Locked in

BY : Andiee
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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Locked in
Rating: NC-17
Author: Andiee
Archive: Sure, just let me know k?
Summary: Uo and Kyou get locked into the gym after falling asleep.
A/N: This was a darefic from my friend Meags. She said “Write one where two characters get locked in a room at school." I chose Uo and Kyou, because well, they’re so cute together.

Disclaimer: I do not own, or have any claim to these characters. They are NOT my property, however, the story line is, so be sure to enjoy it!!!

Uo yawned as she sat up. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. The large stack of gym mats to her left slowly came into focus. Gym mats? Her tired mind wondered. Memories drifted back to her, and she recalled her detention with none other than Kyou. They had been cleaning the gym, and had as usual gotten into a fight. She smirked as she recalled how angry he got when she called him by a name Haru had told her to use earlier that day “Koneko-chan”. After that Kyou had gone off to sulk behind the stage and Uo had finished lining up the mats.

“I must have fallen asleep.” She mumbled, stretching her arms high above her head.
She stood up and looked around for Kyou. The jerk had either left her there asleep or was still on the stage sulking. She decided to quickly check the stage.

“Oi! Kyou!” she called. She vaguely heard a mumbling that resembled “Shut up… Damn Yankee.”

Uo laughed and walked towards the stage. She climbed up, and saw Kyou asleep against the far wall, hidden from view by the curtains. His face seemed much gentler in sleep, and he was actually kind of adorable without the chip on his shoulder. Uo smirked again and walked towards him. She leaned down quietly so her lips were near his ear, she purposely softened her voice, adding a seductive pitch to it.

“Kyou-kun” she whispered “It’s time to wake up.” Kyou leaned towards the soft voice in his ear, his sleepy mind didn’t really recognize it, but he liked the way it sounded.

“Ne, Kyou-kun.” It began again “Onegai, I need some help.” Kyou could practically hear the pout in the voice, but his eyes remained closed.

Uo noted that he was definitely asleep, and decided to try another tactic. She could yell full force—or, she could do that…. That would wake him up, and he’d be irritated. Making Kyou squirm would all be worth it. Not to mention he was pretty good looking. It seemed to run in the family.

Uo leaned in and pressed her lips softly against Kyou’s. Kyou felt a slight pressure on his lips, something warm and wet slid across his bottom one, and he parted his lips. He was vaguely aware of waking up, but his eyes remained closed, as he enjoyed the tongue that was sensuously brushing against his own. Swirling around and tickling the roof of his mouth. The other person pulled back and Kyou felt a warm puff of breath against his lips as they spoke in the same erotic voice.

“Awake yet Kyou-kun?” it asked, sending slight tremors down his spine.

“Mmm” he mumbled.

“Open your eyes then Kyou-kun.” It urged. Kyou groaned but did as he was told. The world was fuzzy, and he vaguely took in the long blonde hair. As everything came into focus he sat up quickly in surprise, his forehead hit Uo’s and they both recoiled in pain, Kyou letting out a loud hiss.

“What the hell?!!” he shouted glaring at Uo. He could still feel his lips trembling, and he couldn’t seem to wrap his mind around the fact that he seductive voice and soft kiss belonged to the Yankee.

“Surprised Kyou-Kyou?” she asked, in an attempt to irritate him. Kyou was at a loss for words, what was he supposed to say. She knew he had enjoyed it, hell; it was visible to the whole world how much he had liked her ministrations. He wasn’t about to say that though. Unless, unless he could turn things around.

“A little bit.” He practically purred at her. Uo’s eyes widened, and Kyou held back a smirk, she’d know what he was up to if that got out.

“N-Nani?” she asked, as his stare lowered to her lips, where it remained focused.

“Nothing...” he said quietly as he crawled forward and pressed his lips back against hers. Uo’s eyes drifted closed and she sank into the kiss. The first one had been rather good, but while she had dominated the first, Kyou was now clearly in charge. He thrust his tongue between her moist lips, and slid it roughly along hers. Uo could only respond to the demanding onslaught. She felt her knees weaken, and she slid so she was keeling in front of him, her hand involuntarily moving to rest on his shoulders.

Uo whimpered into his mouth, and Kyou met it with a moan. The two continued like that until both needed to pull back for a breath.

Kyou looked at Uo through heavily lidded eyes. Her cheeks were flushed, and she was panting. This was no longer a game. He wanted to finish what she started. Kyou lowered her back so she lay on the floor and he followed her down. Uo’s legs parted allowing him to rest between her thighs. Kyou let out a hiss as he came into contact with her center, even through the layers of clothing he could feel the heat emanating from her. Uo moaned as he rocked gently into her, creating a soft friction.

