Where You Belong

BY : TemplePriestess
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Kunzite stood with his arms around Zoisite, bringing the younger man
to his feet. After one more gentle squeeze, Kunzite released the blonde
and went about gathering his possessions together.

"Master, please let me assist you," Zoisite requested softly as he
watched Kunzite unceremoniously dump a pile of scrolls and letters into
a large bag. He waited, unmoving, for his Master's response, just as he
had been taught to do. Kunzite waved a dismissing gesture as he continued
his packing.

"I do not need assistance with this. Why don't you sit and rest awhile?"
The words were barely out of Kunzite's mouth when Zoisite immediately moved
onto the bed, quickly obeying the request. He folded his hands neatly on
his lap and kept his head slightly bowed, a pose of respect.

"That doesn't look very comfortable," Kunzite commented at the sight.
"Please relax." Zoisite nodded slightly but only shifted slightly, too
conditioned to allow himself anymore comfort. Kunzite was about to press the
issue but quickly changed his mind, deciding it would be better to pursue the
matter when they were back in the safety of the Earth Palace. One thing that
did need to be remedied immediately was Zoisite's dress, or lack thereof. He
couldn't let the young man travel all the way to the palace in only flimsy
pants. The wrist and neck collars also had to be removed.

Kunzite reached over and undid the fastenings at the back of the collar,
slipping the heavy decoration from the slender throat. Zoisite gasped in
relief as the weight was lifted from his skin. He brought his hands up to rub
at the light bruising that encircled his neck. Kunzite was then able to remove
the wrist collars, his eyes narrowing in anger at the redness that marred the
ivory skin.

'How could they be so cruel!' Kunzite silently cursed Beryl and every
despicable person that allowed the practice of slavery to flourish as he sorted
through a drawer full of his clothes. He pulled out a pair of white pants and
a formal white shirt.

"They might be a little too big on you, but I think they should be fine until I
can get you your own clothing." Kunzite held out the clothes for Zoisite to
take, but the young man shook his head, a slight blush rising to his cheeks.

"Master, I couldn't..."

"Why not?" Kunzite asked, puzzled by Zoisite's reaction. "I don't mind letting
you borrow these." Zoisite raised his head, his eyes looking up at Kunzite,
focusing on a spot just below his Master's eyes. Kunzite was just able to
make out the look of disbelief hovering in those blue eyes.

"Master, if I were to wear your clothing, you would have to burn them afterwards!
I am not so valuable for you to destroy your fine possessions..."

"Zoisite..." 'Did this young man truly believe that he was worth less than two
pieces of clothing? That his mere touch would ruin them?' Kunzite pressed the
clothes into Zoisite's trembling hands.

"I want you to wear these. Forget whatever nonsense you have been told. I would
let you have the very clothes I wear now if there was the need." Kunzite smiled
as Zoisite reluctantly took hold of the clothing delicately, as if they were
priceless treasures. "Now get dressed while I finish packing. I want to take
leave of this place as soon as heavenly possible."

"Yes, Master." Zoisite rose and began to change as Kunzite went back to his
packing, or at least his attempt at doing so, for he could barely concentrate
while the young man stripped himself of his lone article of dress and began to
put on the new clothes. Words could not begin to describe the beauty of the
blonde in his nakedness, slim and graceful and strong, like some fey creature
from the fairytales the storytellers wove.

Kunzite forced himself to tear his gaze from this splendid vision and back to
his task. The sooner they could return to Endymion's court, the sooner Zoisite
would be safe and they could freely talk to one another and Kunzite could find
out what dreams and hopes and secrets this beauty held.


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