The Love That He Wants

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TB: Gasper was at the park today. I saw him while hanging out with my boyfriend.

L: Your boyfriend doesn't have a name?

TB: Of course he does, I just like throwing around the title now that we can.

L: Hmm? What do you mean by "now" that you can?

TB: Well, before everyone found out we weren't sure if he could make his dating life public, but now practically everyone knows. It's good to get it out there.

L: Someone sounds jealous.

TB: Funny. I don't need to do jealous in this relationship. You'll understand when you find real love.

L: I hope it's soon. So, come on, out with it. Just seeing Gasper at the park can't be the great news you were enticing me with.

TB: Your best friend in the whole world got you his line.

L: No way! And he's all right with your giving it to me?

TB: It's why I'd asked.

Tsume glanced at his verbally silent but emotionally noisy passenger; a part of him wondered what was so interesting, but the rest of him doesn't care. The enthusiastic texter is obviously talking to that big-eyed girl Leara. The topic is likely about that pirate-looking, street performer from the park. He smiled hearing Toboe's sudden: "Pssh".

"Leara thinks we should double, then she goes ahead and says: "Nevermind, I don't know if I'd want the attention". Like anyone would even notice them." He shrugged out his hand.

Tsume played along that he cared. "The nerve of some people, thinking they'll become famous just from being photographed with a celebrity."

"Yeah. I've been photographed with you, and I'm only starring in four pictures now, not five.." he laughed. "She's refraining from calling him right away."

"Good. Give the guy a heads-up that he needs to get an infatuation shot."

Toboe elbowed Tsume's arm. "She's really not that bad, she's just passionate." He smiled sweetly. "I'm passionate about you. Do you think I'm cringy?"


"Good. Now take me home, I wanna d.." he answered his phone that began to ring. "Hello?" He listened to the person who'd called. He reached out and grabbed Tsume's arm, giving it a squeeze.

Tsume became concerned by the action. Something must have happened, either to Kiba or Hige. He slowed the car expecting to be asked to take Toboe to the hospital, but instead he was momentarily startled by a sudden "Yippee!".

"Hollywood?" Tsume joked.

"Nope. Better." He hung up. "Can you take me to Infinity Books? I got the job."

"At a bookstore?"

"Better than the market; Kiba wanted to give me a job stocking shelves. He's manager, he can hire and fire." He grinned proudly for his brother. "They want me to learn the system." He patted himself down. "I look terrible; I wonder if I have time to change?"

Tsume was already headed to the apartment. He sped up just a hair more to get them there faster.


While Toboe was getting his part-time career going; Tsume decided to head to his agency's office to do some reads for parts, plus, attend a couple callbacks. Toboe's hiring came at a good time; he would have had to tell his squiring boyfriend he had to go, because he wasn't sure he should push back callbacks. He wouldn't get the part. He may still not get the part, there could be 15 or 20 other guys lined up. In the acting world, you can have all the passion needed, but if someone is better than you.. what can you do?

Bardrom whistled. "Look, what did I tell ya," he said with a spread of his arms. "Older guys, not boys."

"Lucky me, I have you so I don't always need my spectacles."

Bardrom ignored the quip. "And out of all these fair-skinned light-weights, you're an exotic fruit."

"Say it again; my hearing aid was turned down." Tsume crossed his arms. "I hope you don't always pimp me out under that description."

"If it works..." he grinned, though not at his talent. "Claudine, you look beautiful."

"These callbacks keep me young," she kissed Bardrom on the cheek. Claudine offered her hand to Tsume; he shook it warmly.

Claudine Schroeder is a major casting director and producer, in the acting industry; one of the Big Three, as they're called. At the age of 61, her long career has seen many triumphs. She's produced shows in the thousands, and out of the many only 4 have fallen below a top tier average.

"Which part are you going for?" She asked the actor.

"Ran and Kai."

"I can see that. Please go out for Stone as well, ok?"

Tsume politely agreed. The movie actor preferred to be co-star in the unfamiliar environment, but he could be lead. And to show his backbone, he'll put care into the audition. His golden gaze scanned the room. There was a blend of Bowsers and studs. He'd never go for the sort, personally, but he can acknowledge that they are easy on the eyes.

