Rego Corruptus (Path of Corruption)

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Disclaimer: I do not own the Pokemon anime or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non profit-I am making no money from this.


25th DECEMBER 2012


AU of EP079 onwards. Based on a request by Verifiaman. Ash/Domino pairing but with Domino leading Ash down a path of corruption (BDSM, S&M, violent sex, etc, hence the title).

'This' means someone is thinking.

Italics alone means the name of something, i.e. Pokemon League.

Horizontal ruler (a line across the page) means a page break or timeskip, it may be a few minutes, it may be a few hours...

-X- means a scene change, i.e. we start with Ash in a bar. Then we go to Ash and Domino in an apartment- a scene change from a bar to an apartment.

Disclaimer; I do not own the Pokemon anime or any of the characters or ideas involved. This is non profit-I am making no money from this.

Merry Christmas 2012, and a happy new year to everyone!

"It looks like... it looks like Charizard is taking a nap!" The announcer declared to the hundreds of disbelieving fans who had packed the Indigo stadium to capacity.

"Charizard! You can't just quit in the middle of my most important match ever!" Ash shouted in desperation. Had he come so far, defeated eight tough gyms, fought world class opponents, survived yet another Team Rocket ambush... only to lose everything because Charizard was lazy? The disobedient Flame Pokemon yawned in contempt of its trainer.

"Charizard please get up and battle! Just listen to me now and you'll never have to listen to me again okay!" His hands were clasped together in a desperate begging gesture. He looked pathetic. He sounded pathetic. He felt pathetic.

The crowd noticed- the disbelief from seconds earlier became outrage; shouts of complaint and probable insults began to ring out. They were like knives in Ash's heart- he didn't bear to think what his mother, Professor Oak, Misty and Brock were thinking right now.

Finally the lineman spoke up- perhaps to stop a riot; "Charizard refuses to battle! Pikachu is the winner! The winner of the match is Richie!"

Ash collapsed to his knees as cheers shook the arena. He stared into empty space in shock.

"Charizard! Return!" He couldn't look as he recalled the apparently slumbering Pokemon. He lowered his head. The last year of his life; the work, training, practice, travelling, nearly dying more than once- it all turned to dust in a matter of moments. Richie or someone else may have been talking to him- he didn't know as he turned and ran from the stadium.


Ash had run until he was out of breath and away from everyone. He had taken his Pokemon to a Pokemon Centre to be healed then left wanting to be alone.

Ash didn't know remember how he ended up in the Echo bar (a dive bar favoured for its relaxed atmosphere) a couple of miles away from the stadium. Just that he sat and ordered Viridian Crown Beer (he had never tried the alcoholic beverage, but had seen Professor Oaf drinking it a few times).

He heard a voice over his shoulder. "Interesting choice. I have a taste for it too."

Ash turned in annoyance. He froze as he saw a stranger. A stunning stranger; large, dark purple eyes that reflected both amusement and danger, pale skin, and golden coloured hair arranged in a strange pigtail, curl, double bun combo. She wore a white sleeveless shirt and short white skirt that fit tightly on the young woman showing off a voluptuous and athletic figure.

A large pink and white cap sat on her head. It didn't move as she bowed her head playfully low and introduced herself.

"I'm Domino. And you would be..." She held out a hand, covered by arm length white gloves.


The pair sat, Ash muttering and complaining to his drink, to his mystery guest, to thin air. Domino calmly listened and downed her alcohol with much more ease than the rookie Ash.

Ash (with some rambling due to being partially drunk) explained his problems to the complete stranger seated next to him; Ash had been eliminated from the Pokemon League, his work over the last year had been for nothing and he hadn't even lost a straight fight; two of his Pokemon had been too exhausted to fight and one had decided not to battle. He knew he could have won if it was a straight fight.

Not a good day for the aspiring Pokemon master.

Ash had finally finished his first beer, it had taxed him to the limit, he looked in stoned annoyance as Dom had finished her bottle as well and didn't look the slightest bit tipsy. That annoyed him for some reason.

"So now what am I supposed to do now?" Ash's voice was near breaking, it sounded like it was all he could do not to cry.

"Hmm, I have an idea..." Domino took Ash's arm over her shoulder. She walked off pulling Ash with her.

Unknown Apartment

Ash Ketchum was shoved onto the floor, his black shirt was torn off by the gloved hands of the aggressive blond standing over him.

Domino sat down on top holding him between her powerful thighs as she pulled her own shirt off revealing large breasts barely restrained by a black sports bra. She bent over and took his mouth with hers, her hair falling into his face. Her still gloved hands moved all over his bare chest and through his spiky black hair. His were nervous- moving lightly across her back.

