Clockwork Cockwork

BY : NightDarkSoul
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Chise had been at Queen's Mayfaire Academy for a short time, only a few weeks. She was still getting used to how things were done here. Getting used to speaking only English, and operating in Western culture. And getting used to her new comrades.

One of them was her roommate, Beatrice. Curious young woman. She had a mechanical device in her throat. And Chise could understand her being shy about that. Wanting to cover it. And yet, the girl seemed shy in general. She was hesitant to change clothing around Chise, or really in general. Preferring the privacy of the toilet stalls over their room. Chise supposed it was the odd Western hangups over nudity, perhaps made worse in Beatrice's case because of her throat.

That night, Chise had a planned meeting with Lord Horikawa at the Japanese Embassy. She regularly reported to him about the activities of the spies she worked with, and how she was doing in general.

She hadn't left the campus yet, when she realized she had forgotten something in her room. She hurried back, unlocking the door.

She heard Beatrice yelp in surprise. The girl was standing near the foot of her bed, naked. Her uniform lay discarded on the floor, her pajamas laid out on the table beside the bed.


"Ah! Um. Chise? I thought .…"

Chise hurried to close and lock the door, and walked over toward Beatrice.

"I forgot something."


The girl was watching her over her shoulder, her face bright red.

Chise sighed quietly. "You need not be ashamed. You have nothing that I have not seen before."

Beatrice's blush deepened, and she didn't say anything.

Chise moved closer, causing Beatrice to turn slightly, keeping her back to her. Frustration rose in Chise. Determined to push Beatrice over her unaccountable shyness, she started to move one direction. When Beatrice turned the other way, she darted around in that direction.

Beatrice yelped again, her hands hurrying to cover her lower body, as her blush deepened yet again.

Chise frowned. "I don't...."

And that is when she saw something. Something that Beatrice was failing to conceal. Something down between her legs. "What is that?"

Beatrice whimpered softly. Caught, unable to continue to hide, she reluctantly dropped her hands.

It was? "Penis?" Chise whispered.

Beatrice whimpered again, trying to find something else to look at.

It was clearly artificial. Colored similar to Beatrice's skin tone, but obviously not flesh.

"It's," Chise began.

Beatrice closed her eyes, looking for a moment as though she would break out into tears.

"Adorable," Chise whispered.

Beatrice froze, a look of surprise on her face. She opened one eye. "What?"

Chise knelt down in front of Beatrice. She kept some distance from her, but couldn't help stare.

It was smooth, with little effort to appear natural. The tip was contoured like a natural cock, but without a foreskin, nor the appearance of circumcision. Whoever made it had apparently not cared much about appearance.

"Cute. It is cute, like the rest of you."

"Um," Beatrice started, her voice wavering.

"May I touch it?" Chise asked.

When Beatrice didn't answer, she looked up, meeting Beatrice's eyes. The girl was trembling slightly.

"I am curious. I wish to, but I shall not if you do not grant me permission."

Beatrice swallowed. After another moment's hesitation, she nodded.

Chise turned her attention back to the artificial cock. Reaching out, just barely grazing the side with her fingertips.

Beatrice gasped. The dick twitched.

Chise's eyes widened, and she glanced back up. "You feel that?"

Again, Beatrice nodded.

Chise looked back down. Beatrice's cock was hardening. Becoming stiff, beginning to rise up in fitful twitches.

Chise again reached out. Lightly, she placed her fingertips near the end of the cock, and slowly slid them down, one side then underneath.

Beatrice made a sound somewhere between a moan and a whimper, and her dick again twitched. It was growing harder by the moment with Chise's soft attention.

It was hard and smooth to the touch. No effort had been made to make it feel like skin, though it was softer, with more give and flexibility, than a dildo made of ceramic or plastic or even wood. The material it was made from, or at least covered by, wasn't one Chise recognized. It didn't look or feel like rubber or silk. It was, however, warm.

