The Love That He Wants

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Spike Speigel turned his head towards the entrance of the gym, when a beam of light went all spaceship in the sky across the room. "If it isn't my favorite pupil."

Toboe grinned. "You mean 'punching bag'?" He waved to a guy who greeted him with a wave upon catching his eye. "What's up for today? Am I knocking out the champ, or more grunts?"

Spike left the sidelines of the arena, to help Toboe tape his hands. "Warm-up with the speed bag, and rope first."

"Thanks." He flexed his hand in and out to ease the restraint of the tape. If he didn't know better, he'd swear the trainer had a bondage fetish. The tape was a little tight today.

Toboe Wolf couldn't believe it himself, when he'd first gone into the gym. It was just a whim, a necessary whim, but a whim all the same. Ten days ago, when he'd left work for lunch, he felt someone deliberately touch his elbow when he was in the crowd of foot traffic. He'd spun around to see who was there, but no one looked suspicious, or even at him at all. They all had somewhere to be, their own lives to focus on. Then when he was at the park, waiting for his new friend, Gasper, and his crew to show up to dance; he again felt a pair of eyes on him. Enough was enough. It was self defense time, so he looked up Spike's gym. And at first, he was a hot mess. The bags hit him in the most obnoxious and painful ways. He'd gone to the apartment with a black eye. He wouldn't let his brother see it, he'd go through the roof, more-so if he told him why he was taking up boxing lessons. It'd be bye-bye brother Kiba, hello gatekeeper guardian again. They've progressed beautifully, no need to revert back so soon.

After half a month of brutal beginnings, his reflexes finally caught on, and he was able to dodge the returning equipment. The punching bag, however, was not brutal on him like the speed; it's large, heavy, and doesn't so much as acknowledge that he'd even hit it. Complete and total humiliation - especially when the guys wanted to watch the newbie have his first taste at boxing. It was not his favorite thing in the world to be monitored, but he was glad that they only teased him playfully; it wasn't like on television or in the movies where some aggressive jerk stayed on him with harassment. They were all nice, and some even gave him pointers.

Classes were going to begin soon. That meant tons of independence from the home field. He doesn't wanna find himself in a scary situation that he can't deal with on his own. He's getting better at the speed bag, the punching bag is giving little grunts as he slams his fist into it - if it were alive, anyway.

He joined a black man, Gibson, warming up his stamina with the rope. He was good at jumping, childhood perk from being best friends with a girl, who found entertainment just standing in place jumping up and down, rather than wrestling as male friends do. Not that jumping rope is a gender thing, but when you're a kid, ideas of fun are drastically different, insofar as attention span.

Tsume finished filming. He's now going around with the other actors doing press. He's adorable, coming home griping about repeating sound bites, and stories. But, Toboe can tell he likes it, to some degree.

"Go, Wolf!" Gibson barked. "Feed the senses. Wake 'em up!"

"Rrrraaaa!" He roared. With a laugh, he jumped faster to get his heart rate up.

"Don't you mean "a-wooo!"?"

Toboe howled. He and the other boxer laughed a bit. They steadied their breaths to keep them even as they pushed harder.

He then stretched his arms and legs. Spike helped him into his gloves, then coached him on the bags.

"Good. You're a natural, believe it or not."

"But, I'm not strong."

"Being a natural ain't about being strong." He tapped his gloves to still his movements. "Muscle comes later; you're a knack trainee. Come into the arena."

Toboe's eyes widened. The arena... He's wanted in there since he'd started. Spike laughed, and said: "You wish", before he took him to the bags. He's pushed things, punched things, jumped, wagged some excruciatingly heavy ropes. But no ring time. But today, he was going in. He must be dreaming. He'd pinch himself, if not for the gloves.

"Jesus, come on, help the newbie spar."

Jesus was a fighter. The light division, Spike told him, upon introduction of the others. The man made no huff about ceasing his workout to help, he just changed gloves from the boxing mitts to the Focus mitts. Toboe smirked at the white pads, an image of one of those stuffed animals that suction to car windows crossed his mind when looking at the large round mitt.

"Let's see your form. Give him all you've got."

Toboe thought for a second then took posture. He's seen it enough times to imitate it. Spike shook his head and adjusted him by footing, and arm placement.

"You wanna guard on the ready; up or down, don't just assume you're gonna get punched in the face." Tapping Toboe's thigh, he added. "Legs should be able to brace you, so you don't fall on your ass once you're hit. You tuck in a bit to guard your middle."

"Got it." It felt awkward, but he held the stance. "What about my head guard?"

"He's not gonna hit you."

"Oh." He looked at his opponent. "Now do I hit?"

"Be my guest." He backed to the corner then took a seat on the ring floor.

Toboe swung wildly, aiming everywhere! Jesus chuckled now and then as he expertly and easily, blocked each punch. He didn't heckle him, but his light laughter was enough to rile him up.

"Punch him like you mean it, I don't hear contact." Spike coached.

"I am making contact." He grumps.

"Yeah, but you're not hurting him," Spike got on his feet and ambled over. "Now that I know what I'm working with, I'll teach you how to box."

