Best way to earn money, if he could say so. And thankfully, unlike his dream, no one paid him any great deal of attention. He was just a young clerk. Nothing more. No one important.

"I'm gonna be across the street." He said when his lunch break came up.

Egon just took his place behind the counter without response; having finished his own lunch just a moment ago, and made use of the bathroom.

"Don't overwork yourself with this wild bunch of shoppers." Toboe waved goodbye, then headed across the street for a burger.

The line was small, it usually is, the lunch service is outstanding. They want to get as many customers as they can. The early employees that serve breakfast usually have a long wait because they employees are barely awake, and the stoves apparently are set too low to quickly cook the food. He doesn't usually eat at this McDonald's during dinner hours, but he can guess the throng is pretty hectic.

He took a deep whiff of the grease-heavy scent of fries and seared meat. And ketchup. No scent could ever disguise ketchup. He wondered why that was? Taking a spot behind a family of three; he smiled at the kid who'd turn to eyeball him. The little girl stuck out her tongue then hid behind her father's leg, as if her bold gesture was cause of swift retaliation.

'Kids. Hope I was never like that.' He could bet he wasn't. Kiba raised him right, a little too pure, but right.

"Welcome to McDonald's, can I take your order?"

He came in wanting a teriyaki burger, but smelling the ketchup he went with the basic, and large fries. When his food was in his hands, he chose a table then dug in.

"I thought that was you,"

Toboe looked up. "Hey guys," he smiled at his friends. "What are you doing downtown?"

"Mall." Leara took a seat. Gasper told Leara he'd be right back. "Ok. We wanted to have lunch."

"Why not get it at the mall? They have a golden arches."

Leara shrugged. "That's what I said, but somebody said he'd found a string in his Big Mac, so we came here." Leaning she whispered. "Doesn't he look so hawt today?" She glanced over her shoulder. "Thanks again, Tobe'. I never could have asked for his number."

"Anything for a friend."

"This our first date."

"You went to the mall?"

"For the indoor rock climbing."

"Oh. Cool."

"Yeah," she gave a dry laugh and mumbled. "Except for my fear of heights."

"One broiled chicken sandwich, for my lady." Gasper set the tray down before his girlfriend. "And one bacon-tastic heart attack for me." He sat and grabbed his burger right away. "Hi, Toboe."


Looking at his friend's shirt, he read what's on the nametag out loud. "Toboe Wolf, Infinity Books. You work at Infinity?"

"Just started."


Leara looked across the distance and diagonal. "Maybe we should stop by and get something. I haven't read a book in ages that wasn't for school."

"Tell me about it." Toboe remembered how awful he found reading all because of school. Who picked the books out for reading assignments? Why so many words in History books. Be more succinct. This happened, that happened, the end. He'd of done a lot better without all the filling comments to distract him.

"Reading?" Gasper grimaced.

"We have manga, too." Toboe informed.

"Oh, then, heck yeah." That was a much better choice.

"I might get a romance novel." Leara blushed.

Toboe suddenly felt like the cause of a crowd - despite his having sat at the table first. He finished his lunch quickly, making light conversation. Then bid a: "Later" to his friends, since they'd likely see him again once they are done with their lunch.

He crossed the street, headed back over to Infinity. He walked rather stiffly; he felt the phantom eyes on him again. But looking over his shoulder, he sw no one duck out of view. Paranoid. He's definitely gotten paranoid.

"Mmm." Egon sniffed in Toboe's approaching direction. "Definitely regretting the bologna I'd had for lunch." After ringing up a customer, he said. "Looks like dinner is set."

"Do you live alone?"

"No. I'm married."

"Really?" His brows overshot his hairline from shock.

"I'm thirty seven."

"Really!?" Now he was surprised. Nevermind plastic surgery, Egon Kurls could just tell them his age and relationship status. Toboe hoped to age that well. He tried to envision himself at sixty years old. Not a pretty sight. How could his cheeks sag like that?! He absently touched his face.


"Wow." He'd like to get a look at Kurls's wife, that's for sure.

"Are you seeing anyone?"

"Yup. Dating." He blushed from pride. "It's actually stronger than that, we're deeply taken."

Egon humored the teen with an impressed expression.

The pair worked quietly along side each other; Toboe saw his friends come in, he waved to them and kept working. He greeted them once they came to the counter.

"Look what I found! It's a story about a steamy love affair." Leara suddenly took notice of the man beside her friend, she blushed fiercely from her words. "I mean, she's married to a lawyer, and he's never home. It can get dull.."

Egon blinked. "People buy erotica books, they even want special porno comics ordered for them. It's not a big deal, no one's judging you."

The comment only caused Leara to feel even more embarrassed. "Right." She mumbled.

Toboe felt his own sort of embarrassment, and hurriedly gave his friends their bag. "Enjoy your purchase."

"Thanks, Toboe." She turned to go.

"I'm gonna be dancing with my crew later," Gasper informed his friend; his body swayed from his retreating girlfriend tugging on his arm to go. "Wanna come watch us?"

"I don't get off work until five; I might go see Tsume afterwards. But, I'll go if he's already at home."

"You two live together?" He anchored himself when he, again, was pulled to a slant.

"He'd like for us to, but no, I live at home with my older brother."

Gasper made an unreadable expression, then followed his girlfriend's lead to the exit. "Later."

