Reviews for It Was Never A Love Story

BY : Evermist

  • From Sabaku_lotus on January 20, 2010

    I read this story and try to review as much as I can but:

    1) I read so many fanfictions that I have a hard time remembering all of them so I have to literally check my email and since doesn't have one of those fic logs I have to literally think of what section and go through it, (at least I don't read naruto anymore since it got so damn cliched :P)

    2) been working

    3) playing gb >

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  • From Uchiha-Mizuki on August 26, 2009

    i rather liked this story, it is refreshing look at male preg.

    please dont leave the site. i work on mine when i have a chance.

    anyways, have fun!

    miko ~_^

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  • From SP777 on August 12, 2009

    about #10...

    You better not stop updating this, that is not until the birth and
    we find out the sex of the baby. Personally, I hope it's a girl....
    there's too many testostrone in this story, not enough girl power.

    ..and you have to realize lots of authors themselves have drifted
    from this section and moved onto other stories OR maybe in school.
    Plus, anytime a series over, I notice people move to other fandoms.

    ANYway, the fact is, if you're a reader and you notice the updates
    ARE few & far between...why hang around? Go somewhere else and check
    back a month down the road. Inactivity in fandom has always been a
    killer of stories from what I've noticed.

    Get my meaning?

    But that doesn't mean no one will come around at ALL, there will
    be a new generation of Deathnoters in the future and they will
    definitely come across this story and wish to see the end.

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  • From Yuutousei on July 25, 2009

    New reader 'ere and just gotta say that I

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  • From Uchiha-Mizuki on July 12, 2009

    dude or dudette, if I wanted reviews i would be the same way. but i have learned something on this site: NEVER EXPECT ANYTHING! just post, if ya story good enough, (it is!) they (the readers) with leave a note. some times every chappie.

    i LOVE your story.

    so just POST FOR FUN! and when ya get a review, ya can go nuts!!



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  • From Yokos vixin on July 12, 2009

    i read ur a/n and as a fellow writer i agree in saying that a little encouragement goes along way for a writer so im going to tell you i love it. especially the potato chip thing freaking hysterical! tipical L haha love it keep up the great writing cant wait for the next chapter!

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  • From Aurora Moon on July 11, 2009

    I actually enjoy this story very much! I don't review very much because in the end all of my reviews end up sounding the same-- "Oh, I enjoyed this story very much! I hope to see more from you the future, etc".

    I tend to become self-conicous about that sort of thing, especially if I've reviewed the same story before for one of the chapters.... I can't help but think that it's going top be yet another repeat of my last review.... which I'm sure most authors wouldn't appericate. at least I could be wrong.

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on June 06, 2009

    it's been a while since you updated but it's been forever since I did anything myself as well.

    Still at least you update this story and as long as you keep on doing it, I'll keep on reading it.

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on April 09, 2009

    I just noticed that matsu should have know what tetris is considering that it's from JAPAN....but I keep on forgoting not everyone plays video games :3

    *still waiting for this to be updated*

    did I even review this chapter...?

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  • From Sabaku_lotus on March 01, 2009

    dammit I haven't read this story in forever because of work so I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHARG!

    Oh well

    I'll just read it again that's not a problem....

    still keep it up and don't mind my crappy review. At least you update despite personal issues....

    *really wants to read more of the hot tear you apart as well*


    I promise it will be better next time

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  • From ANON - SP777 on February 26, 2009

    about #7...

    Well, I can honestly say I haven't seen any terms like in the stories I've read
    so far, but then again I'm only sticking to certain pairs & reading 5 stories.

    Pet Peeves? I can tell you now the thing that irks me the most is when an author
    takes a strong character and decides to make him ''submissive'', even though this
    character has shown in CANON that he is anything but that.

    Example: in the Harry Potter section, with Harry & Draco pairings. I don't know WHY
    people love to see Harry as submissive, when his character has shown that he has a
    strong personality with his giving nature, PLUS he can be volatile when he thinks
    the world isn't being fair to him.

    NOW, if I want to break it down based on real life, then I can see Harry in his private moments with someone wanting to cuddle, whisper sweet nothings & maybe
    give control every now and then to his partner. But, NOT be a submissive/Uke in
    the bedroom EVERYtime, it would be a 'give & take' relationship with him.

    ..and the same goes for Draco, Gods knows how I've seen him portrayed as a flaming
    pansy in past stories and he's too full of himself to just GIVE complete control
    to someone, he would expect some reciprocation. It would be 50-50 with him.

    ...and I think some authors got sick of seeing that, too.

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  • From Aurora Moon on February 24, 2009

    I know what you mean about that whole "characters using fan girl terms". And while we're at that-- why does one character ALWAYS have to be on the bottom while the other one tops all the time? real gay couples often "switch" or share the roles. and even when they're on the bottom, they don't act like women or something like that. I fucking hate that cliche. ^^;;

    I could never envision L or even Light being that blushing "uke". If anything, both of them could easily be a very dominating, demanding "bottom" while the other "tops" and also dominating and demanding. If you know what I mean. :)

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  • From ANON - SP777 on February 08, 2009

    Well, I have to admit this is interesting, but I have a feeling you're going to
    have Misa mention that Light was Kira out of spite, once she finds out whose child
    L is carrying...and that's when everything go downhill.

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  • From DarkAngelJudas on December 17, 2008

    where does Mello get off, he really needs his ass beat. Poo Matt, I hope they take Matt out of there and send him to L.

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  • From Aurora Moon on December 05, 2008

    I'm really diggin' what happened so far. keep up the good work :)

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