That lifted his declining mood! Toboe cheered inwardly, amazed at his composure to not lose his cool in front of older guys. He liked being older, and the last thing he wants is more pats to the head, and patronizing tones.

"First thing to note, is that you're going on maximum damage not number of hits; looked like you were throwing confetti at a birthday party." Spike struck the stance. "Follow my lead, aim for the left mitt."

2 hours later, Toboe said good bye to the guys and his coach, then went home. He took Kiba's car, since his brother has the day off, and he's in no need to go anywhere. Toboe would have gone by bike, but he'd be exhausted by the time he got there, and in pitiful shape to get back once done. Training with Spike Speigel was no joyride.

Toboe looked at his forearm as he reached for the doorknob. He couldn't help himself, and he flexed his grip so his veins stuck out a bit. He grinned; an image ran through his mind of himself completely muscular; the knob breaking off in his hand as he turns it. He chuckled. He'd never get that built - no matter how much he trained. Some bodies just don't sort out like that. Walking inside, he went straight for the kitchen, then for the pantry.

'Sweet rewards come in two.' He grabbed a box of Krispies Treats from the shelf. Butterscotch. Perfect way to celebrate. He pulled it open then headed for the living room. "I wonder what's o... oh my gawd!" He began to cough as the gasp almost lodged sticky rice puffs down his throat.

"Toboe!" Kiba grabbed a pillow to cover himself; his ear buds were yanked free from his ears.

"I can't see... I cannot see... Worse, I can't unsee..." He staggered back into the kitchen, eyes closed and hand reaching around to avoid bumping into something.

Kiba hurried his clothes on; he then straightened the couch. By the time he'd caught up to his brother, he found him at the table; nibbling his snack and looking smug. Embarrassed didn't cover it. This was favor for silence humiliation.

Toboe snickered cockely. "Weeeellll, this makes us even now." He grinned. "You must be so embarrassed." He stuffed the last bite into his mouth.

"Likewise, this makes us even. I'll never un-know your groping session either." Kiba crossed his arms.

Despite his words, he's still flushed with humiliation. Of all the days Toboe decides to come home, he's on the couch playing touchdown with himself. He couldn't help it! He was taking a nap that produced a rather alluring dream of himself with Hige that time they'd had sex outside in a bush. His nightpants did nothing to keep him in place. He was alone.. why not?

Toboe then felt his own blush. "I'd forgotten about that."

"Yeah. Smug bastard." Kiba grabbed a singular carton of milk, then joined his brother at the table. "What do you want for your silence?"

"From who? Tsume? Hige?"

Kiba groaned. He'd forgotten about Tsume. His knowing about it was the last thing he wanted. "Both."

"I want..." His words paused. He scratched his cheek. "Aheh... I'm kinda lame, I can't think of anything." He got up for another cereal bar. "Let's just call it even."


"Want one?" He asked before exiting the pantry.

"No." Kiba drank a sip, then asked. "Are you home for lunch?"

"Nope; I don't have work until later. I was at the gym."

Kiba smiled.

"It's true!" He whacked the back of his brother's head with his hand. "I'm learning how to box."

Now Kiba had to laugh. Toboe? Box? He laughed quietly for a moment.

"You'll see. One day I might come home, and give you cauliflower ears." He squared up then took a few swipes at his brother.

"That'll be something." Curious, he had to ask. "Why are you boxing? Is it some trend?"

"Naah, it's just self defense. I'm gonna be living on my own in a week; I have to rely on myself more than feeding me, bathing, academics, and work." He shrugged. "Plus, Tsume is such a big shot, who knows, he might hire me."

Kiba tousled his younger brother's hair. "Sure, tough guy."

"I'm unsuspecting - perfect scenario for a butt-kicking." He stuffed the treat in his mouth to hold it, while he used his fists to punch the air in his brother's face. "Ow!" The snack dropped from his mouth onto the table; Kiba grabbed his wrist, giving it a twist.

"Now what, Creed? Hmm?"

"Oww! Who?" He asked. Snatching back his arm, he rubbed his wrist. "Cheater. I only just started in the ring."

"And I haven't been at all. You need to do better." He swiped the treat and took a bully's victory bite.

"Aww, man."

"Don't be discouraged. You weren't trying to hit me, so of course I could stop you."

"I know. It's not that,"

Brow furrowed, Kiba asked. "What then?"

"You had lube on your hands," Toboe scrunched his nose then got up to wash his wrist at the sink.

Kiba had forgotten all about that; he got up and joined his brother.

"I'm gonna get a nap in before work, I'm beat." Toboe grabbed his snack from the table then darted upstairs to his bedroom.


Egon looked at Toboe, then out the large glass doors and then back at Toboe, before finally settling his gaze out the doors. "Am I missing something?" He asked. He saw nothing out of the ordinary, nor anything entertaining - like street performers, or law enforcement - gathered somewhere. What was Toboe so interested in, that every ten minutes he was side-long gazing outside?

"Huh?" Toboe blinked. "What?"