"Bye, Toboe. Call me later." Leara called out in her departure.

"Ok." He called back.

"We've all got friends like that." His co-worker stated.

"If only there was an exchange."

He and Egon chuckled.


Toboe watched with saucer eyes. If he hasn't thought Tsume was cool before, this would have clenched it. He stood quietly in the background, watching a fight sequence going on. Punches were thrown, kicks, he saw when the stunt doubles went in verses what the actors do themselves. No wonder Tsume came home tired sometimes.

"Cut. Zoom positions." The director ordered.

Toboe shifted to garner attention from his boyfriend, who's now facing his way. Tsume offered a Mona Lisa, but the spectator saw it well. He felt shivers when Tsume delivered his lines. Then his stomach dropped when the stunt guy, though carefully, flipped his boyfriend over onto a chair.

Peeking over the directors shoulder, he watched the sequence in film speed. The slow movement was sped up to look as though the throw was faster and had more strength in both action and impact.

'Cool.' He looked out at the live version.

When forty minutes passed, a break was issued. Tsume walked over to Toboe, and he wrapped his arms around him.

"Hi." He greeted. "You smell like a clinic."

"I do?" The young Wolf scoffed. "Must have clung to me when I was opening boxes; that new book smell is surprisingly strong." He smelled Tsume. "Twenty more minutes and you'll stink." He half teased.

"I'll shower." Tsume caressed Toboe's hair. "Anyone bother you today?"

"Little old me? Naah." He waved it off with a smile. "I did feel kinda creeped out after lunch, but it was probably just paranoia."

"They are sorta harmless, but intrusive." He kissed his boyfriend's forehead. "Let them take their pictures, but don't address them."

"Got it." He nods.

The young Wolf couldn't help but feel he's gone from one coddling connection to another. He'll always feel like a "runt", as Hige so loves to call him. He has to get over this obsticle of feeling leered at. Last thing he wanted was to have Tsume spending all his time at home just to ensure he doesn't feel like a zoo animal. He's really gonna live it up in the dorms. He'll be around people his own age. They'll empathize rather than get all impenetrable wall on him.

Tsume squinted at his boyfriend. "Your Poker Face sucks, pup." He smiled. "I promise I won't bubble wrap you; just be careful when you're alone." He wanted to say something more, but he let it go. "That's call." He informed when hearing: "Places". "Are you sticking around?"

"Umm, maybe for a bit more. Then I'll go home."

Tsume nodded. Giving him a peck on the lips, then another he let Toboe go then went back to set.

Toboe watched for an hour more, then he was taken home by Tsume's driver.

When the young Wolf walked into the house, he strolled into the living room. He noticed an oddity right away. There are four grey-frosted plastic bins placed randomly in the space around the furniture.

"What's with the bins? The holidays aren't for months.." He peeked into one without a lid on it. Empty. He had a sudden chill, like he'd looked into an awaiting coffin.

"I bought them for you; you can pack all your things safely; and not go through the embarrassment of having a heavy box break open on you."

"That's nice. Thanks, bro."


Toboe shrugged his shoulders.

"He's not even gone yet, and he's talking like a completely different person."

"Hey, college is about discovering yourself," he sat on the couch beside his brother. "I could become a "bro" saying guy."

Kiba smiled. He highly doubted it. "I'm glad you're here, I wanted to give you something..." He reached into his pocket and produced from it a watch.

Considering what watches look like now, it seemed to be an older model. Possible from the 90's. Toboe took the watch reading OLEVS etched on the back of the clock face. The young Wolf felt tears prick his eyes. It was obvious whom the owner of the watch was. Their father. He hated that he loved it. He hated that he couldn't really remember the owner of it, just the feelings he, and his mother, gave him. Comfort and happiness.

"Thank you, Kiba." He hugged his brother. "I won't lose it, or ruin it, or anything." He slipped the gold piece over his hand then tightened it. It slid a bit down his forearm, just as his bangles. Perfect fit to not fall off without constraint on his arm. "Do you think they'd be proud of me? I mean, I haven't done anything to special."

"They'd love you without question... They always told me: "Now there's a kid we'd be happy with - even while knowing he'll amount to nothing"." He laughed when Toboe attacked him with one of the accent pillows on the couch.

"Is this brother Kiba? Huh? A jerk; whose face I'll rarely see due to constantly pummeling him." He set the soft weapon down.

"Maybe... bro."

The brothers laughed and teased each other until They died down to just watching television and chatting lightly until dinner. A simple meal they made together. By the time the three of them retired for bed, Toboe got one last visit from his brother.

"Toboe.. I know you're not moving out until next month, but.. I'm gonna miss you."

"You don't have to.. I'll come by all the time."

"You will, at first, but then you might be too busy - or at Tsume's."

"I will visit, and when I can't... I'll call."

Kiba looked at him for a moment, then he nodded. "Thank you. Goodnight, Toboe."

"Good night, Kiba." He added. "And thanks for everything."

Kiba nodded, then walked into his new bedroom.

Toboe didn't like the idea of being missed. It was such a heavy word. Missed. He'll still get to see everyone. He's not leaving the state, just home. People do it all the time. Getting comfortable, he touched the watch around his wrist. 'Missed isn't for me. Missed is for people that aren't coming back... I'll come back.'

His heavy lids slid closed, he fell fast asleep.

X x X

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