He smirked. 'The pup is gonna be pissed, if I get the lead with one of them.' Toboe, despite his declaration of otherwise, could be quite jealous. For the life of him, Tsume couldn't figure out where it came from. He's never done anything to create a worry that he would stray. It's why he never gets jealous over Toboe.

"Hi. I'm Vitor."


"You're Tsume Keina, right?" He looked the movie star up and down. "Please tell me you're going out for one of the leads?"

"I was asked to, so probably."

Vitor smiled widely. "Great. Good luck, then."

Tsume looked as though he was thinking: Yeah, whatever. But he gave a small nod. What did he get himself into? He wondered, as he was approached and sized up a few more time, by those more used to the field. One guy had a fan club; however, they ditched the area he was standing at in order to get Tsume's autograph. They squealed and cooed at the thought of seeing such a handsome man in an upcoming drama. He told them about another he was starring in, and they said they'd check it out. Some said they'd like to, but they dedicate their time only to Boy's Love dramas. He understood.

The casting crew took their seats at a long table, giving off singing talent competition vibes, as three of them sat before a small stage awaiting the task of scrutinizing and rejecting the many until only the chosen ones remained to receive scripts for the coming production. The budding actors, newbies and veterans alike, swarmed like bees behind the casters and sat patiently in wait for their number to be called for audition.


Some guys really sucked. Others were phenomenal. Tsume was sure he'd get a minor role in comparison to them. Some of them even acted with their bodies, as well, rather than simply relying on verbal strength.

Tsume was on his second bottle of water - - and just through with a trip to the restroom - - when his number was finally called.

"Number 14 and 28."

The movie star set down his bottle and stood from his seat. He looked around for the other person on the move to the stage. It was a short, rather pale young man. Probably twenty-three maybe a year older. His most noticeable feature was his bird-hook nose. It went with his face, where on others it would be an awkward thing they'd likely want to hide or get plastic surgery to correct. Tsume hadn't expected how nice the guy's eyes were when met in a stare. He'd definitely pull in the viewers, even without the lead.

The auditioners smiled politely at each other than began...


Dara swiped her foot into the kickstand, knocking it back to allow riding use of her bike. "Kiba, can I ask you something?"

Work hours have come to an end on their shifts, so they can head home. All after lunch the young lady could not stop thinking about Kiba's dilemma. Not so much the what, but the why. It was kind of needless to in her opinion. He should loosen up more. She recalls him having all sorts of grief years ago over his brother. Back then she could understand, but now? Kiba was just going to make himself crazy.

"Sure." He seemed ready to bolt, though. It has been a long day, and he just wants to collapse in his boyfriend's arms; a big bowl of dumplings at the ready; and no other cares in the world to bother him until tomorrow.

She held up her hand like a shield. "Not to over step, but, when was the last time you were just Toboe's brother instead of his guardian?"


"You've been Toboe's guardian, even when you both had guardians... When was the last time you were simply Kiba Wolf? A person.. just a brother?"

Kiba thought about that. Sex aside, where no thought or worry of family was allowed existence, he couldn't place a day or even afternoon.

"It's, perhaps, time to step down from your acquired role, and just live as who you were born." She climbed onto her bike. "You don't want premature Grey's from stress, do you? You deserve a normal life, and to grow up well. Just like you helped your brother." With a nod of 'go ahead', she added. "Live your life; enjoy seeing the success of helping Toboe be a responsible young man from the sidelines but as a brother."

Having said her peace, she headed off for home.

Kiba watched her departure; resuming movement after she disappeared from view. Dara gave him a lot to think about. Has he been treating Toboe only as a guardian? Does he know how to stop, is the important question. It felt like he's been told this before. Most likely by his boyfriend, who in life seems far more put-together than he is, despite his goofy, sometimes adolescent personality. Hige is actually quite mature. And whether it was his boyfriend, or Dara, the situation is something that needs to change.