Her fingertips continued to slide down, toward the base of the cock. And the other major difference became obvious to Chise. There were no balls. Instead, the shaft of Beatrice's penis simply joined to her torso. Between her legs was the slit of her vaginal opening. Chise's fingertips grazed across it, causing Beatrice to again moan.

But, Chise was more interested in Beatrice's unique feature.

She shifted closer. Close enough to see the small opening in the tip of the dick. Close enough to detect a faint musk. It was Beatrice's scent, which Chise had come to recognize in the weeks rooming with her, but there was also the hint of artificiality to it. Perhaps the scent of whatever material covered it, or a fluid within that allowed it to become erect like a natural penis.

It was, if Chise was honest, arousing.

Lightly, Chise wrapped her hand around Beatrice's cock. Lightly, very lightly. It was still enough to cause Beatrice to again moan, trembling.

Chise glanced up to see Beatrice's eyes were closed. Her face was flushed. Her nipples on her slight, budding breasts were hard, and every part of Beatrice's skin Chise could see was ruddy.

Again, she turned her attention back to Beatrice's dick. Slowly, moving her hand up along the shaft. Feeling it twitch in her hand, hardening further.

She had no experience with real penises it must be admitted. Seen them yes, known how they reacted to stimulation yes. Felt one in her hand? So she wasn't certain if it felt right, or natural. It did feel good. And the sounds that Beatrice made as Chise's hand slid slowly up the shaft told her that it felt good for the other girl as well.

Holding her hand just below the tip, Chise leaned in. Her lips parted, and her tongue darted out, flicking across. Beatrice yelped again, and her dick throbbed.

"Sensitive," Chise whispered.

Beatrice whimpered in response.

A whimper that drew out into a shuddering moan as Chise's tongue flicked across it again.

Curiosity, and arousal, peaked. Chise wrapped her lips around the end of Beatrice's cock.

The girl moaned, trembling. Her hands planted against Chise's shoulders. Chise wrapped her free arm around Beatrice's waist, to help steady her.

And to keep her close, as she slowly, oh so slowly, let Beatrice's cock slide into her mouth.

It didn't taste like plastic. Nor rubber. It wasn't a taste Chise could place at all. She decided simply that it tasted of Beatrice.

As her lips continued down Beatrice's cock, her hand slid down as well. Gripping just a bit harder. Her tongue again flicked at the dick in her mouth, and she sucked lightly.

The sensations made Beatrice shudder and moan very deeply. Louder than Chise had expected.

When she felt the tip of the dick against the back of her mouth, Chise stopped, pulling back off while sucking just a bit harder. Sliding her hand up Beatrice's cock, now wet with Chise's saliva.

She felt Beatrice's fingers dig into her shoulders. The girl groaned, trembling heavily. She gasped for air. "God," she whimpered.

Chise kept Beatrice's cock in her mouth once she reached the tip. After a quick flick with her tongue, she let her lips slide down again. Faster this time. Still sucking on it. Running her hand down just a bit faster. To where the cock joined Beatrice's skin. Then back up, meeting Chise's lips, then down again as Chise sucked, tongued, Beatrice's cock.

Chise continued this several times, relishing the feeling, the sounds of pleasure coming from Beatrice.

"Oh," the girl moaned. Chise felt her stiffen. "Chise. Oh... Oh Christ. I'm. I'm going to ...."

Chise pulled back, letting the cock slide out of her mouth. "Cum? You are ready to cum for me?"

Beatrice nodded her head furiously.

Chise smiled, gripping her cock more firmly, stroking it. "Then do so. Cum for me, my beautiful Beatrice!"

The girl cried out. Her cock throbbed. Pulsed. A thick white rope of cum squirted out, hitting Chise's cheek. Chise continued rubbing Beatrice's cock. It throbbed again, a second jet of jiz hitting Chise's upper lip, dribbling into her half-open mouth.

Chise kept rubbing. Beatrice whimper-moaned as her cock spasmed a third time, hitting Chise's nose.

Chise continued to rub.

"Stop!" Beatrice hissed.

Chise immediately released Beatrice's cock, and looked up.