Ash's eyes were wide in astonishment as the blond unbuckled his pants and pulled his jeans and underwear down to his upper thighs. She sat back down, Ash's now unveiled cock in contact with the warmth emanating from within Dom's underwear.

Ash's drunken brain commanded him to obey as Dom took his head in her hands and pulled him up. Now she sat in his lap and continued to own his mouth.

She shoved him back down as she tore her bra off revealing her large, bare breasts to his inebriated eyes. Surprisingly, Ash's intoxicated brain calculated Domino's breasts as two, three times the size of Misty's breasts making them double D's easily. He reached up and grabbed them, crudely squeezing and mauling the mounds of flesh.

Domino smiled evilly at the rough treatment. Ash found he liked what he saw in her violet eyes.

The pain in her tits encouraged her. She began pushing herself back and forth on Ash fast and hard, using her powerful thighs to move her whole body causing further pain in her tits as her upper body was held by her breasts.

"Yeah. Like that." Domino held Ash's hands in hers as his fingernails dug into her flesh tight enough to bruise.

Ash released Dom's breasts, annoying the blond. She retaliated by forcing him up and driving his face into her ample cleavage seemingly trying to smother him. Ash's hands flailed about in oxygen deprived panic. He somehow caught a handful of one of Domino's strange hair curl/pigtail things and yanked her head back hard pulling her impressive bosom off him and saving him from mammary inflicted asphyxiation. Domino laughed as she watched Ash gasp in air, pain searing through her head. "That's it! I like that!"

He released her hair and she dove on him again, her impressive cleavage hitting Ash's face so hard it forced Ash's head back down to the soft carpet with a muted thump.

A hard slap came down on Dom's rear.

"A little harder if you want air." Domino chided.

Ash complied, bringing both hands down in harsh slaps that echoed in the otherwise empty room. Dom pushed off him giving him a gasp of air before once again pulling him down into her warm and potentially lethal bosom. Ash responded by slapping her again, surely hard enough to leave a bruise.

She rode him, hard enough to hurt, getting faster and harder as he continued slapping her ass. She laughed as he once again pulled her hair back forcing her to arch her back so far her hair nearly touched her ass.

He released her hair and placed both hands on the blonds' now hot and red ass squeezing as tightly as he could. She sprung up to look Ash in the eyes wanting to see if he was enjoying himself as much as she was.

She saw that he was.

Domino took Ash's right hand in her left and directed his fingers into her mouth. She licked the digits hungrily. She took her right hand and forced her smaller, more slender fingers into Ash's mouth He copied her and licked them also hungrily. A flicker of evil in Dom's eyes were all the warning Ash received a second before Dom bit down on Ash's fingers, the pained Pallet trainer grunted out in pain and bit down on the fingers in his mouth. Bizarrely, Domino made no attempt to rescue her fingers as the larger male bit down on them. Instead she slowly increased the pressure her teeth had on the fragile digits in her mouth. Ash did likewise. Before they could reach the point of blood being spilled or joints being crushed, Ash slapped Domino hard across the face, she released her bite hold on Ash's fingers and the male trainer did the same. He dived on top of Domino who was laughing the whole time.

They were face to face; Ash now on top of Domino, her purple eyes sparkling with joy, pearly white teeth showing in genuine pleasure. The short, but athletically built male used his greater weight to force Dom's legs open and he penetrated deep into her tight, wet and burningly hot body.

After taking a few seconds to adjust to the amazing feelings around his cock Ash began pushing in and out of her roughly as Dom's hands raked up and down her back hard enough to leave lines behind.

Ash pushed in and out of Dom's body so hard she rubbed back and forth across the carpet causing carpet burn across her whole back and further hurting her already reddened ass.

The young trainer was unable to handle such amazing sensations for long- he came with huge force, spewing sperm into Domino's body. His first orgasm, with a complete stranger, was so strong the inebriated teen almost fainted, his body went ramrod straight, then relaxed and laying on top of the woman he had just discharged into, gasping, seeing stars in his eyes as Domino held him tightly stroking him with a bizarre affection for such a violent coupling.

The last thing Ash knew before blacking out was breathless laughter in his ear.



In this fic I have people only allowed to get a Pokemon trainer's license when they turn 17- it makes no sense to me that they allow stupid 10 year olds to run around the country unsupervised with creatures that can breathe fire, hurl lightning, generate poisons and a thousand other highly dangerous and destructive things.

This is based on a request from Verifiaman- the original request was for a story that had an Ash/Domino pairing that has Domino forcing Ash to try many different S&M things on her, each time going more extreme until the hero cracks. With out of context dialogue making it sound like she's dominating him, which in a sense, she is.

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