Pictures of You

BY : cheebs
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Pictures of You

in a dreamlike state i wander through life



i know not which

in my mind's eye they come to life

peeling off seifuku one by one

so alike, yet so different

the bitch...the priestess...the soul

the geek...the quiet one...the brain

the fighter...the chef...the strength

the bimbo...the first...the love

the crybaby...the eternal child...the heart of the group

these five embrace me, their breasts pressed against mine

their lips to mine

whispering of pleasures untold


then i wake, the ache between my legs unbearable

my eyes are open, yet their faces float before me

and i cry, alone in my shared madness

"I've been looking so long at these pictures of you, that I

almost believe that they're real..."
-The Cure

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