Tears were dribbling out of Beatrice's half-lidded eyes. The girl was panting, shaking heavily. Leaning all of her weight against Chise's shoulders.

"Sorry," Beatrice whimpered.

"Sorry? For what?"

Beatrice's eyes opened. She sniffled, and looked down at Chise. "For. Too soon. Made a mess."

Chise giggled. "It is fine. It feels good." Her tongue slipped out, licking her top lip. "Tastes good."

A thin, exhausted smile crossed Beatrice's lips. "I," She started to say. The she blinked, and her expression changed. "Um."

"Need to sit?"

Beatrice nodded.

Chise carefully stood, holding Beatrice up with both arms. She eased the girl over to her bed, helped her down, letting her lie on her back.

She continued to pant, lying there. Her cock was now flaccid between her legs, still wet with Chise's spit and dribbling cum.

"Beautiful," Chise whispered. Drawing a thin giggle from Beatrice.

Chise's knees were rubbery, but she managed to stay strong enough to get a towel from their drawers. She wiped her face, first with her hand to slurp down as much cum as she could (drawing another giggle from Beatrice) before using the towel to dry herself off the rest of the way.

She then sat down on the edge of the bed. Slowly and gently, she used the towel to clean and dry Beatrice's dick.

The girl groaned at the touch, but didn't protest.

Once finished, Chise tossed the towel to the floor. She'd pick it up later. There was something more important right now.

She lay on her side, beside Beatrice. The girl sighed, wrapping her arms tightly around Chise, and drawing her in as close as she could.

Chise did the same, embracing Beatrice tightly. Feeling her body tremble. Her heart pound. Panting.

"easy, my dear Beato," Chise cooed.

Beatrice sighed again, burying her face against Chise's clothed chest.

Her trembling eased. Her heart and breathing slowed, returning to normal.

"I am sorry," Beatrice whispered, just a touch of hoarseness to her voice.

"Again you apologize for nothing."

"No, it ... it was so intense. Moreno than ever before."

"Oh?" Chise said, just a slight note of teasing to her voice. "You have done this before?"

Beatrice pulled back, her eyes wide and her face once more bright red. "No! I mean, not this. Exactly. I ... well, sometimes I feel so needy. And. Well.…"

"you relieve yourself?"

Beatrice nodded.

"There is nothing wrong with that," Chise said softly.

Beatrice again buried her face in Chise's blouse.

"However," Chise said, "you no longer have a need."


"Should you feel urges in the future, you need only tell me. I shall take care of it for you."

Beatrice gasped, then giggled, then pulled back again. "I suppose that I shall."

Once more, she rested her head against Chise. They held each other quietly for a time.


"Yes, dearest?"

"Please, don't tell the others."

"I would never dream of it."

"I mean, Princess knows."

"About your.…"

"Penis. Yes. She is the only one I've ever told."

"I see. I am, again, curious. Did your father make it?"

Beatrice was silent for a moment.

"You needn't talk about it if it is uncomfortable."

"No, it's fine. It was one of his experiments. I was too young to really understand what it meant. After it stopped hurting, I found that I could pee with it, so I thought that was all he was trying."

Chise giggled despite herself.

"It really is funny," Beatrice agreed, a grin obvious by the tone of her voice. "Until a few years ago of course. It somehow... I don't really understand it, but the urges. I guess it's what boys feel."


Beatrice sighed again. "Well. I suppose it's alright. I have you now."

"Yes, Beato. you do."

They were silent again for a moment. Then Beatrice pulled back with a gasp. "You're late!"

Chise shrugged. "I suppose that I am. Lord Horikawa will simply have to wait. You are more important."

Beatrice's blush returned, along with a thin smile.

She once more rested against Chise. She closed her eyes with a sigh. Her heartbeat and breathing eased. Her tired muscles relaxed. Became limp. And soon, it was obvious that she was asleep.

Chise held her for another few minutes. Then she carefully pulled away from her. She stood up, and looked down at her where she slept.

"Beautiful," Chise again whispered. "So very beautiful, my darling Beatrice."

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