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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Blackjack's notes--I do a lot of MySTs...this is my first post on this site *it was GOING to be my FFVI classic horror fic "Music of a Thousand Voices", but the site's making me reformat the whole damn thing...* You can read my other MySTs at , which is SVAM and it rocks ass. Just so you know...the doll that Sakura and Relm talk about is a real doll. It's in my room right now! And, of course, I have nothing against Mewwie, who is a really nice person. It's just this fanfic is so...*shudder*

Relm giggled. "With Blackjack AND Makaw both gone, we have the run of the sattelite! This is gonna kick ass!"

Prettz laughed aloud, his arms full of video tapes. "I've got the collected episodes of Batman! Heey, this one has 'Beware the Creeper' on it!"

"Sweet!" Sakura shouted from the kitchen. "Say, Prettz, where are all the nachos?"

He dropped the videos in a little pile by the VCR and put a hand behind his head. "I ate 'em all yesterday, remember?"

The oldest of the trio emerged from the other room, hands on her hips. "And why, pray tell, didn't you tell me this BEFORE I started mixing bean dip?"

"Dude, I thought we were just gonna have it with spoons or something."

Before Sakura could ree the the full power of the Hadoken on him, Relm spoke up. "Hey guys? There's a note here from Blackjack. She says there's a fanfic sitting in her printer for us, and we need to have it read by the time she gets back."

Sakura wiped sour cream from her hands. "Doesn't sound so bad. Of course, the very fact that it doesn't ensures that it will be horrible. What's the catch?"

Relm skimmed through the remainder of the note. "It's a Pokémon lemon."

"So?" Prettz cocked his head. "What, is it, like, an extended version of the Shuckle episode or something?"

The painter gathered the papers from the machine. "Hmm...Oh shit."


"It's a Mewtwo lemon."

All action in the room stopped. Even a bird that had been chirping outside suddenly clammed up.

"A...what?" Prettz stammered.

Sakura's knees buckled, and she leaned against the wall. "That can't be right..."

Relm waved the paper in her face. "It sure ain't right, but it's what we gotta read. Let's buckle down and get it over with."

Day Dream Believer by mewwie (

Relm: Yes, yes, no use calling attention to yourself.

Sakura: No author flames, jackass.

Relm: Dude! Theyd itd it on MST3K, so why can't I say it?

Sakura: Because I said so.

Disclaimer: Pokémon belongs to Nintendo and Game freak and I don`t own em this is a work of fanfiction and is gaining the author no monies.

Prettz: Mony, Mony!! Mony, Mony!!!

This is an 18 rated story as it contains explicit sexual situation so if yer under 18 turn around

Prettz: (Melvin) Three times and act like a Bulbasaur.

and go back because if you continue reading after this warning I will take no responsiblity for warping your mind

Prettz: Too late!!!

(all whoop wildly)

or any injuries caused to you be this fic. okay?

Relm: How about whiplash? That was a hell of a run-on.

Sakura: No injuries, Relm. Not her fault, I guess.

Saffron cities

Relm: More than one? Dang, must be hell for mapmakers...

gym corridor's were deserted at this time of night normally, but still footstep's

Sakura: Footstep's whaan fan footsteps show ownership?

echoed down them, the figure paused for a moment then moved again. Gracefully Mewtwo approached

Prettz: Why is he walking? Can't he hover?

Relm: Maybe he ate an ice cream sandwitch too fast and got brain freeze.

Prettz:'s just amazing the way your mind works...

the storage room where the TM's and other essential's were kept, recently trainer's had been getting smart, a couple had even neacaptcaptured him. He knew that he would have to learn some new moves to counter their increasing knowledge of him and that was why he was here.

Prettz: But given that he could only know four moves at a time, he would spend the next seven weeks deciding what to forget, and by that time, they'll have found him anyway.

Sakura: A self-fulfilling prophecy.

The floor suddenly shifted beneath his feet and he glanced down to see what he had stepped on, curiously it was a doll with long green hair splayed out, kicking it out of the way

Relm: How can he kick? He has no knees! And he stands on hippyippy-toes!

as irrelevant he turned toward's the door that opened onto the room with the TM's or so he thought.

