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Rurouni Kenshin Fanfic
Rurouni Kenshin & Samurai X Original Japanese Version © N.Watsuki/Shueisha * Fuji-TV * SME Visual Works Inc. * Sony Pictures Entertainment
All Fanfics created by Chiruken (me) were written for the sole purpose of shared entertainment and not intended for publication or sale.

Rurouni Kenshin Fanfic
Rurouni Kenshin & Samurai X Original Japanese Version © N.Watsuki/Shueisha * Fuji-TV * SME Visual Works Inc. * Sony Pictures Entertainment
All Fanfics created by Chiruken (me) were written for the sole purpose of shared entertainment and not intended for publication or sale.

by: Chiruken

Curiosity, more than anything, drove him to seek shelter in the rundown inn on the outskirts of the large town. It was too small to be a city, too large to be a village, yet it seemed to have all the amenities of a larger metropolis. He stepped onto the engawa and peered in through the open door. His senses were immediately assaulted by the scent of sake, food and humanity. He wrinkled his nose and stepped inside hesitantly, feeling that perhaps it had been a blunder to come here after all. He was immediately greeted by an older, matronly woman wearing a large smile of welcome. He bowed deeply in respect. “Welcome!” She spread her arms expansively. “Will it be lodging, food or pleasure you’eekieeking?”

Again he hesitated, uncertain how to respond to the choices presented to him. Finally he shrugged and reached inside his travel stained haori for his wallet. “All?” He asked hopefully.

Eyes gleaming as her gaze fell on the seeming weight of his purse she nodded. “Ahh…of course. This way, please.” She led him through what appeared to he dhe dining hall to the back of the inn and up a short flight of stairs. She slid open the shouji leading to a small, cramped room. “Supper is at sundown, breakfast at sunrise. The bathhouse is out back, you light your own fires and chop your own wood. Sake’s to be had, for a price.” She stopped and looked him up and down, expression inscrutable. “What’s your preference?”

“I don’t understand, that I do not.” He stepped into the room, thoughts of a warm furo foremost in his mind. He wanted to rid himself of the dust and grime from the road before contemplating anything else.

“Boys or girls, my good traveler.” She smirked at his expression of surprise. “Both are to be had, for a price.”

He felt his stomach turn, taking her words at face value. Drawing himself up to his full height he regarded her coolly. “You are mistaken, madam. I am not interested in cren.ren.” He allowed his distaste to color his tone.

To his surprise she laughed. “Of course not! What I mean to say, male or female?” She looked her new guest up and down, trying to gauge his age and not being able to do so. By all appearances he looked young, close to being a child himself, yet his eyes held wisdom that belied his appearance. She shrugged, deciding that it didn’t matter, as long as he paid the bill and didn’t abuse her employees.

Yet again he hesitated. Since his wife’s death he hadn’t so much as looked at another woman with interest beyond fleeting conversation and friendly company. After a moment he shrugged. “Female.” He wasn’t in the mood to deal with another man, not so soon after the incident with Shishio Makoto. The entire episode had left him with a felling of being dirty. It had been weeks since that debacle, yet he hadn’t been able to rid himself of the feeling of disgust the other man had instilled in him.

“Of course.” She nodded with a smile and backed out of the room with a quick bow. Sas sas somewhat surprised at his choice, having assumed, due, of course, to his somewhat delicate and feminine appearance, that his preferences would be…different. “None of my business.” She muttered under her breath, hurrying down the stairs to the back room. “Nami!” She shouted. “Where is Nami?” She looked around, feeling her irritation grow when no one answered. She planted her fists on her hips. “Well? Speak up! There’s a customer for Nami.”

A young woman stepped in through the back door, arms filled with freshly picked flowers. “You called for me, Sakura-san?”

“Yes. Put those down and go upstairs, first room. There’s a customer there for you. Take good care of him.” She rubbed her hands together in anticipation. “His purse looks full.”

Nami nodded with a smile and set her burden down on the closest counter. “Of course.” She paused and looked at the older woman curiously. “Young? Old? Kami I hope not old.” Shuddhuddered delicately. “I can’t stand the old ones. All they do is drool and pinch.” She sighed and shook her head, smoothing her hands over her kimono.

“Young. And stop complaining. It’s the old ones that have the money, usually.”

“Hmm…is he at least good looking?” If her customer was young, there may be hope yet. If he was kind, he may be able to help her get away from Sakura, not that she held much hope for that ever happening, of course…and she’d never dream of mentioning it ie pre presence of the older woman either.