No more 'Mr. Wolf'. From now on, he's going to be Kiba Wolf. Brother to Toboe Wolf; not parent, not guardian, not guard. Just brother. He unlocked his car. The door was pulled open; his phone distracted him from slipping inside. "Yeah?" He asked without asking: what was the problem. It's Toboe on the line.

Kiba slid into the car and pulled the door closed; all while listening to his brother, telling him he's gonna be working at a bookstore. He then asked Kiba if he could pick him up. He's been walking home, but his legs want a break.

"I'll be right over." Kiba assured. "Are you coming back home for dinner?"

"What are you making?"

"A trip to Blaze Panda." Why cook? He's fried.

"Awesome! Yeah!"

Kiba paused hearing his brother pause. He knew what was coming.

"Get me an egg, and a shrimp dumplings."

Or not. Curious, he asked. "You're not gonna invite Tsume?"

"No. He's busy." The younger Wolf explained that his boyfriend has two roles, one of which is a BL, as the star!

"That's good for him."

"It is." His grin was practically audible, he was so proud. "I'll be at the bus stop bench. See ya then."

Kiba hung up. Pulling the car from the lot he went down a ways to pick up his brother.


"Beautiful afternoon, isn't it?" Asked a man beside the young man.

"Yup. Temperature's gone down." Toboe replied.

The man laughed. "How old are you, you sound like my father."


"Is that a fact, you look younger."

"I get that a lot."

"You're lucky. I was always told I look older." The man mentioned. "My older brother was always assumed younger than me."

Toboe wondered why people make small talk. It's only silence. Nothing to be so spooked about. 'Tch. He probably thinks he has to be nice to me, or I'll go all misbehave youth on him.' Adults could be so awkward. Spotting the approaching car, he got up from the bench, and met the vehicle at the curb. He pulled open the door then got in.

"Who's that?" Kiba asked, seeing that the man waved goodbye - - presumably - - to Toboe.

"A man with the most boring, TMI, small talk." Replied the teen. "Are we picking it up? I want tofu, too."


They moved along towards the restaurant in verbal silence with each other; but Toboe was humming, and somewhat singing along with songs on the radio. It was now or never.

'Why am I so nervous to say something so simple?' Wondered Kiba. 'I really have turned too much into a guardian. Only parents get nervous to talk to their kids.' He groaned inwardly.

"Kiba, the light." Toboe alerted before it could become an incident; he doesn't know what had distracted him. But, he knows the look of someone spacing out when he sees it.


"What's on your mind, son?" He crossed his legs and steepeled his fingers, imitating a father. "Is there some guy you like? You don't have to be embarrassed. I'll disapprove, and we can move on."

Kiba smiled and gave Toboe a shove for picking on him. "No." He replied. Pulling the car into the parking lot of the eatery, he remained seated. "I just wanted to tell you that my being your guardian ends today."

Toboe blinked; then joy erupted over his face. "I got in! Where?!"

"What? No. I mean, I don't know, I haven't checked the mail. I just meant I won't be your guardian anymore."

His expression sagged. "You're kicking me out?"

"You can stay at home as long as you want, it's our house." Kiba replied. "I mean that I'm going to behave as I should. I'm gonna be your brother. I won't look out for you anymore than is necessary."

Toboe sat with those words. He thought being treated as an adult meant that, to some extent. But to have it more defined, simplified. It meant the world to him. What changed? Was it something he'd said? Divine forces? Why would Kiba suddenly decide such an enormous thing? "Thanks."

"Thank me if I pull it off." He popped open the door. "It won't be easy."

"Yeah, but, I have vast knowledge on being a brother. I'll give you some pointers." He exited the car, too.

Kiba was happy. It felt like the start of a beautiful brotherhood.


"Good job back there." Number 28 commented.

He and Tsume left the stage to murmurs of approval and impressed. They were given a laundry mat scene. Despite the dialogue being a bit on the corny side, Tsume made him feel like he was really flirting with him. It enhanced his efforts to deliver the lines believably. His mother, an actress, once told him that an actor must give on the same level otherwise it will be a mess.

