Reviews for There and Back Again

BY : Amo-Chan

  • From ANON - RedHimawari on November 23, 2008

    I pulled an all nighter to finish reading. It was so heart wrenching in the end! Will you end it there? Is there any sort of epilogue past his death?

    Tear-jerking aside, your story was a riping good read. I enjoyed the fluidity, and detail of the chapters very much. I also loved how you incorporated Beyond into the telling. Your graceful use of the two OC's Alta and Ever were very nice as well. BB really doesn't get enough spot light or depth in the fandom. More praise for working out a realistic family scenario for him as well as for the whole dysfunctional Whammy crew.

    I won't try to harp for an epilogue, and I'm already content with your story if you leave it as is. I'll just now be up reading manga to try and shake off the weepies -cry-. Congrats on evoking such emotion with your writing! It simply isn't done tactfully anymore!

    Again, I'd like to sincerly thank you for taking the time to create such a great story. Please continue your talent in the future!

    aka Fiendish Darling

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  • From ANON - Shido Burrito on November 18, 2008

    Okay, okay, I gotta write another review just to say you're breakin' my heart! Aw my god that was so sad! But of course it leaves me longing for more, so keep up the good work, please!

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  • From ANON - Shido Burrito on November 11, 2008

    I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this fanfic! It's great! And then you updated like the very next day. Double bonus! It's coming along great, and Ever is really adorable!

    And I'm gonna guess your little Beyond moment was reminiscent of a very beloved Dexter before committing a clean and meticulous crime. I applaud you for your good taste! Now I must recommend the books by Jeff Lindsay to you. They are even better!

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  • From lexjamandme on June 27, 2008

    Wow... really good. I love it.
    When Light decided to tell that the rule was fake I was holding my breath and then when L takes control and starts "Plan A" just great. The whole thing... marvelous and I only wish I had the words to tell you what a wonderful job you did.

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  • From Riam the Wanderer on June 24, 2008

    Interesting concept, not sure what I really think yet. I will be keeping an eye open for updates though.

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