Sakura shrugged. “Not bad. Go see for yourself.” She made a shooing gesture to the young woman, gently pushing her towards the stairs. “Hurry up. Don’t keep him waiting.”

He was just thinking of leaving to g sea search of the mentioned bathhouse when a soft knock sounded at the closed shouji. Frowning, he opened it to find a young woman dressed in a dark blue kimono with red and green flowers adorning it. He took in her appearance quickly, seeing the intelligence in her dark eyes before she quickowerowered her gaze as she bowed deeply in respect. “I am Nami. Sakura-san sent me to entertain you, sir.”

He tilted his head to the side, watching the way her dark, unbound hair moved against her shoulders. “That was quick.” He muttered, stepping back into the room to allow her room to pass, not wanting to leave her standing out in the hall.

She silently cursed her employer. She’d deliberately mislead her. **Young, she says…I should’ve asked just how young…** She glanced at him from beneath her lowered lashes, and grimaced inwardly. She couldn’t believe Sakura had actually accepted this child into her establishment. He was obviously much too young to be there in the first place. She sighed softly. There was no way she could get out of it either…not if she wanted to avoid the woman’s switch. “Would you like me to bring sake?” Inwardly she wondered if perhaps he would prefer milk to the potent alcohol.

He shook his head, sensing an underlying bitterness in her demeanor. He wondered at it, but decided to not pursue it. **None of my business.** He thought with a slight shrug. “Not right now. I would like a furo first, that I would.” He smiled, a sad twist of his lips. Truthfully, he didn’t want sake at all. It was too bitter for his tastes, the flavor tainted with the bitter tang of blood and grief.

“As you wish, sir.” She wondered at the sadness lingering in his expressiohinkhinking he was far too young to wear such a look. “Would like assistance with your furo, sir?”

“Eh?” He blinked in surprise. “Assistance?” He repeated slowly. “I thought…” He broke off and shook his head. “Never mind.”

She barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “I could return later, if that is more to your liking, sir.”

“Kenshin.” He was becoming mildly annoyed with the way she was addressing him. Beneath the softly spoken words he sensed mockery and he didn’t care for it at all. “My name is Kenshin, Nami-dono.”

She couldn’t quite hide the smirk that crossed her delicate features. “Of course. Kenshin.” **Nami-dono? Now this is ridiculous!** The next instant the mocking smile disappeared when his eyes narrowed. He’d obviously caught on to her disdain towards him.

“Wait here. I won’t be long.” He stepped passed her and hurried down the stairs and out the back. He was beginning to think it had be gra grave error to stay at this inn. He should’ve stayed elsewhere, perhaps at the side of the road somewhere. Furthermore, he should never have asked for a woman in the first place. His experience with females was limited, but he did know when he was being made fun of. He quickly entered the bathhouse, deciding on a cold furo instead of going to all the work to make a fire. The sooner he got rid of the irritating woman, the better. He wasn’t about to send her away, not after he’d already made the arrangement with the innkeeper, but the evening certainly wasn’t looking to beleasleasant one.

He was finished in record time, not wanting to linger with cold water. He shivered in the yukata supplied by the inn and quickly crossed the yard again. As much as he dreaded facing Nami again, he had no wish to remain outside in the chill air any longer than absolutely necessary. With a sigh of resignation he paused outside the shouji to his assigned room and shook his head, running his fingers through his unkempt hair. He now wished that he’d never thought of cutting it in the first place. It was very difficult to keep out of his eyes when he couldn’t pull it back into the high ponytail he’d become accustomed to. Drawing in a deep breath, he pushed the shouji open and stepped inside. He decided that he was going to at least try to enjoy the rest of the night, even if he had to gag her to keep from having to listen to her barely leashed contempt.

Nami looked over her shoulder and blinked in surprise. The yukata was open at the chest, revealing the sleek muscles previously hidden by his travel clothing. She bit her lip, wondering if she’d been mistaken in her assumption of his youth. She forced a smile to her lips, hoping her expression was inviting and not filled with the confusion she felt inside.

He regarded her with a carefully blank expression, watching as she shifted nervously. He wondered at the abrupt change before pushing the thought aside as unimportant. “You can bring sake now, Nami-dono.” As much as he detested the potent alcohol, he intended to at least act the part of civility.