"What are you looking at?"

"I.. ok, don't think it's dumb, but.. I think someone is hiding between the printers and Staples,"

Egon looked. He sees many people, but no one appeared menacing. "Are you sure?"

"I saw them twice. Dressed in black, hood up.. blue jeans."

"Maybe they're just waiting for someone." He shrugged.


"Hey, school starts next week, from what I understand," he nudged his spooked co-worker with his elbow. "You excited?"

"It's mostly all I can think about. My first taste of freedom."

"Gonna get drunk, streak, and throw-up on a stranger you tried to have sex with."

Grinning, Toboe played along. "And that's just the first day." He crossed his fingers.

Egon grinned. "I was a mess in college, though not because of partying." He checked out a reader. "Because my classes were ball-busters. I quit after my first year, I'd had enough."

Toboe didn't like the sound of that. He's not academically sluggish, he just wanted college to be a little more lax than regular school. What happened to preparing young people for future work? If it's just more of the same old thing, maybe he should think about skipping college life, as well. No. He can't just give up without even starting. He'll never get anywhere with that mindset.

"Hey, don't freak. I took hard required classes, of course it got to me." Egon explained.

Hard? Toboe thought about his chosen required. Nothing too tough. Good. Ok. Wednesday, he's ready!

It's tomorrow. The first day of classes is tomorrow. And, today, Toboe is moving into his dorm with the rest of the dormers. He was so relieved to see a few familiar faces, all huddled together to avoid being cancelled out by strangers. He would have joined them, but he was busy assisting his brother and friend with lugging his furniture up to the room. Even Tsume came to help, true, he only carried light boxes, but he worked the fastest. Likely to leave the soonest.

"Oh good, the rooms are the same size," a guy said as he shoved past the moving crew just to peek into a dorm that was not even his. "Chris, they're the same!" He called to an unseen person in the distance.

"You can still stay with me."

Toboe's brows rose as this sentence came not just from his brother but his boyfriend, as well. In near perfect unison. Hige intervened by saying sternly. "Would you worried-warts let the kid get his nipple pierced, while he's vomiting more than the Exorcist chick? Huh? Man's gotta breathe."

"Yeah. It's time to see if I'll sink or swim; and I'd prefer it if the under-toads" meaning the wart sporting worrying. "Don't louse it up for me holding on."

Tsume relented, but Kiba seemed to wanna press the issue. Until he looked at Toboe, so concerned that he would revert back into guardian-mode, that he let it go.

"It's hard not to worry. But, you're right. I can't see you as the guy who's bath water I used to run for him, forever."

Toboe made tomatoes envious of his color. Was Kiba nuts!? Did he really say that where ears could hear it?! He's dead. Let them say as they please, tale his corpse where they like, because he no longer was in the husk known as Toboe Wolf.

"Is that everything?" Kiba snapped him out of it. "Did you forget anything? Do you need money?"

"No. And I'll let you know." He took in a breath. Oh, no... The goodbye. The part he dreaded the most. Not due to embarrassment, but a nervousness that he'd feel the love and wanna bolt back to the comfort of it. "Bye, guys... I'll see you when I can."

"Yeah." Kiba wrapped an arm around him, and one around Hige, as the trio hugged.

"I'll see you, runt." He broke the hug first. "And don't be acting all crazy." He messed up his hair. "We see you on the news enough as it is, because of Tsume. Let's not add party animal to the list."

"Ok." He doubted he'd party. But, the thought was fun.

Kiba and Hige hugged him one last time individually, then walked out.

Tsume stayed behind to have Toboe for himself. He wrapped his arms around him, kissed him, then swayed lightly from side to side for one last embrace. "Here. It's been done for a while now, I just wanted to save it for today."

Toboe smiled. "My bangle, 'bout time, I thought you'd kept it to melt down the gold, and pay the rent on your ooh la la apartment." He read it.

"That gold plating would burn to ashes, nevermind melting, it's too cheap." He snickered. "The plastic underneath would just disfigure."

Toboe smiled at the dig. It is not cheap. "What's with all the zeros after the date?"

"That was the day we got together, combined with the day we'll be apart." Tsume kissed him on the wrist, saying softly. "A year that doesn't exist, can never come. I will always be with you."

Toboe wiped tears from his eyes. "You can't make me cry, people are gonna think it's because I'm home sick."

"Tell them you have allergies."

"Good cover, I'm probably gonna be affected by them off and on for today."

Tsume rubbed his boyfriend's arm. "Call me for anything."

"Tsume, people don't call, we text."

"I wanna hear your voice."

Toboe blushed beyond a tomato, going into beetroot territory. "Umm, I should unpack, get situated."



Unspoken, just with a lock of the eyes, they said: I love you.

Toboe looked out the window, watching his boyfriend depart; feeling kind of big when students stared, pointed, some followed removing pen and paper.

'Tsume Keina, my boyfriend.' He thought with pride. Everything went makeshift dark, due to someone covering his eyes.

"Your roommate has arrived!" Came a familiar voice in his ear. "Guess who."

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