Prettz: It was actually the bottomless pit. They'd always been meaning to fill that in, but just never got around to it. And since he isn't hovering, he's totally gone.

Sakura: Dark much?

Prettz: Not as often as I'd like.

Cracking the door open to the room, he inwardly cursed silently

Prettz: As opposed to inwardly cursing loudly?

Sakura: It's possible to do, but not very popular.

when instead of rows of TM's all that was revealed was a bed with a woman sleeping on it,

Relm: Too tired to crawl under the covers, she just slept atop her bed.

Prettz: Nah, she's just too cheap to buy blankets.

spotting another don thn the other side of the bed, he guessed that must be where they kept the TM's. On cat like feet he stepped into the room and approached the bed, the woman turned over and he was struck by

Prettz: A frying pan!

Relm: A metal fan!

Sakura: A flying Princess Peach doll!

her resemblence to the doll he had kicked out in the hall.

Sakura: Blackjack has a doll like that.

Relm: But what's REALLY scary is that it looks just like Sabrina's doll...but she's had it since 1987.

So thisthe the famous Psychic Sabrina he thought

Sakura: Without any sort of puncuation or italics, either.

Relm: It's his incredible psychic power, you know.

smirking down at her, she looked weak lying there without the weapons that a pokémon would have, her nails and teeth flat

Relm: That's going to require attention.

Sakura: So she's sleeping with her teeth bared. That's lovely.

d hed her skin delicate. Without him realising it his hand reached out and stroked her arm, feeling the frail flesh and delicate bones,

Prettz: How easy it would be to snap them.

Relm: Shut up.

Sabrina stirred and turned over.

Mewtwo wondered what she would do if she woke up and saw him,

Sakura: Scream?

Prettz: Wet the bed?

Relm: Roll over and go back to sleep?

probably try to capture him, he attention was brought back to the bed as she stirred the blanket slipping to reveal her chest.

Prettz: Of drawers.

Sakura: Sabrina had rented out her abdomen to store treasure in.

Mewtwo stared for a moment at her proud breasts

Sakura and Relm: We are Part of Woman, hear us roar!

with their rose tipped nipple's,

Prettz: You know, if those were plastic nipples, that would be even funnier.

their soft weight shifted as Sabrina shifted. If an observer had been there they would have observed Mewtwo almost grinning mischieviously as he placed his hand on Sabrina's head.

Prettz: Left hand green! Right hand red! Left foot yellow!

Sakura: The hell?

Prettz: Twister.

Sakura: I know that.

Getting into her dreams was easy and within a few minute's Mewtwo knew why she was shifting so much, He smirked as Sabrina spoke "ohhh". Her dream lover

Sakura: Oh *THANK YOU*. Now I'm gonna have that stupid song in my head for the rest of the day...

must be enjo him himself, Mewtwo thought this whole sex thing was overrated, even if there was another like him of the opposite sex,

Relm: Which, technically, is impossible, since Legendaries like Mewtwo have no genders.

Prettz: (Meowth) Youse two don' need the opposite sex, 'cause you got each otha!

he wouldn't grunt and rut like some animal.

Sakura: No, he'd grunt and rut like some human.

Prettz: The human animal?

Sakura: Be quiet.

His eyes darkened and he frowned as he recalled what Mew had to say on the subject, ~Don't knock it until you try it~ she had said, he shrugged it was irrelevant anyway as there were no females of his kind.

Relm: But, as I said, there's really no MALES of his kind, either.

Prettz: The most wonderful thing about Mewtwos is he's the only one.

Sakura: When did Mew know anything about the facts of life?

On the bed Sabrina gasped and arched her back so the cover slid further exposing the long creamy expanse of her stomach,

Relm: That, too, will require attention.

Mewtwo looked at her and wondered.

Sakura: (Shadow Play) I wonder. I wonder. Do you wonder what I wonder?

Prettz: (Brain) Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

Relm: (singing) I Wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder!!