He leaned down and kissed her again, sliding his hand up beneath her shirt. He opened his eyes in shock when he encountered no barrier of fabric to hide her breasts from him. He pulled back and smirked at her.

“Damn things are annoying.” She explained, arching into his palm. Kyou kissed a trail along her neck, stopping here and there to nip, and then soothe with his tongue. Uo groaned as he reached the collar on her shirt, frustrated as her body begged for more contact. Kyou’s hand slid out from her shirt, and her sat up. Uo quickly followed, and pulled off her shirt, giving Kyou access.

Kyou stared at the beauty before him. Her perfectly rounded breasts were slightly larger than he expected, and they stood out nicely above her hard stomach.
Kyou lowered his head wordlessly dying to taste the rosy peaks, his tongue swirled around the tip of her right breast before his lips closed over it, and provided a wet suction. His hand reached up to the neglected nub, palming it gently, before taking the hardened nipple between his forefinger and thumb, and rolling it.

Uo moaned at the double assault, her hips bucking up against Kyou’s. He thrust back down, his erection rubbing against all the right spots. Uo’s head thrashed back and forth as Kyou continued to create a fast paced friction between them.

“Kyou... Kyou…” she managed to gasp “Please… Now…”

Kyou stropped and looked up at her, her eyes were closed tightly, and her skin was darkly flushed. He pulled back and rapidly tore off his pants and boxers, he reached under Uo, and she lifted her hips to help him. Kyou unzipped her skirt and pulled it down.. He then reached back up and took hold of the white cotton panties Uo had been wearing. He slid them down over her hips and she allowed herself to collapse. Kyou lifted each leg and slid the skirt and panties completely off of her. He then looked up, and was once again stunned by the vision that lay open to him. She was breathing hard, her chest rising and falling, and she was looking up at him with dark eyes, full of desire. He was certain his own gaze held at least an equal measure.

Kyou moved up her body, slowing at the apex of her thighs. His hot breath against her center caused Uo to moan and tremble. His tongue slowly slid along the silken folds finding her clit and stroking it, gently at first before gaining speed. He swirled it around in circles, and Uo shuddered, pleasure coursing through her body.

Kyou thrust a finger into her sopping core as he continued to lick and suck at her. He began pumping in and out, and in and out, finding a steady rhythm. Uo was shaking beneath him as she felt everything building up. She was so close! Kyou added another finger, and clamped down on her clit, sucking hard. Stars exploded behind her eyes, and everything went white as her breath was sucked from her. She came hard, crying out Kyou’s name. Kyou stroked his hand in circles against her hip, giving her something to focus on as she came back to the present.

She opened her eyes and looked into Kyou’s, Uo felt desire flare up in her again.

“You have no idea how beautiful you are when you cum.” Kyou whispered staring intensely up at her. “And I wanna see it again.”

Uo shivered, as he continued to watch her. He reached down and lined up with her entrance. He pushed in quickly, and felt surprise flood him as he encountered a barrier. So contrary to popular belief, the Yankee is a virgin, he thought. He looked at her questioningly and she nodded slightly.

Kyou thrust in hard and he tore past her maidenhead, causing her to stiffen slightly. He waited calmly stroking her hair until she relaxed against him. He pulled back slowly and thrust in again, causing Uo to moan. Kyou groaned as her hot, wet, sheath tugged at him. He felt his control slipping, but held on as best he could, slowly thrusting in and out. Just as he felt he was about to lose control Uo whispered to him.

“Faster, ah! Kyou!”

Kyou totally lost control. He began to slam into her as fast and as hard as he could. Uo moaned at every thrust, pushing herself up to meet him each time. Her moans were moving Kyou higher and higher. Uo felt everything tighten again, and she came to another white hot climax. Stronger than the last, Uo convulsed around him. Kyou slammed into her a few more times before coming to his own earth-shattering orgasm, his hot seed spraying into her.

They both remained frozen, neither wanting to move. Kyou stared down into Uo’s eyes. She smiled up at him, tucking a strand of hair back into place.

“Baka” she whispered with a laugh “I was only waking you up.”

“Well, you succeeded.” He answered, withdrawing from her. Uo groaned at the loss of contact. ”We should get dressed before someone comes looking" he said. Uo nodded, but instead pushed forward, and placed her lips to his.

The End!!!

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