She nodded and hurried out of the room, casting one last glance over her shoulder to find him staring at her back with an unreadable expression in his narrowed eyes. There was something about him now that was sending shivers of apprehension down her spine. She rushed into the kitchen and quickly gathered the necessary things, pausing before adding a second cup to the tray. She had a feeling that she was going to need the fortification of sake to get through the night. Her customer was proving to be more than she’d expected.

He didn’t look up when he heard the shouji slide open accompanied by the clink of earthenware. He knew who it was without looking. He was, unfortunately, being attacked by a sudden case of nerves. He knew what was expected to come now, and though he was no virgin, he was sadly lacking in experience with women. He silently cursed his lack of forethought. If she were another man, he knew exactly what to do. Unfortunately, if he remembered correctly, there were a few differences between male and female anatomy that left him feeling at a loss. Men were much easier to figure out. Woman, on the other hand, were confusing as hell. Despite all of this, he couldn’t deny that he was interested. Oh no, definitely not. was was pleasing to the eye and her perfume, a delicate fragrance he guessed to be a musk of some sort, was enough to ensure his interest. That, and the enticing curves he imagined to be hidden beneath the loose folds of her kimono.

When he didn’t move, merely continued to sit by the window, looking at her silently, she began to fidget nervously. “Would you like me to pour your sake now?” She waited until he nodded and did so, willing her hands to stop shaking. **What’s the matter with me? He’s just a man, for kami’s sake! Men are all the same, all want one thing…I shouldn’t be feeling nervous like this!** She watched as he drank the sake. Finally, unable to take the silence any longer, she stood and began unwinding her obi.

He drained the cup and waited patiently for her to finish unwinding the length of her obi before holding it out again for a refill. Obviously she wasn’t about to wait for preliminaries. He wondered at that. Tomoe had always waited for him to make the first move. He assumed it was the difference between a wife and a woman being paid for her attentions.

Noticing that his cup was empty and that he was holding it out for more, she allowed her obi to fall to the floor and poured more sake into the vessel, watching as he once again drained the cup. She poured once again and slipped the heavy material of her kimono off her shoulders, watching as his eyes moved over her now exposed body. She bit her lip uncertainly when his expression didn’t change. Did he like what he saw? Was he revolted? She couldn’t tell. She swallowed and slowly knelt, resisting the urge to cover herself from his gaze. What was wrong with her? It wasn’t as if she’d never had men look at her naked before, so why was she fighting the urge to blush now? Maybe it was the **way** he was looking at her.

He set his emptied cup aside and leaned forward. She really was quite beautiful, her body firm, yet soft in the riplacplaces. He tilted his head to the side in consideration, not understanding why she was merely kneeling before him, looking as if she’d bolt if he so much as moved. “Are you inexperienced, Nami-dono?” That was the only explanation he could find for her strange behavior.

“What?” She gaped at him in shock. “You think I’m…” She laughed, the tension within her finally breaking. “No, Kenshin-san, I’m not inexperienced.” She bent forward, slowly crawling towards him, licking her lips before curving them up into an alluring and provocative smile. “Why don’t you come here and I’ll show you what I know.” She lifted her hand into a beckoning gesture.

He shook his head and leaned back. “No, you come here.” He wasn’t entirely certain if he was going about things the right way, but he decided to just follow instinct in this case. When her head rested against his knee he leaned forward, inhaling the fragrance of her perfume clinging to her hair and smiled. Pressing his lips to the delicate shell of her ear he raised a hand to touch the silken strands of her long hair. “Nami-dono, you will have to show me what you like. I’m not nearly as experienced with woman as you are with men.”

She shivered, partly from the words, and partly from the tone he’d used. She decided that his soft voice, which she’d first assumed to be a sign of his youth, was instead the sexiest tone she’d ever heard. Her lips parted on a soft gasp as she felt heat coil within her lower regions. **And all from just a few words…** It was shocking to hear a man admit to being less experienced than she was, but at the same time it gave her a certain feeling of power that thrilled her to no end. “That all depends on what it is you’re after.” She gave him a sidelong glance filled with heated promises.

He hesitated, uncertain how to phrais nis next words without causing offense. Finally he shrugged and sat back again. “May I speak plainly, Nami-dono?” He waited until she nodded, a small perplexed frown puckg heg her brows. “Very well. Though I am not without experience myself, my past encounters were less…conventional. The time I spent with my wife was fleeting and I have not been with another woman since. You will have to guide my actions tonight.”

At first she’d been uncertain what he’d meant to say, but his strange admission caused her to nearly choke. He’d all but admitted to having more familiarity with male intimacy, which she assumed to mean that he was okama. Yet, if that were the case, what was he doing with her? And what of the wife he mentioned? “Ano…Kenshin-san…won’t your wife be displeased by your presence here?”