A look of pure devilishness crossed his face and leaning down he flicked his tongue across Sabrina's nipple's, they began to harden as he ran his tongue over them.

Prettz: Does he even HAVE a tongue?

Sakura: I donno, I don't think he ever opened his mouth...

Mewtwo crouched beside the bed

Relm: With no knees.

Sakura: Maybe it's part of her dream.

as he took Sabrina's left nipple in his mouth and sucked on it slowly, his left hand rested on the center of her chest. He could feel her heart speeding up even as her breathing rate increased.

Relm: She's actually having a minor episode.

Prettz: A minor ode?ode? Like the haunted ship, or the one with Bruno?

Sakura: I still say Bruno looks like a parody of Ryu-sama...

Mewtwo's left hand swept down taking the blanket with it until Sabrina was fully revealed,

Relm: As a fraud!

Sakura: As a man!

Prettz: As...oh crap, I can't think of anything.

the Psychic moaned softly in her sleep as Mewtwo began to kiss across her taut stomach.

Relm: Again, he has no lips, either.

Sakura: I just wonder who she's dreaming about.

Prettz: Me, of course! Dude, wouldn't that be sweet...

Mewtwo began to kiss just above the panties that were all the Sabrina was wearing,

Relm: The Sabrina? Are there two of them now?

Sakura: Remember her doll?

his knobbly finger's stroked her thigh's and eased them apart.

Sakura: This is...utterly unarousing.

Relm: I've gotten more turned on thumbing through the phone book.

He began to stroke her through the panties as Sabrina whimpered, slowly he moved up to kiss her on the mouth, Maybe Mew was right this is fun, he thought was Sabrina responded to his caresses.

Sakura: She's gonna pimp-slap him so hard when she wakes up...

Mewtwo's hand's slowly began to ease her panties down as Sabrina arched her back,

Relm: It would have been so much easier if he had done that BEFORE he spread her legs, but to each their own, I guess.

Slowly he climbed up on the bed and straddled her,

Prettz: Can he do that? I mean, I don't think his legs have ball-and-socket joints...

Mewtwo could feel a throbbing heat rising between his leg's glancing down he could see the head of his erection emerging from between the fold's that normally hid it.

Prettz: WHERE? In a little suitcase?

Mewtwo tossed the panties onto the floor and began to kiss Sabrina in earnest feeling his erection growing, while his left hand caressed between the psychic's legs, his right hand stroked his member.

Prettz: I wouldn't join any club that won't have me as a member.

Sakura: Prettz is just a big prick, isn't he?

Prettz: Hey!

He pressed the head of his erection against Sabrina's opening, unfortunately the psychic chose that moment to awaken, stunned the pair stared at each other in shock.

Sakura: The one time they NEED a comma, there isn't one.

Relm: The commas are playing hide-and-go-seek.

Sabrina stared up into Mewtwo's eye's, she had heard about this pokémon dangerous but very powerful,

Prettz: As opposed to dangerous but very weak. Like Mid, I suppose.

Relm: Or like Davis in the beginning of the season.

those eyes held shock and deep down a loneliness to rival her's,

Relm: So, this is the anime version of Sabrina then. OK, you could have told us that.

Prettz: If it was the Ono manga version, she would have been dreaming of Brock.

Sakura: And if it was the other manga version, she would have been dreaming of...well, that's just delightful. *gags*

Mewtwo stared back at her hardly daring to breathe waiting to see what would happen.

Relm: Well, since he ain't breathing, he'll faint. DUH.

Sabrina spoke ~so you're Mewtwo~, Mewtwo stared dumbfounded at her for a moment he had expected her to freak,

Prettz: She is. She just hides it very well.

~Yes..Yes I am~ he replied almost stuttering in his shock,

Sakura: How can someone stutter in a psychic projection?

Relm: Brain freeze. Like I said.

Sabrina suddenly wrapped her arm's around his neck and kissed him deeply.

Prettz: Oh my freakin' GOD this is wrong!

Relm: Dude, I think she still thinks she's dreaming.