"You, too." Tsume took a seat on the floor; joined by number 28; who'd introduced himself as Aabroo Smith. Then it began.. Small talk. He hates small talk. It's one of the worst parts of auditions. He prefers sending in video files. Doing reads with the casting crew. Actors all together like to ramble.

"It's my first. You?"

"For this genre, but not acting."

"I do commercials." He nodded. "But, yeah, first time with the genre."

Tsume nodded. Looking Aabroo over then registered his face. "That's where I've seen you before. You were International Delights."

"And Hearty Ramen, Dash dry shampoo, and three White Day marshmallow ads." He snickered. "I get a lot of freebies. If you ever need coffee creamer, look me up."

"Noted." He asked casually. "You don't seem native to Freeze. Where are you from?"

"I was born in Soil, Sydney. My mom is from Freeze, but my dad isn't. I'm mixed Japanese and Australian. Are you?"

"No. Japanese, although a lot of people do think I'm mixed."

They silenced; watching, along with everyone else, numbers 12 and 15 go through a different scene. Then the chatty Aabroo leaned over and whispered. "Not to offend, but can I give you some advice - - as you're new to this genre,"

Tsume nodded; though a part of him thought it was a joke. Getting advice from a commercial actor. Their only direction is like the product. Not exactly Oscar worthy notability.

"This is Boy's Love, you want to make softer expressions." He explained why he's saying this. "When we were flirting, you looked a little pissed."

"Noted." Tsume hoped his acting partner would end the chit-chat. He luckily was given the mercy.

After two more auditions for different characters, the session broke up for the evening; the hopefuls prayed for a call later on explaining where they'd meet, as they landed a role on the show.

"Good luck!" Number 28 called to the departing number 14.

Tsume cruised out of the building without so much as a wave. Arrogant. Perhaps. But, he has somewhere else he needs to be right now. He can certainly do two series at once, if he's chosen. He has to get to set to shoot the first scene of the thriller. Thank the gods that it's one shot at home-based and not a remote location.

# #

Toboe dropped dinner onto the kitchen table. He went straight into the pile of envelopes he'd confiscated from the mailbox on the way in. Junk. Junk. Circulars from stores, he'd look at those later. Aah. College letters. He tore open the first, skimmed it, then tossed it away. The second was the same. Then, at last, the third. It was no ivy league school; he never planned on going to one, ther way, but when he saw he was accepted he let out a shout of joy that sounded odd as it was too elated to form a proper expression.

"Are you ok?" His brother wondered. It sounded like Toboe sneezed while having painfully stubbed his toe.

"I did it! I got in! Look!" He shoved the letter ridiculously close to Kiba's face. "And they have apartment style dorms. Get excited, bro, I'm moving out."

Kiba smiled. "I'll see you in two weeks." He laughed when Toboe squared up with him, intent to box a retraction of his statement that he would fail, and move back home. "Want me to go with you to check it out?"

"Would you mind?"

"No. Let's go on the weekend."

"Great!" He tucked the acceptance into his shirt pocket, keeping his joy close to admire as easily as he'd like. Then he went through the bags in search of his food. "I can't wait to tell the guys; Tsume will be last. I'd rather tell him in-person." He texted his best friends about it.

Kiba smiled watching his brother boast about going to a standard college. He's pretty sure it's dorm life that has him so excited, not furthering his education; because, now that he has a school, he can migrate to a place nearest to it. You can't live in a dorm if you don't attend the school. And Toboe would never waste money on getting an apartment, just to be on his own when he can stay at home, free of charge. Apartments cost far less than a dormitory. His brother seems not to know that. But, it's life experience; he won't stop him.

Hige came home six minutes later. He was in ready-to-relax mode once his feet were catapulted out of his sneakers. The day was rough, but take-out made up for it. He congratulated Toboe on his victory, then went into feast-mode ignoring all chatting until he was eased of fatigue through the gut. After tossing out the garbage, pulling the cans down to the end of the yard for pick up; Toboe said good bye to his family then headed off to Tsume's, under the watchful eye of neither Hige or his brother...

X x X

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