“My wife is dead.” His tone left no room for discussion and he now regretted bringing it up. The wounds were too close to the surface to remain objective in a discussion.

“I see. I’m sorry.” He seemed much too young to have been married and widowed, yet from the way his eyes clouded with sorrow she didn’t doubt his words. She sighed, assuming it was his grief that drove him to other men. She smiled, a sudden mischievous idea forming in her mind. She stood and swiftly unrolled the futon stored in the corner before holding her hands out to him. “It’s much more comfortable over here, you know.”

He stood and stepped closer, resisting the urge to just run. He was becoming increasingly nervous and he was sorry that he’d had the sake. He drank it too fast and now it was affecting his ability to think logically. He allowed her to remove the loose yukata he wore, closing his eyes as he felt her hands moving over his body. “You have nice hands, Nami-dono.” He murmured softly, reveling in the softness of her smooth palms. No sword calluses marred the texture and he felt himself relaxing into her touch.

She smiled, resisting the urge to tell him that he had a nice body. He was slender, yet sleekly muscled. His delicate appearance was blatantly contradicted by tay hay his body was reacting to her slowly caressing hands. She shifted, pressing her lips against the flat plains of his abdomen, smiling when his muscles clenched at the fleeting contact. So far, he hadn’t moved, his hands remained at his sides. She wondered if he was waiting for her to encourage him. Considering what he’d said just moments before, she decided that it was mostly likely the case. “You can touch, too.” She whispered, casting a sultry look up at him, catching the way his eyes seemed to alter from soft violet to steely blue until they became infused with molten gold. **His eyes…** She thought in awe. **Are beautiful!**

For a moment he hesitated, wondering at her strange choice of words. Did she want him to touch her or himself? He decided that it must be the former since she was doing a fine job of bringing him to full arousal without any help from him. Slowly he lifted his hand to touch his fingers to the soft cascade of dark tresses, marveling once again at the texture. To him, it was softer than silk. He moved his hand to cup her cheek, enjoying the warmth of her flesh against his cool palm. He traced his fingers down to her lips, gently brushing the pad of his thumb over the slightly moistened flesh and smiled at her soft gasp. Her lips were petal soft and he longed to touch them with his own, to feel that softnesressressing his lips, opening to him, allowing him to taste of her sweetness. Going strictly on instinct, he knelt before her and claimed her lips in a gently teasing kiss, asking, rather than demanding, entrance. He wasn’t disappointed when she responded immediately.

She shivered in pleasure as his sword callused hands moved in slow caressing circles over her body, pausing at her shoulders before continuing down her arms and back up again. She closed her eyes, head fallingk wik with a gasp when his palms cupped the weight of her full breasts, the pads of his thumbs brushing over the tight peaks, urging them into full hardness before lowering his head to draw first one, thee ote other into the moist warmth of his mouth. It was exquisite torment, pushing her ever closer to the brink of ecstasy, yet not enough to take her over the edge into the oblivion of bliss. She began to rub herself against him urgently, silently begging him to put her out of her misery. Of course, he didn’t comply. Somehow, she wasn’t surprised. The enigmatic young man with the striking red hair and changeable eyes was a mystery to her, his thoughts well hidden, his control unmatched.

He closed his eyes, savoring the scent of the woman’s enticing perfume mixed with her own unique feminine scent, a heady combination. He’d been to long without the soft comforts a woman’s body provided, missed the way his heart raced with anticipation as he moved his hands over gentle curves. He moved his hands slowly, reveling in the satin smoothness of her skin, enjoying the soft sounds of her increasing excitement. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed the touch of a woman until now. A small part of his mind whispered that what he was doing was wrong, that he was being unfaithful to the memory of his wife, yet it was easily ignored. He knew that what he was doing wasn’t any different than his previous intimacies with other men, that on a basic level it was no different than those encounters.

She reached between them, lightly trailing her fingers down his chest, smoothing her palms over the lean hardness of his well toned body, glorying in the way his muscles clenched at the light touch. A slight smile curved her full lips upwards as she leaned forward to press soft kisses against his shoulder, moving down across his chest as her hands continued over his flat stomach until they reached their ultimate destination. Grasping the hardened flesh of his arousal, the stroked him slowly, enjoying the way his breath caught before resuming at a faster rate. She pressed her lips to his throat, feeling his pulse beating erratically and gently scraped her teeth against the warmth of his skin.