Sakura: You do realize, if she ever reads this story, she's gonna sue for defamation of character.

Relm: I'd be more interested in what MEWTWO would do if HE ever read it.

~You are as lonely as I?~

All: DUH!

Sakura: That goes without saying.

she asked, pulling him closer and seeing not a pokémon but an equal,

Relm: I could see that, only not like THIS.

Sakura: Partners yes, but not lovers. No way.

Prettz: I mean, yes, she's probably the only human would can understand him, but neither one of them would ever do THIS. Yeah, they'd be partners, maybe even friends. But there's no way in HELL they would...I think I'm going to be violently ill.

Relm: That was almost eloquent. That is, until the end.

someone who she could love maybe, Mewtwo stared down at her ~yes~ he replied.

Relm: (Sabrina) You didn't say the magic word!!!

~then maybe we can be not lonely together?~ Sabrina said looking up at Mewtwo, Mewtwo let his weight rest on her as he relaxed,

Prettz: He's, what, five hundred pounds?

Relm: Let me check...(gets a rather large binder of cards and flips through it) two sixty-nine.

Prettz: But still, that's pretty heavy. She should be struggling to get out by now.

Sakura: Remember the size of his legs, though. When he's lying down, his center of balance is way back there.

Sabrina felt him enter her. Her eye's widened as the size of him,

Prettz: Since he technically HAS no genitals, I would imagine this scene should make some eyes widen in our reading audience.

~maybe we can be together~ whispered Mewtwo as he pressed deeper and then broke Sabrina's hymen.

Prettz: Isn't that a Yiddish name?

Sakura: One of the many names from around the world that we should all be greatful we don't have.

Relm: You don't know what Prettz's name means, do you?

Prettz: Don't you dare!

Sabrina gasped as Mewtwo moved deeply within her, she had never imagined that anything could feel this good.

Sak Yes Yes she has! She was just having a majorly wet dream!

Prettz: Girls can have wet dreams?

Sakura: They're not as obvious, but yes.

Mewtwo smirked as he began to rock letting the rythum that his body knew naturally take over, Sabrina bucked her hip's against him and gasped.

Sakura: Insert standard 'just-realized-who-I'm-doing-this-with' joke here.

Mewtwo could feel her juice's increasing as Sabrina worked up to orgasm,

Prettz: They make it sound like she's gaining a level or something.

with a shudder she came and the spasming of her Vagina

Relm: Oh god, she's having a muscle spasm. Of all the things we DON'T need...

provided the last sensation that Mewtwo needed to orgasm, his seed spilled deep within her as he drew the psychic into his arms.

Relm: What will the babies look like?

Prettz: They'll call the little one Ai, after his dear friend.

Relm: That was downright touching, Prettz. Too bad no one's gonna get that.

They drifted of to sleep still joined all mission

Sakura: -ary?

Relm: That's just sick, Sakura.

Sakura: I endeavor to please.

forgotten, Mewtwo last thought was that Mew had been right yet again.

Prettz: Humans ARE easy!

Sakura: Bad fanfics still walk the earth!

Relm: No one DOES suspect the butterfly!

The End

Prettz threw the fanfic across the room, where it landed in a rather sizable pile of Makaw droppings. Sakura produced a tape measure and ticked off the distance. "Thirteen feet, two inches! A new world's record in Fanfic Toss!"

Just then, the door swung open, and Blackjack stormed through, dropping packages and bags along the way. "That is the LAST time I EVER take that bird out in public!!!!"

Relm smiled, a shit-eating grin if there ever was one. "Have fun at the bird show?"

The mad science student huffed. "After taking a bite out of the light fixture, he then proceeded to steal my credit card and buy himself fifteen designer cages. And THEN he decided to put the moves on every female bird he saw, INCLUDING the budgies!!!! And *THEN* he threw a fit and set all the finches loose! Do you know how hard it is to catch seven hundred finches AND put them back in the right cages? I should have just stayed here and read the fanfic with you! Hey, is that bean dip?"

Sakura sighed. "Knock yourself out."

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