Reviews for Rego Corruptus (Path of Corruption)

BY : modeac

  • From TheOCslutifyer on March 04, 2017

    Man I forgot this story evn exists, that's how long it's been. :o

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  • From ANON - Ego Killer on March 22, 2016

    Damn. This story just keeps getting more interesting and this seemed exceptionally darker than previous chapters. Looking forward to the next update.

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  • From ANON - Mainalpha on March 22, 2016

    Hope Misty comes back into the story and rejoin Ash and Domino as they travel through the Orange Islands, as there would be plenty of fun for the three to do especially if you keep to the basic plot of the second season, with Brock leaving. Would be interesting if they were to have sex while travelling on Lapras's back, particularly if its just Ash, Domino and hopefully Misty, with for example Domino sitting in Misty's lap with Misty sitting in Ash's lap, with both girls impaled on a cock or strap-on, either in the ass or pussy. Just an idea that you can dismiss, but hopefully include in the story

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  • From Harem-Lover-26 on October 15, 2014

    I don't really care about Brock, but i have a hard time staying with that girl. Leave him at Ivy's i say

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  • From ANON - red demon on October 14, 2014

    I'm glad to see this fic updated. For Brock you can do either he'll be out of the picture. I'd like to see Ash & Dom get some more time to themselves and of course Annabel joining them.

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  • From ANON - Omake on October 13, 2014

    I finally got a chance to find this story from a recommendation and I am impressed.

    I'm also Impressed by your Domination story.

    Superb work my friend.

    My vote is for Brock to leave the group.

    I hope you update soon.

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  • From ANON - Fading Light on October 13, 2014

    I'm glad to see this story get updated.

    Thank you so much.

    Get rid of Brock please.

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  • From ANON - Darkened Skies on October 13, 2014

    Oh My God. I thought you fell off the face of the earth but damn is it good to see you update.

    Awesome chapters.

    For my vote, I would like to see Brock take off away from Ash and Domino.

    Update soon yeah?

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  • From ANON - REM on July 25, 2014

    Really hope you update this story soon.

    It's really bad ass!

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  • From ANON - Darkened Skies on July 14, 2014

    This excellent story is long overdue for an update.

    Hopefully it is soon.

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  • From fatboi1000 on March 02, 2014

    I can't wait!!!

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  • From Harem-Lover-26 on February 23, 2014

    Honestly I was hoping Misty was going to be corrupted to and become Ash's slave. If you want she could come looking for Ash

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  • From ANON - Leeslane on September 01, 2013

    It's kinda hard to believe that he'd be served a drink and Richie was the one who insisted that Ash not be immediately disqualified. Ash is the one who didn't tell anyone what had happened and ask for a postponement. Having trouble feeling sorry for someone who can't use basic logic and assaults his friends.

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  • From ANON - Anon on January 02, 2013

    Well I like this story, but I wouldn't bother with the whole 17 thing. Oh sure, ten is a bit young, but to have Ash be 17 means you have to do a whole lot else as well. You have to age all the other teen characters, have Ash already know much more about the Bellosom and the Beedril, probably have him fantasizing about some of the girls he's met...

    If you say he took two or three years to gather his badges and is now 13 then he'll enter puberty but not be so well informed. This would keep him more open to "learning" what Domino wants, with no preconceptions of what is "wrong" or "right" in sex.

    If it's because you don't want to write naughty stories, then you're on the wrong site and certainly in the wrong fandom. Just look at it as the people in the pokémon world giving youth more credit. If ten years old is enough to see you started on an adventure all by yourself, then it's not so much of a stretch that the laws concerning them are considerable less strict and more adult overall.

    Still, for some reason this story really appealed to me. A masochistic Domino looking to create herself a little master...a very odd twist of the Hikaru Genji story, don't you think? Very hot though.

    Also, I would hope that you continue this, but make this change in Ash affect his life. He'll become more assertive, not taking the disobedience of Charizard so lightly and while not abusing or beating his pokémon (that is not at all what an S&M relationship is like) he will be more demanding. This new "thing" he has with Domino combined with his loss could shake him up and force him to take things more serious too. So he'll train harder during the day and party harder with Domino during the night...

    This could actually become more than a "mere" lemon story if you try, it could be a prety mature alternate Pokémon adventure. Then again, just as a lemon it was fairly fun.

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