He bit back a groan of pleasure as her hand moved over his arousal, resisting the urge to thrust against her palm. It felt good, he realized. Better than anything he’d previously experienced with his male lovers. Unlike them, Nami’s hands were soft, free of the rough calluses of hard labor or the wielding of a sword. Tomoe had never touched him like this, choosing instead to remain passive beneath him as he made love to her. She’d never encouraged him to explore hody,ody, not like he was doing now. Slowly trailing his fingers down her soft curves, he paused, resting his palm against the moist curls at the apex of her thighs, hesitant to explore futher, fearing rejection. He could feel the heat of her femininity against his hand, enticing him to delve within the forbidden folds. When she parted her thighs in silent encouragement he touched one finger against her moist heat, stopping immediately when she moaned loudly, shifting against him restlessly.

Opening her eyes slowly, she looked at him questioningly. “Why did you stop?” She asked softly, her voice husky with need.

He shrugged with a half smile. “I didn’t want to offend, that I did not.” He murmured softly.

She laughed breathlessly and leaned back, releasing his member reluctantly. Stretching out on the unrolled futon, she spread her legs invitingly. “I am yours to do with as you wish tonight, Kenshin=san.” She reached for his wrist, guiding his hand back to the center of her throbbing need. It was all she could do keep herself still as she waited for the touch of his fingers. A low, needy moan escaped her parted lips when she felt his fingers gently stroke against her feminine core. His hesitant touch was driving her wild with need, her excitement rising with each light stroke of his fingers against her.

He leaned forward, the scent of her arousal more intoxicating than the most potent sake. His fingers glided over her moist folds easily. He pulled his hand away, staring at the moisture glistening on the digits and slowly, hesitantly drew them into his mouth, tasting her arousal. He closed his eyes, savoring the flavor. He wanted to taste more. To this end, he leaned forward, pressing his lips against her, tentatively touching his tongue to the tight bud of her femininity, pulling back immediately when she cried out, her hips bucking up against his touch. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, lowering his gaze, embarrassed by his lack of decorum. One just didn’t taste a woman **there**. Though he did wonder about it. He knew it was extremely pleasurable to have his member touched in such a manner, but he was uncertain if it felt the same for a woman.

“No, don’t stop!” She pushed herself up on her elbows to look down the length of her body at the young man kneeling with his head bowed, a light flush of embarrassment staining his cheeks. “I’ve never been touched like that before, but I liked it.” She smiled when he looked up to meet her gaze, expression uncertain. “Please…” She whispered as she lay back against the soft sheets beneath her. Obviously it was all the encouragement he needed as she felt the warmth of his breath against her moist flesh again. She held her breath in anticipation and let it out on a sigh when she felt his tongue touch her again.

A little bolder after her words of encouragement, he pressed his lips against her, tasting her excitement, feeling his own rising with each soft moan and breathless gasp. Impulsively, he pushed a finger inside her, feeling the walls of her tight passage grip the digit enthusiastically. He pulled back and added a second finger, stroking in and out of her rhythmically as he continued to taste her, centering his attention on the tight bud throbbing beneath his lips.

Bending her knees slightly, urging him closer, she tossed her head from side to side, her soft cries coming louder as she felt her body tightening in anticipation of an explosive release. She reached up, cupping her breasts, rubbing them anxiously as they begged for attention. Pinching her hardened nipples lightly, she moaned loudly, wanting, needing, the feel of his mouth on them instead. Her back arched, lips parting on a shrill cry of longing as she exploded into a million pieces, her muscles quivering with the force of her orgasm.

He lifted his head slowly, his fingers still buried within her tightly clenching body, and smiled a little wistfully. Tomoe had never responded to his touch like this. He’d always been left with the impression that she only allowed him to make love to her out of a sense of duty, not from any hidden yearnings for him. He didn’t doubt that she’d cared for him, in her own way, but she’d never truly wanted him as he wanted her. How could she when all he’d done was bring misery to her life? With a soft sigh he shook the melancholy thoughts away, removing his hand from between Nami’s legs to taste of her essence.

She watched his movements with fascination, intrigued by the sensual way he licked the moisture from his fingers. It was, she decided, the most erotic thing she’d ever witnessed. She felt completely sated, something that had never happened before. Her other lovers had always left her feeling empty and she’d usually returned to her room to touch herself in an attempt to ease the ache of longing. She slowly sat up, folding her legs under her gracefully, moaning softly when her feminine regions throbbed, a lingering sensation left over from her orgasm. She leaned forward, wrapping her fingers around his wrist, drawing his fingers to her mouth to lightly suckle, her eyes never leaving his face. She released the digits and pressed her lips to his, running her tongue along his lower lip, begging for entrance which was immediately granted. She could taste herself on his tongue and trembled, feeling the familiar tightening within her abdomen begin again. She pulled back, releasing his lips reluctantly and smiled before bending forward to touch her tongue to the tip of his hardened le. E. Encouraged by the way his breath quickened, she drew the throbbing member into her mouth, sucking gently as she bobbed her head slowly.

His eyes closed, head thrown back on a harsh groan of intense pleasure as Nami pleasured him with her mouth. It was, somehow, better than when his male lovers had done so. He didn’t understand why and didn’t bother trying to. Running his fingers through her hair, he urged her to take more of his engorged member into her mouth, his hips moving to encourage her into a definite rhythm. It felt good and he never wanted it to stop, but he knew that if he allowed her to continue he would finish much too soon. Looking down, he opened his eyes, watching her dark head moving slowly. He brushed her hair aside, watching as his flespearpeared and disappeared into the inviting warmth of her mouth. This was something he’d secretly longed to ask Tomoe to do, but never had for fear of offending his very proper wife. She would never have understood such a request, never have understood how incredibly erotic such a sight would be for him, how pleasurable the sensation could be. Slowly, regretfully, he pulled Nami away, fighting against the urge to let her continue, to cum into her sweetly sucking mouth. “Stop.” He commanded hoarsely.

Looking up quickly she wondered why he’d stopped her. She knew he enjoyed it, had felt the way the muscles in his thighs had tensed beneath her slowly caressing hands, so why had he stopped her? She opened her mouth to question and was cut off when he drew her up for a deep, probing kiss, his hands gripping her hips tightly as he pulled her roughly against him. She moaned softly when she felt his throbbing length against her intimate folds and shifted, bringing tintointo closer contact, rubbing against him almost desperately, wanting to feel the delicious tremors wrack her body again as she reached her release. She was so close she nearly sobbed in frustration when he pulled away from her again. Her breath caught when she felt his fingers ng ang against her again, stroking her, urging her ever closer to the edge of the abyss she’d fell into before. Clutching at his strong shoulders she threw her head back, her voice rising on keening moans of pleasure, wordlessly pleading with him to take her over that precipice again.

He couldn’t wait much longer. He felt as if on fire, needing to complete the joining **now**. And yet he still held back, watching her flushed features intently, the fingers slipping inside of her to stroke her deeply, reveling in the way her body clamped down on the digits as she writhed against him. He pushed her back, brushing his thumb against the center of her femininity, eliciting more cries of passion from her parted lips. When she tensed, her hips rising off the futon to grind herself against his hand he eased one of her slender legs over his arm, holding her steady as he removed his fingers from where they rested deep within her clenching body. Leaningwardward, he pressed his hardened flesh against her, biting back a groan as he came into contact with her hot folds, her entrance inviting his intrusion, sheathing him in moist heat. He paused, fighting to hold back, to draw out the sensations for as long as possible. Finally, unable to control himself any longer, he thrust his hips forward, burying himself completely within her.

Nami cried out, feeling herself orgasm for the third time when she felt him enter her. She felt slightly awkward with the position he held her in, her leg still trapped by his strong arm, pushed back against her chest as he thrust into her deeply. She couldn’t move with him, could only arch her back against him as he moved within her. Soon she found the awkwardness of the position mattered little, each deep thrust burying his member within her, brushing against her pleasure center, stoking the flames of passion ever higher until there was no more conscious thought left within her mind, only the pleasure, the need, the want, the longing. Never had she felt such intense feelings before! The sensations were more than she could bear, yet even more were flooding her senses as they moved sensuously againsth oth other, their bodies straining as they strove to reach the bliss release.

He closed his eyes, burying his face in her neck, his body straining against hers. He shifted, releasing her leg only to have her wrap both around his lean hips as he gripped her buttocks, using the added leverage to thrust deeply within her a few more times before he stilled, gritting his teeth to hold in a shout of pleasure as he released, spilling his seed deep within her body, trembling at the intensity of his orgasm. Exhausted, spent, he rolled to the side to avoid crushing her with his weight. Gasping to regain his breath he stared up at the shadowed ceiling, thinking that he was glad that he’d given into curiosity after all.

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